David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue

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David Dobrik
David Dobrik - 16 hours ago
Thank you for having me Teen Vogue!! Also, thank you for comparing me to Channing Tatum. I feel a lot more confident in my day to day life now!!
morgan A
morgan A - 10 minutes ago
Forever Chrett
Forever Chrett - 56 minutes ago
U never got to show ur magic and I was very disappointed
Sevda Xelilov
Sevda Xelilov - Hour ago
+Nicky Songbird cc
kabeer rajoria
kabeer rajoria - 44 seconds ago
i said channing tatum
lykskya - 3 minutes ago
Lol Я русский!!!!!😛😛😛😛😛😛
Menosha - 3 minutes ago
So proud of the little bean 😭❤️he's doing so well, I'm so happy for him!!
Menosha - 4 minutes ago
I love the way this was filmed and edited 😍🙌🏽also I'm so glad David cut out the Wednesday upload cause it was sooo worth it 🙌🏽congrats Dave!!
Felix Jones
Felix Jones - 6 minutes ago
Who else is extremely disappointed they didn’t give this man a deck of cards
BORNAKILLA YT - 8 minutes ago
Hey guys can I get a sub I am new and trying to grow hopefully u guys can help me!
aashna punihani
aashna punihani - 10 minutes ago
bumble bee
bumble bee - 12 minutes ago
did he said mommy or maybe
Jea Lynn
Jea Lynn - 13 minutes ago
He looks just like jim but a 27 year old jim. But, I'm glad I'm not the only one who kiss late.
Yara Hammad16
Yara Hammad16 - 16 minutes ago
We ask for a collab with Shane Dawson baby.
Sebina Timm
Sebina Timm - 17 minutes ago
Excuse me did he just call Lukas Forchammer (Graham) polish?? Well he’s danish you uncultured swine
Olivia Lane
Olivia Lane - 19 minutes ago
Dang I would love to see David cry on camera 😂 I love him he's so adorkable
Sara Kk
Sara Kk - 11 minutes ago
He did in his vlogs
De Q
De Q - 22 minutes ago
He’s not wrong about the teeth....
Anthony Jenkins
Anthony Jenkins - 27 minutes ago
Mannn, David Dobrick is the one of the fakest mfs on the planet. Just so y'all know, he has a real friendly online persona. But in truth, he's a stuck up prick in person. I did security at Playlist Live 2018 in Orlando.
Just your average Douche-tuber with more "fame" than they really deserve.
Domi Vronka
Domi Vronka - 27 minutes ago
I wish boys in Poland looked like what David said about himself😂😂
Apurva Korni
Apurva Korni - 27 minutes ago
Ahahaha I love him 😭💘
Aldo Moraigne
Aldo Moraigne - 28 minutes ago
fluffy jonas brother(before seeing answer)
Emma Murphy
Emma Murphy - 29 minutes ago
i started crying lololol
King Vaal
King Vaal - 33 minutes ago
Anything related to David is trending 💛💛 and it makes me very happy
Diago Anthony
Diago Anthony - 35 minutes ago
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Code The Artist
Code The Artist - 36 minutes ago
imma drop this here because why not :)
Ruby Mackintosh
Ruby Mackintosh - 39 minutes ago
I would have loved if at 8:23 he said they have to be Liza 💞💓💖🧡💗💝❤️🥰
Siana Contreras
Siana Contreras - 41 minute ago
I am not even kidding when they were asking about age I literally said out loud I was like uhh probably 19 and then David said it right after not even serious just thought it was funny
flying pancake
flying pancake - 44 minutes ago
ughhh davids personality makes me smile so much
ice cream
ice cream - 45 minutes ago
I have a crush on him 👀
Calden Lee
Calden Lee - 46 minutes ago
Alisha Chutarpal
Alisha Chutarpal - 54 minutes ago
8:23 Liza???
OpooKiko - 54 minutes ago
Maddie Irene
Maddie Irene - 55 minutes ago
Surprised no one said he looked like Paul Rudd
relentlessmadman - 55 minutes ago
Popular on youtube is a sad commentary on what is important to the human race!
heyitsalle - 58 minutes ago
This is cute
PeachySims4 - 58 minutes ago
Squishy dood
Philly Native
Philly Native - 58 minutes ago
Luz Ávila
Luz Ávila - Hour ago
Learn English free subscribe to Engvid. https://youtu.be/yzlTOx-p2GM
Derryl James
Derryl James - Hour ago
Who's David Dork ?
Alyssa - Hour ago
David is so freaking adorable
99999 Subsriber
99999 Subsriber - Hour ago
Kenama bisa trending 1 di Indo Ini??
Diana - Hour ago
Why do I feel like every 1 person answered the survey was actually liza.
⬅️Queen - Hour ago
Heather Evans
Heather Evans - Hour ago
I would say Sour Patch Kids since they are sour then sweet whereas David is flamethrower then paintball gun then car.
AICHA DRAME - Hour ago
Thanks 😊 body ea 💪 t, I
Khushi - Hour ago
David: "I don't know what Irish Spring is"
Jenna and her dog Kermit: "wHAt yOu dO'Nt KnOW ouR Fav soAp?!"
Joshua Jimenez-porras
Everything czechs out here
Angel - Hour ago
Too much David
Roman Fruean
Roman Fruean - Hour ago
Oml he said my name (Roman!) 😂
Yolanda Reyes
Yolanda Reyes - Hour ago
I love Irish Spring 😭
Lost Hearts Lost Minds
Yasssssss congrats David 👏👏
KuberKen - Hour ago
I’ve seen numerous video titles about this dude, watched this one, read the title, saw and heard his name throughout the video, and I still couldn’t tell you his name without looking. To be honest I have no idea why this guy is so popular lol and I feel like I’m the only one lol.
