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Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso - Year ago
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kelsey shaffer
kelsey shaffer - Day ago
Grateful Gentleman concentration music
Sean Matthew Cuanias
Sean Matthew Cuanias - 5 days ago
AkAssassin's - 17 days ago
I never seen before this types of videos, really amazing.
NiNiFlawedbutSolid - 19 days ago
Rudy Mancuso morning was my morning night I’ll see tomorrow I’ll let him get him I’ll see him I’ll talk talk later I’ll let her know I’ll let him get her tomorrow morning I’ll let her talk talk later I’ll see him I’ll let her know later I’ll let you talk to her later I’ll to him later I’ll see him I’ll talk talk later talk to you tomorrow love him talk to you tomorrow love talk talk later talk tomorrow I’ll let him get him I’ll let him get her I’ll let her talk later tomorrow talk later I’ll talk to you tomorrow love talk talk to talk to you later love love talk to you later I’ll see him I’ll let him talk tomorrow night and I’ll let run talking I’ll let you ewetute I love e you know what I u you tomorrow love him talk to you tomorrow love I talk talk later I’ll see Hey I’ll let him know I’ll let him talk to him tomorrow I’ll talk tomorrow talk to you tomorrow love later tomorrow love talk talk to you tomorrow talk later love ulater I’ll let him talk tomorrow and talk tomorrow talk talk to you tomorrow love talk to him I’ll see if I get to him talk to him I’ll see if you can get him to come talk talk later I’ll talk to you
olivia rose
olivia rose - 22 days ago
muna Abd i
Sammythegamer Gamer
Sammythegamer Gamer - 3 hours ago
David Valencia Novoa
David Valencia Novoa - 3 hours ago
what a masterpiece!! this deserves an award!!
Savannah Nelson
Savannah Nelson - 6 hours ago
is anyone gonna talk about the lonely egg on the counter just sitting there when it first starts when he's making coffee 😩😭😂😂
young money
young money - 6 hours ago
That ending was soo deep yet sad, it goes to show how much people loses appreciation for us when they don’t need us anymore
bella m
bella m - 8 hours ago
I was in shock at the end, I did NOT expect that 😂
chaimaa belghaih
chaimaa belghaih - 11 hours ago
FlameGamerPro - 12 hours ago
Haythem Maatouk
Haythem Maatouk - 13 hours ago
Genius Ending
Laila Vico
Laila Vico - 14 hours ago
Is it normal that a 9 min video could touch my soul so bad?
Daviematronic 475
Daviematronic 475 - 21 hour ago
Is anyone in 1997?
Kian OShea
Kian OShea - Day ago
Feels bad
Reese Coder
Reese Coder - Day ago
OMG the ending tho
King Daniel Deeb
King Daniel Deeb - Day ago
Hannah and anwar are great actors
Adil Malik
Adil Malik - Day ago
Wow amazing
Regina Danielle
Regina Danielle - Day ago
Why does this remind me of Frankenstein
Junior Suarez
Junior Suarez - Day ago
The girl grich is a dirty
Aman Bhandari
Aman Bhandari - Day ago
Ending is awesome
Cathy Rose De Ramos
This video is so deep.
Staci Walker
Staci Walker - 2 days ago
did anyone else see Lele on the train?
Akshita Bhupatiraju
Akshita Bhupatiraju - 2 days ago
Who else saw lele in the backround of one of the train rides???
Keval Bhogayata
Keval Bhogayata - 2 days ago
Anyone notices Lele at 0:37
karrar Farhan
karrar Farhan - 2 days ago
Best video ever. I'm watched it hundreds time❤
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn - 2 days ago
Wait am I a robot?
Archy Van
Archy Van - 2 days ago
YoyoPlays - 2 days ago
I felt bad for anwar...:(
I Cloud
I Cloud - 3 days ago
I subscribe for you
Anari Production
Anari Production - 3 days ago
My goodness! Really worth spending time here. Rudy is a genius.
Paras Sharma
Paras Sharma - 3 days ago
Thats gonna be reality of world in upcoming years
Wyatt Muller
Wyatt Muller - 3 days ago
8:04 and 8:53 that sucks
Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres - 3 days ago
This remember me the Game Detroit become human
GSN_YORK - 4 days ago
Mr. Grim
Mr. Grim - 4 days ago
I literally expected everything but not that you both were robots......this video was cringy
Little Mac n' Cheese
Little Mac n' Cheese - 4 days ago
Who else thinks that he doesn't look like Anwar?
