DRAW MY LIFE - Jack Douglass

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Moth Clements
Moth Clements - 11 hours ago
Fix mozambique's flag
judah burris
judah burris - Day ago
Kathy Johnson
Kathy Johnson - Day ago
My heart just busted this was so sweet I love Erin to I'm so glad that he married her and he incorporates her in the videos sometimes
Jackatjack Suskind
Jackatjack Suskind - 2 days ago
My first and middle names are the same as jackflims and my nickname is jack
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima - 2 days ago
Haha nerd
Lachy Wallace
Lachy Wallace - 3 days ago
I just like boo girls
Art McArt
Art McArt - 3 days ago
Jack: I was a weird kid growing up.
You're still weird man, you can't escape it.
Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro - 7 days ago
Bro you to got married
Just another K-pop Fan
Just another K-pop Fan - 7 days ago
After 6 years you atill have her locked up in the basement and you guys had a wedding for clout
Manuela - 10 days ago
He said the f slur?
ShadowNinja 17
ShadowNinja 17 - 10 days ago
Oh, so you're 31 now? I see.
Sol - 11 days ago
Ayyyy Maryland
Matthew Kaplan
Matthew Kaplan - 11 days ago
I thought you didn’t have friends, Huh?
jumpydoo 5 0
jumpydoo 5 0 - 11 days ago
I'm on your road, jack. Everything I heard was 90% relatable
*_I sounded very dramatic_*
Sensei Rhymez
Sensei Rhymez - 11 days ago
2. Dont say no.

Silas Moody
Silas Moody - 13 days ago
I play French Horn.
bombito - 13 days ago
Which makes you 31 years old. Fucking boomer.
faisal lewis
faisal lewis - 14 days ago
I totally expected you to have answered "7" to "what's 1+1?"
Canyon Kennedy
Canyon Kennedy - 17 days ago
Jack you literally described my life so far and I also live like 5 mins from Columbia Maryland
Seopika august
Seopika august - 17 days ago
I relate to john too much
Goteem - 18 days ago
Weak bruh i went into principals office 13 times surprisingly didnt get expelled (cuz the principle is forgiving and merciful)
IamPineapple - 18 days ago
Jacksfilms ❌ John Motion Pictures ✔️
Random Things
Random Things - 20 days ago
The guys who bullied him as a kid must either feel like trash or feel extremely accomplished
Random Things
Random Things - 20 days ago
So that's why he's called Jacksfilms
Jacks films
Jack's films
TimeLord 103
TimeLord 103 - 21 day ago
John says "talent" at 4:20.
Ultimate Eclipse
Ultimate Eclipse - 24 days ago
We have the same birthday 🎂 June 30th
Griffin Rogers
Griffin Rogers - 24 days ago
Why is this being recommended to me now?
Kwhale - 25 days ago
Hey Jack, I also play French horn
ScarletBeast 25
ScarletBeast 25 - 25 days ago
He said over a million of anything is impressive. Well I have over 1 trillion Adams
Tomasz Jaczyński
Tomasz Jaczyński - 28 days ago
Why your life is similar to my life xD
Maddie Tannie
Maddie Tannie - 28 days ago
2013: "I'm still trying to find a way to put Erin in my videos. You'll love her almost as much as I do."
2020: Can you make an Erin playlist so I can watch the good videos on this channel?
Mohammed jawad play’s
Mohammed jawad play’s - 29 days ago
Ingavar Hellsain
Ingavar Hellsain - Month ago
So Jack got da auts?
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds - Month ago
a lot of plutos fit in uranus. uranus is huge.
Martina Alcantara
Martina Alcantara - Month ago
PepiOnLine - Month ago
This is before YIAY......
Brian Cooper
Brian Cooper - Month ago
Fuckin lefties
Rg pro
Rg pro - Month ago
Pathetic try 8 times at the principals office
Some Potato
Some Potato - Month ago
*how many Pluto’s would fit in Uranus?*
tmmawesome - Month ago
It's so crazy to me to watch this after seeing your channel grow and change and watching your relationship with Erin culminating in your beautiful wedding. I still think of that video so many years ago you made when your previous girlfriend broke up with you and how heartbroken you were, and then i see you with Erin and you two have always had so much more chemistry and joy between you. I'm proud of how long you've stayed relevant and funny. Here's to seven more
1 unicorn
1 unicorn - 29 days ago
Ok more People need to see this
Camous49 - Month ago
Oh My Goodness This Video Is Pre YIAY
TylerRoberts928 - Month ago
EYY Jacksfilms is a lefty like me!
Chicken Pitta Pocket
Chicken Pitta Pocket - Month ago
Me for the first part of the video: **super interested**
“How many Pluto’s could fit in Uranus”
Danimation - Month ago
Who's here after the 7 more?
silvio begonja
silvio begonja - Month ago
I play the French Horn as well!!
Jayden Owen
Jayden Owen - Month ago
I could relate
Llamacat 22
Llamacat 22 - Month ago
1:07 I didn’t say my first word till I was 4, and I also had to take speech therapy classes.
11JG - Month ago
oH yEs iN 2020 wE alL lOvE YGS
11JG - Month ago
oH yEs iN 2020 wE alL lOvE YGS
Veroshi - Month ago
"having 1,000,000 of anything is great"

