George W. Bush cries delivering eulogy for his father, George H.W. Bush (Full Eulogy)

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Javier Picazo
Javier Picazo - Hour ago
Weren't you Christian? Then if there's a hell you'll burn there for all your crimes against mankind.
Harley Fleeton
Harley Fleeton - 2 hours ago
Hard to feel sympathy for such an evil greedy idiotic joke of a man. Fuck you to the entire bush family.
Wake Up America
Wake Up America - 2 hours ago
Speaking for the principled people on both the left and the right, the Bush family is a disgrace to America and both 41 and 43 should have been sent to prison for their war crimes. Stop saying it’s only the left bashing the Bushes. Don’t try to pretend that NO ONE on the right has morals.
Limited Point
Limited Point - 3 hours ago
zues 69
zues 69 - 3 hours ago
Rip Mr bush
zues 69
zues 69 - 3 hours ago
He crying, because he just got dad's money
MACHETE 1970 - 3 hours ago
Donald allias "FAKE NEWS!"
Herman Ziegler
Herman Ziegler - 3 hours ago
Crybaby jerk
king crimson
king crimson - 4 hours ago
The man still lost his father people should still show respect for him
Maria Pia
Maria Pia - 4 hours ago
Wow, that was a wonderful speech
Saiyed Zaidi
Saiyed Zaidi - 4 hours ago
As a Human and a Muslim i share your grief at the same time i look back the pain and suffering of millions of Iraqi sons i am angry at you for destroying so many lives Mr Bush Jr , i feel like withdrawing my grief i shared with you but as a good Muslim and a human i am obliged to share your pain
Fin - 4 hours ago
GOODBYE you war mongering cunt... and you little George I will drink on the day you do too you little horrible bastard. in fact that goes for the first 3 lines of that left hand aisle also. your time will come you war mongering mudering bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
s.s - 5 hours ago
Stan Loona!
Ali Winder
Ali Winder - 5 hours ago
bush did 911
王盛勇 - 5 hours ago
美國強國卡特坐在左邊 到川普這個時代就是我們長大的世代很奇妙神都讓你們還在 你們就是 拯救這世代的超級強國 這個世代已經沒有救了 中東以色列 這些中東人脈有專門亂殺人不行現在要改 我會幫你們說的他們不改他們都要被你們 全世界亂戰殺死AcPH
王盛勇 - 5 hours ago
謝謝你愛臺灣上頭會愛爸老 大總統 老布希 他去天國 大總統 小布希不要哭了 不再有哭泣 不再有眼淚 末日他的屍體 要 復活AcPH
Walid Haschemi
Walid Haschemi - 6 hours ago
Keith nunya
Keith nunya - 6 hours ago CNN likes Bush....ummm.... Okay.
Good with Obama,good with CNN
Sarge - 6 hours ago
thousands die during 9/11 - continues reading book
thousands more die during the resulting wars - goes to play golf
1 old guy dies who was due to die anyway - weeping like a bitch
Karon G
Karon G - 6 hours ago
Politics aside;humanity to humanity. We all mourn the loss of loved ones. RIP Mr. Bush. May GOD receive you with arms wide open.
white - 6 hours ago
Death isn't always sad
Viktor Reznov
Viktor Reznov - 6 hours ago
Damn good president and a great man. He served his country well and lead his country well. Rest easy George H.W. Bush, we shall never see his like again.
Martin Hansson
Martin Hansson - 7 hours ago
A mass murder son say goodbye to a mass murder father. In the deepest hell both Amen!
DIGGIN4WORMS - 7 hours ago
hum Bush jr what about 911
Lena Morck
Lena Morck - 8 hours ago
This is just incredibly wonderful. Humor, love and facts... this sums up the key to humanity, any party aside. God bless x
willcox15 - 8 hours ago
The fact that people are using the comments to rant about their political agendas and the “pussy left” or “bully right.” When you speak at your fathers funeral I’m sure you’ll feel like one hell of a piece of shit.
Artin H
Artin H - 8 hours ago
Cursed is the man who dies,but the evil done by him survives
vandrinker - 10 hours ago
I am respect Former President of US and other world leader. But is that any body think this point , some time when they made a decesion to cause other family broken and die , do they can feel the pain of people who lost family ? do they can imaige this touch monment of other family?
