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Evette Flores
Evette Flores - 9 hours ago
It is so cute how tydus and ryry have a good relationship with Jake
Jacob Callahan
Jacob Callahan - 17 hours ago
Yall are so cute and yall are the best family lile yall family is better than mine
dani mck
dani mck - Day ago
shut up Sara lei
Fabel The Slayer
Fabel The Slayer - Day ago
Tana is sexy
Lucy Hudson
Lucy Hudson - Day ago
Gavril Gnekoezan
Gavril Gnekoezan - 2 days ago
you need to make a mini team 10!!!!!!
Torii Koda
Torii Koda - 2 days ago
Where is erika
Torii Koda
Torii Koda - 2 days ago
War is eruk
alma garcia
alma garcia - 3 days ago
Hi a am your number1 fan I want a shout out
pinkacheer - 3 days ago
How was he able to get a spot on a child’s show
young_bams - 3 days ago
Is he rely pregnent
Carmen Cardona
Carmen Cardona - 4 days ago
Biorki Hysa
Biorki Hysa - 4 days ago
the pauls
Panha Akbar
Panha Akbar - 4 days ago
Neely Bell
Neely Bell - 5 days ago
Tydus calld you dad
Barb Kirby
Barb Kirby - 5 days ago
Hi Jake I am a fan of you
Ana Leon
Ana Leon - 6 days ago
west erika costell and Jake paul = jerika
King Of Macbooks
King Of Macbooks - 6 days ago
11:07 damn it ory
Chamara Hill
Chamara Hill - 6 days ago
Tana is a hore she was on the Murray show because she slept with another girl's man go watch it you shouldn't be dating her she's got she's a bad influence for you she would change your your life just telling you
Precious Kinard
Precious Kinard - 7 days ago
I hope I hope I get the prescriber thing my name is Tyler hi Jake hi Tyler
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish - 7 days ago
You break up with Erika
The Best M
The Best M - 7 days ago
I wanna go team 10 house
Chanel Kendraboo
Chanel Kendraboo - 7 days ago
Are u still whith tana
Barča unicorn
Barča unicorn - 7 days ago
sorry but i ting your wif is gold digr
TheRealSuperPablo - 7 days ago
How much times they said Paul’s like if they said paul
Jenna Harwood
Jenna Harwood - 8 days ago
Lol u look simaler
Shannon Berger-Hammond
Shannon Berger-Hammond - 8 days ago
Tana gold digger
Zakeriya Rasool
Zakeriya Rasool - 8 days ago
Linda caplis
Linda caplis - 8 days ago
Oscar Sanchez
Oscar Sanchez - 9 days ago
Jake is the funniest
Aubrey p
Aubrey p - 9 days ago
Jake: these are our "kids"
maria castro
maria castro - 10 days ago
Jake what appended with apolo
George Landry III
George Landry III - 10 days ago
Tana is sexual I don't like it
Subscribe to me for no reason
Kill me
Albert Reyes
Albert Reyes - 10 days ago
Did you break up with Erica castelle
Adam Lewis Jon McBryde
Adam Lewis Jon McBryde - 11 days ago
Awwww their so cute
Viola Phillips
Viola Phillips - 11 days ago
But still LOL😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎
Imari Price
Imari Price - 11 days ago
But didn't he buy the Tesla for Erica though
Imari Price
Imari Price - 11 days ago
You know you have too have a family too make a family channel you can't just take a thoty Instagram model and steal two kids and call it a family channel.
Anna Aguilar
Anna Aguilar - 12 days ago
First part is weird
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