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I can't be the only one watching those to try and get lip-reading fluent right? Edit: ohh I love how she's talking about Disney and cartoons 💕 her videos are always so nice to watch
Aiden Bridgen Vlogs
Aiden Bridgen Vlogs - Month ago
She is telling us how fortnite works
Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett - Month ago
Right when I didnt think I could love your channel any more you watch One Tree Hill, The Originals, and Vampire Diaries 😍😍🥰
chibi chan
chibi chan - 2 months ago
Sphumelele Ntombela
Sphumelele Ntombela - 3 months ago
07:16 😴😴❤️
Bianca Benitez
Bianca Benitez - 3 months ago
Psych is such a good show I really really like it I’ve rewatched it 3 times I sound crazy people do not give it enough credit well besides that I love maddies ASMR it’s very relaxing
cumbria cam
cumbria cam - 3 months ago
Hope ur well too.
Tingly Time
Tingly Time - 3 months ago
What are your illnesses? It's hard as I can't go on your Patreon as I'm only 14 and don't know how to do that, and I'm not sure if you talk about your illnesses on there, but I was just wondering..
Jesus López Cabrera
Jesus López Cabrera - 3 months ago
Se bears a resemblace to Kylie Jenner or Allí Simpson
Sinceramente live seen her
Kitoshii Chan
Kitoshii Chan - 3 months ago
NeverStopGaming - 3 months ago
I can understand every other sentence mostly and I feel like that it makes the video more tingly. Haven’t commented but would like you to know I’ve been watching for about a year and a half❤️
Charlotte Farmer
Charlotte Farmer - 4 months ago
I am sitting in my closet and I am not comfortable but this helps thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💋
Emily Sanchez
Emily Sanchez - 4 months ago
Isaura Gijsel
Isaura Gijsel - 4 months ago
I get kylie jenner vibes! Am i the only one?
Levi Jones
Levi Jones - 4 months ago
She's telling us why the Coronavirus is a hoax.
Liz - 4 months ago
Levi Jones I wish it was
dømmy12 - 4 months ago
the start of the inaudible speaking when just the start of the video talking normally
Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner - 5 months ago
I turned it all the way up and heard "James Roday" and my ears totally perked up! Fellow Psych fan!!! Woo! 🍍
J.P. 1
J.P. 1 - 5 months ago
But my pfp doe
Gregory Anderson
Gregory Anderson - 5 months ago
Made u the best u help me relax when I try to sleep at night love you girl ❤️
Lily Mason
Lily Mason - 5 months ago
ma'am i am very glad to inform you that orange is your colour 😍
Tina Coughlin
Tina Coughlin - 5 months ago
Totally understand what you mean... sometimes it's easier to release emotions through tears from watching a tv show or movie. I find it quite necessary sometimes and very cleansing. Much better than holding all that negative stuff inside. I highly recommend Haven (streaming on Netflix) - one of mine and my husband's favorites. We've watched all 5 seasons twice through.
dianoshkaaa - 5 months ago
ВАУ, а что с ноготочками? 😹
Lila Hadi
Lila Hadi - 6 months ago
She is telling us how to survive the corona virus
Maia Falck
Maia Falck - 6 months ago
I agree with you on not rebooting everything
Maia Falck
Maia Falck - 6 months ago
I dont think im gonna watch the new Lizzie McGuire* or whatever it was either
Maia Falck
Maia Falck - 6 months ago
I like how i just for some odd reason know what you’re saying
Esther Poirier
Esther Poirier - 6 months ago
I finally joined Patreon, and I feel like its a second Christmas!!
Federico Perez Bravo
Federico Perez Bravo - 6 months ago
maddie i watch your videos every night to sleep thank u. from argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Rehanna Setter
Rehanna Setter - 6 months ago
Lol I could totally understand this so it’s not inaudible but it was still soooo good xxx
Amazing Aura
Amazing Aura - 6 months ago
Do u always hate when u wanna eat through a asmr video but u eat to loud
Ashely Mcginley
Ashely Mcginley - 6 months ago
So I used to watch your videos when I had a hard time falling asleep. Ever since I got pregnant it’s been slightly easier due to medications that just instantly drain me lol now that I’m at the end of my 2nd trimester my little girl likes to keep me up at night by kicking me and pushing out whenever I lay on my sides. That is until I put you on again ☺️ you’re sooooooo relaxing especially w your voice even when you begin your videos I have no idea what I’d be doing at night rn without you!!!
