Notorious B.I.G. Inspires A Rap Battle At Trump's Impeachment Trial

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jaydude25 - 14 days ago
This is the cringiest thing I have ever seen, please just retire already
Gary Livingston
Gary Livingston - 17 days ago
HAHA,love this!...What a sham of a trial.No witnesses,documents?..Total one sided..Senators terrified to vote against the dictator/fake president....Lol
Robotic Husky
Robotic Husky - 17 days ago
Failed libtard impeachment.
Mickser - 19 days ago
Imagine if he actually said the n word lmao
ModTech Mgmt
ModTech Mgmt - 20 days ago
Now DNC has nerve to switch Cochran Jr to prosecute impeachment
#Trump #impeach #JohnnieCochran
#Trump defense claims that this #impeach is based solely on speculations & assumptions; & that witnesses & mo documents, r needed. Bleep it, y don't both sides just release n call all relevant witnesses & documents. Both sides need to unearthed the truth. U can't handle da truth! Mr. Schiff, closing argument was persuasive. Basically saying "if u dont #impeach this breach, precedent will pave way for future presidents' to leach off the people's purse for their own personal political pursuit". Waiting to hear rebuttal case. If #JohnnieCochran was prosecuting he would say something like "if he withheld to cheat use must #impeach" #rightsmatter
boobtuber06 - 21 day ago
So why exactly is he a bad attorney? Is it solely because he doesn't have T-14 credentials??
Carissa Renard
Carissa Renard - 21 day ago
I’m disappointed in Stephen.
There was a perfectly set up “You down with GOP? Yeah you know me!” Joke
GuyRami - 22 days ago
Shouldve just had kanye right their raps... lmfao
fla playa
fla playa - 22 days ago
The writers need an award or ten for this show.
Naomi Vail
Naomi Vail - 23 days ago
Donny’s got the blood on his hands, his DNA, at the scene, and the Murder weapon in his possession, and the Republicans say there’s no evidence!?
He wants to build a wall first then he’ll want to build work camps. Looks like we’re already digging our own graves.... if the GOP lets him free.
IvanR Ministry
IvanR Ministry - 23 days ago
Go back to Maryland to fix up you impoverish hood
iChillypepper - 23 days ago
What a time to be a lawyer 🤣😂
Lady Sundance
Lady Sundance - 23 days ago
Muluku Simushi
Muluku Simushi - 23 days ago
And if you don't know, now you know.
Byron Harrell
Byron Harrell - 24 days ago
Who comes up with this stuff!!!??? BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!!!
Orange Ziggy
Orange Ziggy - 24 days ago
He's got OJs lawyer?
Theresa Terry
Theresa Terry - 24 days ago
Those people truly hate our country.
Kimberly Williams
Kimberly Williams - 24 days ago
Well I guess Brookelyn is literally in the House!
Jeff Phakenewz
Jeff Phakenewz - 24 days ago
Lippy Lou
Lippy Lou - 24 days ago
yeah Dershowitz left his underwear on ... that's too funny.
Lippy Lou
Lippy Lou - 24 days ago
yeah Dershowitz left his underwear on ... that's too funny.
Margaret G
Margaret G - 25 days ago
These guys look exactly like what they are...sycophantic immoral greedy sex offenders and top grade sinners in the very biblical sense.
cutmeupgently - 25 days ago
He forgot the last word of the quote
Ae Ri Lim
Ae Ri Lim - 25 days ago
YoSoyMami - 25 days ago
Omg, that is the whitest rap I've ever heard!!! 😂😂😂
Schroedinger Cat
Schroedinger Cat - 25 days ago
Sekulow has a band. True story.
Mamma Roma
Mamma Roma - 25 days ago
But they do know....and they made a conscious choice to cover it up.
Oliver Dash
Oliver Dash - 25 days ago
These four lawyers should get to host SNL when this FIX is over.
Rob Dim
Rob Dim - 25 days ago
Jay suck don below!
