Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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Iamyasminclarke - 8 hours ago
This really was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen ✨
Olivia Ashton
Olivia Ashton - 8 hours ago
seeing selena hanging out with her parents, made me so unbelievably and idk why...
I'm OKAY - 8 hours ago
Taylor just made shake it off relevant again
Brittany Williams
Brittany Williams - 8 hours ago
Taylor swift just reminds me of my highschool days. Bitter sweet memories. Love it.
Christhian Geremias Salazar Antezana
Te amoo 😻😻😻💕
Kim Zyra Viloria
Kim Zyra Viloria - 8 hours ago
I grew up together with her songs ❤
moanica - 9 hours ago
can we just take a moment to appreciate those ballet dancers at the end, it was so graceful omg
Diego Hernández
Diego Hernández - 9 hours ago
Alguien de aquí habla español???
bombaraw - 9 hours ago
Breatny Spears?! yes yes yes shake
Fauzi Van Java
Fauzi Van Java - 9 hours ago
bssni touir
bssni touir - 9 hours ago
Not a single ugly person in that room.
Sarah Grace Parshall
Sarah Grace Parshall - 9 hours ago
I cry every time I watch this 😭
omar tenorio
omar tenorio - 9 hours ago
So amazing so incredibleeeeee!!!
Emalia Manning
Emalia Manning - 9 hours ago
My dad says you are Taylor Moss
bssni touir
bssni touir - 9 hours ago
perfeita que fala ne anjo?
JULIE ROY - 10 hours ago
Can't believe i've fallen in love with her songs for ten years. So nice to think again all that song on this stage
Sunny Sunset
Sunny Sunset - 10 hours ago
I don’t get why people hate her she is the best
ItzJoanna - 10 hours ago
it warms my heart how much love and support taylor is getting from other celebrities. and the fact that taylors parents were there, supporting her all those years...this performance was truly just the definition of outstanding. mindblowing. stunning. taylor, i love you so so so so much.
Robson Morais
Robson Morais - 10 hours ago
aaaaaaaa ❤❤❤❤❤
eric bautista
eric bautista - 10 hours ago
I love you so much!!
Honey Milk
Honey Milk - 10 hours ago
Billie :) selena :) camila :)
marie gomez
marie gomez - 10 hours ago
5:46 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh perfect
Jose Mesquita
Jose Mesquita - 10 hours ago
Y Love You ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Robson Morais
Robson Morais - 10 hours ago
Não sou o fã no. 1 da Taylor, mas ela mereceu muito esse prêmio
Faith Christ
Faith Christ - 10 hours ago
Her parents singing her songs😍
Mariana Restrepo
Mariana Restrepo - 10 hours ago
Me encantaaaaaa💗💗💗
doua yang
doua yang - 10 hours ago
No “Teardrops on my Guitar”?..great performance but would had been more awesome! It was the song that got a lot of people I know to start listening to her
Sydney Watson
Sydney Watson - 10 hours ago
First of all

Ilza Barros
Ilza Barros - 10 hours ago
Taylor como sempre arrasa😃😃
madu fernandes
madu fernandes - 11 hours ago
perfeita que fala ne anjo?
M J - 11 hours ago
3:22 cringe
Tal panuncia
Tal panuncia - 11 hours ago
Marius Taranu’
Marius Taranu’ - 11 hours ago
Ok I like this
Samanta Vidal
Samanta Vidal - 11 hours ago
for real allison? no reputation? your finest album? lol
Alexandra Loor
Alexandra Loor - 11 hours ago
Naota Kun
Naota Kun - 11 hours ago
man she looks great thicc like that :D
joaqquin caalderon gonsales
she is the best singer
Nov By
Nov By - 11 hours ago
Kelsey Warnke
Kelsey Warnke - 11 hours ago
That drop tho. Woo!
Terra Advisor
Terra Advisor - 12 hours ago
Queen! 🤩
Binh Hoang
Binh Hoang - 12 hours ago
Tuyệt quá , cố gắng lên chị ơi
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