Nature & Crushing ASMR
Nature & Crushing ASMR - 6 months ago
at the end of the vid i said “ sorry i don’t get that can u say that again?”
Erikthekid8 Sub to me so i can grow plz
Patreon vid
فرح محمد
فرح محمد - 7 months ago
Oh my gad I fell wawoo
umbrella u
umbrella u - 7 months ago
i love that i can still understand what she is saying kinda
Grace Brown
Grace Brown - 7 months ago
Am I the only one who can here what she is saying??
Camilla orlando
Camilla orlando - 7 months ago
Ma con questo video non ti rilassi ti fa stressare e incazzare non e asmr.
Ayanna Burgo
Ayanna Burgo - 7 months ago
I agree im glad thats so raven is on there !
Flowhhyx - 7 months ago
Mads: Hi loves, loves, loves, loves
Me: 😴😴😴
Jesus Rivas
Jesus Rivas - 7 months ago
17:56 it’s 2-3 am
Wow that late and you look that pretty 🤭😍
cinematic - 7 months ago
-lights off
-phone charged
-shower take
-water and shnacks
-blanket and get warm 💫🌞
김안녕 - 7 months ago
시작 2:17
Bien Lanzaderas
Bien Lanzaderas - 7 months ago
Damn.. i should be sleeping.. why am i focusing while trying to understand all the words she’s mouthing fufufufu
um yea
um yea - 7 months ago
Why can I tell what she is saying?
Pierina Villaverde
Pierina Villaverde - 7 months ago
She’s explaining the cure of coronavirus

I wish it was that 😥
Ruby Lewis
Ruby Lewis - 8 months ago
Interviewer: What do u do for a living
Maddie : tingles tingles tingles tingles
Brenna Elizabeth
Brenna Elizabeth - 8 months ago
Who else tries to read her lips to try to guess what she's saying?
Bianca Lopes
Bianca Lopes - 8 months ago
2:16 she start
Flaminia Pecorella
Flaminia Pecorella - 8 months ago
I had to stop watching it for the amount of tingles I was getting
Chloe Atherton
Chloe Atherton - 8 months ago
Where did you get your ring? 😍it’s so pretty. You’re so pretty. Love everything about your channel ❤️
Brittan Owchar
Brittan Owchar - 8 months ago
If you turn up the volume you can understand her
Ava Edwardson
Ava Edwardson - 8 months ago
bro i knew what she was saying...
Azariel Vuelvas
Azariel Vuelvas - 8 months ago
No one:
Literary Nobody:
Absolutely Nobody:

jvstella - 7 months ago
Omg!!! That ad! It always comes on! That’s all I hear because I skip it! It says, “So just lying down-“
JustZastly - 8 months ago
Sorry I don’t speak Minecraft Enchantment Table :/
Michelle C
Michelle C - 8 months ago
Love this channel! Thank you Maddie❤️
Idy Rose
Idy Rose - 8 months ago
Idk what she’s saying but I definitely heard “The Office” and “Steve Carell” lmao
Jeilyn Cordero
Jeilyn Cordero - 8 months ago
6:15 sing it girl!
buse aksoy
buse aksoy - 8 months ago
you're amazingg, i am waiting another inaudible videos🤗 at now sleep time👋😴🤩😍
alexandria aultman
alexandria aultman - 8 months ago
I love this
Rose AS
Rose AS - 8 months ago
She’s not good
callmehina - 8 months ago
Is it just me or maddie really looks like Aria from pretty little liars? 💕
LXM - 8 months ago
Tbh, when the milk touches the rice krispies
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer - 8 months ago
Whenever I hear someone swallow during asmr it makes me horny... jeez I need help lol
Conner McGregor
Conner McGregor - 8 months ago
i like the part when she said “chrbisocnrcbdbwiajfbrhsuzhfbafwtdkgohjyigogjroyjdjwhqrsychdgsifntbzvzvxbcnvmfhdfafajfkhuotieywtqueitoyjfhsjxjrj”
that person
that person - 8 months ago
Okay is it just me or is there someone snoring in the background around the middle of the video??
chat noir
chat noir - 8 months ago
5 videos for 3$ it's actually very sad that i hide asmr from my family and don't live in a country that uses $ as money....😔💔
CallMeQueen - 8 months ago
smile biach
smile biach - 8 months ago
*Robber* : what's the pass code to the safe!
