Goku vs. Naruto Rap Battle!

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SSJ9K - 7 months ago
FINALLY IT'S HERE! I'm sorry it took so long. Almost 2 weeks longer than I wanted but things happen. Good news is, only about a week until the next parody is out! Still 3 more videos to come before 2020! Thanks so much for your support and STAY POWERFUL!
Who had the best BARS!?
Velociture - 7 days ago
Bowser jr Studios
Bowser jr Studios - 21 day ago
SSJ9K hi
Gaming with Arrington
Gaming with Arrington - Month ago
Goku duh boooooooi
Talyn Ned
Talyn Ned - 2 months ago
the black one lol
Symon YSY
Symon YSY - 3 months ago
Alan Lopez
Alan Lopez - 53 minutes ago
Hunter World
Hunter World - Hour ago
0:00 ತ_ʖತ
Night Dragon
Night Dragon - Hour ago
"its your boy black guy" XD
Night Dragon
Night Dragon - Hour ago
XD oml what is thissss?
• DxOlix•
• DxOlix• - 3 hours ago
Naruto win
But... where is Naruto's Dattebayo?
Aladdin Dragonson
Aladdin Dragonson - 5 hours ago
Man, it looks like Naruto was on Crack all about Ramen
Simphiwe Nkosenhle
Simphiwe Nkosenhle - 6 hours ago
Bruh YT
Bruh YT - 7 hours ago
Wait goku was the first gokage so how is he alive?
Mene Mononia
Mene Mononia - 9 hours ago
sasuke so cool omg/the black one
Loretta Soto
Loretta Soto - 13 hours ago
Damn naruto really from the land of fire.
XERO COOKIE - 13 hours ago
Well I guess chi-chi was right cuz now naruto's the HOKAGE
Doodad Squabbin
Doodad Squabbin - 13 hours ago
why does naruto sound like comethazine
Kevin Villalba
Kevin Villalba - 14 hours ago
This is really good rap guys
Hydrocity Cruiser
Hydrocity Cruiser - 15 hours ago
goku make your girl queef
Pieck Finger
Pieck Finger - 15 hours ago
Azure Dragon
Azure Dragon - 15 hours ago
Man I'm loving this beat....what's the beat called
Davax Man
Davax Man - 17 hours ago
I like black guy
Jamayah Stokes
Jamayah Stokes - 18 hours ago
That black dude is lee trainer but black not trying to be racist
Cbk_Ghost JJ
Cbk_Ghost JJ - 20 hours ago
Gai sensei ain’t even bad
FaZe Gl1tCh
FaZe Gl1tCh - 20 hours ago
I meant to say nor
bigtime primtime
bigtime primtime - 21 hour ago
Y'all tryna jump 😂😂
Random Person
Random Person - 22 hours ago
It looked like goku had super saiyan they should of continued the rap.
Dylan Rucki
Dylan Rucki - 22 hours ago
Orges Gashi
Orges Gashi - 22 hours ago
Naruto calling goku spikey hair but he has spikes too
tic tac man
tic tac man - 4 hours ago
Ok fair enough
Orges Gashi
Orges Gashi - 5 hours ago
tic tac man for your opinion is naruto for mine is Dragon ball now we cant say who is the best only because we liked it more
tic tac man
tic tac man - 20 hours ago
But naruto's anime will always be better
tic tac man
tic tac man - 20 hours ago
He do be look'en like a pineapple tho
RedX - 22 hours ago
"The Legendary Cheek Clapping Rap Shinobi"
Antonio Burley
Antonio Burley - 23 hours ago
R.I.P Kiddy
R.I.P Kiddy - 23 hours ago
Does Goku even need to power up to fight Naruto?
