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Kimberly Gomez
Kimberly Gomez - 4 hours ago
Jose Tellez
Jose Tellez - 4 hours ago
Hahah the noisie Lexi made
Isabel Jirjis
Isabel Jirjis - 5 hours ago
“we’re not Phineas and Ferb”
-Lexi Hensler
We Stan a Phinease and Ferb lover
Live Oner 267
Live Oner 267 - 5 hours ago
These are the worst people ever. I could not imagine being around these people in real life because they suck so much.
Mehek Shah
Mehek Shah - 5 hours ago
Rashmi Rajgopal
Rashmi Rajgopal - 6 hours ago
How did they even get the keys down 🤔
Usva Khan
Usva Khan - 6 hours ago
Her parents are so cool😎
Illiyaan Budgies life Channel
Lol I didn’t know she has a channel
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei - 5 hours ago
I don't know if the key is still up there, but if it is, you guys should throw darts at it to pop the balloons.
Savvanah A
Savvanah A - 6 hours ago
J loves p
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei - 5 hours ago
Alex Franck
Alex Franck - 6 hours ago
Dom’s face was so serious when Pierson said that she was leaving the sqaud.
Rajesh Achrekar
Rajesh Achrekar - 7 hours ago
lexi hensler: lexi rivera and i are best friends
.. also lexi: that scared of lexi she is like 5 foot
Lisa Perez
Lisa Perez - 7 hours ago
The kitten Goob? Is so frickin cute I’ve had 7 cats in my life and I’m 11 yrs
Jomarie Fernandez
Jomarie Fernandez - 7 hours ago
1:13 he look like no neck ed
Aussom Boutari
Aussom Boutari - 8 hours ago
I have a kitten to
Kiran kumar
Kiran kumar - 8 hours ago
omg she got a lord ganesh on her shoulders omg i love you
Lisa Kinsey-Smith
Lisa Kinsey-Smith - 9 hours ago
Student Makayla Reyes
Student Makayla Reyes - 10 hours ago
Why does no one follow 6 feet apart like cmon???
Zuhire Mahtab
Zuhire Mahtab - 11 hours ago
Adekanyinsola Adeyosola
Adekanyinsola Adeyosola - 11 hours ago
When she was got tattos it looks way to much
Brooklyn Kelley Music
Brooklyn Kelley Music - 13 hours ago
She Kinda looks like Bridget Melder
Eva Nazariyan
Eva Nazariyan - 13 hours ago
For the key prank, you could use darts and pop the balloons so that the key fell! And it would be a great workout for Brent he needs one:)
oh bro
oh bro - 13 hours ago
Brent could have just burst the ballons or hit the ballons with a stick. That would have been easier
Olivia Keyes
Olivia Keyes - 13 hours ago
Black C
Black C - 14 hours ago
I don't know if the key is still up there, but if it is, you guys should throw darts at it to pop the balloons.
Bunny Angél
Bunny Angél - 15 hours ago
HENZYOfficial Yt
HENZYOfficial Yt - 15 hours ago
lexi’s laugh is exactly the same as lexi’s laugh....

