My Time at "Camp Operetta"

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Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations - 4 days ago
Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)
vito yudhistantra
vito yudhistantra - 7 hours ago
What is the meaning of flamboint
7km7 Animal jam
7km7 Animal jam - 10 hours ago
Hi jaiden! I know this is lame but I love your videos and I have been watching for a year. I have heard of you before but I just didn't watch you.... Until now. I still watch the "imaginary friend" by Tom ska and I thinks its funny
Arthur Hansen
Arthur Hansen - 11 hours ago
Hey jaiden heres A video ider buy A flying leash to ari and go for A walk
Tyler Houghton
Tyler Houghton - 4 hours ago
I cant beleve jadens full name is jaiden DICKFORD
Almighty Noah
Almighty Noah - 4 hours ago
6:45 can we add a seahorse yeah make him say the f word
Simon Liang
Simon Liang - 4 hours ago
Jaiden grain put ari in one of vids
Jeremiah Binoy
Jeremiah Binoy - 4 hours ago
Where is the mint gum flavour video
SARAH WELTENS - 4 hours ago
4:09 this one the first time I’ve ever heard jaiden say hell
Da Smol Potato
Da Smol Potato - 4 hours ago
Where’s part 2 of u going to japan?? Bc in that video you said you would make a video of you getting home??
Cece Mags!!!!!
Cece Mags!!!!! - 5 hours ago
I’m a huge theater kid
Adrian Cruz
Adrian Cruz - 5 hours ago
Rebecca Perham would be perfect at this
Cece Mags!!!!!
Cece Mags!!!!! - 5 hours ago
Omg I did the rainbow fish musical!!!
Lupa Wolf
Lupa Wolf - 5 hours ago
What a cool camp! I danced the rainbow fish in my kindergarten class too and I loved it! I even have the CD with all of the songs. And I'm glad that Raoole is okay again. c:
Trunkz - 5 hours ago
1:51 kinda looks like the cover of drip or drown 2
Mikey Conroy
Mikey Conroy - 5 hours ago
Does any one else know what the kid in water going for the dollar means or just me
Ami Hall
Ami Hall - 5 hours ago
Keep up the really good work
Friggin Bakugou
Friggin Bakugou - 5 hours ago
My cousin has a guinea pig named Raoule
Chocolate Heh
Chocolate Heh - 5 hours ago
yee rainbow fish i did expressive reading for rainbow fishhh so i was actually confused when u said a sea horse then when u explained i understood xD
jopal jopal
jopal jopal - 5 hours ago
5yr Old: *mommy can i gwet this?* Sure!
11 yr old: Can I have a single dollar to donate to charity my school is holding?
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark - 5 hours ago
3:54 Jaiden confirmed alt right
Eric Huang
Eric Huang - 5 hours ago
Hey Jaiden, I wanted to tell you that you should check out the Pokémon Center’s latest releases once in a while. If you still want a Blaziken plush, you might have a chance to get another one, because Pokémon is releasing pokemon dolls of all the Pokémon in the Pokédex from specific regions (called the Pokémon Fit/Sitting Cuties). They already did Gen 1 and Gen 2. I think they are working on Gen 3 right now, so keep your eyes on the latest news about Pokémon if you wanna get a Blaziken plush. Love your videos! 👍👍👍😄😄😄
Empty_forgot - 5 hours ago
Sounds about right
georgi gacha
georgi gacha - 5 hours ago
To. Order,to send. Your. To. Number
georgi gacha
georgi gacha - 5 hours ago
XxIfTheWorldWasFairxX WasFairxX
Jaiden: I don't like being #1, I like being #2
Jojo Fans: Oh so you're Hol Horse?
Hamza Naveed
Hamza Naveed - 6 hours ago
omg, i cant. Im laughing too hard at 0:59 with that blinking.
Gaming Champ
Gaming Champ - 6 hours ago
Jaiden can i borrow your talk to a million people megaphone thx.
* inhales *
* the entire audience laughs except for a select few diehard maoists from Baidu *
Kholit Loy
Kholit Loy - 6 hours ago
‘Make him say the f word’

Senapi Young
Senapi Young - 6 hours ago
"Make him say the F word!"
-JaidenAnimations 2019
Razzar 21
Razzar 21 - 6 hours ago
I got way to emotionally attached to the Raoole part of the story. Like I thought she stopped talking about it halfway through and I was like WOAHHHH what happened to Raoole! I..dont know why.. lol. You are awesome Jaiden! Favorite youtube animator!

