Chelsea v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/22/19 | NBC Sports

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ER Barnette
ER Barnette - 24 days ago
Azpilcueta has the worst luck
Easy Edawg
Easy Edawg - 2 months ago
Of course only a Pandemic could delay Liverpool's EPL title this year. YNWA
Aviv Schifrin
Aviv Schifrin - 4 months ago
That was totally a shove 7:43
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez - 4 months ago
crazy goal Alexander arnold
obinna12 - 6 months ago
Man I think off all the teams Liverpool played, Chelsea challenged them the most
kaziabir1 - 7 months ago
Liverpool needs to buy Kante, player like him deserves to play for team like Liverpool.
kaziabir1 - 7 months ago
Wait Chelsea actually expected to like win against Liverpool? Lol
Jooosh 1
Jooosh 1 - 7 months ago
Trent is so freaking good
Njideka A
Njideka A - 7 months ago
me as a chelsea fan i know chelsea only attack
Go Ahead, Make My Day
Go Ahead, Make My Day - 8 months ago
Kepa the Keeper. Convenient name.
AvsDude19 - 8 months ago
3:54 did that shot come off jorginho?
Tyler H
Tyler H - 8 months ago
var is so bad
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez - 8 months ago
Gotta hit that like for the arnold goal
abdulaziz yalahow
abdulaziz yalahow - 8 months ago
It’s always wonderful to watch the kings 👑 of Europe Liverpool Fc Let’s Go Reds 6-6 You’ll Never Walk Alone Period & this season the beautiful premier league championship is definitely coming to Anfield In Shaa Allah ( Allah Willing )
Jey Webster
Jey Webster - 8 months ago
Bro how did Kante do that haha
Marvens Francois
Marvens Francois - 8 months ago
2:25 someone’s been playing fifa
Michael Castellano
Michael Castellano - 8 months ago
Great Game!
Chris R
Chris R - 8 months ago
tomori was tremendous against salah, reminiscent of robertson vs sterling and alexander-arnold vs sane two season ago.
Michael V
Michael V - 8 months ago
Good game. Great goals.
rubencitostyle - 8 months ago
The brand of football klopp plays is good for cyborgs but not for humans - at the end of the day it is unsustainable but at least is really exciting to watch - City will catch up I think, but hey this could be the year Liverpool finally wins another championship!!
sandokan machine
sandokan machine - 8 months ago
u put Tammy on an island to face both Matip and Van Djik what did u think was going to happen??
Risky Neymar
Risky Neymar - 8 months ago
Omg that was beautiful kanye!
Risky Neymar
Risky Neymar - 8 months ago
Kante *
Ben - 8 months ago
Salty Chelsea tears taste oh so delicious
Memphis Irvin
Memphis Irvin - 8 months ago
Kante in chelsea is so real i like it i hope we have giroud and abraham Playing
Francis G
Francis G - 8 months ago
im not just being salty but we should take VAR out of the prem
Francis G
Francis G - 8 months ago
that was not a foul
crosses101 - 8 months ago
Who's gonna stop the scousers this year?🤦🏽‍♂️
Railz28 - 8 months ago
Why is the audio in your videos always so bad? It starts off fine but then goes all thin, like it's being recordes via a cellphone.
Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs
Kante is the one guy on your team who wins it all.
born drunk
born drunk - 8 months ago
To be honest after the first two injuries for Chelsea defenders, that changed everything I'm sure at some point Lampard wanted to use Pullisic but he had no choice, he was forced to use those two substitutions, Tomori? Give that guy 20 yrs contract, he us pure defender, and Kante, omg and he is not even 100% fit, liverpool did what they do best, they used opportunity but Chelsea definitely was better team
Ehzeer co co
Ehzeer co co - 8 months ago
However Chelsea play the best.
PJ Cole Productions
PJ Cole Productions - 8 months ago
Kante said NBD
BizVirtual - 8 months ago
Can’t wait to use Pulisic in FIFA20
Sora Blade
Sora Blade - 8 months ago
C. Pulisic again in the bench what is going on!! 😑
Lil Boba
Lil Boba - 8 months ago
No pulisic again 🤦‍♂️
kaziabir1 - 8 months ago
4:01 - LMAO Ox's face!!!
Yasser Salem
Yasser Salem - 8 months ago
Greediness at its best 4:20
Abdul Karim
Abdul Karim - 8 months ago
Kante scored the best goal of the season.
Sting3R - 8 months ago
Chelsea plays a very entertaining open football! If they can tighten up at the back, i think they are a joy to watch.(unlike us Man Utd with inconsistent performance)Chelsea easily deserved a draw in this game and eventually their luck will turn around. They have been very unfortunate the last few games but they at least play so open and fluid football. Good job Frank!
5D - 8 months ago
VDD is sitting in defense and you want Mount to take him on. Come on Frank.
Mighty Red
Mighty Red - 8 months ago
Yess let’s go 15 wins in a row!
AJ Koon
AJ Koon - 8 months ago
That Kante goal looked like a fifa goal
kwaseb - 8 months ago
SKIP TO 1:47
unknown - 8 months ago
wow that free kick was beautiful...
