I Hid Celebrities In My Instagram Photos & No One Noticed...

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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - 8 months ago
100k likes and the rock will adopt me
Kristen Boone
Kristen Boone - Month ago
a pose scout
a pose scout - Month ago
welcome to the bottom of the replies what, you want a medal?
Joan Mae Vejano
Joan Mae Vejano - Month ago
Hoang Tram Nguyen
Hoang Tram Nguyen - 2 months ago
We did it boys
Parody Vids
Parody Vids - 2 months ago
K. My dad is a rock and so is my mom
Blxtz Clan
Blxtz Clan - Hour ago
Dude the person you erased on the first one was Kevin Hart
Daria LUCY
Daria LUCY - 3 hours ago
Ryan: “HeH I’m Da bEsT phOtO shOpER In dA WoRLd”

Also Ryan:”nah jk”

Me:”laughing my head off”
Also me:”ok it’s not funny anymore srsly😒”
Bien Gabriel Obedoza
This guy looks like tommyinnits older brother
Alex M
Alex M - Day ago
This reminds me of my spanish teacher. "The Rock es perfecto y muy GUAPO." "EL ES MUY GUAPO! ¿SÍ O NO?" Most of us said no. She just fangirls abt him and made a fan fic in spanish of her talking to the rock. Went something like this:
Señora: "¿Como te llamó?" Rock: "Mi llamo The Rock, y tú?" Señora: "mi nombre es..." the rock: "eres muy guapa." (In her fanfic they asked names and he called her attractive) she then was fanning herself and was saying "he called me hot." Everyone was trying to not die. Other then that shes pretty chill
Conner Long
Conner Long - Day ago
Fun fact Dwayn the rock Johnson actually supports trump
Skyett - Day ago
Ngl, you look like an Instagram fuckboy but you're a funny one. Fuckboy on the outside, joker on the inside
Paul Fuller
Paul Fuller - Day ago
Hmmmm I cry because I founded out I can't believe and trust anyone else again,.I so much appreciate you in helping me throughout all this on IG*richackk*pro
Paul Fuller
Paul Fuller - Day ago
Hmmmm I cry because I founded out I can't believe and trust anyone else again,.I so much appreciate you in helping me throughout all this on IG*richackk*pro
The Infinity Spinner
The Infinity Spinner - 2 days ago
Imagine seeing a youtuber with two Million subs taking a picture
Miranda Hany
Miranda Hany - 2 days ago
Poor Cedric
Gigi Seals!
Gigi Seals! - 2 days ago
*Someone is out there photoshopping you into there Instagram photos*
Sabrina - 2 days ago
12: 40
shahanj rose
shahanj rose - 3 days ago
ABBγ M - 3 days ago
2:23 ummmm well you got your wish, literally... :(
Pet ErA
Pet ErA - 3 days ago
The falcon will come for u 1 day
Harry. Louis
Harry. Louis - 3 days ago
Harry and Taylor definitely are not together anymore 😂
Sweeter Lemons
Sweeter Lemons - 4 days ago
He didn’t blur out the license plates at 3:40...
Gaming With Alexa Becerra
16:25 Check izzycarrells comment it said "can you please leave my city we dknt want you"
FIRST OF ALL RUDE.And there are people who like his yt and want him to go there
Shope Mayorga
Shope Mayorga - 4 days ago
I would follow you but I can't have social media :c
Daniel Yupanqui
Daniel Yupanqui - 4 days ago
22:12 Shoutout to Danny
Habibe Qukani
Habibe Qukani - 4 days ago
Odysea YT
Odysea YT - 5 days ago
Xylon YT
Xylon YT - 5 days ago
Ryan looks so cute. He distracted me from the actual video ;-;🙂
Maddog MP
Maddog MP - 5 days ago
I took a picture of you face it funny
Gabriel Samson
Gabriel Samson - 5 days ago
8:25 no offense but that's a bigass forehead
Ari Gelman
Ari Gelman - 5 days ago
5:12 it's ok
Galactic - 6 days ago
16:19 “Your hat may does be on your head”
