Can This USB Stick Resurrect Your Old PC?

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Jiro MacOS
Jiro MacOS - 2 hours ago
Why pay for this when you can do it cheaper.
(I am using ubuntu off a usb stick right now.)
Patrick Howie
Patrick Howie - 3 hours ago
Now that's a nerd right there
James Mathai
James Mathai - 15 hours ago
Watching this on a computer which was bought in 2010. It has 2GB Ram and pentium IV I think. Creating the installer using unetbootin and Installing it took, like 20 minutes. I use it to download torrents, mostly.
Falling Flying
Falling Flying - Day ago
Feels like this has been done in the past, just re-uploaded!
roblox108 - Day ago
That computer is literally my pc speed I have a core i3 4th gen I’m pretty sure and I have a Radeon r5 220
Apollo13 Cozy
Apollo13 Cozy - Day ago
How will gran boot from the stick?
Alphenhous plays games!
an athleon based pc is REALLY REALLY cheap i would suggest using that 80$ towards a pc.
Landau David
Landau David - Day ago
Grandma you type way to fast for me
NaeMuckle - 2 days ago
So this is what i did when i didn't have my own pc but borrowed time on friends and family machines with a Linux usb.... 10 years ago!
lyiriyah - 2 days ago
It's just a fucking four year old version of Lubuntu, which can be obtained for as little as FUCKING NOTHING
KEITH KUHN - 3 days ago
Very interesting I like the fact that you had another person involved in it. For a second opinion.
But like you say it all boils down to hardware. Well maybe not call but a lot correct ?
Keith Kuhn
KEITH KUHN - 3 days ago
I love your videos you're so enthusiastic I'm going to wait till after the glassware and then I'm going to find out if the xtra-pc really works.
OtterGauze - 3 days ago
Were the editors on crack? This is amazing.
Light Joshe
Light Joshe - 3 days ago
I have A Cruzer Blade
garlicbread - 3 days ago
Bro that little SanDisk flash drive I paid like 5 bucks each at Wal-Mart and I bought like 20
The Undaunted
The Undaunted - 3 days ago
How do I resurrect my old Sony Vaio laptop Y2K for writing my movie scripts on?
Tim Gentz
Tim Gentz - 4 days ago
I actually like cloudready (chrome-O.S. like). Most linux distros dont like popular usb 3.0 external hard drives - works great in cloudready. And also runs great from flashdrive, so you dont have to even mess with your existing setup.
Eexpers - 4 days ago
$80 is worth the "effort" of creating a live USB to linus? for real? LiLi takes like 10 mins what have you been smoking linus? UNIVERSAL USB INSTALLER will even download the iso for you its literally point and click

many other simple easy tools too requires no skill -
William Mulreed
William Mulreed - 4 days ago
2:10 LOL what the heck
Özer Tayiz
Özer Tayiz - 4 days ago
Yeah, I would simply use a Lubuntu live USB. And then you can even backup files to an external hard drive, and install Lubuntu on the hard drive. Then it would work even faster...
Rln Bnvds
Rln Bnvds - 4 days ago
Great Videos and as always, the dumbest (face) thumbnails.
vidyaWolf - 4 days ago
"The extra time to create a bootable Linux USB drive"
ummm.... about 5 minutes. If you don't know what you're doing.
For that price you can get a NEW computer that's reasonably fast.
Ob Fuscated
Ob Fuscated - 5 days ago
I've converted a couple of older folks to Linux because it does what they want and does it reliably. Remember when Redmond changes shit Windows users have to learn a "new" OS too.
tgmforum tgmforum
tgmforum tgmforum - 5 days ago
Ok, I know what this thing really is, and it's sickeningly ingenious. When tech-challenged folks end up with their PC slowing down to TRS-80 levels, they don't think in terms of malware and plain ol' software updating itself out of your physical memory capacity. So they see this turn-key system and suddenly they have an albeit slow but usable computer and they think it somehow fixed their existing computer.
David Crabb
David Crabb - 5 days ago
I'd just clone the disk to SSD for 45 bux.
Snow Man
Snow Man - 5 days ago
"Is this tab still loading?!" :( my gaming pc takes this long to load tabs
Shadowhunter - 5 days ago
I dunno, $50 is still way too much for essentially a live usb. A 10-20% markup is one thing, but this is 5-10 times the price just for burning a linux image on it. (I recently got a 32 GB flashdrive -- non sandisk -- off Amazon for 4.99 American rupees)
fona mcjimmyjimmy
fona mcjimmyjimmy - 5 days ago
I wanna buy the version you made because my laptop is probably worse than that usb
Matthew MEL
Matthew MEL - 5 days ago
Tigran margaryan
Tigran margaryan - 6 days ago
For 49.99
Tigran margaryan
Tigran margaryan - 6 days ago
Your better off buying an ssd ang some extra ram
Joseph Upton
Joseph Upton - 6 days ago
Does anyone else think that Anthony should have his own channel? "Computing cool with Anthony".
php developer
php developer - 6 days ago
lol u can throw that usb to trash / offer you CNN and msnbc fake news on fake usb lol
alex joseph
alex joseph - 7 days ago
hi linus can u make a video about System 76 Linux hardware beast ( Please
Pokémon Freak
Pokémon Freak - 7 days ago
Hitler - 7 days ago
I don't trust my grandma with any Electronics she's just going to end up sending money to some Nigerian prince or download more RAM
Aaron Votan
Aaron Votan - 7 days ago
Who edited this? 😂
B4D-W0LF - 8 days ago
I have an idea. Get a lenovo t550, grandma!
