Maroon 5 - Memories (Official Video)

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Meme Business
Meme Business - 12 minutes ago
As Buddha said,”Human life is full of sufferings”.
The one’s you love will leave you forever ♾,the children you cared will almost forget you,your friends will pass away in right in front of you when.Some times your child will pass away that’s the most painful thing.When you’re old Your wife will leave you,that will hurt you the most,you are on the death will feel that I wish I could live for more years,that’s the true and harsh reality of life. Accept it or not Death 💀 will approach.
Wira Sulthan
Wira Sulthan - 15 minutes ago
Is this song good? Its look like not a sad song to me?xD
v0id- Gaming
v0id- Gaming - 21 minute ago
u look like walmart
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Captain Price
Anti Cristo
Anti Cristo - 28 minutes ago
I am Mr. Pachebel's lawyer and you Maroon 5 owe me money, for plagiarism about the Canoon in D Major.
우리형메시 - 30 minutes ago
❤❤🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷❤❤ 한국으로 내한공연 자주 오세욤
Cupcake Queen
Cupcake Queen - 50 minutes ago
I listen to your song everyday and inspires me and makes cry
1111이상훈 - 56 minutes ago
Canon in d?
Zero Cool
Zero Cool - 57 minutes ago
Pachelbel's Canon.
Kiran M
Kiran M - Hour ago
Kylie Morey
Kylie Morey - Hour ago
so sad
Donnie Dyar
Donnie Dyar - Hour ago
😭 sorry I am sad my cousin is gone not but I can not see him I wish I can see him one day
Lidia Biscaro
Lidia Biscaro - Hour ago
2020 escuchando esta cancion en plena cuarentena🤕❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣
Shirley Mattingly
Shirley Mattingly - Hour ago
I find myself singing this is my head all day... :-)
Soumya ranjan Rana
Soumya ranjan Rana - 2 hours ago
This song remember my grandpa.who recently passed away at 66 years old .it remember the priceless time spent with him and things i taught by him.
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez - 2 hours ago
Is this for kobe btw rip kobe we well miss you kobe
Gamer Daniella
Gamer Daniella - 2 hours ago
holi personne n'échapd
holi personne n'échapd - 2 hours ago
Holi mollie
Ariel Felipe
Ariel Felipe - 2 hours ago
Saudades do passado, onde eu era feliz.
Jamal Smith
Jamal Smith - 2 hours ago
I 💘 this song
Deepanker Gola
Deepanker Gola - 3 hours ago
Who else is in love with this song.....
yoon 1004
yoon 1004 - 3 hours ago
Simple MV but the message is clear. 👍
Deepanker Gola
Deepanker Gola - 3 hours ago
One word for this masterpiece - NOSTALGIA
X& MANOEL FF - 3 hours ago
🇧🇷❤️ Love 🇧🇷🎧
Sandi Carter
Sandi Carter - 3 hours ago
19 weeks today and I can’t let go. I relive it every Thursday
Eun Ga Eun
Eun Ga Eun - 3 hours ago
Everyone out there be strong and I love y'all I mean it be strong and take care of yourself ,love yourself please .this 2 years have been tough and we've lost so many good people but out there ,there are many other good people ☁️☁️
『 lushy 』
『 lushy 』 - 4 hours ago
I sing it in a loop 0-0 😊❤️💕🥺
스나이퍼 - 4 hours ago
한국인 나오자 형들 ^_^
Antonio Esqueda
Antonio Esqueda - 4 hours ago
Please tell me Maroon 5 is half naked
Anwar Moosa
Anwar Moosa - 4 hours ago
the saddest part is when he said when we were children we didn't know what pain was ):
Antonio Esqueda
Antonio Esqueda - 4 hours ago
Which is worse ebola or conoravius
Rahaf R
Rahaf R - 4 hours ago
i like the song 🎵❤️
حسين حسين
حسين حسين - 4 hours ago
Vere betfol
alanoud bin-semaih
alanoud bin-semaih - 5 hours ago
Ok ok..........
Adam Pro
Adam Pro - 5 hours ago
i want to watch just cause i got hacked in roblox and my girlfriend i will never see her again and i cryed :(
Caio Koschnick
Caio Koschnick - 5 hours ago
Caio Koschnick
Caio Koschnick - 5 hours ago
PC Gamimg
PC Gamimg - 5 hours ago
You remember when nostalgia wasn't even a thing coz you were living it😊😊😊
SHARLO W - 5 hours ago
My Grandmother passed away today, and this song really comforts me a lot. I'll miss her so much😭😭😭💔😢😓😔😖
yuri oliveira
yuri oliveira - 5 hours ago
this songs is so deep, come from the heart
Jessica B
Jessica B - 5 hours ago
Love this song, but what's with the boring, narcissistic video? It could have been so good.