*I understood that reference*
Galactic - 6 days ago
“Ariana Grande? More like Ariana... tall. *short.”*
dark - 6 days ago
how did people tell that that is ps
Jameela Rose Alontaga
Jameela Rose Alontaga - 7 days ago
Biancy and Jc Uhm Dont they look cold?
Demon King
Demon King - 7 days ago
Imagine if a celebrity photoshopped random strangers from Instagram into their pictures. Would anyone notice?
Daniel Randon
Daniel Randon - 7 days ago
Now this boy is getting married
Cosmic Paul
Cosmic Paul - 7 days ago
Gam House
Gam House - 7 days ago
•Gacha Sakura•
•Gacha Sakura• - 7 days ago
Count Roy
Count Roy - 7 days ago
Dude why are you doing annoying hand signs
Ilyas Bayramli
Ilyas Bayramli - 8 days ago
Are you the guy that invited steezy to a party?
Ïnsanity - 8 days ago
9:11 ah i see you're also a man of culture
Giuliana Hughes
Giuliana Hughes - 8 days ago
I think the dude you didn’t know is Chadwick Boseman? Not too sure but he sadly passed away this month
Kirrilly N
Kirrilly N - 9 days ago
any detectives?... number plate... in plain site...
HeavenRoblox - 9 days ago
I think 1:10 is Kevin heart
nora - 9 days ago
ryan you photoshopped a picture of harry styles taylor swift from 2013😐
D̶e̶m̶o̶n̶ c̶a̶t̶
The actors/actresses I know (not in real life) :
Margot Robbie
Jared Leto
Dwayne Johnson
Count Roy
Count Roy - 7 days ago
That's it?
Will bet the pig for now
Will bet the pig for now - 11 days ago
Yes sirr
Will bet the pig for now
Will bet the pig for now - 11 days ago
David Cudmore
David Cudmore - 11 days ago
Idk something about him just looks like lachy
Infinite Things
Infinite Things - 8 days ago
Lol I was thinking that too
Gacha Gurl
Gacha Gurl - 11 days ago
In that first picture with Zac Efron is his head supposed to look that big???? 😂
FITRO DA BRO - 11 days ago
Try to imagine a ghost in ur pic but u found out it was a celebrity
babyave - 11 days ago
Marie Bacon
Marie Bacon - 11 days ago
-snaps for emma - GOOD JOB
Kgbxyle - 12 days ago
I think I’ve been in that same area in Cali @6:53
Raidy Cv
Raidy Cv - 12 days ago
I jumped all the way to the end and im still mad by wasting few seconds of my life
Sheldon Rogers
Sheldon Rogers - 12 days ago
12:34 Me and the boys be like when we see were on camera
TJ500 Bossman
TJ500 Bossman - 12 days ago
Kevin hart
X_XmXLx_IxKX_X - 12 days ago
People will already know you did this from this video..
M.L.P FAN - 13 days ago
Story:i have the most naked eye:
Mom:get the back in front of you
Me: where
mom: there
mom:no not there that
me: where
Random person: its right there *points.
me: oh.....
MayJenn - 13 days ago
Omg at 6:39 a girl in red does the peace sign at the camera and if you put the speed to 0.25x you can see it better
FINN PLAIZ - 13 days ago
that was Anthony Mackie aka falcon
Dino Cringe
Dino Cringe - 13 days ago
But ur already a celebrity 👁👄👁
Yattoiba - 13 days ago
So my brother legs is broke cuz he play basketball wrong position tho and we goes to hospital, and we waiting for a few hours and finally the doctor came out with this news he say
"Your brother is ok rn"
And i say to doctor
"Can we see our brother?"
Doctor say
"Yes, here"
"Wtf this is a photoshop where tf my brother"
Run out the hospital... With her laptop
Unfunny Joker Guy
Unfunny Joker Guy - 12 days ago
What does this mean
Josephine Griffith
Josephine Griffith - 13 days ago

ඔබට ස්තුතියි මම වහාම ඉල්ලීම ඉදිරිපත් කරමි අපව අඩු කරනු ලැබේ
Gregory Tamayo
Gregory Tamayo - 13 days ago
Me when i watch this: U told us ur just telling us it’s Photoshop