Boogie J
Boogie J - 8 months ago
Kante goal gave me goose bumps
I'am a legend
I'am a legend - 8 months ago
Pulisic has no chance with playing for Chelsea....First of all he is not an English man like (Mason mount,Tammy and Hudson-Odoi ) he needs to be great to start a spot over Pedro and William.
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov - 8 months ago
World cup winners finish
Fosterr66 Gamerr
Fosterr66 Gamerr - 8 months ago
Bruh that 1st Chelsea goal should've stood 🙏🙏🙏🙏
AMG Benji
AMG Benji - 8 months ago
What if Kante joins liver pool my Goodness they would be a monster team
LeoAngel67 - 8 months ago
Chelsea the only EPL team that can give Liverpool a hard time.
Tijani Tunkara
Tijani Tunkara - 8 months ago
Kante looks shy after scoring.. humility
That was one of the best games I have seen.
Daniel Heltberg
Daniel Heltberg - 8 months ago
I mean, just perfect
Chris Long
Chris Long - 8 months ago
Jorgino such a waste cant even pass a through ball. And people tlk bout Hendo. At least Hendo can pass with out look n it on point
James Kelvin
James Kelvin - 8 months ago
VAR is a passion killer. Goodbye humanity...hello robots.
The Golden Tundra
The Golden Tundra - 8 months ago
Let's go Cowboys!! Wait sorry, wrong game
farinto nurudeen
farinto nurudeen - 8 months ago
The Golden Tundra lols
Sarvarbek Ismailov
Sarvarbek Ismailov - 8 months ago
I like this new chelsea. They are very sharp
Tom Wilkinson
Tom Wilkinson - 8 months ago
I am not either teams fan but, Liverpool were lucky win. Chelsea deserve the equalize goal. Been luck it's part of the game!
XGames Channel
XGames Channel - 8 months ago
How come the best player in Chelsea setting on the bench!!!
XEN SHE - 8 months ago
If you’re talking about Pulisic you’re delusional 😂😂😂
LeoAngel67 - 8 months ago
Chelsea played well 2nd half. Were just unlucky to score.
Alexander Mills
Alexander Mills - 8 months ago
Chelsea uniforms ugly, nice game
Mohamed Yuusuf
Mohamed Yuusuf - 8 months ago
Kepa out Azpilicueta. out Caballero and racee james in Christian Pulisic in mount is not winger why playing him as a winger
sayeed Khıdır
sayeed Khıdır - 8 months ago
just an Italian coach can make Chelsea strong .. lf not ..Chelsea to euro league
Josh A
Josh A - 8 months ago
As a Liverpool fan..I applaud Kanté for that beautiful goal
joe bart
joe bart - 8 months ago
I just want to see Pulisic play :/
SEONGMIN - 8 months ago
Is it weird to say that Chelsea seems better than Arsenal or Man U in this season? bc i think they are when I watching their games and comparing them . Go blues!
MikeLFC - 8 months ago
man u are a joke lmao
Denis Zalutskiy
Denis Zalutskiy - 8 months ago
Kante used Sarri’s heritage
Iyin - 8 months ago
Liverpool are not nearly as good as advertised, there are so many cracks in their team, especially defensively and teams are fearful at attacking them, and respect them too much
Also VAR is probably the worse thing to happen to football, it’s ruining the game but it will be different next season because you don’t like the way it is, no one likes the way it is
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 8 months ago
#8 on trending
tyler lewis
tyler lewis - 8 months ago
Two towns famous for illiteracy and bad behavior, either way there should be a fee arrests made tonight
BMWMD1 - 8 months ago
Liverpools 2nd, Mane was offside and impacted the play with his movement and bumping into Christiansen.... no VAR.............................. cool. Abraham was offside then restablished him self onside getting behind the ball 15 seconds before the goal... VAR!!!!!!!!!! Gotta keep that American money coming in for Liverhshits... Chelski noticed this and over paid for Pulisic thinking the Prem would take it easy on them... no.
GodplaysDice - 8 months ago
Liverpool has world's best defence. Brilliant top 3. But, zero midfield. Exposed today.
BMWMD1 - 8 months ago
VAR = Instituted to make simpleminded American fans happy who to grab their money.
Minh Ngo
Minh Ngo - 8 months ago
A TOTY Kante loan card was used in this match.
Elkins Four
Elkins Four - 8 months ago
So VAR goes back 18 min to see if anything was missed before Chelsea's first goal.
Adventure Music
Adventure Music - 8 months ago
Kante is my lover ..miss you ❤
Mills 758
Mills 758 - 8 months ago
Touch luck chelsea !!!
Fearless One
Fearless One - 8 months ago
Chelsea had a terrible transfer window. I'm not a Chelsea fan, but I feel bad for them. They will sign good players on January
Murna Traps
Murna Traps - 8 months ago
all the premier league refree hates chelsea and try to find mistake
Andy G
Andy G - 8 months ago
Pulisic bagged assists and goals in preseason, bags two assists in the few premier league games he started, and gets benched by Willian. Makes sense.
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