Beth Chapman Memorial Service

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Leo Reinhardt
Leo Reinhardt - Day ago
Jesus Christ Loves you
ongeziwe ngejane
ongeziwe ngejane - Day ago
i love you Beth From South Africa may your soul rest in Peace
Sir EvilTyrant
Sir EvilTyrant - 2 days ago
Why so many dislikes?
Tyler Lynch
Tyler Lynch - 3 days ago
Uh,this is what happens when you do shit like commit adultery.
And people don't care that she cheated on her husband.
Yet everyone claims to be a decent person.lmao gtfo
Aurora Violet
Aurora Violet - 3 days ago
Oneidaindian100 Percent
Beth will be missed for her positive presence changed lives. She was strong, strong minded, beautiful, sexy, smart, sincere this world needs someone like that and now she is gone. Well miss u forever. RIP
Oneidaindian100 Percent
To watch
Oneidaindian100 Percent
Sooo hard
Natasha Vasquez Dowell
Natasha Vasquez Dowell - 3 days ago
I did not know she was good friends with my fave actress, shannon tweed cool!!
Natasha Vasquez Dowell
Natasha Vasquez Dowell - 3 days ago
Its been awhile since ive watched their show, i have been a fan though since dog the bounty hunter.seeing that Beth was sick, it stuck me like a knife.Beths the greatest and always will be. Rip Beth Chapman!! Prayers to the family and her friends.
Kim Glass
Kim Glass - 3 days ago
Such a beautiful tribute and send off for a beautiful and very loved woman! Hugs to Dog and family! We all love u!
Susan Holt
Susan Holt - 4 days ago
Sorry for your loss....Praying
Susan Holt
Susan Holt - 4 days ago
Jessie Arturo Thunder
Jessie Arturo Thunder - 4 days ago
She was a bit of a bitch tbh
Cheyenne Reynolds
Cheyenne Reynolds - 4 days ago
Rip Beth
luna night light girl117
Beth you will always live on in my family. Rip beautiful women. Love you Dog and kids and grandkids
Kaye Shearer
Kaye Shearer - 4 days ago
Beth Chapman was a beautiful lady inside and out. 🌹🌹🌹💖💖🙏😇
Lori Padgett
Lori Padgett - 4 days ago
is that Shannon Tweed sitting over with Dog?
Kaye Owens
Kaye Owens - 4 days ago
Gone but not forgotten.
Donna Toler
Donna Toler - 4 days ago
I watched the tv show from the beginning, my heart and prayers go out to all,of the family.
Loved Beth ,God Bless you and your family.
General Shepherd
General Shepherd - 5 days ago
I quit smoking and drinking 4 yrs ago.I would be dead if I had not quit....
Chrissy Nicole
Chrissy Nicole - 5 days ago
I love u Beth sleep in piece sis✌🏽❤️
Shelley Mason
Shelley Mason - 5 days ago
That woman in the pants in the black shirt that keeps singing she can't f****** sing best funeral was beautiful they had already played or somebody had already sang a beautiful over the rainbow well the Hawaiian lady didher pretty dance and then this woman comes out and it starts singing it for what reason I don't know she can't sing worth a damn she's ruining the funeral it would have been a lot better with her not in it she can't sing
Lisa Ward
Lisa Ward - 5 days ago
So sorry for Beth and her family.R.I.P. beautiful lady.
Okay Love
Okay Love - 5 days ago
That praise team sounds horrible. You can tell they didnt rehearse much.
Pat mathis
Pat mathis - 5 days ago
She is truly missed and always will be. Look forward to seeing her again when your time comes, none of us are here to stay forever. Rest in Paradise Queen Beth.
Maria Santillanes
Maria Santillanes - 6 days ago
His so hurt & lost without her😣 the chapman family is will never be the same ever💔
Debora Mora
Debora Mora - 6 days ago
So so sorry to hear of your loss ,... Beautiful couple, beautiful lady.... Heaven is made for her xo
Kathy Borthwick
Kathy Borthwick - 6 days ago
R.I.P. Beth✨❤️✨🕊✨
James Wasdin
James Wasdin - 6 days ago
Still can't believe she's gone. I used to watch Dog the bounty hunter a lot on a&e back in the day and she was one of my favorites due to how much she reminded me of my mom. Didn't watch any of their new shows, but I can see Duane clearly misses a part of himself from her. Rest in peace, Beth ;(
Barbara Grisel
Barbara Grisel - 6 days ago
My prayers and love to the Chapman family i just lost my mom to lung cancer all of the billions of dollars spent on everything a cure needs to be found my mama was my life she was a believer in our father up above my mom to climbed the stair way to heaven🙏💖😞
anita dondero
anita dondero - 6 days ago
The pain in his face breaks my heart! 💔😭
sons of the constitution militia unit
Fuck that police wannabe bitch and her fag want to be Hawaiian husband aloha bruh LMFAO what a joke
Sassiness - 6 days ago
Tears....What a sweet, sweet remembrance of her. When my time comes to leave this earth I can only hope and pray that my love Ones will remember me like this.