Donnie Brookings
Donnie Brookings - 26 days ago
Those Republicans they really are a bunch of clowns.
dzobie11 - 26 days ago
..sigh... I hate the stilted rap sketches. What rap ever sounds like this besides stilted rap sketches from bad tv commercials and lazy comedy? It's 2020 lol. Sigh. This is the only time I've ever hit dislike for a Colbert clip.
Drunk Munkey
Drunk Munkey - 26 days ago
Trump would actually be a great rapper, I've heard rappers use his name in lyrics since the late 80's.
Sharon Donovan
Sharon Donovan - 26 days ago
i love it steven its so true ..... i watch your show everynight steven thanks for the laughes..... god knows we need them.....thanks steven
Christiane Montazer
Christiane Montazer - 26 days ago
Priceless 👍😂🇩🇪
Fross - 26 days ago
That was kind of perfect lmao
Being Best
Being Best - 26 days ago
I actually forgot about Alan getting an Epstein rub with his underwear on!
MapleMeHoney - 26 days ago
Colbert, you are sure moving your mouth a lot and complaining about the state of America. But what are you actually DOING? You really think you are doing enough? If Trump gets elected again, do you think you used your powerful platform well enough to stop that from happening? I mean come on! You talk so much politics on your show, but WTF are you REALLY doing about it ? Can you stop whining, complaining and joking about the situation and actually do something? You are a leader in the talk show category. Move your ass Colbert and do something. Walk the talk man! There's a lot of us that look up to you - take advantage of your platform and save your country from self-destruction.
Benjamin Warn
Benjamin Warn - 26 days ago
You see the edit at the end was doubled. But it's ok. It was forgotten after remembering had his underwear on.
Stan Current
Stan Current - 26 days ago
This is for the history books.
Trump and team are crooks.
Hayden Lassalle
Hayden Lassalle - 26 days ago
Y’all still laughing at this talentless shit
Biden, The Losing Ticket
Biden, The Losing Ticket - 26 days ago
Trump 2016-2024. Continue Crying libtards.
zeradordeyoutube - 26 days ago
Tied with trevor noah at worst late night show. Isn't it weird that the two people related to the daily show are doing the worst job at both being funny and covering politics?
John oliver is the one saving it and carrying the baton. Even Klepper's show was way better.
RSS - 26 days ago
I am a big fan of the show, however I must say this is very stupid.
jaydude25 - 14 days ago
TDS is real
S Waddington
S Waddington - 26 days ago
Thank you, for being continually relentless in making fun of these jokers
Supahfly Spidey
Supahfly Spidey - 26 days ago
Notorious B.I.G. 🔥🔥🔥
Thaddeus Stevens
Thaddeus Stevens - 26 days ago
I'm sorry, but Donald Trump is starting to grow on me like an oily irritating rash. I have read and listened to the audio transcript of the conversation between President Zelensky and President Trump, and I don't like it.
henry R.
henry R. - 26 days ago
I almost choked while eating & watching this! Damn almost felt like drowning 4a sec. But gotta say this was funny as shiite.😌😅😊😉👍👍
Gilmore Mccoy
Gilmore Mccoy - 26 days ago
Ralph Gastelum
Ralph Gastelum - 26 days ago
Wow, this isn't a trial the Republicans don't want to listen to any new evidence or any other witnesses, they're just don't want to loose their jobs. What a shame.
schwadaddy81 - 26 days ago
Pence be like "mother" gots dat fire pussy! Oh...
Blue Moon
Blue Moon - 26 days ago
I loved it!
Kathrine Kerns
Kathrine Kerns - 26 days ago
Mae Lleffo
Mae Lleffo - 26 days ago
Comedic Gold !!
debbie duccini-day
debbie duccini-day - 26 days ago
That just about sums it up.
Jimel Quann
Jimel Quann - 26 days ago
Kia Rainey
Kia Rainey - 26 days ago
😂😂😂 Y'all gotta stop!
Angela dugal
Angela dugal - 26 days ago
Nice so true.
Brian Allen
Brian Allen - 26 days ago
Jay looks just like Monty Burns lawyer on the Simpsons.
Steven Torrey
Steven Torrey - 26 days ago
Trumpster "Not guilty" in the same way OJ is not guilty.
Sarah Baloch
Sarah Baloch - 26 days ago
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