not child victims tho........
yeetus - Month ago
I played the French Horn in band class too, but I quit since we had to take that thing to school and home again. It wasn't the smallest thing, big enough to bother me. People took advantage of it by pushing me out of the bus. I had my tooth break because of it.
Galixi - Month ago
0:07 feels good to be a gangster.
katastrophicat - Month ago
Q: How to balance PMS and YGS?
A: Trash 'em! YIAY for life baby!
lucuis the noteworthy
lucuis the noteworthy - Month ago
YouTube never heard of it
Matthew Raitt
Matthew Raitt - Month ago
If you want to make the most people laugh, you’ve made me laugh nearly every day, and I’m sure you’ve made many others laugh, good job 👏
Whyimnotfak - Month ago
What a beautiful video. I almost cried at the end.
Now lets watch top 10 farts
Diggy - Month ago
But you have no life
Jak Does Stuff
Jak Does Stuff - 2 months ago
When I graduate I'll try to take up film making and see what works
Human Scum
Human Scum - 2 months ago
5:00 then i dropped out and became a youtuber
PrezRazputin - 2 months ago
T i d d i e s
RADUYT 18 - 2 months ago
Is evryone wathing this in 2020
The Man Downstairs
The Man Downstairs - 2 months ago
2013 was before jackask or yiay. long time ago, man.
Sgt gunny Hartman
Sgt gunny Hartman - 2 months ago
Jack: does not like religion as much
Also Jack: marries a preacher
But in all seriousness I genuinely felt for him and kudos to jack for never showing his actual side now that we see him as a comedic genius even after suffering from so much
I am *LEGAL*
I am *LEGAL* - 2 months ago
"He started laughing at me, so I threw a rock at his face"
I love that😂😂
Muura - 2 months ago
TheSabers VR
TheSabers VR - 2 months ago
7:28 hit me hard
Temp - 2 months ago
BloodTypeAPlus - 2 months ago
Why am I just now noticing that Jack is left-handed
chloe_lepine1634 - 2 months ago
Is B.Y

( Translation Before YIAY
Sushi Rabit
Sushi Rabit - 2 months ago
SaVe AnD qUiT
phanic! at the disco•*
phanic! at the disco•* - 2 months ago
being catholic means you don’t believe in god anymore and it makes you sad sometimes
Tsukiko Furude
Tsukiko Furude - Month ago
Havoc Creeper
Havoc Creeper - 2 months ago
We need an update
Charity Forster
Charity Forster - 3 months ago
Well guess you’re going to hell
VLAD TURRTURANÌA 1357642 - 3 months ago
3:20 I have a merch that says football is shit my favorite sport is table tennis
VLAD TURRTURANÌA 1357642 - 3 months ago
2:18 turn captions on
Demented MK
Demented MK - 3 months ago
It’s cool to see this now and have it contextualize a lot of your earlier content. I like how actually genuine this is
Adna Osmic
Adna Osmic - 3 months ago
Happy 2020 Jack
Malware - 3 months ago

that's absolutely nothing, i moved into the principals office (mostly because i sat watching netflix all day)
NegativeTV - 3 months ago
he said "never say no" so feature me on yiay
FlamingPanda Yt
FlamingPanda Yt - 3 months ago
1.be kind
2.like shrek
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