Adopting A Puppy!! 🐶

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Natalia Petit
Natalia Petit - Hour ago
So cute little puppy 😇😁😍
Asia Nihipali
Asia Nihipali - Hour ago
girl / angle
Asia Nihipali
Asia Nihipali - Hour ago
boy / gabe
cooper the Shiba inu
cooper the Shiba inu - 2 hours ago
I dont really like james charles but just let this man have a puppy
Amy Smith
Amy Smith - 2 hours ago
You should try putting carpet on ur stairs so he doesn’t slip
Olivia - 3 hours ago
that is a purebred muthafuckin dog, and that's on peta
Carmina Ramirez
Carmina Ramirez - 3 hours ago
Your puppy is so cute
brattybaddie - 3 hours ago
So sad he didn’t get one from a shelter... Next time just be honest and say you purchased a dog, not adopted one
amanda engelman
amanda engelman - 3 hours ago
Congrats on your adorable new puppy! Sorry about the haters. They're clearly a bunch of children who know nothing about dogs. You're doing fine. - a 40 year old woman who has been obsessed with all things dog since she got her first at 5 years old.
Doge The Dog
Doge The Dog - 4 hours ago
I was so happy when he was happy and I almost cried of happiness 😅
Mona T
Mona T - 4 hours ago
Peanut butter is not a treat or snack for dogs...
Stephanie Hatch
Stephanie Hatch - 5 hours ago
He had his shots so whoever said that they shouldn’t put Finn on the groun without his shots
Stephanie Hatch
Stephanie Hatch - 5 hours ago
The dogs that he wanted
Stephanie Hatch
Stephanie Hatch - 5 hours ago
He wanted to get one from the shelter but other people were already lined up to adopting
Stephanie Hatch
Stephanie Hatch - 5 hours ago
I hope James doesn’t listen to all of th e mean people trying toe bring him down by say that it is horrible that he got a puppy and that some of y’all say how is he going to take care of dog like how he took care of his reputation
Kayleigh Crandall
Kayleigh Crandall - 6 hours ago
Name him charles~teddy~jay~cole~ty
David Johnston
David Johnston - 6 hours ago
He looks like an Oliver
Kayleigh Crandall
Kayleigh Crandall - 6 hours ago
Yalki Palki
Yalki Palki - 7 hours ago
The chances of him reading this is 0% prove me wrong
Thiago Lucero
Thiago Lucero - 7 hours ago
You should call him Jamie
Gamingwith Gysel
Gamingwith Gysel - 8 hours ago
What did you name the puppy?
1 mouth ago
1 mouth ago - 7 hours ago
I think Finn
HastyLass - 8 hours ago
Tea - 9 hours ago
I personally dont like James but Yall getting mad he’s got a dog ?Atleast he made the dog get a good home like wtf you hate on everything he does
leela r
leela r - 9 hours ago
Im probably a little late but I like the name Nova :)
Marie Durand
Marie Durand - 10 hours ago
I tried to watch a few videos but you definitively speak way too fast LOL. Your dog will always be loyal and loving and I hope this adoption will bring true happiness and peace into your life. Have fun and make him happy :) Just finished the video, he is ADORABLE, I love him!!! Thanks for sharing.
Laura - 11 hours ago
He is soo stinkin cute james ahhh!!!! 💕💕 have fun.. puppies are soo cute but hard work man!
MsFire Gamer
MsFire Gamer - 11 hours ago
It is the 22nd of October in 2019 and I realized that the picture of James and this dog are no longer on his instagram. Wtf where is that cute ass puppy? 🐶🐶
makuarro Alvarez
makuarro Alvarez - 11 hours ago
I'm your fan!!!!!!!!!💓💗💓💗💓💗💓💗💓💗💓💓💗💓💗💓💗💓
Natalija Milosavljevic
Natalija Milosavljevic - 11 hours ago
majka ti bokal
Ellie - 12 hours ago
i’m not a huge fan of james, but he’s done nothing wrong. leave him alone.
Wania Asad
Wania Asad - 12 hours ago
I know he trying to teach him fast and all but still let him grow he is too small for climbing stairs etc
B Hardey
B Hardey - 12 hours ago
He does look like the pupper from Marley and me
CraftyRayRay - 13 hours ago
James: gets a puppo like any normal human would
Haters: *uNaCcEptaBlE*
smagsmith - 13 hours ago
My dog cried for 2 weeks and then she stopped
Sophia Antonia
Sophia Antonia - 13 hours ago
'moves one space'

Grace C
Grace C - 13 hours ago
I am so happy for James getting a puppy is such a happy and amazing thing! People need to stop hating on him ... James is a great person and he doesn’t deserve any hate
UwU S - 14 hours ago
OMG!! I want you to call it angel cuz you just keep calling it angel but angel it’s soooo cuutee
Irene Roga
Irene Roga - 14 hours ago
Jadzia Sanchez
Jadzia Sanchez - 14 hours ago
I have a White Golden Retriever too! Her name is Eva and she is 6 years old now, they are such amazing dogs! Congrats!!
Motionless Cindy
Motionless Cindy - 16 hours ago
I just can’t stop watching this video awww🥺❤️
Laila’s World
Laila’s World - 17 hours ago
Lily Star
Lily Star - 18 hours ago
Its funny how the pupper is just tired and James is much more excited and puppy-ish about everything 😂
stijntje van der Veen
stijntje van der Veen - 18 hours ago
He's very very cute though 😍😫
stijntje van der Veen
stijntje van der Veen - 18 hours ago
Not trynna hate but you really shouldn't let your puppy walk on stairs, that's really bad for his shoulders and hips!
beautywithcass - 18 hours ago
i cant tell if the dog is crying bc he's going down the stairs or crying bc james' screams are piercing his ear drums lmao
beautywithcass - 18 hours ago
he looks like a golden / lab or mix of both. what a cutie
Audrey Miller
Audrey Miller - 18 hours ago
frolum is my suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
K B - 18 hours ago
Defiantly didn’t “adopt” this dog.
K B - 18 hours ago
Defiantly didn’t “adopt” this dog.
mc Julia
mc Julia - 19 hours ago
The puppy's so cute and I'm really happy for youu :) But I wouldn't put him in a crate, most dogs just get used to it because they have to but don't like it
Nida Empas
Nida Empas - 20 hours ago
Awwwwe his soo cute i wish i could have puppy
Nyah prouten
Nyah prouten - 21 hour ago
That makes me so sad seeing all those dogs in the shelter
Gustav Jonsson
Gustav Jonsson - 21 hour ago
Leslie Mendoza
Leslie Mendoza - 21 hour ago
Hes sooooooooooo cuteeeee 😆
LPS OLIVIA - Day ago

Chosen name: sis
Georgie Adam
Georgie Adam - Day ago
Abby Grey
Abby Grey - Day ago
You literally did not 'adopt' a dog. You got a dog from an irresponsible family who bred their dog. All of those poor dogs at the shelter miss out because selfish people want purebred puppies.
Breezie Newcomb
Breezie Newcomb - 15 hours ago
In the first place, all the dogs are in a shelter because of irresponsible people. Would you rather the puppies get homes before or after they get put in a situation where they could be put down?
Haley Qualizza
Haley Qualizza - Day ago
omg this just made my day! Love James and the puppy. They are the cutest couple on the Internet (no shade Louis) James should totally name the puppy Morphe
Christi Colunga
Christi Colunga - Day ago
Fluffy or snowball
Nicole Reyna
Nicole Reyna - Day ago
he is so cute
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