Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

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artsyanimates - Hour ago
They're coming out with a season two?
Michelle Conradie
Michelle Conradie - 7 hours ago
Oohhh myy wooorrdd so excited now.
Faithful Ukufa
Faithful Ukufa - 8 hours ago
4 months ;( well at least it’s not 2 years.
σ єтєяησ ηєóƒιтσ
🌒🌕🌘 💜 🌒🌕🌘
Sol Camacho
Sol Camacho - 9 hours ago
I can't with Harvey and Roz...
Jay M
Jay M - 13 hours ago
Flowers in the attic
Saima Alam
Saima Alam - 20 hours ago
Can you please tell me the name of the background song?
Francis J
Francis J - 21 hour ago
gyloir - 23 hours ago
Seriously going to be pissed if Salem is left mute again, why on earth would you literally make him not talk on the show? That was a huge part of the comic as well as the 90's show. It feels like Deadpool in the Wolverine movie all over again when you've got a great character that has some amazing lines and banter and then you make them the complete opposite of why people loved them.
Hopefully that's something that's rectified with this new season.
Nuria Elias
Nuria Elias - Day ago
¿como se llama la canción que aparece de fondo en el video?
Nuria Elias
Nuria Elias - Day ago
What is the name of the song that appears in the background in the video?
Nuria Elias
Nuria Elias - Day ago
+KIM Thank you
KIM - Day ago
Nuria Elias The runaways cherry bomb
Sweet & Hot
Sweet & Hot - Day ago
No,just no.
Don’t talk to Me you gorilla
Your profile pic is the most cringes thing I’ve actually ever seen.
Katina Kammas
Katina Kammas - Day ago
Del Zav
Del Zav - Day ago
Does anyone agree that Zee and Cheryl look related?
Kira Radz
Kira Radz - Day ago
I'm slightly annoyed that at 0:03 the reflection and her don't match up
Samakka - Day ago
lmafo are they using a green screen mirror or something wtf
Mateusz 555
Mateusz 555 - Day ago
but the real question is when Lucifer will drop
Ena - Day ago
Ena - Day ago
This better be nick and Sabrina’s season
dahlia raizel
dahlia raizel - Day ago
Can anyone tell if this is worth watching?
Matthew Walrod
Matthew Walrod - Day ago
It Really dark
Jorge Himenez
Jorge Himenez - Day ago
dahlia raizel it totally is! It starts off slow but it's all around a great show 💞, you should def give it a chance.
MHALEYD 98u12 - Day ago
Анастасия Матях
0:28 wow, they're going to summon Astaroth
itzpaige_ y
itzpaige_ y - 2 days ago
When is it coming out!!!
AthenaGoddess - 2 days ago
That looks even better than the first season. Praise be to Satan.
Does it suck?
Does it suck? - 2 days ago
False God shes beautiful

Praise satan
Inés Barrachina
Inés Barrachina - 2 days ago
omg the runaways music and Sabrina😍
Lunar Skies2
Lunar Skies2 - 2 days ago
Is this the last season? Please say it's not it's such a good show!!!
Suay Devrim Nemli
Suay Devrim Nemli - 2 days ago
Elexa127 - 2 days ago
I hope they don't ruin it like how they ruined Riverdale
7pro Gaming
7pro Gaming - 2 days ago
Hail satan
i don't know how 2 read
*i am the only here want to join a satanic cult after watching sabrina*
NaijaGerd - 2 days ago
I gotta say, the show kinda felt silly at the beginning. But, it eventually grew on me around Ep4 upwards.
Quennie Medrano
Quennie Medrano - 2 days ago
Omg I love Sabrina and Nick together😍😍😍
It's all good
It's all good - 2 days ago
I find Sabrina extremely charming. But now she’s sexy and charming. Nice
Yunis World
Yunis World - 2 days ago
Yaaaaassss I’ve been waiting for so long
gabriela fonseca
gabriela fonseca - 2 days ago
What is the name of this song?
