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How To Cake It
How To Cake It - 8 days ago
Hellooo #NotificationSquad!! 😎😎 The holiday season🎄🎅 is in full swing, and this week I'm partnering with Rice Krispies® to bring you a giant TOY CASTLE🏰🎉 You can help provide toys🐻🚗 for children who might otherwise go without this season by making Rice Krispies® treats of your own!🤗❤️ See description above for details! What would you make? 👇🏽👇🏽
As B
As B - Day ago
How to cake it Yolanda u r amazing u t a big inspiration to me and a great romodel to younger people that love to bake I love u so much and I wish I could be on your channel I love baking so much
Olivia - Day ago
Angelica Mosqueda
Angelica Mosqueda - 2 days ago
My birthday is December 13th can i please get a shout out
webbed cookie
webbed cookie - 3 days ago
It would be crazy if she made a cake that looks like a car it was the same size
Pricila Marin
Pricila Marin - 6 days ago
RT en unñ por Ya me salí porque por tu culpa me está mandando beso
Murder25Oofficial - Day ago
Chill & set
Ken Verge
Ken Verge - Day ago
Moody Red
Moody Red - Day ago
Good day, Mi Lady. In my feed Genius Kitxhen has a Marilyn Monroe cake. I'm like you can do that. But then I wondered if you've done a vehicle cake. Luxury car, truck or a power wheel kids ride? I would love to see your magic with that. You're amazing and have a great team. One Love, Tre'
Alpana Rani
Alpana Rani - Day ago
Please make a mega sunset cake..
Hyemi Cho
Hyemi Cho - Day ago
한국인 손!
oscar hutton
oscar hutton - 2 days ago
LOVE the new ruler
Sadie's life
Sadie's life - 2 days ago
plese do a parrot cake it would mean the world to me you inspire me so much
liv rosie
liv rosie - 2 days ago
I love how she talks like i would be capable of doing this 🤣 Yolanda, you are incredible!❤️
Alina Jimenez
Alina Jimenez - 2 days ago
That’s so nice and awesome.
princcess_ taya
princcess_ taya - 2 days ago
I'm surprised u never run out of things to make
Firefly 101
Firefly 101 - 2 days ago
Can you make a cat cake?? Pls..? A sleeping cat! ^w^
With a chrismas hat on! And a jingle bell collar
Jesse Hermanson
Jesse Hermanson - 2 days ago
Can you please please please do a Hogwarts cake?!?!?!
Unicornfam 101
Unicornfam 101 - 3 days ago
There are actually purple trees and the called Purple Heart.

Well the wood inside is purple
Ava Rose
Ava Rose - 3 days ago
Pls read this Yolanda, I was wondering if you have ever gone on a baking show. If not I think you should. If so what baking show.
Meghan King
Meghan King - 3 days ago
I have my notifications on but your videos aren’t showing up on my alerts 🙁
Keimeria Smith
Keimeria Smith - 3 days ago
You have been on nailed it.
_.Smitten Kitten._
_.Smitten Kitten._ - 3 days ago
If you ever make a second channel it should be u like baking amazing creative treats. I’m not saying how you should run your second channel but it’s a suggestion. U should call it. How to bake it. (Once again a suggestion)
Kiara Robinson
Kiara Robinson - 3 days ago
u should make a grinch cake or a christmas tree
Kawaii Zxox
Kawaii Zxox - 3 days ago
You should totally make a LILO and stitch cake! It would be so cool if it was the experiment machine from Stitch! The Movie! You could use gum balls as the experiment capsules and paint on the numbers a using a food safe pen!!
Lune Traets
Lune Traets - 3 days ago
It would be nice if you would make a how to cake it game
Lillian Malone
Lillian Malone - 3 days ago
Can you make a 2018 gingerbread house? Love you xxxxxx
Cinder Cat
Cinder Cat - 3 days ago
Can you please do something 12 days of Christmas related
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger - 3 days ago
Omg this looks so amazing
Edna Louis
Edna Louis - 3 days ago
We’re ready for Christmas cakes
Rainbow_crystals19 - 4 days ago
JDD squad
JDD squad - 4 days ago
Awesome but the only thing she forgot was a drawbridge and horses🐎🐎🐴
Anna Wingbermuehle
Anna Wingbermuehle - 4 days ago
You should do a collab with man about cake!!!!!!!