B4D-W0LF - 8 days ago
A Segway into MEMES
Edgar Renje
Edgar Renje - 8 days ago
2:30 How they just used a SanDisk USB drive and put a sticker on it....
Chuos Game
Chuos Game - 10 days ago
He sounds like Michael Scott
Ali Mohammad
Ali Mohammad - 10 days ago
The people that linus brings in from his team are the ones you see in the movies
HDTVStreamers - 10 days ago
Actualy I have set up NUMEROUS elderly people with Linux Mint. All of them were overjoyed!
B4D-W0LF - 8 days ago
a good version of pre-installed stuff on a Linux is badass for old grannies. problem is, you really need some bang for your buck pc for some good performance these days. and that's why you need linus tech tips division dedicated for old grannies
MarcellPick. - 10 days ago
My grandma uses Windows 7, only using Thunderbird, and Chrome
tgmforum tgmforum
tgmforum tgmforum - 5 days ago
I've been trying to wean people off of old-fashioned locally stored MUA's for decades now. Gmail is really the safest bet, especially when you're the tech go-to in your family.....everything is fixable from traveling.
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic - 10 days ago
puppy linux = Rufus bam you got a grandma frendly linux distro
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic - 10 days ago
just do puppy linux
richard klegin
richard klegin - 10 days ago
steam is only in ubuntu , bullshit you are dumb as hell . before you talk about shit you do not know do your research
richard klegin
richard klegin - 10 days ago
how about buy a usb for $15 and install linux to it or any other distro
Aquelite - 11 days ago
What's the thing on the bottom right thing during the screen capture in the beginning
Plonk Plonk
Plonk Plonk - 11 days ago
why evryone trys to market a cheesy deal ... e.g. demonstrating using google
Sp1du - 11 days ago
Im a simple man, i see 3d pinball i press like
Juxe Beats
Juxe Beats - 12 days ago
This guy sounded like a girl at the very beggining. "lEtS pLaY"
CodfishCatfish - 12 days ago
Hasn’t Gran got learn to alter the boot configuration in the bios.... good luck as with most Sony laptops as it’s locked down with a non disclosed password. Only Sony have the password!! FileRes is like VoidTools -Everything search which works with Wildcards. My opinion .... granny should stick to her old PC, roll a spliff and enjoy a good joint while she’s waiting for Windows to load. These guys should have run Conky on their distro and seen how hard it was processing.
Pauluz de Boskabouter
Pauluz de Boskabouter - 12 days ago
Hehe the first 2 secs I thought I've heard a Chipmunk haha
Atryix 717
Atryix 717 - 12 days ago
Me:*opens video*
Julian Gaming waters
Julian Gaming waters - 12 days ago
15:09 (Ignore This Comment)
Shovan Roy
Shovan Roy - 12 days ago
What's your typing speed... That was damn fast how you typed 😮
Alexander Nähring
Alexander Nähring - 12 days ago
Creating a Linux Live USB Stick took a tech guy 1 hour, oh my ;-) More like 5 minutes I'd wager. And please use HW acceleration
Mythical DJ
Mythical DJ - 12 days ago
The Linux has a malware installed... CRHROMIUM THE ANNOYING BROWSER
Conor Haddock
Conor Haddock - 12 days ago
Linus, you know what youre talking about, but what is this shit? Did you need the money? Everything you say is suspect after this
GalaxyStar - 13 days ago
I finally found out what that game was 9 years ago! 3D Pinball
darcipeeps - 13 days ago
It’s a nice transition...
To what?
*video ends*
Petriccione's Channel
Petriccione's Channel - 13 days ago
My gran was pretty happy using ubuntu for a few years after I set up chrome and the this is a reasonable idea.
nccrawford - 13 days ago
Anthony seems like the sweetest person at LTT- and perhaps the most knowledgable... I'd always rather listen to him than ANYONE else there.
Balla21 - 13 days ago
Remember the days when if you had a computer that was as fast as Linus is using now your job had the floor because it was so goddam fast not to date myself but I remember those days clearly
MrLeonardo3111 - 13 days ago
"Normally Steam is only available in Ubuntu" LIES, steam work on much all linux distros debian based, arch based, suse, solus, etc...
Dale Cee
Dale Cee - 13 days ago
Puppy Linux is FREE and better
Duck Fischer
Duck Fischer - 13 days ago
I like you new friend hes chill....
