Scarlett Johansson Tries To Not Spoil Avengers While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 3 months ago
From Gordon Ramsay to Scarlett Johansson, what a season it's been! Thanks for all the support, spice lords. Season recap, more specials, and a brand-new season coming before you can say "this camera, that camera..."
Straight Heated
Straight Heated - 5 days ago
First We Feast yuh
Hazyox Obscure
Hazyox Obscure - 7 days ago
500th comment
Andrew M
Andrew M - 23 days ago
So, far better than water or milk, cucumbers.
Vana 4688
Vana 4688 - Month ago
1st Avenue Covers
1st Avenue Covers - Month ago
Please have scarlett back hehehe
sugâr däddy
sugâr däddy - 51 minute ago
ohhhh scarletttt 😍😍😍😍
Timothy Marland
Timothy Marland - Hour ago
13:13 when Sean knew Scarlett was coming on Hot Ones
Robin L
Robin L - 2 hours ago
She's just so pure. Omg, when she said abaout the moving meme i think she meant gif. Then she said oh shit, that was so cute. 😂
DjRawkOfficial - 5 hours ago
what a trooper too cute
MLG P - 7 hours ago
Sean Evans: Do you like it hot?
Scarlett Johansson: yeah like my men, I like 'em really hot!
Me: then your probably talking about me! 😃
Wait is she married
Diarmid O'Connor
Diarmid O'Connor - 9 hours ago
Id eat her ass
yesenia perez
yesenia perez - 12 hours ago
11:31 “ and I ooop “ popped up in my head 😂😁😁
Rom Augustine
Rom Augustine - 15 hours ago
People how many times Scarlett Johansson said Hot or were your eyes only on her guys , well of course your eyes were on Her
Hilarious when she picked up the Water Jug & tried to drink out of it 😂 But damn she's a beautiful women 😍
madhouse740 - 15 hours ago
One of the best
M00NL1GHTSPE4R 101 - 15 hours ago
well, hawk eye didn't
ariel isaac guerra garcia
ariel isaac guerra garcia - 16 hours ago
That rak so percky, so hot, so perfect
El Ber
El Ber - 16 hours ago
it's worse when it comes out on the other end
Bryan Buffinton
Bryan Buffinton - 18 hours ago
What a champ.
Butt Soup
Butt Soup - 20 hours ago
This is why she jumped off that cliff to get the soul stone, she just wanted her mouth to stop burning
ColdMoonlight - 20 hours ago
Corona needs a new voice actor. I don't want a Corona to get it's slime.
Meryl Streep must be a genius.
joe - 21 hour ago
springer really ? Wtf, how do people fight without any real hits or blood or lumps ect IMPOSSIBLE PERIOD. FAKE ASS SHIT
Vincent Gagnon
Vincent Gagnon - 21 hour ago
She did exactly like Billie, lol
If u disagree with me u are stupid
Hottest woman alive!
Christopher Yost
Christopher Yost - 22 hours ago
Scarolette has the most amazing voice and personality. Imagine being married to that wonderful ball of joy 😍
comesect nocisum
comesect nocisum - 22 hours ago
this is gonna replace all my naughty tapes
Tom Risely
Tom Risely - 23 hours ago
I'm no celebrity but i'd fly to USA to simply do this show
Shauday Smith
Shauday Smith - 23 hours ago
This is THE most entertaining thing on the planet. i'm truly blessed that this is free on YouTube.
UpSideДown - Day ago
So she likes chicken eh, I have something that tastes fowl.
Hulluporro - Day ago
you have to drink oil - olive oil etc. that helps often
kuruki stalinashvili
Take of your off your clothes like scarlet Johannson
Cornelious Stradivarius
I already respected this woman untold and NOW she says she doesn't do social media and is happy to not quite get some elements of popular culture like memes. LOVE and respect for her just went up 5 Million Scoville for her.
Saša Bogdanović
Saša Bogdanović - Day ago
scarlett is like one of favorite female actors for man . she is so perfect
darknut - Day ago
I swear I would eat her bum if she was into that.
Wreck Tard
Wreck Tard - Day ago
he held her hand AND shared a beer with her. MY DUDE!
Andrew Lozano
Andrew Lozano - Day ago
She is hotter then the sauce
Future Imperfect
Future Imperfect - Day ago
Scarlett Johansson circled around you like a shark. You have the best job in the world and you don't even know it. 🤣🤣🤣
al faivre
al faivre - Day ago
I would still be trying to hold her hand
John Drechsler
John Drechsler - Day ago
Favorite episode so far she is a beast, and real, "f what ever u just asked me". Lol
labulabu - Day ago
She looks tortured loool its so funny ! 😁😁😁😂
ABC123 - Day ago
Must begin serious work on magic tricks.
DJToneRI - 2 days ago
She's awesome
joOX - 2 days ago
please if scarlett come to this shoe second time just focus the camera only in her face
Armandhammer - 2 days ago
A perfect example of vagina privilege and I'm ok with it.
Szymon Szymon
Szymon Szymon - 2 days ago
19:36 What about Blair's Ultra Death?
Pipefinder General
Pipefinder General - 2 days ago
Scarlett chugging beer after beer is hotter than the hot ones
Steve McQueen is King of Cool
marcel gendron
marcel gendron - 2 days ago
Where's her BEER.? WTF a beer is all. Half the audience would get her a beer. WTF
Xzyzz Xyxxz
Xzyzz Xyxxz - 2 days ago
All the chilli in the world seems bland in the presence of Scarlet Johansson.
Don’t Do IT!!
Don’t Do IT!! - 2 days ago
K J - 2 days ago
If you get Tom Holland on this show I will be able to die peacefully
Rocky Plays124
Rocky Plays124 - 2 days ago
This is the luckiest man in the world
Rocky Plays124
Rocky Plays124 - 2 days ago
16:46 I lucky bastard
Rocky Plays124
Rocky Plays124 - 2 days ago
Black widow
Rocky Plays124
Rocky Plays124 - 2 days ago
She’s beautiful
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