Celta Vigo 2-2 FC Barcelona - HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS - 6/27/20

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Juan Esteban
Juan Esteban - 2 days ago
De Jong needs help in the midfield these youngsters ain't good just yet tbh💯🤦‍♂️
M - 5 days ago
Suarezzzzzz, best 9 ever
Nitesh Katwal
Nitesh Katwal - 5 days ago
This guy Ray Hudson is so bad at his job, why he still has it is beyond me.
baked biskys
baked biskys - 6 days ago
messi displaying magic as always!
tyler gabrielsen
tyler gabrielsen - 6 days ago
Why does this game seem like a joke lmao
DaBassBoss - 7 days ago
"Absolute high school marking" I'm dyinggggg haha
light yagami
light yagami - 7 days ago
ter stegen always pullen through
Eduardo Gomez
Eduardo Gomez - 7 days ago
Daaamn that commentator is very biased
Rock girl
Rock girl - 7 days ago
I love Ray Hudson man but the dude is biased. The excitement when Barca score is not the same when any other team scores smh
David Pizza
David Pizza - 7 days ago
Suarez scream at 4:05
Faze Chino
Faze Chino - 7 days ago
Tbh people are over hyping Puig and Fati they are still young and they didn’t have any impact on this game
Rock girl
Rock girl - 7 days ago
injury and now the board is playing rotisserie league with our best prospects and can't keep a coach for a whole season... Barca is going to be mid-table at best once Messi a
Kanyes Son
Kanyes Son - 7 days ago
I still won’t let go when Iago missed the penalty against Russia😞😂
Dez - 7 days ago
Man suarez is a pure pure scorer...might look scrappy but his positioning is through the roof
Jtmr.16 - 7 days ago
The players miss so many chances Idk how you can blame the coach
Dead Shot
Dead Shot - 7 days ago
Very slopping def especially in such an important game ..smh.
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - 7 days ago
Yet another disease control guideline contradiction...
Cristian Alvarado
Cristian Alvarado - 7 days ago
Real Madrid 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Rafinha Latvezzi
Rafinha Latvezzi - 7 days ago
If you want a Free goal just go towards Pique
I am not that creative
I am not that creative - 7 days ago
A draw against Celta Vigo and all of sudden "the board has ruined the club" like f*ck you guys are still in top 2. Imagine supporting a club like Deportivo La Coruna,Rangers,or Bury. Clubs with actual issues. Yes Barca have problems, but with the way yall are carrying on, I thought the board must've lost this game 6-0, and turned the Camp Nou to a bed&breakfast. Calm down, Real will probably collapse,and you guys will (most likely) win another title.
palex6248 - 8 days ago
Damn close to 3-2 for Celta Noelito missed it
Riley Woodbeck
Riley Woodbeck - 8 days ago
Muchisimas gracias, Celta!!!
Jay Shan
Jay Shan - 8 days ago
I think Rafinha dived
steven sparkz
steven sparkz - 8 days ago
hahahha they call this bum the goat , he can't even lead barcelona against celta ..sh hahahahahhaahh
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia - 8 days ago
Don't turn around if you are on the wall. Very stupid mistake by you know who. Plus, that was not a foul. Also, first goal no one tracks back.
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea - 8 days ago
Whenever Barca loses its always the coach's fault lol
steve sanchez
steve sanchez - 8 days ago
Barca is so bad now and I’m saying that as a Barca fan, when messi leaves we’ll just be another team in la liga that’s unless they find someone who can actually coach
Pseudo Ra
Pseudo Ra - 8 days ago
Messi in decline. He’s already peaked. Barca’s midfield has declined. The defense is mediocre. Damn. This might be the end of Barca’s trophy haul.
AVID Sion - 8 days ago
Umtiti looks like a 70 year old man out there. I mean, seriously, how do your midfielders beat you back to the box on a 2v1? He hasn't been anywhere near where he was before injury and now the board is playing rotisserie league with our best prospects and can't keep a coach for a whole season... Barca is going to be mid-table at best once Messi and Suarez retire unless they completely tear the team sheet up, fire everyone, and rebuild. I'm not the biggest football fan, but as a die hard hockey fan (New York Rangers), I know how hard it can be to get rid of guys that took you to the pinnacle just a few years ago, but it's worth one or two bad seasons once the youngsters find their footing, trust me!
H A - 8 days ago
Mr. Hudson just wayyyyy too much on the metaphors and accolades for Barca
Slayer. IQ
Slayer. IQ - 8 days ago
What is Barca gonna do put pijanic at defense. Plus pijanic is 30 and Arthur is 23 like what is this shit team thinking about.