-toxic. micah_
-toxic. micah_ - 4 days ago
student Bold
student Bold - 4 days ago
why did you let him go
Lindsay Tucker
Lindsay Tucker - 4 days ago
black mirror who
Trịnh Mạnh Quang
Trịnh Mạnh Quang - 4 days ago
Netflix movie
chawki salah
chawki salah - 5 days ago
Rahim Lala
Rahim Lala - 5 days ago
Артем Корнев
Black mirror, yeeees
Bedaace Luai
Bedaace Luai - 5 days ago
Shaved Anwar😂
Seye Ade
Seye Ade - 5 days ago
This was so sad
Kevin Damunupola
Kevin Damunupola - 5 days ago
Imagination:This is actually what happens.
Reality:The robot learns so much it tries to end humanity.
Swaggerboy 420
Swaggerboy 420 - 5 days ago
I’m crying
LENOX The legend
LENOX The legend - 6 days ago
Anwar looks hella weird in this
Burhan Ali
Burhan Ali - 6 days ago
that was f**king dark
PIKU - 6 days ago
AJ Muskitta
AJ Muskitta - 6 days ago
Besides the tech, the future looks shit, dope vid tho
Miloš Ivanović
Miloš Ivanović - 6 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks that Rudy's robot kinda looks like Anwar and this girls robot kinda looks like Hanah
Sumit Rajbhandari
Sumit Rajbhandari - 6 days ago
Man, the girl with rudy is so pretty 😘 would love to know her name...
Ankesh - 6 days ago
Ammar Ali
Ammar Ali - 6 days ago
One of the best things seen so far!
Emily Luther
Emily Luther - 7 days ago
Bro how do the people act like robots so well! And the ending AMAZING You should be a movie director
TkyoHitman 47
TkyoHitman 47 - 7 days ago
Yooo this was insane
Marie Françoise Dume
Marie Françoise Dume - 7 days ago
Bro crazy
KF stuff meh
KF stuff meh - 7 days ago
Who's watching this in Quaratine
TPOLZ Playz - 7 days ago
7:09 says single but he is not she is in the bed lol
Ghali Rchid
Ghali Rchid - 7 days ago
This robot its anwar jibawi
Aurthur Martin
Aurthur Martin - 7 days ago
Finally! - 1 in a million reasons. Why we need each other cause after all we are human and the human soul cannot be replaced neither by machine or animal! - just perfect and priceless. Like if. you feel me
Ronnie Rollan
Ronnie Rollan - 7 days ago
*ok the way how hannah died tho kinda made me laugh idk why*
Gacha_ School
Gacha_ School - 7 days ago
I seen this along time ago...never watched the other ones until now. Love them
محمد رائد
محمد رائد - 7 days ago
All of you are so very talented, but Rudy, you are in a really high level.
محمد رائد
محمد رائد - 7 days ago
The actual cure: go live with your family until you get married.
Warda Fulla
Warda Fulla - 5 days ago
صح افضل الحلول من الاسلام كلما استسلمت وانقدت كلما اتزنت
Țurcan Ana
Țurcan Ana - 7 days ago
Ba e prea fain
Cine e roman sa dea like))
iVzQ47 - 7 days ago
Detriot become a Anwer
Anwar look so handsome without beard.
Nick Ahn
Nick Ahn - 7 days ago
Very black mirrory, but happier version.. wait
Thezonegalaxy - 7 days ago
I like this. is very cool
María Coollins
María Coollins - 8 days ago
Wow, estuvo exelente. Sinceramente lo digo. Entre al video suponiendo que iba a ser un simple video más de humor, pero esto tiene la calidad de un verdadero cortometraje. La capacidad de mantenerme intrigada hasta ultimo momento sin la necesidad de emplear dialogos, incluso cuando el desarrollo del video podria considerarse "repetitivo", es increible. La genialidad del remate, que cierra por completo la trama "existencial" del desarrollo, es impactante. Felicidades, un resultado fenomemal.
Lamemelecleur401 DJ ViCeNTs
Is this a Detroit become human reference???
Abdul Qayyum
Abdul Qayyum - 8 days ago
So talented
Adil is live
Adil is live - 8 days ago
This is when you lost your best friend 😭😭😭
Zubair Mohammed
Zubair Mohammed - 8 days ago
A perfect example of present and future..a robot may live a normal and stressfree life than a human in future and loneliness will b all over laid on bed wd us..
Shacobatt - 8 days ago
the end is epic!! very good!!
Imran Khan
Imran Khan - 8 days ago
Is this me or did Anwar looks exactly like a bot ✌🏼
Fawad Ahmed Nizamani
Fawad Ahmed Nizamani - 9 days ago
I want a partner 🙁
Semahoro Jean Paul
Semahoro Jean Paul - 9 days ago
That is very cool 👍
Ankit Wadewale
Ankit Wadewale - 9 days ago
Those who feels sad after waching the climax scene are 100% human.
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