Natalie O
Natalie O - 4 days ago
Omg I saw you in Netflix in Nail it 😍🤩
Camouflage Cowgirl
Camouflage Cowgirl - 4 days ago
Homophobia implies fear. I'm not afraid of any LGBTQ people. I simply don't agree with or support their lifestyle choices. And I support businesses who don't support LGBTQ. However, those in dire need should be helped/sheltered/fed, and I would do that if I needed to. Why? Because I'm adult and I don't hate someone just because I disagree with them/their choices.
Kady Fonseca
Kady Fonseca - 4 days ago
you where the one that was on nailed it a a judge last year right
Emily Edwards
Emily Edwards - 4 days ago
Yo should make a cake that looks like rice krispie treats!! Like if you agree
Chloe Yunker
Chloe Yunker - 4 days ago
Can you make a shirt that says I was made to BAKE?😃
Bella Schoof
Bella Schoof - 4 days ago
ciara bartlett
ciara bartlett - 4 days ago
Do a colab with Rosanna pansino
Christen Ringquest
Christen Ringquest - 4 days ago
Make a ginger bread man cake pleas
Officially INDIA
Officially INDIA - 4 days ago
I been subscribed for a lot of years ...I don’t understand why you only have 3mil subscribers......I think people are scared of the subscribe button
VIvi Marlina
VIvi Marlina - 4 days ago
yoyo..can u please make steamed cakes?? and deco it traditionally?
once buddy
once buddy - 4 days ago
road to 4mill subs pls collab with simplynaillogiacal again
Hes - 4 days ago
Kitchen tour plsssss yo
Landon Solorzano
Landon Solorzano - 4 days ago
I saw you on Netflix
Raymond Scott
Raymond Scott - 5 days ago
You are gorgeous
Izabella Guelck
Izabella Guelck - 5 days ago
will you do a Spongebob Squarepants cake? in memory of Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of spongebob who died recently . like this if you want yolanda to do a spongebob cake! you KNOW she would do it PERFECT ! youve inspired me to bake my own cakes as i love baking myself i just had never tried cake decoration but i made a cake that looked like a banjo for my grandpas birthday, i used your tips and tutorials to guide me in making my own creation and it turned out so awesome! used your chocolate cake recipe too-so moist and chocolatey. love you ,yo !
schlegelkool - 5 days ago
Yo is the only person who makes rice krispie treats and remains clean, no sticky mess!
Valerie Lee
Valerie Lee - 5 days ago
Could this be the first video without cake?!?!?????
merrituber1 - 5 days ago
Would have made a great imitation sand castle
Nika Rod
Nika Rod - 5 days ago
for chill and set up you should name it (chill and set) or (set and chill)🤷‍♀️❤
Katy Papercrafts
Katy Papercrafts - 5 days ago
Love it! BTW, there really is purple wood, it's called Purple Heart. You'd love it for your doors!
Ice Cube
Ice Cube - 5 days ago
Omg congratulate on geting on tv!!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖🎂🍰🎂🍰
Nolee Pickles
Nolee Pickles - 5 days ago
Why wasn't the chair centered?
Denella La Guerre
Denella La Guerre - 5 days ago
i love rice krispies i want this all year-round every year-round
Koko Lucas
Koko Lucas - 5 days ago
This is the perfect cake for me. 😍
No measuring ingredients
No baking
Lower in calories
Amee Divine
Amee Divine - 5 days ago
You could say “Chill & Set” instead of set up 🤣
T S Granger
T S Granger - 5 days ago
You are awesome 👌
Sydnelle !
Sydnelle ! - 5 days ago
this channel is falling🤦🏻‍♀️. i do love your videos
Mele La
Mele La - 5 days ago
Rose Lalonde
Rose Lalonde - 5 days ago
Timmy tomato was found dead
Laura Pena
Laura Pena - 5 days ago
Make a Christmas tree cake
Hairy Chin Nugget
Hairy Chin Nugget - 6 days ago
Subscribing to everyone who subscribes to me
ツchyna - 6 days ago
C҉ U҉ T҉ E҉
BigKim 504
BigKim 504 - 6 days ago
I wanted to know if you could do a tweedy bird 🎂 cake?
Dario Hall
Dario Hall - 6 days ago
I hate rice crispies but honestly WOW WOWZERS! This is awesome! I bet my little cousins would love this thing! (at a party) so creative and original.
Julia Hildebrand
Julia Hildebrand - 6 days ago
You should make a salad cake next!!!