LAE Survivor
LAE Survivor - 7 days ago
Moving service.... thank you for sharing...
Evelyn Pringle
Evelyn Pringle - 7 days ago
Your Boy Pat
Your Boy Pat - 7 days ago
I'm gonna miss Beth. May she Rest In Peace.😭😭😭
The Bad Guy
The Bad Guy - 7 days ago
Dog is such a strong man. Rest in peace Beth
michella khan
michella khan - 7 days ago
disgusting memorial, her husband is walking round the stage like his tacky old self looking for the limelight, absolutely shameless
HE IS TRUTH - 8 days ago
Heidi ROURKE - 8 days ago
She's in a better place no more pain
That's an amazing service
Denise Harper
Denise Harper - 8 days ago
RIP Beautiful soul..😥☝️🤲🙏❤
Debbie Binder
Debbie Binder - 8 days ago
Dog I'm so sorry for you and your family.Beth will always be with you.Before you go to sleep ask her to come to you in your dreams and she will. Rip Beth
Mary Cooks Memorable Dishes
I am watching the interview with "Dog" on ET. I want to say something if that is alright. Six years ago, I lost both my parents four months apart. My parents were my world. We don't always know the reason why. But sometimes I think that some are just tired and ready to go. Although they both were fighting the good fight of faith, (my parents), they went fast. So fast that we didn't really have the chance to say much. So all I can say is that my father who was hanging in there for my mother, went first while she was in the hospital and while we were doing everything to keep her alive. That included fighting and arguing with Docs, taking shifts being there, asking so many questions, until we got on the nurse's nerves. It was a fight. (My mother was hospitalized first). I would take my father to go see her. At one time when I saw the look on his face, while he was visiting her, I knew then he was going to leave. My father would not live without my mom. So he did leave first...and let me tell you, it wasn't easy for me at all. I'm sure not easy for the rest of the family. Our family is still healing. I had to do something for myself to bring some I started sharing my stories on my cooking channel, about my parents. What I'm trying to say, is that sometimes they leave us, becasue they don't want us to suffer watching them suffer. And the other is that my father left first because he simply did not want to see my mother go first. What do you do when someone truly loves each other. Sometimes, they will fight to die first. We are so strange at times...But this I know, you will find comfort in your grief. I really liked Beth a lot. Watching her and how she stood by her man. She was and is an awesome women! A wonderful example! Such a treasure! God bless you all and have a strong spirit through the hardest time of your life! You will get through and you have my prayers! And thank you for sharing the life of your beautiful wife! Xoxo to the family!
Joe Belton
Joe Belton - 8 days ago
I’m not the Dogs biggest fan but my heart truly goes out to him and his family!!! Behind every strong man is a strong woman. And when you find your soul mate they can’t be replaced! Im so sorry for your loss!!! The world lost a good soul!
Jennifer Kallem
Jennifer Kallem - 9 days ago
I love Beth and Dog so much. They’re outstanding people!
This service was beautiful and heartfelt ❤️
I’m gonna get shot for saying this... but I get very negative vibes from that preacher.
they_call_ me_chicago
they_call_ me_chicago - 9 days ago
Beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. Fly high Beth. You earned your wings 🙏🙌
Bitchney Nicole
Bitchney Nicole - 9 days ago
I never met Beth, just watched her through the years ... But i am so thankful we have a video of her services to look into. I feel as if she was an aunt to me. My aunt Beth.
Cheryl Dunn
Cheryl Dunn - 9 days ago
god welcomed a beautiful angel to me she is a rainbow from every beauty that she is love you beth and family god bless
Barbara Zeman
Barbara Zeman - 9 days ago
Beth was a very lucky woman to be loved so much. God Bless all .
Justin Lough
Justin Lough - 9 days ago
Spoiler alert: Grab tissues, this was sad af. Travel well Beth🙏 you will be missed. Stay strong Dog, you will be together again.
Sue Upton
Sue Upton - 9 days ago
I am so sad
Troy Krewson
Troy Krewson - 9 days ago
Patty Bingaman
Patty Bingaman - 10 days ago
I am so sorry for your loss Dog, I have always admired her strength
Latricia R.
Latricia R. - 10 days ago
I send my condolences to Dog & Beth Chapman's family and friends. I pray God uplift and strengthens each family/friends. In Jesus name. I loved her! 😢🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤RIP BETH.❤❤❤
Ho Lee Phuk
Ho Lee Phuk - 4 days ago
@Latricia R. Nice editing after the fact 👏🏻🙏
Latricia R.