EDIT: Also, if failing at raising your arm at a play is one of your "big" life failures then dammmmmn I'll trade you XD.
Χρήστος Χατζημλαδης
I'm not from 🇺🇸 SO😔😩
FuZeR_ MaDnEsS
FuZeR_ MaDnEsS - 6 hours ago
Aisha C
Aisha C - 6 hours ago
Step 1. Go to Google
Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdaily 2019
Step 3. Enjoy!
My Time at "Camp Operetta"
if you're wrong, you will die. But most companies don't die because they are wrong; most die because they don't commit themselves. They fritter away their valuable resources while attempting to make a decision. The greatest danger is in Standing still
A man from the Electricity Board has been rabbiting on like Mr Darcy about the inferiority of our connections and says the whole place will have to be rewired.
Sometimes when I watch my dog, I think about how good life can be, if we only lose ourselves in our stories. Lucy doesn't read self-help books about how to be a dog; she just IS a dog. All she wants to do is chase ducks and sticks and do other things that make both her and me happy.
Taha Nabil
Taha Nabil - 6 hours ago
I thought jaiden costume was a pizza!
VITALY STEINBERG - 6 hours ago
I saw the blue badger in the backround and got excited. FINALLY ANOTHER ACE ATTORNEY FAN!!!!!
ALICE - 6 hours ago
Hey jaiden,
I was a messed up 10 year old with major anxiety and to shy to even talk, and when I was feeling sad or stressed I would watch ur vids. Ur so awesome and ur my hero and just so cool! I love your drawings and I think your really talented, and you have inspired me so much to do art! I just wanted to say Thankyou. P.S my two birds say hi (:
Floris Bordewijk
Floris Bordewijk - 6 hours ago
Jaiden, I love you, but I cannot forgive you for actually flexing Pachelbel's Canon. Somebody end this madness. His reign must stop!
frinds wift not so meny benefets
We all know rawlo JADIN!
I KNOW I SPELLd your namn wrong
Happy Mouse
Happy Mouse - 7 hours ago
what about sr pelo?
Quiver - 7 hours ago