Them when they haven’t watched this: Waoh he has A celebrity in his BACKGROUND
Only Me
Only Me - 13 days ago
Pause at 16:26 and look at izzcyarrell comment in the instagram
Joshua Jr plays games
Joshua Jr plays games - 13 days ago
I hate YouTube when I'm about to make it when it's on 499 replies And it says unable
kpop fuckin sucks Pervy Trooper • 420 years ago
Wow what a fuckin clickbaiter
 - 14 days ago
3:36 "so I think I'm gonna put ariana grande in that car"
**me kinda scared and confused how he's gonna do it**
AKSAVAGE RoS - 14 days ago
1.5million likes. Just kidding
10X Phantom
10X Phantom - 14 days ago
Rip big e
Scarfacekillerr F
Scarfacekillerr F - 14 days ago
The other guy is anthony makie so you don’t have to do your research trust me I didn’t know who he was either
Ozymandias !
Ozymandias ! - 14 days ago
Wtf is this bullshit, holy shit you stupid kids stay making punchable douchebags famous. This is what y'all watch nowadays??? Makes me feel like I dodged a bullet, super glad I grew up in the days before YouTube
Also FUCK the youtube recommendations!
Nate C.
Nate C. - 14 days ago
No ones gonna talk about all the famous people in his pictures
[ CLEVER NAME HERE ] - 12 days ago
I know! It's crazy right?
Monika •
Monika • - 14 days ago
Okay now the rock is your father
Jacour Simmons
Jacour Simmons - 14 days ago
Is no one going to mention how he sounds like sketch?!?!
Worldwide Tae
Worldwide Tae - 14 days ago
Rip Eddie Murphy?
Chiara Galea
Chiara Galea - 15 days ago
No hate but I’m pretty sure that Kevin clark
Dragonfly 56 flyswatter
Dragonfly 56 flyswatter - 15 days ago
13:10 Literally thought Jay-z was the guy in the red hat but he's with beyonce on the whole right side lol
Dragonfly 56 flyswatter
Dragonfly 56 flyswatter - 15 days ago
12:52 why does he sound like a little kid with a runnie nose
VTOL Warship
VTOL Warship - 15 days ago
You sound like donald duck
vin %%
vin %% - 15 days ago
ewwww ariana grande likes the knicks ??
Trickshotbros Trickshotbros
That was kevin hart
iiSourTxulip - 15 days ago
Ariana doesn’t have that car lol ari actors would know
Kira Parker-Oxford
Kira Parker-Oxford - 15 days ago
Kevin Hart watching this like 👁👄👁
Maggie-Sue Morris
Maggie-Sue Morris - 15 days ago
No one gonna notice how he liked his own post?
Moon Person
Moon Person - 15 days ago
Imagine knowing how to use photoshop that good
BHF-Darthkiller - 15 days ago
5:59: is it just me or does this guy really like his own photos?!? No offence just personal preference.
BHF-Darthkiller - 15 days ago
all i have to say is rip cedric
Dylan Raber
Dylan Raber - 16 days ago
At 12:39 the silver thing looks so familiar from transformers age of extinction
Annoying cat
Annoying cat - 16 days ago
Simply Melons
Simply Melons - 16 days ago
I went to that ball thingy in Chicago and it feels funny that ur there idk why 😅😂
c3nc0red - 16 days ago
Ryan in 2069 I hid myself in my ROOM
Logan Qc
Logan Qc - 16 days ago
Punch the 69 gurl
Tammi S
Tammi S - 16 days ago
I didnt know dwayn could dance so well
Jedi Helix
Jedi Helix - 16 days ago
19:49 baby yoda
Pixelated Me
Pixelated Me - 16 days ago
👏... ZAC?!
༒c͒o͒t͒t͒o͒n͒c͒a͒n͒d͒y͒ ༒
Funfact: he Photoshop his thumbnail ㋡
mad lad 25
mad lad 25 - 16 days ago
This mans didnt blur the car
Leah - 16 days ago
Why are you be looking like Lachlan
Edit:wait are you????
Havier Miller
Havier Miller - 17 days ago
you had an actress in the back on the last photo the lady in the glasses and dress.
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