Try Not To Laugh Challenge #22

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Markiplier - 7 months ago
NIVI FORBES - 2 days ago
How to I somehow keep a *STRAIT* face watching theese?
Wh Claus
Wh Claus - 4 days ago
You tell em!
Yeetman 21
Yeetman 21 - 6 days ago
you should do another
Kaylee Teh thing
Kaylee Teh thing - 9 days ago
bEGon Thot BotS
Cringey - Month ago
gaymerboi kook
gaymerboi kook - 2 hours ago
Marki-moo: biggly gitch
Me: *actually starts giggling*
Sam Lathe
Sam Lathe - 2 hours ago
you cheated
Luca Trifan
Luca Trifan - 3 hours ago
Like in a torture room, once you break you are done for the session
Luca Trifan
Luca Trifan - 3 hours ago
8:26 was at best creepy not funny
Blue Rad Berry
Blue Rad Berry - 4 hours ago
Hannah Thomas
Hannah Thomas - 6 hours ago
Honestly the funniest part is Mark’s reactions 🤣😂
Jammy Jammy
Jammy Jammy - 8 hours ago
I never noticed the he's my husband tag on the tik tok one
Chemical Z
Chemical Z - 8 hours ago
That ass slapping scene was hilarious
Isaac Larsen
Isaac Larsen - 9 hours ago
Silverlight007 - 13 hours ago
Mark: ive seen this before
Chuckie Woody
Chuckie Woody - 14 hours ago
brother and sister kissing insest
Chuckie Woody
Chuckie Woody - 14 hours ago
its not funny
Caden Majerle
Caden Majerle - 15 hours ago
4:40 in the background, there was laughter. If you don't here it at first, try again. Trust me it's there. Don't question how I figured this out.
Weston Cauley
Weston Cauley - 15 hours ago
I have not laughed once
Adam Theriault
Adam Theriault - 15 hours ago
Me: why does getting a girlfriend have to be so hard, at least animals have it easy
Video: 5:04
Me: fuck me...
Weston Cauley
Weston Cauley - 15 hours ago
Do funny cats
Lily aussie
Lily aussie - 16 hours ago
I just want to say thanks, because I was crying my eyes out because I knew some day my sweet pupper would pass away. And this only made me feel way better, also I know I’m late.
Gabrial Salais
Gabrial Salais - 16 hours ago
I don't laugh at all!!
Justin Rodgers
Justin Rodgers - 18 hours ago
3:19 is me on a daily basis.
Luke Mercier
Luke Mercier - 20 hours ago
Altemose Prime
Altemose Prime - Day ago
When can we expect more tey not to laugh videos??? Thanks Mark!!
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - Day ago
Why do people film their pets at the right moment, do they force them? How dare they.
loretta macdonald
loretta macdonald - Day ago
The anime one got me
Heather Fisher
Heather Fisher - Day ago
*I was just laughing at all the stupid Faces he was making!!!!*
Robin Miller
Robin Miller - Day ago
Mark: *choking on his own laughter, probably dying*
Me: hehe funney man go wheeze :)
That One Spectre
That One Spectre - Day ago
Hey Jones
Hey Jones - Day ago
It'S cUm WaTeR
0_0 - Day ago
5:52 Noice
MrsNL73 - Day ago
This helped me alot with the news that my dad is at the hospital. Not cause of covid, but his diabetes got worse over night. My mom told me in the morning what happened. This happened to my dad before once. But now im really down in the dumps but this cheered me up. Ti amo papa💘💕💓💞💙💛💗💖💜❤💚
Leilani Beverly
Leilani Beverly - Day ago
30 million before 2020's over!!!!!!
DovaCat The_Dragonborn
The one with the Spongebob music broke me. Especially when it ended. I laughed harder than I should have 😂
Billel DJABOUT - Day ago
Ken Lee
Ken Lee - Day ago
Random guy: "The old dick twist"
(Mark laughs)
Then Mark continues to laugh at every remaining video.
Cubiform - Day ago
8:08 is the best lmaoo
K3 McDowell
K3 McDowell - Day ago
The ass one thoe got me
Anthonio 38
Anthonio 38 - Day ago
Anthonio 38
Anthonio 38 - Day ago
Anthonio 38
Anthonio 38 - Day ago
Anthonio 38
Anthonio 38 - Day ago
Anthonio 38
Anthonio 38 - Day ago
Oskar Górecki
Oskar Górecki - Day ago
9:35 This is Isabelle but 30 years later
Calum Birnie Millions
Calum Birnie Millions - 2 days ago
What's the Anime at 3:47
Zoe Larkin
Zoe Larkin - 2 days ago
That horse one got me
NIVI FORBES - 2 days ago
Whooz more likely to take a selfie naked? *Mark*
Ebisulax - 2 days ago
2:41 what exactly is he saying?