ok this might be awkward...😂
Alysha Wright
Alysha Wright - 15 hours ago
hi pieron my name is Mackenzie i was thinking you could give my big brother bailey a shout out bc he is the best big brother his full name is bailey James wright and his tik tok name is bazza wright and its the one with a purple background it would mean a lot bc im 10 years old and yeah it would mean a lot and plus think of it as a favor bc i always watch your videos bc your so pretty and the best you-tuber thanks bye
zaria zebedee
zaria zebedee - 15 hours ago
This friend group is like a better version of the hype house Imao😂
Anya Yuto
Anya Yuto - 15 hours ago
It looks so real😋😋😋😋😋
Madison Holland
Madison Holland - 16 hours ago
r u dating brent?
Susan Baney
Susan Baney - 16 hours ago
Krishna Brown
Krishna Brown - 16 hours ago
Evany Chen
Evany Chen - 16 hours ago
Pierson s family is so. Cool
Kaya Olsen
Kaya Olsen - 17 hours ago
Dom is such a cutie. His never ranked lexi before and he was so sad that person was leaving. 😆 I love these people.
Delaney journey
Delaney journey - 17 hours ago
Brianna Naguit
Brianna Naguit - 17 hours ago
"we're not Phineas and Ferb" (idk how to spell) XD
Roy Is Your Boi
Roy Is Your Boi - 17 hours ago
How does Pierson not have an Oscar yet
Lylah Rowe
Lylah Rowe - 18 hours ago
He’s so cute or she I don’t know so yeah I want to or him
Naya Reddy
Naya Reddy - 18 hours ago
Who else got the piano add? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Glitter Bomb
Glitter Bomb - 18 hours ago
my only question is were tey ever able to retrieve Brent's keys from the ceiling?!
Ephraim Lehani
Ephraim Lehani - 18 hours ago
Shenell Samuels
Shenell Samuels - 18 hours ago
I'm curious to know how they got the keys
Umayma Talukder
Umayma Talukder - 18 hours ago
Thats mean lexi rivera
Aida Ljaljevic
Aida Ljaljevic - 18 hours ago
I need you guys prabking the boys at least once a week
gaming with layanna
gaming with layanna - 18 hours ago
The dad is so sweet he's like "that's a little to much sweety"💕
Jennifer Adkins
Jennifer Adkins - 19 hours ago
Megan Jimenez
Megan Jimenez - 20 hours ago
Drpomacj Bolo
Drpomacj Bolo - 20 hours ago
Your parents are soo nice
STK brndz
STK brndz - 20 hours ago
Stop click baiting pls your trash
moonlight adopt me
moonlight adopt me - 20 hours ago
Omg I love ur appdashine tiktoks
Nicole Bondamakara
Nicole Bondamakara - 21 hour ago
I still want to know how they got the keys down like seriously
Cerys Raybould
Cerys Raybould - 21 hour ago
I loved this video so much
Zaina Nazir
Zaina Nazir - 22 hours ago
dont press

read more
nice jack
nice jack - 22 hours ago
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Dr. Huang Wanqing holds a picture of his missing brother.

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Natoya Bernard
Natoya Bernard - 22 hours ago
Love the tattoos pierson
Lydia Daniel
Lydia Daniel - 22 hours ago
Pierson looks so much like her dad but has her mom’s smile!☺️ So pretty!
The Donut fam Family
The Donut fam Family - 22 hours ago
What happen to your arm
tpbby21 - 22 hours ago
Callan Law
Callan Law - 22 hours ago
did you get Brent's keys down ?
Chloe Alumbaugh
Chloe Alumbaugh - 22 hours ago
ok but ngl i lowkey ship jeremy and pierson
Olivia Bui
Olivia Bui - 22 hours ago
They could get the balloons down by throwing darts at them.
Zainab Shamsi
Zainab Shamsi - 23 hours ago
6:34 we cant parachute "UP" ig
Zainab Shamsi
Zainab Shamsi - 23 hours ago
ItsOj - 23 hours ago
This is a better version of my all girl prank squad
kerry payne
kerry payne - 23 hours ago
So Funny
Isabella’s Fun Channel
I am a little kid
EPIC StarForce
EPIC StarForce - Day ago
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - Day ago
Is it only me Or anyone else noticed the Ganesha in her tattoo?? On the right shoulder!!!
Wandalee Asera275
Wandalee Asera275 - Day ago
Auden khorzad
Auden khorzad - Day ago
This video was so funny I loved u pranking the boys just saying I've seen Brent prank people so I'm glad that u did revenge
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - Day ago
was i the only one who noticed the ganesha tatoo
EPIC StarForce
EPIC StarForce - Day ago
Esther Letts
Esther Letts - Day ago
You overdid it this time
Diyana Jafari
Diyana Jafari - Day ago
Why is no one talking about the cat it’s so cute
Animated YT
Animated YT - Day ago
Madisyn Burns
Madisyn Burns - Day ago
Why was Jeremy fixing his hair in everyclip
Logistic Caddy101
Logistic Caddy101 - Day ago
Pierson honey, I've done this on your friends' channels too but since you're my fav, unlike them, I won't be screaming here. So if u see this, I challenge you to reply to me👈👈👈
Ritisha Banerjee
Ritisha Banerjee - Day ago
This friend group is like the better, less problematic hype house
zoe gaming and editing
Your bothers laugh sounds so evil
Leah Quinn
Leah Quinn - Day ago
The cat is so so cute
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