Latricia R. - 4 days ago
@Ho Lee Phuk Don't start nothing with me. Condolences are for the living not the dead. Read it again. ✌
Ho Lee Phuk
Ho Lee Phuk - 5 days ago
Sorry, but I don't think she'll get your condolence. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Clear Prop
Clear Prop - 10 days ago
Let her go, she doesn't see or hear anything.. she is DEAD
Adam - 10 days ago
When I was being a dirt bag way back when, Beth, and the Dog, would give me hope on the tv. And Beth, you are fine as fuck. RIP Mama
6812Angela - 10 days ago
How she die
Katherine White
Katherine White - 10 days ago
I so sorry for your lost She in the loveing hands of God now I be praying for you Dog and your family
Thistle DoNicely
Thistle DoNicely - 10 days ago
Look after Dog. He’s lost without her🙏Amen
swipe monster Rio recklezz
RIP Beth
Robin Richards
Robin Richards - 10 days ago
Love y'all
Dusty Cat
Dusty Cat - 10 days ago
Beautiful Service and singing. And the friends took it hard and family.God Bless all of the family and JESUS take care of each person.,,,,,,
Sibylle Wilson
Sibylle Wilson - 10 days ago
The memorial service was was Beth I'll keep my comments about what a wonderful awesome powerful these people worship to myself God aside.. Beth was an amazing woman and May she r.i.p
Jeanette Legacy
Jeanette Legacy - 10 days ago
you can tell how much they were in love RIP BETH WE LOVE YOU.Dog god bless you.
Angela Waits
Angela Waits - 10 days ago
I'm just now watching this, i wasn't ready, so of course i'm bawling my eyes of out.
Petal Pinkton
Petal Pinkton - 10 days ago
What an awful memorial service. Singer in jeans, sister and vicar with potty mouths, people shouting from the gallery and Dog commending his buddy for trophy hunting an endangered species - rhino - in Africa. This was bad, very bad.
Maggy Ebraheem
Maggy Ebraheem - 11 days ago
Beautiful... I love you Beth...R.I.P. you BEAUTIFUL woman. Duane I love you too. GOD BLESS YOU brother.❤️🌹✝❤️🌹
Nolan Walls
Nolan Walls - 11 days ago
God I hate funerals an that fuckin music
Winston Virgo
Winston Virgo - 11 days ago
Dawayne I no wat your goin threw I have my lady in Rehab Downtown Brooklyn and me lord is trying too keep her alive.Me and her did everything together.NYC here u loud and clear bro.Brooklyn's finest.
E Frank
E Frank - 11 days ago
RIP to Beth but all that cussin' in church, really?! ⛔
Delvin Walton
Delvin Walton - 11 days ago
great speech by dog
Delvin Walton
Delvin Walton - 11 days ago
great service
Delvin Walton
Delvin Walton - 11 days ago beth
Heather Seabolt
Heather Seabolt - 12 days ago
God be with her family and friends. We or gowing to miss you Beth. You will always be with all of us.
Cody Blackford
Cody Blackford - 12 days ago
If I could I would trade places with Beth cause she was a amazing woman..touching so many lives and had such a big family and countless friends and the tv friends's not fair to be as big as she was and the loved she showed with family and the tv bad people that live her and dog and there children would life isn't all that big so it's not far that the bad people or people like me get to stay in this life and not her..god bless her family,friends,and tv friends.. I think to, for the ones that didn't get to see all the shows that they did together or just new at all this in honor of her they need to start to the beginning of then first show up to last one she was in..and u will see how they got so big in tv land..and the love the whole family showed on it for one another..and would say a prayer before they had to go catch a bad guy or girl...but even with that they should the bad guys respect if they showed them respect offering a phone or a cig or food even...before they would turn u in...sand for the girls that they would catch Beth would even still let some of the one's who curse or tried to fight them get all of that off there shoulders and wait a little bit and after they would calm down she still offered them a prayer,cigs,food or a phone to call one of there love ones to say they got them and is going to jail kinda like a good bye thing...the Chapman bunch r bigger than life it's self..god bless..
RancisXVanellope Forever
RancisXVanellope Forever - 12 days ago
2 minutes in and I can't stop the tears from flowing :''''( All is not lost Dog, Jesus is with you, and both you and Beth will be reunited in Paradise and live a never-ending life 💖💖💖💖💖
lorrie davis
lorrie davis - 12 days ago
lorrie davis
lorrie davis - 4 days ago
I am not hopeless about anything, I don't think analogies should be humorous the entire time anyone is standing up speaking of their "love of their life" that passed in such a young, unexpected, not to mention horrible long suffering demise. Maybe its just me, and now I'm shaking my head at you obito uchia.... wow! Sorry I think it should've had more heart felt moments, instead of laughs. Im done with this topic. Inappropriate is all I can say, sorry you or anyone else thought it was! RIP Beth! SMH TOO!
obito uchia
obito uchia - 9 days ago
Smh. You are hopeless.
lorrie davis
lorrie davis - 12 days ago
YahshuaLovesMe - 12 days ago
Bye Beth, see you later I hope.
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