Dancer2016 - 13 days ago
Seems everything on that USB stick are free programs, even the free Ubuntu or Linux OS. Wow, people will get burned with that.
flyl0 - 13 days ago
Damn your voice is horrible lol
Voiceborne - 13 days ago
>"dat _news_ from all da sourcez"
Hans Nyström Pastor
Hans Nyström Pastor - 13 days ago
anthny is getting slimer lol, gj
AI Probably
AI Probably - 13 days ago
I am sure that you wasted 130 dollar just to get a bootable pendrive. I could have done it for you in cheaper cost.
joolian feline
joolian feline - 14 days ago
Oh man I remember the old Firefox logo.
Eric Cholico
Eric Cholico - 14 days ago
Honestly, it's not worth spending $80 to buy a bootable and portable usb when you can just make one yourself
Archaic Self
Archaic Self - 14 days ago
The hosts friend looks like he lives and breaths PC Knowledge
Ethan D
Ethan D - 13 days ago
He does that's his job
Emailmesoicanignoreu - 14 days ago
Get a Mac for granny
Iceak99 - 14 days ago
i dont even know what Resurrect means
Richard the Wolf Schleich
Grandma Linus
Firewalk - 14 days ago
so sick of your channel coming up on autoplay..
Frieslick14 - 14 days ago
Squeaky voice syndrome
SuperSaood - 14 days ago
this is the usb killer's brother
Tamas Kajfis
Tamas Kajfis - 14 days ago
Rly? tech tips? Power Off because we don't know nothing??? Pathetic" IT" guys, this was the last video what I watched and also unsubscribe, just idiot kids with tons of money playing "pros"...
FYI Click on Start menu press ALT+F4 and choose shutdown!
Alwyn van Deventer
Alwyn van Deventer - 14 days ago
It's just a live USB with persistence. And everything isn't Ubuntu - Ubuntu is based on Debian, and then there are many distros based on Debian. In turn, there are many distros based of each of those distros based on Debian. Hard to keep track of all the flavors.
Also, since linux is opensource and free to use, so.......what exactly are people paying for? The FileRez program? The only way they can make people pay for something which is literally free to use, is to put in some kind of proprietary software which is non-free, which in turn means that THAT is what you're paying for.
How does this work with the GNU license? Doesn't it break a few rules here?
On a different note, would you pay that much money for a piece of software that literally just finds your pictures and documents, something which you can do by default in all linux systems anyway?
Adam Neulander
Adam Neulander - 14 days ago
Xtra pc is so extra
WolveRyan PlaysStuff
WolveRyan PlaysStuff - 14 days ago
Didn't it turn out those old desktop widgets were a security risk?
Tylerrr - 15 days ago
At that price. Might as well spend the extra $20 for Windows 10. Just my personal opinion tho
Matthew Aazimox
Matthew Aazimox - 12 days ago
LOL, yes Windows 10 on that Core Duo or Pentium D... xD If your grandma likes slideshows maybe?
solidsteak02 - 15 days ago
Is this an Ubuntu liveUSB modded to the colours of X-traPC, with LXDE installed on it? :D
MrLeonardo3111 - 13 days ago
Nope, is a live usb with an arch distro called Manjaro
Gianna Giavelli
Gianna Giavelli - 15 days ago
is manjaro better than mint?
Yulek - 15 days ago
That is what I would call a scam. You want to get new life out of old hardware - put in SSD drive.
cmz8706 - 15 days ago
this Anthony guy has the looks of a winner
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah - 15 days ago
Linux saved me a lot of bucks every time by using old machine and not buying a new one. Linux is so good for old PC
slybunda - 15 days ago
you need hardware accelerated graphics to work otherwise its always gonna be crap. get proper drivers installed if even possible for that distro.
Infallible Reviews
Infallible Reviews - 16 days ago
Why not install an inexpensive SSD instead like Kingston A400?
Infallible Reviews
Infallible Reviews - 8 days ago
@Matthew Aazimox - Grandma typically take services from local PC techs to get them installed. Why would you use an SSD in a slow USB 2.0 port? If she gets help from local PC tech or a techie in family, SSD may cost significantly lower than this junk and get huge performance jump just like the latest PCs if they ran atleast a Core 2 Duo 45nm Processor with 4GB DDR2 or DDR3 RAM
Matthew Aazimox
Matthew Aazimox - 12 days ago
Because grandma has difficulty working out how to mash her shiny new SSD into the USB ports on the front of her machine.
SodomySnake - 16 days ago
Guys, guys... What if... You got TWO usb flash drives, and used one to run Linux, and the other to "speed up my system" 0.0

You could probably run Crysis if you did that.
Cammypie64 Hook
Cammypie64 Hook - 16 days ago
9:01 listen
TheBlueReptile - 16 days ago
This channel has really gone to trash. Shame
Don's Game&Tech
Don's Game&Tech - 16 days ago
9:00 Did I hear a fuck there or is that just me? 🤔
Riley's Alias
Riley's Alias - 16 days ago
Linux is hard
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