Andrew Junk
Andrew Junk - 5 hours ago
This sounds just like Matisyahu
Niels Hekman
Niels Hekman - 6 hours ago
Memories never go🤘
KikoGamerOXO - 6 hours ago
alguien habla español :v
:r :D :u :3 :v :8
OOHARIFIKA - 6 hours ago
This sounds like a song that never really starts.
Amanda Dantzler
Amanda Dantzler - 6 hours ago
It made me remember when I said I hate you to my boyfriend when I was mad. I regret it solo much. We broke up😭
Carson TowerVEVO
Carson TowerVEVO - 6 hours ago
Mother she not sister Mckenna
sparsh allawadhi
sparsh allawadhi - 6 hours ago
ShAdoW boY
ShAdoW boY - 6 hours ago
This is India TikTok viral song now
Ozukum Aolong
Ozukum Aolong - 7 hours ago
Tommaso Ciampa
Justin Erdenebileg
Justin Erdenebileg - 7 hours ago
Spend time with your relatives(grandparents) before you they leave. When you see the light leave your grandfather, you don't forget. But my story is not sad, I loved him and now is in a better place. He lived in a time of communism and poverty. respect your elders and love them. Please consider spending time with your grandparents. Bye and love don't hate.
love you marron
wanjiru maina
wanjiru maina - 7 hours ago
❤️❤️ Memories bring back u.
Everything will be alright.
Cheers 🥂
Elena Angel
Elena Angel - 7 hours ago
wait is that the same guy in sugar!!!??
Sunthara gege
Sunthara gege - 7 hours ago
Danna Garcia
Danna Garcia - 7 hours ago
My cousin literally loves this song🤣🤣
Miguel Arantes dutra
Miguel Arantes dutra - 7 hours ago
Te music is beautiful
Mazin HQ
Mazin HQ - 8 hours ago
Hay vsause , Micheal here
Travis Morton
Travis Morton - 8 hours ago
i love your song about my uncle TJ
Eva Romão Gaspar
Eva Romão Gaspar - 8 hours ago
Genesis Santos
Genesis Santos - 8 hours ago
Michell callejas
Michell callejas - 8 hours ago
la cancion es mi favorita
Hads The panda lover
Hads The panda lover - 8 hours ago
Hads The panda lover
Hads The panda lover - 8 hours ago
Priyank Maheshwari
Priyank Maheshwari - 8 hours ago
Are you missing your friends while listing this song?
Netra Choudhary’s classes
My good moments of my life will only become my memories
salman sbib
salman sbib - 8 hours ago
AZ LYRICS - 9 hours ago lyrics translated English / french ☺😍🤩🥰🌹❤
Korean Girl
Korean Girl - 9 hours ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I LOVE U
Jeová Silva
Jeová Silva - 9 hours ago
eu ouço Canon ? rsrs
NO IMAGE - 9 hours ago
This hits really different now
-- - 9 hours ago
You should your channel
gaming with Asa
gaming with Asa - 9 hours ago
I cry every time😭😭😭
Anne Bulcao
Anne Bulcao - 9 hours ago
Pura perfeição ❤❤❤ doo do...
GLORY KING - 9 hours ago
Parker Young
Parker Young - 9 hours ago
I fell so sorry because of all the people’s relatives who have passed during this song 😔😟
Pompi Basumatary
Pompi Basumatary - 9 hours ago
This song 🔥
Reone Raj
Reone Raj - 9 hours ago
This song reminds me my childhood and those friends who I lost 😭😭😭
Jugessur Govindlall
Jugessur Govindlall - 10 hours ago
I loose my best friend my son my all happiest the one who teach me how to live how to smile again he suddenly stop eat stop play my baby Paul. My Labrador he was a hero he will be eternal till my last breath I always love u Paul rest in peace this song make me remind you son thanks for everythings
Praveen Hegde
Praveen Hegde - 10 hours ago
Damn so meaningful😍
destiny saphirus
destiny saphirus - 10 hours ago
primer comen en español😂
like si vajaste para ver si habian coments en español (yo si)
auto like (+()+)
Willem - 10 hours ago
It's not about how much time you's how you used it..
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