Canorous - 11 hours ago
First of all, I'm not American so I'm impartial to the Bush's. I understand that during their time as presidency, they've made some terrible decisions that lead to the death of many but who hasn't made bad decisions in their lives? It just so happens that the stakes on his decision was much higher than the decisions that we have to make as regular citizens. In addition to this, all presidents have both equal hate and love from their citizens as they've also made decisions that have costed lives but none of them deserve to be insulted at their funeral. If you really still dislike/hate them and are glad that they have passed, just don't watch this video. The title clearly states it's an eulogy, a speech that is supposed to praise and honour the dead as he was human just like me and you and it's not the place to express your political views. Just find a different video geared more towards the mistakes that they made to comment your opinions rather than a video of people trying to say goodbye to a loved one.
Bunally Ally
Bunally Ally - 11 hours ago
The smell of blood still lingers ..All the perfumes of Arabia will not clean thy hand..
neos9898 - 11 hours ago
i understand he lost someone he loved but if he only cried as much for all the ppl he killed the world would be a better place
Jackson Strickland
Jackson Strickland - 11 hours ago
these comments are pitiful. Show some respect damn
MsANGLEPOISE - 12 hours ago
3:59 "he valued character over pedigree " ...
MsANGLEPOISE - 12 hours ago
great work for the polite white supremacy.
forist1 - 12 hours ago
Thank fuck that murdering child molesting dog is in the grave , no more thousand points of light but a dark eternity tormented by the demons you entertained in life , rot in fucking hell beast .
Otukuaho1 - 14 hours ago
Yeah f*** all the nice comments you're trying to f****** put out cuz you're full of s***
David Andrews
David Andrews - 7 hours ago
Otukuaho1 if your going to criticize, don’t censor yourself.
J Mora
J Mora - 14 hours ago
Fuck bush. Hope they all die soon even the children.
David Andrews
David Andrews - 7 hours ago
J Mora Huh, child slaughter. Never thought about that. I’m going to eat my brothers dog after mutilating it’s face and recording it’s death.
Sir Kant
Sir Kant - 14 hours ago
Burn in hell for crimes against humanity
John Done
John Done - 14 hours ago
. Hopefully Americans now see the light and will NEVER elect a Bush member to high office again. Their disgusting history goes back to WW2 when Prescott Bush was Channelling funds to the Nazi Party in Germany.

David Andrews
David Andrews - 7 hours ago
John Done HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Show me one piece of evidence that didn’t originate from Infowars you idiot.
Lottie Blue
Lottie Blue - 14 hours ago
Kill white people
maximus - 14 hours ago
fucking terrorists, I hope that hell exists and you all rot in eternity
doinkmeistersr - 14 hours ago
George lived an amazing life, living to such an old age was a blessing for him. Being the President of this amazing country as well. I hope he rests well and is proud that he aided in making such an amazing country this amazing.
I AM Pro
I AM Pro - 14 hours ago
Make jokes you think you find him in eden 😨
I AM Pro
I AM Pro - 14 hours ago
He teached you to be a great criminal ! He teached you to leave the earth worst than it was on his time ! you will hold his hand again but were ?
kjmac1973 - 15 hours ago
“A heart that’s broken is a heart that’s been loved.” There is definite comfort in that, believe me.
I can relate: I lost my dad two months ago. He was not just my dad, but also, my best friend, hero, mentor and business partner of 24 years.
divizionx - 15 hours ago
Think logic. These people are sick. Liberal tears
Andy YT
Andy YT - 16 hours ago
Rest in peace mr president George h.w bush
Sohel Mahmud
Sohel Mahmud - 16 hours ago
George H.W. Bush. you cry as because your 90 years old father died, but, can you imagine how many father, how many mother, how many brother and sister died because of you. Those people still cry. How does it feel to lose father ???? Wait the day will come again to you, then you will then better understand.
Shesaid it26
Shesaid it26 - 16 hours ago
Lmfao Im sure its raining celebrations in Iraq. Good freakin' riddance.
Sohel Mahmud
Sohel Mahmud - 16 hours ago
Every human being test of death, but, people will always remember senior Bush as a embargo man! killer of children, woman, elderly and young people of IRAQ. He just led to destroy a civilized nation. Allah will pay for this of course.
Sattar Khan
Sattar Khan - 16 hours ago
It is not they who created lies and destroyed Iraq and many others?
mr bacon man
mr bacon man - 16 hours ago
F to pay respecc
Muhammad Sahkirin
Muhammad Sahkirin - 16 hours ago
Retribution time for George H.W. Bush. Time when your arms, limbs and conscience will be a witness against your past monkey behaviours.