Māø kūn cyka
Māø kūn cyka - 2 days ago
Grosso, Ian Grosso
Grosso, Ian Grosso - 2 days ago
His coping method is to refer to the butt of the joke as "poor"
ThAt PoOr TuRtLe - case closed
Arthur McBeth II
Arthur McBeth II - 2 days ago
I would have laughed at the 1st one if I wasn't a Smash fan, but I am, so I knew not to laugh at it.
bishopsmith - 2 days ago
Please please please bring this back!
Gedas Pintveris
Gedas Pintveris - 2 days ago
Thats why i love ducks 5:00
XfriGaming245 - 2 days ago
sometimes i just laugh looking at your facial expressions
Jacob Richmond
Jacob Richmond - 2 days ago
That ass destroyed all my chances of succeeding.
Lilly Alpha cookie
Lilly Alpha cookie - 2 days ago
Those dancing birds are like me and my brother when my mom says show me your dance moves
grumpyitalian_1 3
grumpyitalian_1 3 - 2 days ago
Can someone pls explain the meme with the bong meme?
James Uzumaki
James Uzumaki - 2 days ago
I didn’t laugh at all, love your vids👍
Nina Tremba
Nina Tremba - 2 days ago
Its 2 am and I'm laughing my head off
pop Djurdja
pop Djurdja - 3 days ago
Yesterday I was outside with my best friend Josh and some random drunk guys came and they were like
*We ReAlLy ApPrEcIaTe YoUr ExSiStAnCe We ArE jUsT rEaLlY dRuNk*
Then a guy tried to lean on a tree but missed It and fell down
And the other guy was like *MaRtIn WhAt HaPpEnEd?* So he tried to help him get up but ended up dragging him through the whole street
Dav Stan
Dav Stan - 3 days ago
Ah the Hooded Grebes mating dance.
NewNoar ___
NewNoar ___ - 3 days ago
5:57 best reaction 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Matthias Boodhai
Matthias Boodhai - 3 days ago
Danny Likes Anime
Danny Likes Anime - 3 days ago
Favorite part of the video (to me)
1. "I'm sorry...did that bee just steal a noodle?"
"I feel attacked"
christine DEFINA
christine DEFINA - 3 days ago
5:52the fuck?
Korey Wunsch
Korey Wunsch - 3 days ago
Why does his background look like a green screen
Angry Gamer Mom
Angry Gamer Mom - 3 days ago
ZENTORNO 14 - 3 days ago
am i only one who didnt even laugh?? ..
Extra Nood
Extra Nood - 3 days ago
This video is a dead meme =|
Gokai Rider
Gokai Rider - 3 days ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Mark: I'm sorry... Did that bee just steal a noodle?
Josilyn Bruce
Josilyn Bruce - 3 days ago
3:07 the turtle do be spinning doe 0-0
Soggy_kat •ᴥ•
Soggy_kat •ᴥ• - 4 days ago
Mark: “I’m not going to laugh this time”. Also mark: *laughs at the same thing twice*
Jaylonie Mejia
Jaylonie Mejia - 4 days ago
8:22 looks like a tattletale oh god
_sprxncles_ n
_sprxncles_ n - 4 days ago
I lost😭😂👌
Skull Man
Skull Man - 4 days ago
Unus _
Unus _ - 4 days ago
Mark: *whatching a goose mating dance* Huh, hel, hoo, heee.
JacobFireball _BTW
JacobFireball _BTW - 4 days ago
I have thicc thighs
J-R3 Construction and Supply
Her face though
rogue gamer
rogue gamer - 4 days ago
Me: *goes on a date*
Also me: 5:25
Snekkerdoodles - 4 days ago
having the horse video right after the spinning turtle one was so perfect
The. Vibe. Checker.
The. Vibe. Checker. - 4 days ago
2:31 when you fighting a really hard boss and you get hit and it glitches out for a second
TIN6 official
TIN6 official - 4 days ago
9:22 the sound of his laugh is like a when a peace of metal gets stuck in s lawn mower
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