Maroon 5 - Memories

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Putu Arjunawan
Putu Arjunawan - 18 seconds ago


Isis López de Gondell
Isis López de Gondell - 2 minutes ago
You beat yourself !!!😍😍👏🏼
Putu Arjunawan
Putu Arjunawan - 3 minutes ago
Mahluk mars membantai bumi
Karim Nouaoui
Karim Nouaoui - 3 minutes ago
Black And White
Black And White - 4 minutes ago
This song is the perfect song to be in JOKER 🃏 Movie 🎥, who else find it good to be in the movie 🍿????
Putu Arjunawan
Putu Arjunawan - 4 minutes ago
Pentol cilok😒
Sarah Mystique
Sarah Mystique - 6 minutes ago
Memories - ROOT-WORD is MEM which comes from meminisse which means TO REMEMBER.

My fav lines are - "Now my heart feel like December when somebody say your name
'Cause I can't reach out to call you, but I know I will one day, yeah

.. awesome song.. beautiful lyrics ...soft music... loved it a lot 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
gedeon po ako
gedeon po ako - 6 minutes ago
And the memories bring back memories bring back bold
Sarah Mystique
Sarah Mystique - 9 minutes ago
I miss him a lot 💗.. even though I drink to forget him, I cant forget him.. Memories of him flash all the time.. I hope at least my name crosses his mind sometime.. :-)
jeanne anne ramos
jeanne anne ramos - 9 minutes ago
I love you!as always adam.❤️
Lizzard Likes To Play
Lizzard Likes To Play - 12 minutes ago
I don't know why but I get Canon in D vibes ( oh the chords are same I guess)
Owenayen - 13 minutes ago
Tik Tok NewS
Tik Tok NewS - 16 minutes ago
Vn điểm danh tớ nhé
Khaled Barg
Khaled Barg - 17 minutes ago
2009: Adam Levine

2019: Rhett from good mythical morning
hillah kibe
hillah kibe - 19 minutes ago
If you have heard this song more than 5 times.... Hit a like
Sean - 20 minutes ago
Nice, they made a lyrics for Canon Rock.
Sean - 23 minutes ago
Is it me or it sounds like Canon Rock?
Mr Lule
Mr Lule - 25 minutes ago
My next google search:

"How to repair replay button"
Baby GlockNin9
Baby GlockNin9 - 28 minutes ago
Rest up my brother 😞💔
Bella Hihe
Bella Hihe - 28 minutes ago
the nostalgic effect 💟
James white
James white - 31 minute ago
Weird beard
LTZ - 31 minute ago
in memory of fortnite chapter 1
Asmawi Hadzri
Asmawi Hadzri - 32 minutes ago
Gifted Adam Levine.
wild jiribam
wild jiribam - 33 minutes ago
Iva Jarošová
Iva Jarošová - 34 minutes ago
Jarrison - 36 minutes ago
Canon 🙂
Nefer Pitou
Nefer Pitou - 38 minutes ago
cannon rock??
Cadence Carnicom
Cadence Carnicom - 40 minutes ago
This is my new favorite song everrr🤩😍
It'sJhared Duran
It'sJhared Duran - 41 minute ago
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Akash Jana
Akash Jana - 42 minutes ago
Who are the dislikers?
Syafiq Gusta
Syafiq Gusta - 44 minutes ago
2009 Adam Levine
2019 Vidal
Avenoir - 46 minutes ago
only god knows how much i love Maroon 5
Roberto Libo-on
Roberto Libo-on - 48 minutes ago
1:30 i remember Avi
dika gaming
dika gaming - 48 minutes ago
Indonesia hadir
李威頡 - 53 minutes ago
50 million under a few weeks...this is insane
Ayodhya Chanel
Ayodhya Chanel - 54 minutes ago
JP Hann
JP Hann - 55 minutes ago
Why u have no shirt
GodL Sparky
GodL Sparky - 55 minutes ago
Now my heart feel like December,
when somebody say your name.
Cause I can't reach out to call you,
*But I know I will one day*
Kevin Sinaga
Kevin Sinaga - 58 minutes ago
it is a canon song
Gena Momin
Gena Momin - 58 minutes ago
Ragnar Lothbrok much? Vikings?
lux shahash
lux shahash - 58 minutes ago
When I listened this song you really did bring my memories when I first listened your Song Sugar...😊😊😊
Geraldine Aj
Geraldine Aj - 59 minutes ago
Who's here before it reach 100 million?
alba S.R
alba S.R - Hour ago
Cheers to the wish you were here but you're not 💔💔
化権 - Hour ago
Franco Dagz
Franco Dagz - Hour ago
Who's still listening 2030
Talahasii Tabs
Talahasii Tabs - Hour ago
Condolence Adam. Jordi will be forever with you :(
Shadman Sayeed
Shadman Sayeed - Hour ago
Adam Levine integrating Canon in D in a Pop song is the best thing I've seen in a while
Troy Quiachon
Troy Quiachon - Hour ago
the hardest part is when the person who brings you the best memories becomes a memory
k-pop is life
k-pop is life - Hour ago
How much did they spent in Girls like you?😂✌️✌️
al ikhsan
al ikhsan - Hour ago
Is that Baldurr?
Hario Sabrang
Hario Sabrang - Hour ago
deymm adam levine just look like vaas from far cry 3
8 bit
8 bit - Hour ago
Rosé Shay
Rosé Shay - Hour ago
Cheers 🥂 to the ones that we got
iYellow - Hour ago
Reminds me of freaks
Procesa Tuban
Procesa Tuban - Hour ago
This song is my comfort zone ❤️
وين العربي لايك
jerry tatum
jerry tatum - Hour ago
uhm. this sounds familiar asf
Misao Miyahara
Misao Miyahara - Hour ago
DAMNNNNN!!! This song makes me feel like it’s already CHRISTMAS😍😍(MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE😂)
Vinh Còi Vlog
Vinh Còi Vlog - Hour ago
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