Darrrell Dayton
Darrrell Dayton - 17 hours ago
Mr. Bush your family is a bloodline of crooks and you know it!
Overlander - 17 hours ago
it was about time....war criminal! I hope your sons and all your dynasty follow soon...
Khemt291223 - 17 hours ago
Its hard to lose a relative and there are people where wars made by the U.S.Federal State who already lost relatives too because of this propaganda !Its emotional to see, but when you hurt your neighbour, you'll know what sufferance is !Bush Father was already too old !
So much for a new world order. One less pile of shit on the earth.
jmgmarcus - 18 hours ago
I love my dead gay son.....😭😭😭😭
Tammy Fitts
Tammy Fitts - 19 hours ago
So what their both peices of wasted human
Shannon Escott
Shannon Escott - 19 hours ago
I’ve always heard how some people say George W. Bush was not a good president. Well I don’t know if I agree or not, but I will say that he had some of the worst things happen in America during his term. Good President or not, he dealt with what the previous President left for him to take over and possibly fix, which was impossible. During what was probably one of the toughest speeches he has ever given, he was personable and genial. Laughter through tears is one of my favorite emotions. God Bless the Bush family during their time of sorrow. George W. Bush delivered a beautiful eulogy.
Mr.Kardosović - 19 hours ago
11:06 let's make America great
Mr.Kardosović - 19 hours ago
10:51 kfc
Angel Saldana
Angel Saldana - 19 hours ago
What do you say about dad he loved me even after I did 911 haha
David Andrews
David Andrews - 7 hours ago
Angel Saldana Controlled Demolition: The destruction of a structure of building with the use of a cran or explosives while ensuring minimal damage. Yeah no.
Mr.Kardosović - 19 hours ago
4:42 Bill is next
Mr.Kardosović - 19 hours ago
2:49 bill is next. 🇷🇸
Nick Marks
Nick Marks - 19 hours ago
how can a man that's responsible of the death of millions, cherish the gift of life!
Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones - 20 hours ago
I don't understand why this service is not in the Church Of Satan as this man, his family and all his murderous cohorts are going to hell for sure!!
l F
l F - 20 hours ago
Do It
Do It - 20 hours ago
Bunch of devils , cause of every war of this universe
l F
l F - 20 hours ago
Fuck both. Died too late; rot in hell motherfucker, let's open the champagne
Fernie715 - 20 hours ago
SNSDatDPRK - 20 hours ago
He did 9 11 year olds
Sven Berkard
Sven Berkard - 20 hours ago
Touching, even for a lying war criminal.
Mr Tenenbaum
Mr Tenenbaum - 20 hours ago
.......fuck your tear's!...bitch you made us go to war for no stupid do you think we are???...I'm glad he's dead and hope your next you devilish bastard!
Bernie St. Bernard
Bernie St. Bernard - 21 hour ago
... wow -that was a beautiful eulogy....
Jason Troy
Jason Troy - 21 hour ago
A room full of ass holes .
Leaetta Hyer
Leaetta Hyer - 21 hour ago
Their dead baby is frying in hell just like dead daughter. I made sure they lost their salvation and she was killed during a drug buy in a car crash
Leaetta Hyer
Leaetta Hyer - 21 hour ago
He's in hell burning
Iam 1776
Iam 1776 - 21 hour ago
The bush family are war criminals. I hope his dad rots in hell.
Xhaiden - 21 hour ago
For his sake, I hope there is no Hell, Tartarus/Hades, Chinvat Bridge, or any place of separation and/or torment. Honestly, I question if most of those people are even human.
Annette May
Annette May - 21 hour ago
History made.
J em60 Mphy
J em60 Mphy - 21 hour ago
George W is responsible for killing a lot of people - by his actions he wiped out a lot of people - he should also be crying for the people he killed in that Bogus war we got into with Iraq , and it was not just soldiers that were killed with all those bombs, a lot of peoples fathers in the middle east and Mothers and kids that lost their parents. This guy that is crying over his father should be crying over his decisions with weapons of mass destruction and using Iraq as an excuse to settle things because of 911 - this man has killed more people than any mass murderer in Prison right now
Andrew Gallegos
Andrew Gallegos - 21 hour ago
Much Love
Cherri Zirkel
Cherri Zirkel - 22 hours ago
They only cried when the mysterious envelopes started falling out of their funeral brochures these elites were all handed at this over played traitor president Bush funeral. Jeb bush with hand over heart suddenly drops his hand as his fathers casket was passing as a envelope was shown him by Laura bush as he turned pale and both he and wife mouths dropped open as he started scanning the room in horror. Hillary got a mysterious envelope as did joe Biden . Former president carter noticed certain persons we're getting envelopes he searched to see if he received his special envelope he did not. The demeanor of the room changed they all were ready to trample Trump but something shook these former powerful persons to look scared. What a priceless look on their faces. They knew Bush was executed like McCain.