Elkins Four
Elkins Four - 8 days ago
Aspas always underrated.
Elkins Four
Elkins Four - 8 days ago
Thanks for posting the score in the title every time.
Frek77 - 8 days ago
I don't follow this sport, I just wanted to hear the fake crowd noise.
Jordan Ullom
Jordan Ullom - 8 days ago
Great to see Umtiti strolling back to "help" on the Smolov goal, especially when Umtiti being way out of position led to the 2 on 1.
nima mokhtari
nima mokhtari - 8 days ago
3:11 Umtiti is not even trying to catch the ball! he literally reduced his speed!!
Polillo 88
Polillo 88 - 8 days ago
Barkalona fans are Liverpool fan's now
Tomas Ashenafi
Tomas Ashenafi - 8 days ago
Only loss in a 10 team parlay. Wtf
CARLOS ARRIOLA - 8 days ago
thad goodson
thad goodson - 8 days ago
Is the color guy pro barcelona?
Abadin Rani
Abadin Rani - 8 days ago
The commentator mentioning Dracula when Suarez scored? 😱 Everyone knows that he's a biter. 😂 😂 😂
Lucky Avocado
Lucky Avocado - 8 days ago
As a Barça fan, they suck this season and compared to their previous squads! Their dropping points and it’s looking like Madrid will win, and if they do, they deserve it! They look way stronger this season! Now the only issue I have with Barcelona is the ENTIRE SQUAD, THE MANGER, AND THE BOARD! Now with the squad, to be more specific, their attacking options. Yea sure Suarez can still play, but he’s way WAY past his prime, he’s aging! He’s not what he use to be when he first joined or when he played for Liverpool, that was the goal scoring machine! Griezmann, total flop, few goals here and there but still, not producing at all as originally planned! Messi, carrying the time as always! Dembele is always prone to injury! Fati is too young, can’t just put pressure on him just yet! Then there’s the mid field, shambles! First of why did they sell Arthur!? Bid MISTAKE! The mid field could have been De Jong,Richard Puiq and Arthur! A young, faster, stronger mid field! Instead it’s Arturo Vidal, Busquets, and Rakitc! Who to be fair, they produce decently but they are wayyyyyyy past their prime! And the defense🤦‍♂️ not what they use to be that’s for sure! First off, Piqué, way past his prime too! Umtiti, injury prone as well! And clearly doesn’t like to run, prime example when Celta scored their first goal! Lenglet is alright, he just needs someone else besides Piqué and Umtiti. But with Umtiti, It just looks like he doesn’t care as much! Jordi Alba is ehhhh, Firpo, another FLOP! Nelson Semido is ehhh same with Sergi Roberto. No, tbh their decent, but not amazingly good. And to add on, we Barça fans aren’t seeing the Griezmann and Umtiti that produced and won the WORLD CUP like what the heck! Barça are too dependent on these older more experienced players, not that experienced players are bad cause they know the game, but it doesn’t give the younger,faster, players a chance to play and see their potential! But they are WAY past their prime and aren’t producing enough! And the manager🤦‍♂️ he’s better that Ernesto Valverde, that’s for sure but Setien is not Zidane level or Klopp! Which is probably difficult to find during these times, but still. Last but not least, the board, they’ve always been a mess, let’s be honest here💀 but Barça have to get their priorities straight if not, their not gonna make UCL or win titles if they keep in playing at this level! Aka playing to make it to half time and the end of the game! I swear, if you compare nows team to let’s say 2004, 2010, 2012, 2015, and 2017, now those were at least some threatening squads, nowadays, their a joke compared to their previous squads*^^ They have to renovate the entire squad, change tactics, train harder, and have a MOTIVE! Like I said before, it looks like they play to make it to half time then to end the game, not to win at all! Now I want anyone to prove me wrong!
Big Dongus
Big Dongus - 8 days ago
Ah yes, Barcelona buy Coutinho, nothing changes. Hm let’s by another fucking attacking player. Buys Greizmen, eh, give him time. After Barca loose the title race, we should still by Martinez. Barca loose the title once again. *Hm maybe if we buy Mbappe*
Octavio Campos
Octavio Campos - 7 days ago
Bro , hahahahaha.
Duarte Amaro Figueira
Duarte Amaro Figueira - 8 days ago
Ray Hudson is so bias. If that first pass for Celta's first goal had been done by any Barcelona player (let alone Messi) he would still be screaming about it...