Morgan! - 3 days ago
Thank the devil for this show
L3murL0rd - 3 days ago
Perfect Song Choice!
psypants - 3 days ago
Woah, was not expecting a new season so soon! That's great though because the first season was excellent. Only one improvement required: more Salem, you dicks!
Elina Gonzalez
Elina Gonzalez - 3 days ago
Really it has to be April 15,2019
Officialkayystacks Tv
Officialkayystacks Tv - 3 days ago
Can't wait💪
Gamze GG
Gamze GG - 3 days ago
Braelyn - 3 days ago
Only 45 seconds long but dang, what do we do with this information?!
Basti - 3 days ago
I want more Salem (the Cat) in the Season (Meow)! xD
Jay M
Jay M - 13 hours ago
More Salem that talks
Alexandra Grunwald
Alexandra Grunwald - 3 days ago
0:32 I guess we gotta see Nick and Sabrina❤️😍
Roongtiwa Sri
Roongtiwa Sri - 3 days ago
Waiting for sabrina
Praise the Gerbil
Praise the Gerbil - 3 days ago
Edgy sabrina be edgy
Kvng Strong
Kvng Strong - 4 days ago
Love Sabrina omg! Netflix you go!
Mary Grace Angela A. Enriquez Timajo
What’s the title of this song?
Alexander Prime
Alexander Prime - 4 days ago
Smh this girl has the power to defy physics and she still acts like a lil thottie
Shannon Foster
Shannon Foster - 4 days ago
Yaaaaas. Can’t wait
CGM Show
CGM Show - 4 days ago
Dam feel like it just came out a month ago already pushing season 2
queen bee
queen bee - 4 days ago
So excited love Sabrina, love Salem, Love Sabrina and Nick but is her hair more white? Still love it
Kaitlyn Reeves
Kaitlyn Reeves - 4 days ago
What’s the song name?
Tris Prior
Tris Prior - 3 days ago
à little wicked
ItzSarah - 4 days ago
Sabrina needs to leave Harvey alone tbh. She is dating Nick, that is her choice. She left Harvey and her friends. She needs to stop playing with Harvey's feelings unless she knows that she will be 100% honest and loyal to him.
Mermaizing - 4 days ago
Nes - 4 days ago
Daniel Malmstone
Daniel Malmstone - 4 days ago
My word was this 1 fucking amazing show watched it in 1 sitting and was just blown away by far better than orginal sabrina crap
kawai *-
kawai *- - 4 days ago
Je les fini dega depuis 2-3semaine jatent la suite
J - 4 days ago
Her red sweater doesn’t show up in the mirror at 0:03?
Nancy King
Nancy King - 4 days ago
So satanic, they don't even try to hide it anymore.
Snatched Tea
Snatched Tea - 4 days ago
Sabrina lookin like a snAck
Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams - 4 days ago
I wanna see some fucking
gameassist - 4 days ago
Sabrina is now THOT-ified
Dillon Camp
Dillon Camp - 4 days ago
Still NOT even close to Riverdale.....try saving the social justice and actually show some chills, thanks
Tariq - 4 days ago
Slytherin Girl
Slytherin Girl - 4 days ago
Sabrina and Harvey wild out!!! things are getting SPICY!!!!! 😈🔥😈
Damn Itmike
Damn Itmike - 4 days ago
They used the wrong music for this trailer.
Kynnedi Giles-Watkins
Kynnedi Giles-Watkins - 5 days ago
I love this show wit all my heart but whew I do not like where Sabrina is headed. She signed the book now all of a sudden she’s like a totally different person. Idk it’s just a little off to me. I get she’s a witch but she’s also half human. Where did the compassion and all that go? Now she kissing Harvey and Nick? I really hope she finds her true self in the second season.
Kynnedi Giles-Watkins
Kynnedi Giles-Watkins - 5 hours ago
Sky Dome yea the power really has gone to her head. Let’s hope she finds her way back
Sky Dome
Sky Dome - 17 hours ago
The power has got to her. But I think she'll be back to her normal self albeit a bit changed.