Jaiden I appreciate you so much
Pastel _BananaYoshi
Pastel _BananaYoshi - 7 hours ago
And lemme just say-the boi in 2:11 looks pissed....AND IM OFFENDED
Pastel _BananaYoshi
Pastel _BananaYoshi - 7 hours ago
Ugh i love jaiden so much she is so pure and precious just-MMMMMMM I WISH I COULD JOIN IN THE EVENT TO SEE U GUYS BUT UM IN THE DIFFERENT LOCATION SO- im sad now ._.
CoolGamer28113 - 7 hours ago
4:53 is a jojo's reference.
jeromeasf fan101
jeromeasf fan101 - 8 hours ago
Michael ser. Zexcs
Michael ser. Zexcs - 9 hours ago
I need friends...
TheCurly Hashtag
TheCurly Hashtag - 9 hours ago
Pet semetary.
VortexNightGamer 20
VortexNightGamer 20 - 9 hours ago
Well i cant go there because i have birthday October 8 lol
Maron Kasukabe
Maron Kasukabe - 9 hours ago
Make em say the f word
Jared Young
Jared Young - 9 hours ago
Mairead O'Connor AKA Mo
Mairead O'Connor AKA Mo - 10 hours ago
*M A K E T H E M S A Y T H E F W O R D*
LoveForKittyCats123 - 10 hours ago
when is jaiden and james gon' be official couples?
米亖儿 - 10 hours ago
Make him say the f word
shoham vaid
shoham vaid - 10 hours ago
Jodien Joestar 9:00
John Draws
John Draws - 10 hours ago
Jaiden: So the moral of the story is...
Me: Jaiden sAy tHE F wOrd
PheonixProductions Gacha
PheonixProductions Gacha - 10 hours ago
Wot about Somethingelseyt??? He da best.
• MissPastelio •
• MissPastelio • - 10 hours ago
Hey, you upload quite a lot, don’t over work urself, Jaiden!
Spicy memes Fresh memes
Spicy memes Fresh memes - 10 hours ago
Make em say the ''F'' word!
Eliza! - 10 hours ago
animallover 11119
animallover 11119 - 10 hours ago
When this came out I was at school and my four other friends asked if I already watched the video. I did and we watched it in class
gatnina - 11 hours ago
then what does the fox say..?
*make him say the f-word-*
evee girl
evee girl - 11 hours ago
Omg i just sall your face and its beutifull
coogko moim
coogko moim - 11 hours ago
Darkness_ _YT
Darkness_ _YT - 11 hours ago
You Should Make A Singing Compilation Of Ari Screaming
Maya Samson
Maya Samson - 11 hours ago
coogko moim
coogko moim - 11 hours ago
Jaiden : So thats why i'm always happy to sit at, like #2 in most things. Me : YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I don't even know why i screamed "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
Hat in time dance Is the awesome
I had the same thing at chess club
Planet Draws
Planet Draws - 12 hours ago
I wonder if Becca ever wanted to go there ???
Lord Potashmallow
Lord Potashmallow - 12 hours ago
6:22. Look on the top.
LeafPot - 12 hours ago
Im Sorry Jaiden... Have Been Late For Your Video... I Owe You One Very Early New Video Comment...😁
Enchanted Nuke
Enchanted Nuke - 12 hours ago
It was either dye her hair brown and make her look Asian... or chop one of my arms off
doesAnybodyWonder YT
doesAnybodyWonder YT - 12 hours ago
if erins there, im there
Rawww Station
Rawww Station - 12 hours ago
I might get my own ari
Mlg prankster gangster MLG
Can you do another pokèfusion
DaChicken Account
DaChicken Account - 12 hours ago
Only weebs will understand
Watashi wa Baka desu
Eliza! - 10 hours ago
DaChicken Account i don’t get this but i’ll never throw away my shot oNly tHEAtre faNs geT THis
Alex Radetsky
Alex Radetsky - 13 hours ago
1:36 did anyone see that an orange was cast as the president? I love that
The Official Lemon Show
The Official Lemon Show - 13 hours ago
Jaiden : Because they wanted to assign someone the role of playing the Under The Sea Melody
Archie Flook!
Archie Flook! - 13 hours ago
What type of bird is ari 🐦
Eliza! - 10 hours ago
Ari is a Green Cheeked Conure!
Archie Flook!
Archie Flook! - 12 hours ago
Lord Zarax 3
Lord Zarax 3 - 13 hours ago
Whoa I didn’t know that Mr. Tibblez went to camp.

(I’m very sorry, that was meant for a reference joke. I didn’t make fun of you in anyway.)
The Official Lemon Show
The Official Lemon Show - 13 hours ago
Jaiden : So thats why i'm always happy to sit at, like #2 in most things.

I don't even know why i screamed "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
PantherPlays_YT - 13 hours ago
fiona maile
fiona maile - 13 hours ago
'hey do you like ja- the odd1sout?" i love jaiden HAHA
Syra Coker
Syra Coker - 13 hours ago
"What the frick?! You BARBARIANS!"
-Jaiden 2019
solarius the solar eclipse 2
Hey jaiden, this video reminds me of my final minutes in club penguin... You will be forever missed club penguin.... I'm just sad
Aya saad
Aya saad - 13 hours ago
Bear World
Bear World - 13 hours ago
1:37 president...... an orange
Bear World
Bear World - 13 hours ago
Oh also 2:36
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