12 312
Ruby Lewis
Ruby Lewis - 2 days ago
Interviewer: What do u do for a living
Maddie : tingles tingles tingles tingles
Brenna Elizabeth
Brenna Elizabeth - 3 days ago
Who else tries to read her lips to try to guess what she's saying?
Bianca Lopes
Bianca Lopes - 6 days ago
2:16 she start
Flaminia Pecorella
Flaminia Pecorella - 6 days ago
I had to stop watching it for the amount of tingles I was getting
Chloe Atherton
Chloe Atherton - 8 days ago
Where did you get your ring? 😍it’s so pretty. You’re so pretty. Love everything about your channel ❤️
Brittan Owchar
Brittan Owchar - 9 days ago
If you turn up the volume you can understand her
Ava Edwardson
Ava Edwardson - 9 days ago
bro i knew what she was saying...
Azariel Vuelvas
Azariel Vuelvas - 11 days ago
No one:
Literary Nobody:
Absolutely Nobody:

JustZastly - 12 days ago
Sorry I don’t speak Minecraft Enchantment Table :/
Michelle C
Michelle C - 12 days ago
Love this channel! Thank you Maddie❤️
Cassidy Rose
Cassidy Rose - 12 days ago
Idk what she’s saying but I definitely heard “The Office” and “Steve Carell” lmao
Jeilyn's World
Jeilyn's World - 19 days ago
6:15 sing it girl!
buse aksoy
buse aksoy - 20 days ago
you're amazingg, i am waiting another inaudible videos🤗 at now sleep time👋😴🤩😍
alexandria aultman
alexandria aultman - 20 days ago
I love this
Rose AS
Rose AS - 20 days ago
She’s not good
its. dtbrrr
its. dtbrrr - 21 day ago
Is it just me or maddie really looks like Aria from pretty little liars? 💕
Bandorito - 21 day ago
Tbh, when the milk touches the rice krispies
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer - 22 days ago
Whenever I hear someone swallow during asmr it makes me horny... jeez I need help lol
Conner McGregor
Conner McGregor - 24 days ago
i like the part when she said “chrbisocnrcbdbwiajfbrhsuzhfbafwtdkgohjyigogjroyjdjwhqrsychdgsifntbzvzvxbcnvmfhdfafajfkhuotieywtqueitoyjfhsjxjrj”
that person
that person - 24 days ago
Okay is it just me or is there someone snoring in the background around the middle of the video??
dorothy `
dorothy ` - 24 days ago
5 videos for 3$ it's actually very sad that i hide asmr from my family and don't live in a country that uses $ as money....😔💔
Melissa Shqiptar
Melissa Shqiptar - 26 days ago
smile biach
smile biach - 26 days ago
*Robber* : what's the pass code to the safe!
*Mads* : *inaudible Minecraft sounds*
London tubesss
London tubesss - 26 days ago
2:23 is when she starts the inaudible whisper
caden ingram
caden ingram - 26 days ago
This channel should be more popular 😀😀🤗😫
amelosix - 27 days ago
me: i don't understand, can you explain it to me?
Pipsi Moon
Pipsi Moon - 27 days ago
I love your inaudible whispering.
But could you maybe move the microphone a little bit closer? If you don't want to then that is totally okay. Just thought I'd ask. ❤️
ADRIJMZ - 28 days ago
I miss the OG inaudible / unintelligible videos ! They were so tingly!!!!
Sheila Massiah
Sheila Massiah - Month ago
She could be telling us the Krabby patty recipe and we would never know...
axrina.02 - Month ago
shes explaining how to get volley goals in fifa
Fuzz 405
Fuzz 405 - Month ago
Are you and Gracev asmr twins or something?
Travis - Month ago
I thought in the beggining she was saying hi thumbs
Flarpy_Marty - Month ago
plot twist :
*she’s telling us ways to get free Vbucks*
Iliasdool 101
Iliasdool 101 - Month ago
She is the queen of hacks
Belle Hona
Belle Hona - Month ago
do y'all understand what she's saying or am i just making up words she's trynna say? :((((
Nicko7ish - Month ago
are you asian
Francesca Pitzalis
Francesca Pitzalis - Month ago
Lpve true blood too !❤❤❤💟🧛‍♂️
Ender_ gamer125
Ender_ gamer125 - Month ago
Savannah Engle
Savannah Engle - Month ago
i think it’s funny that i can understand most things inaudible because of my friends and i talking across the room at school when we aren’t supposed to 😂
gingerbread gurl
gingerbread gurl - Month ago
U are one of the most beauty girls in the asmr, somebody had to say it💗
daggermsp - Month ago
i can hear it all
sara mousa
sara mousa - Month ago
Every night..I play video for u ..then I sleep😍
Lily Salvador
Lily Salvador - Month ago
9:35 ..........

S h e s a i d a b a d w o r d : 0
Edwina Milovale
Edwina Milovale - Month ago
She’s talking about captain America
Kimberly curry
Kimberly curry - Month ago
Sometimes I can't even hear her speak its so quite haha
Jackie Walsh
Jackie Walsh - Month ago
Omg can you do a whole video of you just inaudibly saying/singing lyrics? That was really tingly for me for some reason
Phish 1927
Phish 1927 - Month ago
Is it just me or can understand 90% of what she is saying
Euphoric Saffron
Euphoric Saffron - Month ago
I can’t believe I’m saying this but:
I actually understood what she’s talking about 😂😂😂
Honestly I feel like an alien
Francesca Pitzalis
Francesca Pitzalis - Month ago
Isah - Month ago
Cardi B kkkkkk
Jessica maia
Jessica maia - Month ago
You should do a whole video on counting and drawing the letters with your fingers! 17:14
wearetlou - Month ago
hehe lucky me i can read lips. awesome video!
FxgC - Month ago
wearetlou I could understand
neptuune - Month ago
i can faintly hear what she is saying :o
Of The Fallen
Of The Fallen - Month ago
New psych movie??? Why is this the first time im hearing about this? Im already excited
Jacko Jew Jr R
Jacko Jew Jr R - Month ago
She’s admitting to Tax fraud and we’ve just been watching her be ununclesamian
jonny rose
jonny rose - Month ago
This is not inaudible whispering
Chugiron X
Chugiron X - Month ago
Ur moms not inaudible whispering
Cynthia Cano
Cynthia Cano - Month ago
I woke up this morning with headphones around my neck & a dead phone because of this video 😍😍😍 THANK YOUU MADS your videos are awesome
Medina Schej
Medina Schej - Month ago
you dont know how much trust we have in ASMR-tist because if they yell

*we die*
AnToNiA💖 - Month ago
13:47-13:52 and 14:18-14:22 tingles tingles TINGLES
K1llurs3lf Boii
K1llurs3lf Boii - Month ago
@4:15 she says goof droop
K1llurs3lf Boii
K1llurs3lf Boii - Month ago
i mean 5:15
Minecraft Legend
Minecraft Legend - Month ago
When she said depetidegoofdroopbedipeditdep
I felt that.
Minecraft Legend
Minecraft Legend - Month ago
@ahaha fuckthis lol 🤣
ahaha fuckthis
ahaha fuckthis - Month ago
Minecraft Legend she said that right when i read this comment 😂 💀
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