Kelly Cassels
Kelly Cassels - 6 days ago
Hey Yolonda
Vampire Kitty
Vampire Kitty - 6 days ago
The hibernation mega cake was the first cakeless cake
natalie diNunzio
natalie diNunzio - 6 days ago
Omg so cool
notatinychildcalledjoe - 6 days ago
does this only support the salvation army?? they're a really shitty charity that's known for being incredibly homophobic and transphobic
Jeanie C
Jeanie C - 6 days ago
They're only donating $20 for each post that basically will be advertising for them?
Stella Wang
Stella Wang - 6 days ago
Yolanda=yo mama
Kook Jung Taekooksoekjin
What she didn’t use cake 🎂 I was not ready for this
Gladys Rangel
Gladys Rangel - 6 days ago
Christmas cakes!!!
Mary Ellen Young
Mary Ellen Young - 6 days ago
Does royal icing taste good? Also I wish I could do camp cake! But... I’m allergic to cake, and royal icing, and Italian meringue butter cream... and I can’t bake with it or I’ll feel sick so yeah but I LOVE how to cake it!!!!!!!!❤️🎂
Armando Bravo
Armando Bravo - 6 days ago
I Like to suggest a Tech Cake, a Duality of White (Blue, Green & Pink Neon lines) Vs Black (Red, Purple & Brown Neon Lines)
mixers for life
mixers for life - 6 days ago
The movement of the chair really gets at me

I dont know why
Haya _27
Haya _27 - 6 days ago
_i wish my mom cooks or bakes like u cuz ur an amazing chef_
Mick San
Mick San - 6 days ago
This is beautiful. And omg...Yolanda, I just noticed that you have the gifts I made for you (the crochet donuts and cupcakes) on display. I presented them to you when you came to Brooklyn for your book signing. (And Jocelyn got a crochet unicorn). You really did put them up on display. Very humbling and very honored. Thank you!!!! Micky (Brooklyn, NY)
Dharshan S
Dharshan S - 6 days ago
do one giant choco chip
Dharshan S
Dharshan S - 6 days ago
choco chip cake
Kay Nkabs
Kay Nkabs - 6 days ago
Kay Nkabs
Kay Nkabs - 6 days ago
Faith Ragland
Faith Ragland - 6 days ago
I love it
Bill Bey
Bill Bey - 6 days ago
When is the next camp cake
Kaela20x15 - 6 days ago
How do you narrow down what your going to cake next? I’m sure it’s hard with all the amazing ideas you think of and also receive 🤭!
tArEnCeE - 6 days ago
Do you know? The Americans made their first rice Krispies in Japan back in 1945 in Hiroshima
Yomna Anbarji
Yomna Anbarji - 6 days ago
How is she not fat. If i was making sweets on daily basis i would be a literal circle
A J R S T - 6 days ago
it's so cute! 😍 What an amazing baker?? A cakeless Cake Is so awesome! 💗🌈
SUGAR K. - 6 days ago
luv you
fortshiisopp - 6 days ago
A bt21 cake would be so cute if you made it!
Kyra Dirks
Kyra Dirks - 6 days ago
Hi Yo, all the way from holland, love to see your vids.
I am making a cake for my son who is turning 4 this month, and i want to make him a jungle book cake. But i can not find a proper tutorial or explanation on how to make the figurines or cake itself. Could you do a jungle book cake?
Love from Holland.
Nebula Cat
Nebula Cat - 6 days ago
Purple was actually very expensive a long time ago so only very rich people and royalty could buy anything purple. it simulates wealth.
Brooke Draper
Brooke Draper - 6 days ago
You should make an advent calendar cake with a sweet treat inside to open each day
Sianator - 6 days ago
I love your videos!!! 🤩You and other YouTubers inspired me to create my own channel you can check it. 👉🏾Just hit the icon!!!!!!! 😋
Cassy Bug
Cassy Bug - 6 days ago
Yolanda, Google "Purple Heart Wood" and be amazed!
Deleted Account
Deleted Account - 6 days ago
There is scented butter?
Naikia J
Naikia J - 6 days ago
You should make a campfire cake. That’d be really cool
Therealbjr - 6 days ago
Smash or pass ?
YaoiLover711 - 6 days ago
OMG, Jocelyn’s back! I missed her so much :’)
Sarah Rohrer
Sarah Rohrer - 6 days ago
Ahhhhh seems!!!!
Jessi Stucke
Jessi Stucke - 6 days ago
Crenellated parapets :)
Rhonda Hayes
Rhonda Hayes - 7 days ago
That is really good
Helen has See?
Helen has See? - 7 days ago
Rip not Canadian resident 😶😶
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