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Natasha Krakenberg
Natasha Krakenberg - 2 days ago
Natasha Krakenberg
Natasha Krakenberg - 2 days ago
Is the sponge you're using in this tutorial the blendiful without the fuzzy cover on it?? 😍😍😍 OMG!!! I spy!
Naomi Cox
Naomi Cox - 5 days ago
I always cringe in horror when you put all that concealer under your eyes, but then it looks okay.
Brandy Minx
Brandy Minx - 5 days ago
@Tati what did u call that sponge u used for the foundation....unsaid it was pretty good....did u say 'stanz out' was the name of it hun???
Hannah Ray
Hannah Ray - 6 days ago
I love the idea of more detailed videos from you, plus if someone wants to skip through something they can just skip it themselves. I do it all the time on all kinds of videos, but if I’m trying something new or trying to recreate a look it’s so helpful to have a step by step guide :)
Jessica Vincent
Jessica Vincent - 6 days ago
Longer videos!
Ruby Patino
Ruby Patino - 9 days ago
What did she use as a setting spray?
Tabitha Wheatley
Tabitha Wheatley - 10 days ago
Tabitha Wheatley
Tabitha Wheatley - 10 days ago
Am I crazy or is there no name for the mascara? Tati I love you but don’t leave a girl hanging like this!.,. You just kept skipping the name of mascara. I don’t even see it in the description URGH
Bri Guzmen
Bri Guzmen - 13 days ago
Maybe you could do a voice over when you blend because your mirror covers up what your doing
Or zoom in to the eye to see what you did when the mirror is gone and could you use the brighter colors in the nyx pallet 😇💙🤞
Carmen Martinez
Carmen Martinez - 14 days ago
Dear Tati:
Which eye liner would you recommend me for my water line?
Which liquid eyeliner for above the eyes,
And which pencil for under the eyes?
Price does not matter.
Than you dear, see you tomorrow.
Carmen Martinez
Carmen Martinez - 14 days ago
Hi Tati, that is what I called my oldest daughter, Tatiana Alexa is her full name.
I watch all of your videos because I love make up and skin care. You are doing great, keep up the good work!
Marisol Gonzales
Marisol Gonzales - 16 days ago
Your videos are fine. You are a great make up artist💋💋💋❤️
Amanda Jahncke
Amanda Jahncke - 21 day ago
Stunning look!
Carmen Woodie
Carmen Woodie - 21 day ago
Very very PRETTY!!!!
Charlene Weber
Charlene Weber - 23 days ago
one of the prettiest you've been that I have seen so far ... great look!
Cate S
Cate S - 23 days ago
When she said she gets anxious and nauseous doing the brows.... GOD U ARE CONSTANTLY SUFFERING 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Crazy-Ane - 26 days ago
I enjoy hearing you chat about tips and what you're doing. Also, story time with Tati is the best time! 🥰
Zara Khan
Zara Khan - Month ago
Too much blush..but everything else is so from Pakistan tati..😍
Brandi Shafer
Brandi Shafer - Month ago
Your a very lucky girl
Brandi Shafer
Brandi Shafer - Month ago
I wish all I had to worry about was what Im gonna wear the next day lol jp
Brandi Shafer
Brandi Shafer - Month ago
The longer the better.. I love watching you
Nadine Raley
Nadine Raley - Month ago
Like the speed up but need to be able to see what you are doing. Mirror in the way.
Julie O
Julie O - Month ago
What did you spray on your face?
Maximus Ketones
Maximus Ketones - Month ago
I am a new subscriber, and I have been loving your videos! You are super hilarious and I have been learning a lot. I definitely love the slower concise tutorials about how to apply and different Techniques
Chelsea Ryan
Chelsea Ryan - Month ago
What did she spray on her face at the end?
Jordyn - Month ago
I like to hear you talk while you are doing your makeup. I am always working on being better at makeup and I like to watch how you do what you do. Also love the swatching ! That’s one of the main reasons I subscribed.
CiciVlogz - Month ago
I just had my 8th surgery tuesday for my PCOS and endometriosis and I've literally watched your videos back to back since I got home from the hospital your videos are just so enjoyable and fun to watch!
Donna Reiss
Donna Reiss - Month ago
i hope u r on the mend.
Mary Louise
Mary Louise - Month ago
Omg, the way you curl your lashes scares me. I used to curl mine all the time, but they got chopped in half one time and I have since then discontinued that step of my routine.