*Mads* : *inaudible Minecraft sounds*
caden ingram
caden ingram - 8 months ago
This channel should be more popular 😀😀🤗😫
amelosix - 8 months ago
me: i don't understand, can you explain it to me?
Pipsi Moon
Pipsi Moon - 8 months ago
I love your inaudible whispering.
But could you maybe move the microphone a little bit closer? If you don't want to then that is totally okay. Just thought I'd ask. ❤️
ADRIJMZ - 8 months ago
I miss the OG inaudible / unintelligible videos ! They were so tingly!!!!
Sheila Massiah
Sheila Massiah - 9 months ago
She could be telling us the Krabby patty recipe and we would never know...
AiirFresh - 9 months ago
shes explaining how to get volley goals in fifa
Fuzz 405
Fuzz 405 - 9 months ago
Are you and Gracev asmr twins or something?
Travis - 9 months ago
I thought in the beggining she was saying hi thumbs
Flarpy_Marty - 9 months ago
plot twist :
*she’s telling us ways to get free Vbucks*
Iliasdool 101
Iliasdool 101 - 9 months ago
She is the queen of hacks
Belle Hona
Belle Hona - 9 months ago
do y'all understand what she's saying or am i just making up words she's trynna say? :((((
Nicko7ish - 9 months ago
are you asian
Francesca Pitzalis
Francesca Pitzalis - 9 months ago
Lpve true blood too !❤❤❤💟🧛‍♂️
Ender_ gamer125
Ender_ gamer125 - 9 months ago
Savannah Engle
Savannah Engle - 9 months ago
i think it’s funny that i can understand most things inaudible because of my friends and i talking across the room at school when we aren’t supposed to 😂
m0resn4 - 9 months ago
U are one of the most beauty girls in the asmr, somebody had to say it💗
rubes - 9 months ago
i can hear it all
sara mousa
sara mousa - 9 months ago
Every night..I play video for u ..then I sleep😍
Crybaby - 9 months ago
9:35 ..........

S h e s a i d a b a d w o r d : 0
Zeldris Daniels
Zeldris Daniels - 4 months ago
Nature & Crushing ASMR
Nature & Crushing ASMR - 6 months ago
oh no
Edwina Milovale
Edwina Milovale - 9 months ago
She’s talking about captain America
Kimberly curry
Kimberly curry - 9 months ago
Sometimes I can't even hear her speak its so quite haha
Jackie Walsh
Jackie Walsh - 9 months ago
Omg can you do a whole video of you just inaudibly saying/singing lyrics? That was really tingly for me for some reason
Phish 1927
Phish 1927 - 9 months ago
Is it just me or can understand 90% of what she is saying
Talita W
Talita W - 9 months ago
I can’t believe I’m saying this but:
I actually understood what she’s talking about 😂😂😂
Honestly I feel like an alien
Levi Jones
Levi Jones - 4 months ago
What was it?
Francesca Pitzalis
Francesca Pitzalis - 9 months ago
Isabela Firmino
Isabela Firmino - 9 months ago
Cardi B kkkkkk
Jessica maia
Jessica maia - 9 months ago
You should do a whole video on counting and drawing the letters with your fingers! 17:14
livharigan - 9 months ago
hehe lucky me i can read lips. awesome video!
FxgC - 9 months ago
wearetlou I could understand
april - 9 months ago
i can faintly hear what she is saying :o
Of The Fallen
Of The Fallen - 9 months ago
New psych movie??? Why is this the first time im hearing about this? Im already excited
No more Degeneracy
No more Degeneracy - 9 months ago
She’s admitting to Tax fraud and we’ve just been watching her be ununclesamian
jonny rose
jonny rose - 9 months ago
This is not inaudible whispering
Chugiron X
Chugiron X - 9 months ago
Ur moms not inaudible whispering
Cynthia Swank
Cynthia Swank - 9 months ago
I woke up this morning with headphones around my neck & a dead phone because of this video 😍😍😍 THANK YOUU MADS your videos are awesome
ItsAlice - 9 months ago
you dont know how much trust we have in ASMR-tist because if they yell

*we die*
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