Kynnedi Giles-Watkins
Kynnedi Giles-Watkins - 2 days ago
Zelle David thanks you. It was kind of weird how suddenly she’s like evil. Sabrina is about to turn into the weird sisters who were the same girls who tortured her
Del Zav
Del Zav - 2 days ago
Kynnedi Giles-Watkins I totally agree
Zambie Slaya2016
Zambie Slaya2016 - 5 days ago
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AJ Fuentes
AJ Fuentes - 5 days ago
Can't wait to watch the part 2 :)
Raissa R
Raissa R - 5 days ago
Krylovix - 5 days ago
Best show on Netflix
Dat Homestead
Dat Homestead - 5 days ago
SJW platform. How new.
Monsieur Bleu Pen
Monsieur Bleu Pen - 5 days ago
Kiernan Shipka 😍
Coeyliz - 5 days ago
WHY??! we have to wait intil april 2019
o DaLinx o
o DaLinx o - 5 days ago
Thank god
Annie Cat
Annie Cat - 5 days ago
omfg im so excited
dan gant
dan gant - 5 days ago
Наташа Лукашевская
What soundtrack is playing in the promo?
Annie Cat
Annie Cat - 5 days ago
+Annie Cat by the runaways
Annie Cat
Annie Cat - 5 days ago
the song is cherrybomb cant remember who by
Annim3 - 5 days ago
0:13 Walpurgisnatcht?
Joshua Skaug
Joshua Skaug - 5 days ago
I like the throwback to the old sitcom, with Sabrina changing outfits in the mirror.
Furyan Auror
Furyan Auror - 5 days ago
Praise Satan for the speed of Netflix
Aisha Romer
Aisha Romer - 5 days ago
Are Harvey and Roz going to hook up ?🤔😮👌😭😂
Annie Cat
Annie Cat - 5 days ago
Ikr i hate myself but i kinda ship it lol 😵
Kieffer Yurt
Kieffer Yurt - 5 days ago
But where is her support group!?

(If u got that reference i love u)
IndigoMoon7 - 5 days ago
The fact I don't have to wait a full year 😍❤💯
Wake me Up inside
Wake me Up inside - 5 days ago
This is around my birthday 🔥
Галия Рамазанова
Надеюсь Харви и Сабрина будут вместе
Bad Liar
Bad Liar - 5 days ago
April 5 wtf
Aashna Saiyara
Aashna Saiyara - 5 days ago
Honestly, nick > harvey
Miggy Arosa
Miggy Arosa - 5 days ago
sabrina might also burn riverdale high
「 my emergency 」
「 my emergency 」 - 5 days ago
Sabrina and Nick should be together!! 😍😍
YA NASTY!!!!! - 5 days ago
Oh *HELL* yes 😏
Isau August
Isau August - 6 days ago
April 5th!
jm24eva - 6 days ago
Yaw got rid of DD for this crap
This Is Jaegi
This Is Jaegi - 6 days ago
Well since she’s continuing with both lives she might end up with two bfs. This show doesn’t care about taboos at all!
There's this girl in my homeroom named Sabrina and she's an absolute b*tch. I hope someone rams their f*cking car into her
715490 926
715490 926 - 5 days ago
LEGOBRICK STUDIOS FBI This is the post right here. Potential school shooter.
Brenda Bastos
Brenda Bastos - 6 days ago
Elly Bear
Elly Bear - 6 days ago
Aww so Harvey And the cunning girl... Dang that makes me sad
FLUFFMASTER1196 - 6 days ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand canceled
Jah nathan
Jah nathan - 6 days ago
Can’t help but think of Katya & Alaska’s lip sync to this song lol 😭 can’t wait for this new season! I’m shaking
Sara - 6 days ago
Looks like there's going to be a love triangle.
I want her to be with Nick, but we all know she's gonna end up with Harvey
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