How I ACTUALLY Start My Morning | 2018 Morning Routine | Doctor Mike

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alican demirbas
alican demirbas - 2 hours ago
Hey doc, ok you wake at 5.30 am but when do you go to bed?
Brendon 11
Brendon 11 - 5 hours ago
As a young man balding, i feel much better knowing even dr mike does too
Tim Quiroz
Tim Quiroz - 10 hours ago
Dr. Mike... is that a Peloton bike?
Oneplayer90 - 11 hours ago
Eat before brushing your teeth
Rajani Pothukuchi
Rajani Pothukuchi - 20 hours ago
you look soo hawt in those scrubs!!!
Alpha Storm
Alpha Storm - 20 hours ago
Wait a minute didn’t you have a husky?!?!?
Nivedita Tiwari
Nivedita Tiwari - 23 hours ago
Oh boe , that thing is REALY SEXCY😂
Valeria dominguez
Valeria dominguez - Day ago
my google home kept going off every time he talked to his and i had to keep telling my google ‘never mind’
redneckgirl587 - Day ago
Cute dog but he is huge
redneckgirl587 - Day ago
I always thought the snooze button was my friend 😢☹️
William Atmur
William Atmur - Day ago
First of all. My alarm clock needs to mind its own business if I hit the snooze button lol.
Bianca Soto
Bianca Soto - Day ago
And he loves dogs so wow 😄
Samantha - Day ago
thats not oatmeal thats soup
Hanan Fadli
Hanan Fadli - Day ago
4:50 I do that when I poop
Couch Potato
Couch Potato - Day ago
Where do you find this time?! If I had this routine, I'd be late for everything. (Well, more late than usual)
Mvahora13 - 2 days ago
Dr.mike. hey google give me a compliment.
Google. gives compliment
Me. hey Siri give me a compliment
Siri. I’m not sure I understand
Gabriela Perez
Gabriela Perez - 2 days ago
I definitely need to change my morning routine!
Thomas Berry
Thomas Berry - 2 days ago
This guy made breakfast like a dog didn't just lick his face. I don't have a pet, but do dogs not lick their balls often? Am I missing something?
BB Key
BB Key - 2 days ago
This is my routine, except not so relaxed. 😂
Patty's Life
Patty's Life - 2 days ago
Anjingnya lucu banget...
Lauren Grace
Lauren Grace - 2 days ago
“Both psych and military experts recommend making your bed” here I am sitting on my messy bed in the middle of the day
Tules G
Tules G - 2 days ago
Can't open the windows Doc. It's 4am... you must be waking up at 7AM... nice.......Atte nurse Betty.
beyza guzel
beyza guzel - 2 days ago
bear is me
An a
An a - 3 days ago
You are so optimistic, I envy you😂. Greetings from Poland.
shivakesh t
shivakesh t - 3 days ago
I read all the comments you like,that makes more information about u
Camila Cevallos
Camila Cevallos - 3 days ago
Omg that dog is sooo cuteeee 😍
MindyLynn - 3 days ago
Lol he said good morning google and my phone i didn't even know my phone did that.
Your Jeff
Your Jeff - 3 days ago
I love that Google speaker😂😂
Brandi Knepper
Brandi Knepper - 3 days ago
I feel sick 😷
I need a Doctor... A Doctor Mike
Swagata Saikia
Swagata Saikia - 3 days ago
*Dr Mike*: Dont hit that snooze button!!
*Me*: can do Bruh
アジア人 - 4 days ago
This is literally so fake
Veronica N
Veronica N - 4 days ago
When he actually looks like clark Kent um okay
e! Jockey
e! Jockey - 4 days ago
Okey I want this doggg is seriously a bear 😂😂😂
Hobiii - 4 days ago
My *school* morning routine:
-Wake up at 6-
ACTUALLY wakes up at 7:30
*has only 30 minutes left*
Brushes teeth, wash face, ..piss?
I then wear my uniform and go to school.
I am productive, right? 😌
Game Field
Game Field - 4 days ago
Nice car
xLeafie - 4 days ago

iS tHiS a SpOnSoR
Amy Cunningham
Amy Cunningham - 4 days ago
That’s some watery oatmeal
Nancy St Clair
Nancy St Clair - 4 days ago
I use shaunti's insanity work out to start my day
Carolinka - 4 days ago
I'm happy that I'm not only one who checks google assistant's weather forecast by critically looking outside and then nodding approvingly, as if I'm positively surprised that she's right again.
relaxing funny
relaxing funny - 4 days ago
Does a girl that dont wanna marry this guy exists.
Sabrina Inahuazo
Sabrina Inahuazo - 4 days ago
Nice hair!
Leslay Asmr
Leslay Asmr - 5 days ago
Will you do a night routine as well? :)) please
girl almighty
girl almighty - 5 days ago
your shirt is inside out when youre brushing your teeth 😂 great video tho
Sarah Faith
Sarah Faith - 5 days ago
So random, I used to live in that building haha
Ultra Ninja
Ultra Ninja - 3 days ago
Wtf lol that is random
The Deckists
The Deckists - 5 days ago
Dr.Mike: Hey, Google!
My phone: How can i help?
Wasana Silva
Wasana Silva - 5 days ago
Active doctor ✌
Christian Wilkendorf EU
Brah my Google assistant just came on when he said hey Google! Is this normal?
Finde Frieden
Finde Frieden - 5 days ago
Best morning routine I've ever seen :)
Save Our Planet
Save Our Planet - 5 days ago
Me:aw dang he probably lives in LA
2 seconds later
Victoria Chamorro
Victoria Chamorro - 6 days ago
do you actually need glasses or are they just an accessory?
Ryan Choi
Ryan Choi - 4 days ago
Victoria Chamorro in a gaming video he mentioned he needed them
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