Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally

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Edelyse Dillon
Edelyse Dillon - Hour ago
The airflash matches best
Andrea Isabella Otero
When I heard the price I was like and I oop
Kaleigh Fehringer
Kaleigh Fehringer - Hour ago
I think that the fenty foundation was the closest match
Melanie Valle
Melanie Valle - Hour ago
Th Fenty foundation was my favorite
Wennie Luu
Wennie Luu - 2 hours ago
Morphe and Fenty
Madi Scarbrough
Madi Scarbrough - 2 hours ago
Speak no Evil
Speak no Evil - 4 hours ago
I love how at some points in the video he was unintentionally flipping us off 😂
Swimming giulia
Swimming giulia - 5 hours ago
*james, james, james , U HAVE A PINK UNDERTONE*
Leah Francis
Leah Francis - 5 hours ago
makeup forever
David Kalmaz
David Kalmaz - 6 hours ago
sofia minerva
sofia minerva - 6 hours ago
Your from New York? I had no Idea, well, I am from there too!!!!
Gigi Bears
Gigi Bears - 7 hours ago
Fenty was the best match
Kitija Abakumova
Kitija Abakumova - 9 hours ago
Dior and fenty
rahaff TM
rahaff TM - 11 hours ago
Imika Roberts
Imika Roberts - 11 hours ago
i love the first shade- two faced i think its called
Isabella Rios
Isabella Rios - 13 hours ago
Vine House
Vine House - 13 hours ago
Fenty was the best in my opinion.
Tiffany Hernandez
Tiffany Hernandez - 14 hours ago
Makenna Sawyer
Makenna Sawyer - 15 hours ago
Calleigh P.
Calleigh P. - 15 hours ago
do you have a necklace that says "sisters" on it? OMG pls take my recomendation !!!
ISABELLA BORGES - 15 hours ago
I like two faced better
PastelGamer Productions
PastelGamer Productions - 15 hours ago
is James growing a moustache
Maria Pineda
Maria Pineda - 16 hours ago
Too faced, Dior, and Fenty look the best in my opinion

Savannah08 TheGreat
Savannah08 TheGreat - 16 hours ago
I think the foundation changed color on his face because he gets kind if red. No offense to James love you but I think that's what happened
Kylie Baxter
Kylie Baxter - 17 hours ago
I am literally watching you from North Carolina(other side of the country)
Leslie Sanders
Leslie Sanders - 17 hours ago
Oh, and Fenty
Leslie Sanders
Leslie Sanders - 18 hours ago
Your face looks bright pink in the beginning of this vid, son. Pls listen to your fans, you have pink undertones!!! Xo
Evelyn Lamarre
Evelyn Lamarre - 18 hours ago
Too faced
Robyn Gear
Robyn Gear - 20 hours ago
I think the Fenty foundation looked best on you
PinkGalaxy_UNICORN G
PinkGalaxy_UNICORN G - 21 hour ago
Too faced
Drew Doughety
Drew Doughety - 22 hours ago
Dior and Fenty
Cynthia Fabela
Cynthia Fabela - 23 hours ago
Not trying to be rude sister but why do u look kinda red
Joey Drown
Joey Drown - 23 hours ago
All great don't let comments hurt you
Kolbet Schrichte
Kolbet Schrichte - Day ago
Taylor Gordon
Taylor Gordon - Day ago
Ur beautiful with or without makeup
Ada Martinez
Ada Martinez - Day ago
fenty beauty is perfect
Ally B yo
Ally B yo - Day ago
I think the last one
Molly G
Molly G - Day ago
I think fenti
Nola DiPasquale
Nola DiPasquale - Day ago
James we want to see your beautiful hair take off your hoodie!
Sofie Anderson
Sofie Anderson - Day ago
fenty matched you the best
Jaelyn Halpain
Jaelyn Halpain - Day ago
James 3 years ago: I dont like it. James now: Ooh I like this one
HappyHorseGirl98 - Day ago
fenty, makeup forever or too faced
Sydney VT
Sydney VT - Day ago
Wait does each individual foundation cost $1000 or altogether
XxGcJ08 xX
XxGcJ08 xX - 23 hours ago
Sydney VT altogether😂😂
Fayha Rehman
Fayha Rehman - Day ago
Helin Tan
Helin Tan - Day ago
Yf7t 7tc8txt8 yes sister
Emily Hartsoe
Emily Hartsoe - Day ago
James people made fun of me in 4th grade for my foundation just matching my skin (they were just being mean and I suppose they were jealous) so I just used tanning lotion so that my foundation matches my body 😂😂. What I’m trying to say is the people that make fun of you are often very jealous of you so don’t let anyone drag u down!!
Lov Pap
Lov Pap - Day ago
Celebrity much
Kelly Byers
Kelly Byers - Day ago
Dior or Fenty
Alyssa Ward
Alyssa Ward - Day ago
love you!
letsplay lala
letsplay lala - Day ago
Makeup forever and Fenty I think
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