Duarte Amaro Figueira
Duarte Amaro Figueira - 8 days ago
he called it a "fine ball" ahahahaha
Its Kk
Its Kk - 8 days ago
The Barca playing can not win CL
Xavier G.
Xavier G. - 8 days ago
Thanks to wacka wacka pique 😂😂😂
Nacho Cabrera
Nacho Cabrera - 8 days ago
How'd the celta guy miss that last opportunity :(
David Magaña
David Magaña - 8 days ago
Bro they never scored a free kick on ter stegen
TheMainsource01 - 8 days ago
Messi still with the touch.
Tomas Morales
Tomas Morales - 8 days ago
they should of had a pk but var is trash bit they should blame their defense before lookin at the var
linton blaise
linton blaise - 8 days ago
Barca defense needs work
Ermir P
Ermir P - 8 days ago
No criticism for “the best gk in the world” huh? He set that wall up like someone from the U-9 teams would.
Pantaaa - 7 days ago
Lol what? So it had nothing to do with Griezmann turning his back and almost away from the shot then? Not Ter Stegen’s fault.
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez - 8 days ago
Like what the *** what's wrong with barsa, please too much stupid moves can these players learn to score from outside the box. Like Rakitic does sometimes, defenders please stay back where u should be
Marcelo BC12
Marcelo BC12 - 8 days ago
Only Iago could take on Barca and save Spain but when Spain needed him most he vanished.
Josh M
Josh M - 8 days ago
Who’s cheering?? I didn’t see anyone in the stands
mario velasquez
mario velasquez - 8 days ago
Que malo el barça
Luz Diaz
Luz Diaz - 8 days ago
Leo Messi D10S del fútbol , creado cosas nuevas 👏👏⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
paul vicks
paul vicks - 8 days ago
So Laliga does not support *Black Lives Matter* movement? I don't see them taking a knee like Premier league
Uzo Design
Uzo Design - 8 days ago
Damn! How does Nolito miss that last chance?
IM1THE2KING3 - 8 days ago
SPY Bull or Bear monday?
Carlos cantú Lozano
Carlos cantú Lozano - 9 days ago
Love Messi and Suárez and grizman
Yash Bansal
Yash Bansal - 9 days ago
wtf was griezmann doing
Rutexas - 9 days ago
Drama queen commentator and his butt nut ex hockey commentator a mask won't do you guys need a muzzle.
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf - 9 days ago
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Johnny David
Johnny David - 9 days ago
I swear every Barca game I watch, Pique be fking up
Doctor Sar
Doctor Sar - 9 days ago
bye bye messhit, your time of scam people is finishing. Or maybe Barcelona with the help of Spanish Football Federation gonna pay other teams and referees to help win another ballon de or, like 2011 to present.
Danny G
Danny G - 9 days ago
Yo so I haven’t watched a live game since the season started, is that actual fans cheering? Or are they just playing an audio lol
Silvio Alcantara
Silvio Alcantara - 9 days ago
Pistolero? You mean The Cannibal is back! Lol
NTCG 25 - 9 days ago
Barca needs a overhaul, they need youngsters aswell as a new board because bartomeu isn't doing justice. Why would you trade Arthur, a young spritely player for pjanic a 30 year old player? The average age in barça's squad is 30+ years old. In summation, younger players as well as a new board that believes in the same ideology of young players is much needed
Spurs Flying High
Spurs Flying High - 9 days ago
I always said Grizzman is shit and overrated and no one believed me. Now they do.
e D
e D - 9 days ago
Okayyyyyy adamsın vamossssss
MC Gamer YT
MC Gamer YT - 9 days ago
Poor defending from rakitic and umtiti
Sami RAP - Freestyle
Sami RAP - Freestyle - 9 days ago
If Barcelona tied against Celta, imagine what will happen vs Atlético Madrid
Leonardo Kwak
Leonardo Kwak - 9 days ago
Philippe Melo
Philippe Melo - 9 days ago
Pique has been desteoying Barcelona, since 2016.
Celestino Garcia
Celestino Garcia - 9 days ago
Laporta 2 pls now!!!!!
Al C
Al C - 9 days ago
Luis Suarez keeps shutting haters one more time
James Araujo
James Araujo - 9 days ago
the second commentator is mad annoying
hans robert jean louis
hans robert jean louis - 9 days ago
We have to admit the French world champions players in the Barcelona squad are doing a poor job with a low level of quality the coach has to stop using them on the field.
They are the weak link .
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