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Don Boggs
Don Boggs - 12 hours ago
Don DoDat
Don DoDat - Day ago
If I ever did bet every game with the pointshaving lakers under the total for the first half I would have made so much money
Don DoDat
Don DoDat - Day ago
Lakers can be a real Pusii at times. U want to focking play then come play. How can u win championships if u don’t have balls.
Chris Villa
Chris Villa - 2 days ago
The Truth
The Truth - 2 days ago
Jokic literally looks like he’s dying out there. Tired AF! And AD look like it’s the 1st quarter when it’s OT.
The Nimble Ninja
The Nimble Ninja - 2 days ago
Is defense illegal in this league now?
Andrew James
Andrew James - 2 days ago
3:36 damn that was a nice dunk
Retro 248
Retro 248 - 3 days ago
Denver gone be a problem tho💯💯💯🃏🃏
There are some fools in this league,, Always klownin around..
Efrain Gonzalez
Efrain Gonzalez - 3 days ago
You can tell the Sf will give the Lakers trouble in the playoffs
Rita Sellers
Rita Sellers - 3 days ago
Jericho Yabo
Jericho Yabo - 3 days ago
Idol Lebron James it`s best NBA players
Despicable sean
Despicable sean - 4 days ago
What yall got to say now they beat a team that's second in the west
Rodney Dean
Rodney Dean - 4 days ago
Great victory
Aiden Tabi
Aiden Tabi - 4 days ago
Celtics had a clutch game, Lakers had a clutch game. Its time to collide, who will win?
Mr. HasbroMan
Mr. HasbroMan - 4 days ago
Lakers always seem so sloppy in the 4th
and end up winning only by a few points.
Abramov Ariel
Abramov Ariel - 4 days ago
Lakers best duo
Garrison Armand
Garrison Armand - 5 days ago
Gary Harris has not been the same since that injury it’s sad to say the mans defense hasn’t been the same at all hopefully he can get a fresh start on a new team or something he’s still a good player to me
Mr Blue
Mr Blue - 7 days ago
AD needs to start carrying more your making a 35 yr old LeBron show up in clutch situations
Mr Blue
Mr Blue - 7 days ago
and Clippers load managed against the Nuggets because.....?
Brent Cygnius
Brent Cygnius - 7 days ago
I always dislike basketball videos. Seriously I'm not interested guys, please respect my preferences, and the preferences of other people, you don't know, what goes on in other people's lives, don't make an issue
Oldman Isaaac
Oldman Isaaac - 7 days ago
Kuzma needs to stay benched till he can be consistent
Baller Baller
Baller Baller - 7 days ago
3:37 holyshit
tuxeng lee
tuxeng lee - 7 days ago
Lakers cover the spread -3 that’s all it matters.
Brass Trains And Video Games Galore
nuggets should have red yellow uniforms and chicken mcnuggets as their logo.
mei li
mei li - 8 days ago
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Ghostgamingent - 8 days ago
Can’t wait to see playoff time see them touch new waters
Zachary Champagne
Zachary Champagne - 8 days ago
That's How you put a good team away, Wasn't a Blow out game, but we'll take it. Grizzles Up Next. Looking to improve to *42-12, LAKER's On Track to Clinch A playoff Birth. "KOBE Would Be Proud." "Let's get this RiNG." "DAMB, I LOVE 💘 THiS GAME."
Harvey Too Fresh
Harvey Too Fresh - 8 days ago
Ref Nuts
Butter Johnson
Butter Johnson - 8 days ago
This has been one of the best matchups all year. Could be an epic playoffs series.
Banana Head
Banana Head - 8 days ago
They need to build up there chemistry n grow fully
Kirvy Clark
Kirvy Clark - 8 days ago
LB❤😍 hope u do notice me..🙏😊
jhedian atienza
jhedian atienza - 8 days ago
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel - 8 days ago
It's possible we still take LeBron's finishing ability for granted. There have been guys who finish with a higher degree of difficulty--Jordan, Kyrie, Kobe--but LeBron just negates the defense by taking perfect angles on his layups every single time. You can't reach the ball hand across his shoulders, and if you try, that other arm is going to make you pay for the attempt. So defenders just kind of give up contesting him at the rim.
alexis고수 알렉시스
im very happy laker won 😍😍
LAker Chisme
LAker Chisme - 8 days ago
This announcer’s a certified LAker hater. That’s why I only listen to Stu and Bill. RIP CHICK HEARN.
Meng Damon
Meng Damon - 8 days ago
I miss Kobe when I saw the Lakers.
Manooch R
Manooch R - 8 days ago
I wished Denver won
Jolo Creus
Jolo Creus - 8 days ago
Jamal Murray is very underrated. He and Jokic are carrying the team to be on the top of the league
Ronald Aiello
Ronald Aiello - 8 days ago
RIP Phil Jackson
Logan Sutton
Logan Sutton - 9 days ago
I was at this game!!!!
ZigZaG Productions
ZigZaG Productions - 9 days ago
Tough loss for my Nuggets... it's all good tho we'll bounce back and learn from this game. I'm calling Nuggets / Lakers WCF!!! Nuggets in 7 baby 🙏😂💯🤘
Bub The Scrub
Bub The Scrub - 9 days ago
Go Lakers💯💙💙
🔥 1:35 🖤
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💟
Alex Pedida
Alex Pedida - 9 days ago
clippers are still a better team than lakers clippers bench has the advantage. Lakers has the best record in the series but they are not a title contenders...
Fizzi Fedrizzi
Fizzi Fedrizzi - 9 days ago
I like seeing Caruso get involved!! He’s a good teammate to compliment lebron’s intensity
BeeBee Carrick
BeeBee Carrick - 9 days ago
Lakers beating winning teams like the nuggets rockets jazz heat mavericks and I don't want no haters on my comments I don't never hate on the clippers
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson - 9 days ago
lakers defense is not good at all.
solegemini03 - 9 days ago
1st half of the season assessment:
I like the lineup of Caruso, KCP, LBJ, AD and Dwight. But Dwight can't end games so Kuzma should try a little bit harder on defense to fit in. I want to see more of this lineup after the all star break: Caruso, KCP, LBJ, Kuz and AD .
Still think we need another SF/PF when Kuz is struggling. Harkless maybe if the Knicks released him? That would be a great pickup. If not then hopefully we sign Jeff Green. He played well alongside Bron in Cleveland.
Marques Carter
Marques Carter - 9 days ago
Bron literally playing at like 65% right now not even fully powered plus AD defense is insane especially in the clutch
Marion Agustin
Marion Agustin - 9 days ago
Marion Agustin
Marion Agustin - 9 days ago
Marion Agustin
Marion Agustin - 9 days ago
Marion Agustin
Marion Agustin - 9 days ago
Erwin Painagan
Erwin Painagan - 9 days ago
Tony Tapat
Tony Tapat - 9 days ago
damn an OT win against the Nuggets! vert impressive! lol ha ha ha!
Victoria Palcher
Victoria Palcher - 9 days ago
Lebron is great but he just travels so flagrantly on so many of his drives..
Cokie Hex
Cokie Hex - 9 days ago
If they dont call it then why not use it. Everyone travels nowadays
daveofthedead13 - 9 days ago
What a game, wow! Doesn't matter if you're a fan of either team, good basketball is good basketball.
Sherry Brooks
Sherry Brooks - 9 days ago
Hell of a game tho
Nate 216
Nate 216 - 9 days ago
Finally they wear the right jerseys I bet people in the nosebleeds can't tell who's home and who's away sometimes anyone notice how they mismatch jerseys sometimes..
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