Ali Tha Realist
Ali Tha Realist - 22 hours ago
Yeah feel the pain of loosing a loved one...
Just like the tears of the Iraqi People Who lost someone cause of your BULLSHIT Oil Greedy War 🛢 What about The people who had Half there family blown up or shot up you fucking baboon 😄 4,486 U.S Soldiers dead In the war cause of this Idiot Many Injured With legs Blown Off.. and Many Iraqi's killed.. 👍 Idiot
BK-Sakuga - 22 hours ago
This nigga did 9/11 don't forget
David Andrews
David Andrews - 7 hours ago
BK-Sakuga by your definition, a “controlled” demolition kills thousands and destroys other buildings than the intended target, and fucks your economy because everyone is too scared to buy stuff.
Michael Monro
Michael Monro - 22 hours ago
dclate62 - 22 hours ago
JFK jnr believed 'George' murdered his Father JFK. He couldn't say it publicly, so he named his fashion magazine..'George",..his way of letting George senior know he knew who killed his Dad, ...GHB along with his mobster buddies.
David Andrews
David Andrews - 7 hours ago
dclate62 my dad was named Martin. A political activist was named Martin. Must be the same!
Byron Tsusaki
Byron Tsusaki - 22 hours ago
I saw the President #41 and he waited for people to come say hello to him. What a truly wonderful man and family. He gave all his life to our country. Thank you very much Mr. President and Mrs. Barbara Bush. I miss you both so much. Your message and love will live forever.
Eric Bates
Eric Bates - 22 hours ago
I've commented as I watched at the end idk for sure who he was as a man or a president but I know one thing for damn sure if nothing else hearing his son's eulogy he was one hell of a great father.
W ModeZero
W ModeZero - 22 hours ago
Both of u and ur Father are WAR CRIMINALS! .... from an IRAQI guy who witnessed many crisis ... anyone support these EVIL people u r such an EVIL exactly like them also anyone reply with disrespecting comment I would say u r such an ignorant and dumb who knows nothing about what these EVIL people did to my country, my people and to the whole humanity because u r the REAL TERROR MAKERS
Eric Bates
Eric Bates - 22 hours ago
George Bush just merked every speech obama ever gave... That was incredible
Eric Bates
Eric Bates - 23 hours ago
Wow, that's the best thing I ever heard George Bush say, that was real, I may never like them as presidents but that was great, I got love for this.
Adorable taco
Adorable taco - 23 hours ago
how can people be mad about ads? This guy has wronged every single one of us on a scale incomparable to most things experienced in modern history???
Duke B
Duke B - 23 hours ago
How do sycophants like this who have murdered millions , lied incessantly to the American people & the world destroyed the environment poisoned our water air & food, and laughed in our faces as they did! How do they garner symphony from anyone?? Humanity is not safe while these pathetic fiends live!!! Fuck you in advance if you disagree......
manuel inzagui
manuel inzagui - 23 hours ago
Regardless of whatever he has done the killing in Iraq, the 1989 gulf war that was planned and the fake reasons that was given to attack Iraq by the son as a revenge to his father I can only say god is faire , his father died and his mom died months ago I believe that he needs a break and we pray god to help him through as it is not easy loosing a mother and a father in a same year , god bless .
Joe Bon
Joe Bon - 23 hours ago
Well done Mr. President.
Peter Truong
Peter Truong - 23 hours ago
How many families cried because of the wars this family started?
Mark Fuckerberg
Mark Fuckerberg - 23 hours ago
Ads on a eulogy video? I guess David Levy is trying to scrape up some hush money for his daughter so she doesn’t expose him as an incestuous rapist.
Sean Blargh
Sean Blargh - 23 hours ago
Lol this war criminal’s dad, also a war criminal, is dead. Never forget that their grandfather was a nazi ally, Bush sr ignored the aids crisis specifically to watch people die, helped commit high treason, and then his son constructed the modern police state right after starting a pointless 5 trillion dollar war and just before the crash of 2008. Both of these men wont be in heaven.
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