Valerie Brown
Valerie Brown - Month ago
I think you look beautiful. Your lips comment your eyes. I could definitely do that look.
Monika Szczęsna
Monika Szczęsna - Month ago
OMG what a amazing eye makeup!
Janice Hollstein
Janice Hollstein - Month ago
You literally took the words DIRECTLY from my mouth with your "why I enjoy putting on makeup" explanation. I feel EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange - Month ago
I think what I’m missing is I’m not using a primer. I have in the past and I have one but I was wondering if there’s any that anyone swears by. I saw a video of a woman doing half with primer and half without and omg the difference was crazy. So I def need to use one. Especially since my pores are bad on my one cheek. lol don’t ask. I have no idea why worse on the left one.
Annette Turnbull
Annette Turnbull - Month ago
What is she setting her face with?
Alejandra Carreño
Alejandra Carreño - Month ago
You talk waaay too much, I think the video is very slow and it takes so much time. You should just share your thoughts or cut some parts.
Anita Linkous
Anita Linkous - Month ago
Any suggestion on a bronzer without shimmer? I'm also afraid to highlight because shimmering products tend to make my skin look bad. I have some mild acne scars on my cheeks from my younger years. Ugh!
Julie Balderas
Julie Balderas - Month ago
Your makeup looks fantastic!
A Catholic Historian
A Catholic Historian - Month ago
I have a question, please. At 13:23 - I have eye bags AND eye circles - will this highlight an eye bag/circle? Thank you!
ctmaw2007 - Month ago
Tati you look gorgeous! Love love love the finished look, the red lip looks fab!
Lisa Y
Lisa Y - Month ago
Lmbo “Cool Story Tati” 😂😂
Mrs. ECT
Mrs. ECT - Month ago
i hope u can do makeup with skincare too
AM Franck
AM Franck - 2 months ago
Hey Tati, you should try the Be Obsessed Palette from Makeup Obsession! It's a beautiful palette and it's one of the best I've ever used. I was unfamiliar with the brand and I actually assumed it was higher end due to the quality of the shadows. I would love to know your thoughts!
Amy Slagle
Amy Slagle - 2 months ago
Talk through every step! I have learned soooo much from you Tati!
lilly mejia
lilly mejia - 2 months ago
Apreciaría mejor el tutorial si al maquillar los ojos no estuviese el espejo frente a la cámara.. no se ve nada
danielle gentry
danielle gentry - 2 months ago
Makeup is my meditation, it's my happy place.
Bonnie Milton
Bonnie Milton - 2 months ago
That’s so funny you say that about red nail polish! I felt EXACTLY the same way when I wear it! I thought it was just me being silly, so I feel so much better knowing you talked about that! 😊 😘
Dustin Kline
Dustin Kline - 2 months ago
Resubbing hopefully get ALL notifications
Amandalyn Christian
Amandalyn Christian - 2 months ago
What spray was used to set at the end?!
Mary Lehr
Mary Lehr - 2 months ago
I think I can get the idea of what you’re doing fast, but I would be nice if you didn’t hold the mirror in front of your face
silveto sisi
silveto sisi - 2 months ago
I prefer when you not speed it up. :) love ya
Kennetha Black
Kennetha Black - 2 months ago
Omg first time I've EVER stopped watching cause I got SO irritated that most of the video is your face covered up with either that damn mirror or the palette mirror!!!!! UGHHHHHHH! Couldn't even see where you put a few products! Sorry girl but I just can't...
Joyce Lopez
Joyce Lopez - 2 months ago
Ur phony b 4 u block me !I taking u off as my beauy advisor.Joyce Lopez.
Hannah T
Hannah T - 2 months ago
hue noir is pretty transfer resistant!
Hannah T
Hannah T - 2 months ago
hue noir is pretty transfer resistant!
Anndrea Rain
Anndrea Rain - 2 months ago
I love when you speed it up. I would ask once in a while you slow down and explain what you did.
Noor Fatima Ahmad
Noor Fatima Ahmad - 2 months ago
You look stunning 😍😍😍
Daughter of Darkness
Daughter of Darkness - 2 months ago
Her make up looks the same in every video.
The Beauty Chick
The Beauty Chick - 2 months ago
Hot mama
Guillian Arevalo
Guillian Arevalo - 2 months ago
Hello I love you videos I want buy eye shadows very shiny what brand. Your recomended
Jessica Sims
Jessica Sims - 2 months ago
"cool story Tati" 😂 I'm still laughing! Love your videos ♥️👍
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