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Mikuláš Schmidt
Mikuláš Schmidt - 6 hours ago
CookieMoney 4
CookieMoney 4 - 6 hours ago
Erika. X. Jake
CookieMoney 4
CookieMoney 4 - 6 hours ago
CookieMoney 4
CookieMoney 4 - 6 hours ago
Erika x Jake paul
lau karen
lau karen - 7 hours ago
lau karen
lau karen - 7 hours ago
Jason Lester
Jason Lester - 10 hours ago
Who used Jake like Erika comment tana
Harvey2002 Masssm2002
Harvey2002 Masssm2002 - 13 hours ago
Jack paul is the best he as a lambo erika is better
Daisy Roman
Daisy Roman - 17 hours ago
Honestly I want them to last tbh.
sonja hall
sonja hall - 17 hours ago
Your awesome
Aìyan Ramanan
Aìyan Ramanan - 19 hours ago
Colin Klein
Colin Klein - 22 hours ago
I joined
Selyn35 Arons
Selyn35 Arons - Day ago
Hello EveryOne !
Im a new here .. please can i have your one seconds please to subscribes my YouTube channel. Thankyou so much and Godbless you all🙏
please subscribes my YouTube channel.
Thankyou po. And Godbless
Jada K.
Jada K. - Day ago
When ryatt was crying make kissed her and said its ok baby,awww😭😭
Crista Steptoe
Crista Steptoe - Day ago
Peppa what are you doing in this video???
Letsgoboys98 Letsgoboys98
Look at my text
LucasLovesWoifes - Day ago
thats a good looking family
LucasLovesWoifes - Day ago
yo thats the ice cream song shop lol
Kayla Bainbridge
Kayla Bainbridge - 2 days ago
High jake paul
Ella Eales
Ella Eales - 2 days ago
Congrats on your baby 👶🏼 like if tana will be a better perant or comment ty ty tydus and ry ry ryry to say that jake will be. =edit (please give me at least 💯 likes this is my first time commenting)
Ella Eales
Ella Eales - 2 days ago
Sry like if tana will be a better perant Or comment ty ty tydus ry ry ryry
Kaleb U
Kaleb U - 2 days ago
Cira Perez
Cira Perez - 2 days ago
Gaba BAt
Gaba BAt - 2 days ago
Awwwww RyRy is so cute
Itz_Sushi - 3 days ago
Poor kids
EscudKill - 4 days ago
i saw 0:54 seconds of this and i really and honestly think have contracted aids
Lillian Boucher
Lillian Boucher - 4 days ago
Marco Vlogs
Marco Vlogs - 4 days ago
I have one word for this Vlog

Eliza Murhad
Eliza Murhad - 4 days ago
We're is Erika and you have a new girl and it is tana
gold m
gold m - 4 days ago
Honestly I just think this is awesome
Rachael Fatooh
Rachael Fatooh - 5 days ago
I'm sorry but I like Erica more I'm sorry tanna
Ella Story
Ella Story - 5 days ago
Haha when jake was holding both kids
Megan Covey
Megan Covey - 5 days ago
I actually think they will make great parents one day
Daily Ava
Daily Ava - 5 days ago
Daily Ava
Daily Ava - 5 days ago
damian mcintosh
damian mcintosh - 5 days ago
this is how many times tydus says yes
Camden Smelser
Camden Smelser - 5 days ago
I Miss Erica
Bentley James
Bentley James - 5 days ago
Is on Patrick Ward road
Bentley James
Bentley James - 5 days ago
I am the same kid that asked you to pick me up that one time is on Patrick
Bentley James
Bentley James - 5 days ago
Jake Paul one day I want to go to your house so I can you pick me up one day I'll send you my address
Bashi Weheliye
Bashi Weheliye - 6 days ago
Millie Brew
Millie Brew - 6 days ago
Tydus is the cutest, jake is so so good with kids and thor is so well behaved with tydus 😍
Candace Paez
Candace Paez - 6 days ago
Who is better jalisa or jana
Cynthia Gareri
Cynthia Gareri - 6 days ago
They are a good couple
Jotika Singh
Jotika Singh - 6 days ago
You should bring Erika back I miss her 😫😫😫😫😫
Wizzyer -
Wizzyer - - 7 days ago
Mary Leleux
Mary Leleux - 7 days ago
Tana: *"I am losing my mind."*
*You already did done that...*
Jade Rugman
Jade Rugman - 7 days ago
Aww so flipping cute I just want to be there sister
im_ Tkween
im_ Tkween - 7 days ago
Sorry to say but i miss erika
Kwang Kim
Kwang Kim - 7 days ago
What was that yellow thing no ryry moth
tf and tj life of sport
ike if u think jana should get prego for real
tf and tj life of sport
whose a better girl for jake tana like and coment erika just like
Bod Productions
Bod Productions - 7 days ago
ItzJustMe _
ItzJustMe _ - 8 days ago
I can’t believe how comedic Tana has got since I’ve last seen her vids
KEVGAMERX - 8 days ago
1 like=1 condom for tana and jake
Ahmad Ahmadi
Ahmad Ahmadi - 8 days ago
Hassan El masri
Hassan El masri - 8 days ago
i love y
The Galvin Family
The Galvin Family - 8 days ago
I love you
Sonho Encantado
Sonho Encantado - 9 days ago
You like more jerika or jana
landen rian
landen rian - 9 days ago
Best your #1 fan😁😁😁😁
ONG SAIK - 9 days ago
do you know me I call you
abi laku
abi laku - 9 days ago
jake and tana are so cute
justin rojas
justin rojas - 10 days ago
U where better with erica
Carl Williams
Carl Williams - 10 days ago
Tori Jacklyn
Tori Jacklyn - 10 days ago
I'm here for this
Beirnes Boy
Beirnes Boy - 10 days ago
His old girl
Sarahh - 10 days ago
Ariel Garcia
Ariel Garcia - 10 days ago
i feel like tana is better then erika
Legend Gamer
Legend Gamer - 10 days ago
Tana was like please forgive me I’ll give you $1999
pokerbonusking - 10 days ago
whos better for jake
Steffan Tucker
Steffan Tucker - 11 days ago
Who's beter looking tana like eriak comment
lashanna green
lashanna green - 11 days ago
From 4:54-5:02 I wat laughing to hard
Kassidy Hentges
Kassidy Hentges - 11 days ago
Delmy Garcia
Delmy Garcia - 11 days ago
Is anyone going to talk about that where did the other twin go
Delmy Garcia
Delmy Garcia - 11 days ago
Why are there so many people commenting that if tana or erika was better for Jake like both are good just stop
Ross Gilson
Ross Gilson - 11 days ago
Jana is cute but who misses Jerika
glori a
glori a - 11 days ago
why is jake lowkey so so so good with kids
why am i lowkey so in love with it
edit; like he’s even better w them then Tana is it’s so sweet
Gavin Comeaux
Gavin Comeaux - 11 days ago
Love you Jake ❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Gage Maass
Gage Maass - 11 days ago
Ericka is bettter
Emma Cuffy
Emma Cuffy - 11 days ago
Who’s a better for jake

Tana like

Erika comment
Gacha Ella UwU
Gacha Ella UwU - 11 days ago
omg you have too much ads im unsubing rn
ClassyGirl20 - 11 days ago
What app are you using for the props on this video?
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