 - Hour ago
Be one Too
Be one Too - Hour ago
madison mullinax
madison mullinax - Hour ago
i started tearing up towards the end
Алексей Омельченко
Что это за пидор? Куда катится мир
Cindy Burger
Cindy Burger - Hour ago
Ok but why did nobody say that harry styles is David's doppelgänger?
R R - Hour ago
Dang it, i wanted to see the magic trick
Mayaa - Hour ago
suprise Davis didnt say john krasinski
aravinth .t
aravinth .t - Hour ago
Hi maayaa
Ruqayya ugh
Ruqayya ugh - Hour ago
David is like the modern version of a Shane dawson but with lesser controversies and a bit of boyish charm
Danielmeir - Hour ago
Hows this guy 22yearsold? I thought hes been on youtube for year
We Do Everything
We Do Everything - Hour ago
Have some fun
Keiry Pena
Keiry Pena - Hour ago
He just skipped over Kylie 😂
Yano - Hour ago
You know who David looks like? Go to Google images, and look up Aparri.
Xerny Dag
Xerny Dag - Hour ago
I am tearing up. Good thing it ended before my tear drops. Go david. I wish to see more of you in television. I think late night show will invite you soon.
Jeremiah Longino
Jeremiah Longino - Hour ago
It can't just be me wondering what is the fuzz around this guy
Lets get the roast Coockin
I guess you have to be stupid to be on teen vogue now (sorry not sorry 💋)
travis newman
travis newman - Hour ago
Close ur fucken mouth
Nora - Hour ago
After the whole chipotle part I’m concerned about David. You need a hug bro?
Fion Voo
Fion Voo - 2 hours ago
aravinth .t
aravinth .t - Hour ago
Hi fion
ghost rider
ghost rider - 2 hours ago
He is the most hard working person/youtuber! And I really hope that he soon gets his own talk show! Ly david
Allison Kittens
Allison Kittens - 2 hours ago
sometimes david looks like a young paul rudd
Jaymee McAliece
Jaymee McAliece - 2 hours ago
Im taller than David lol
David Haiduk
David Haiduk - 2 hours ago
Claire Kimani
Claire Kimani - 2 hours ago
David is arguably the most adorable youtuber on the planet
HOT DANCE WOMEN - 2 hours ago
very good
Alondra Armola
Alondra Armola - 2 hours ago
Love this man
Beth Frazer
Beth Frazer - 2 hours ago
Does anyone know where he had mentioned the eyeball in a cup thing? Was it his podcast?
amy121209 - 24 minutes ago
Holly Johns
Holly Johns - 2 hours ago
Qiven Qiven
Qiven Qiven - 2 hours ago
Valiant Viper
Valiant Viper - 2 hours ago
Guys please make me to reach 30 subscribers please
Brandon Gunter
Brandon Gunter - 2 hours ago
*Cough no one cares
amy121209 - 23 minutes ago
2.5 million ++ people do...
Eliza Totty
Eliza Totty - 2 hours ago
"I don't even know how to float"
Hadlee Storms
Hadlee Storms - 2 hours ago
Anonymous YouTube Account
Gorgeous hair 😘❤💗💕
Hector Ascencio
Hector Ascencio - 2 hours ago
I don’t want
Meara Licht
Meara Licht - 2 hours ago
When he said slap me in the face I was like yesss I willlll
aravinth .t
aravinth .t - Hour ago
Hi Meara licht
Jo Anastasia
Jo Anastasia - 2 hours ago
Ricky Jezrawi
Ricky Jezrawi - 2 hours ago
Ugliest person on YouTube
Eliza Totty
Eliza Totty - 2 hours ago
David being sensitive about his hairline for 15 minutes straight
isa edits !!
isa edits !! - 2 hours ago
i cant stop think abt the fact the he called comic sans a cool font
Erin Findlater
Erin Findlater - 2 hours ago
hi ya subscribe to my channel it’s a hoot and a half thx bye
samiangable - 2 hours ago
David Dobrik we will always keep watching your videos !! very much support very much love HAHAHA
Rulianti Adelia
Rulianti Adelia - 2 hours ago
a chipotle burrito suddenly became so deep
Richard - 2 hours ago
His nose makes me want to commit suicide.
Jones Bijoy
Jones Bijoy - 2 hours ago
I’m putting this in my pocket

Proceeds to sit on it
A.B - 2 hours ago
i dont cry that much but the last part got me tearing up because he literally made my life 420x better. love you david
eb 123
eb 123 - 2 hours ago
David is so adorable. Like can I just say? He’s sooooo adorable. I can’t look at him without remembering the time he held the baby.
no name
no name - 2 hours ago
I love how you wrote "Jim the office" instead of john krasinky
Misty Tredwell
Misty Tredwell - 2 hours ago
11:30-11:33 & 12:17-12:20 & 13:05-13:15 Is hot in here out what? Lol 😂 That was totally hot. Have fun breaking the replay button guys.
I am a Potato
I am a Potato - 2 hours ago
David comparing himself to a chipotle burrito is everything
Mary - 2 hours ago
David: *thats when I was very thin*
And is still as thin as a stick...?
Rich MT
Rich MT - 2 hours ago
Whoever watch this may God bless you and I hope you guys get rich this year
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