MannyD - Day ago
Did Naruto really call Goku spikey hair? Like his shit ain't spikey
tic tac man
tic tac man - 20 hours ago
Ye hes a pineapple head
PWWN News - Day ago
Is sakura sealed in sasuke or what
tic tac man
tic tac man - 20 hours ago
Honestly idk, I haven't watched thru the anime yet
nihaya harhash
nihaya harhash - Day ago
just for this video its so good im subscribing and like
nihaya harhash
nihaya harhash - Day ago
shuparnaa Balakulendran
Killer bee YEAAAH
KINGY - Day ago
man that thing is so lit Specifically naruto verse was so GOOD
Kovács Roland
Kovács Roland - Day ago
*Stop* *toying* *with* *_Naruto_*
tic tac man
tic tac man - 20 hours ago
More like *nArUTo*
Dejan Matic
Dejan Matic - Day ago
Lional Messi
Lional Messi - Day ago
Funniest shit never gets tired of this
Josiah Porter
Josiah Porter - Day ago
That’s racist
Shoutmon X one million 2
I’d say verbase is better
Ban From seven deadly sins
Who else thinks goku still won
tic tac man
tic tac man - 20 hours ago
Devallion Green
Devallion Green - Day ago
This needs a PT 2 🤣🤣🤣
ZP VENOM - Day ago
Did anyone see goku, vegeta and piccolo in the mountain behind naruto
Craftytuna _
Craftytuna _ - Day ago
Why is assume doing the itatchi pose
Dylan Jahrling
Dylan Jahrling - Day ago
“...... fuck you and sauske” 💀💀💀💀
Oksana Maslyanskaya
Saskues like
"Yea f*** that im out of here"
Noe - 2 days ago
Nice rap brrooo
AyeShadowZee - 2 days ago
That flop doe ......AAAAAAAAA
josefin Hoffmann
josefin Hoffmann - 2 days ago
Narutos team war zu 3.
Yzan Bukhar
Yzan Bukhar - 2 days ago
Goku is firee
Kadennn - 2 days ago
this was the best shit ever
Rigorbordous420 - 2 days ago
Bros bars are really slept on lol
the king
the king - 2 days ago
M4D CHICKEN - 2 days ago
The way sasuke said naruto was perfect
The Dombomb
The Dombomb - 2 days ago
Y'all tryna jump because I do not play THAT SHIIIIIIIIIITTTT
Jewel Yates
Jewel Yates - 2 days ago
Naruto went crazy!!!
اباطرة الانمي
Ben casir
Ben casir - 2 days ago
Raronesc is better than this
Ben casir
Ben casir - 2 days ago
He is a Filipino animator
TeMtD khIII - 2 days ago
Sasuke Sasuke sasuke
Yuyu - 2 days ago
It was funny when saskue said yeah fuck that I am out!
Yhaell Elian espaillat
Yhaell Elian espaillat - 2 days ago
You are amazing
Tishana Gordon-Clarke
Tishana Gordon-Clarke - 3 days ago
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh daaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàanm
Lindsey West
Lindsey West - 3 days ago
"Give him all of the smoke" 😂😂😂😂
Gaming Paradise
Gaming Paradise - 3 days ago
1:30 the best part
Ostentatiousnessness - 3 days ago
Sasuke’s tramp stamp.
The ending
GU3ST G4M1NG - 3 days ago
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Art by Shreeshant
Art by Shreeshant - 3 days ago
Pls reply are you yair sassain art
Zhudaeiz Asaral
Zhudaeiz Asaral - 3 days ago
Hahahahah. 😂😂😂😂
Taiyo XY
Taiyo XY - 3 days ago
Sasuke has Sakura tattooed on his pecks
And goku took hashirama place in the hokage mountain
Ron Espiritu
Ron Espiritu - 3 days ago
oh mannnnnnnnn
james b
james b - 3 days ago
the black one
Eli Rosado
Eli Rosado - 3 days ago
Goku would win in a fight with Naruto
Jalen Jackson
Jalen Jackson - 3 days ago
Wait y’all tryna jump
Yav Ne
Yav Ne - 3 days ago
Goku owned Naruto already. lel.
Courtney Butler
Courtney Butler - 3 days ago
Goku hair did not turn yellow
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - 3 days ago
#team Goku and sasuke
Alia 2802
Alia 2802 - 3 days ago
Gokage, rap jutsu then black guy comes
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