Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally

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africkso - Minute ago
2019, the year of james charles finally realizing he's caucasian
I love Cats
I love Cats - Minute ago
I bet that darn medium olive would've won
Daniella Virtu
Daniella Virtu - Minute ago
This was posted on my mom's birthday
nixel - 3 minutes ago
fenty beauty!! dior is not bad either.
Marianna Blogs
Marianna Blogs - 4 minutes ago
Dior spray one the second one is the best tbh
Colin Wilhelm
Colin Wilhelm - 5 minutes ago
i think fenty!
sim.saurus - 8 minutes ago
Did you donate the shades that didn’t match you? 💕 I think that’s such a positive thing to do I’m always happy to hear about it
Dayna Gaffney17
Dayna Gaffney17 - 8 minutes ago
The Fenty beauty is barely noticeable!
Natalee Dong
Natalee Dong - 9 minutes ago
fenty and morphe i guess
Megans Stuff
Megans Stuff - 9 minutes ago
Maybe it's the camera or lighting but does he look more red than normal?
Sam Elwell
Sam Elwell - 10 minutes ago
Sister James your not the only one that can’t find a good fun and fresh foundation match 😂😭
Alysa Rain
Alysa Rain - 14 minutes ago
I liked the two faced and fenty!!!
Amanda M
Amanda M - 14 minutes ago
Venty Beaty pro 1.70 or is it 170 if this is wrong it’s the second to last it was the best!!!!!
Christine Sheldon
Christine Sheldon - 15 minutes ago
Btw you should go on tour for singing and show a makeup looks
Felicia Dolan
Felicia Dolan - 15 minutes ago
The Fenty shade looked best for James
Christine Sheldon
Christine Sheldon - 16 minutes ago
The Fenty is amazing and the two faced but mainly the Fenty btw a lot of my makeup looks are inspired by you thanks ily hope I can meet you
Lisabeth - 17 minutes ago
morphe and fenty hands down were the best for you
Avery Zulim
Avery Zulim - 17 minutes ago
The milk one looks like ass tbh. 💀😂
Avery Zulim
Avery Zulim - 18 minutes ago
Campbell's Creative Crafts
Campbell's Creative Crafts - 19 minutes ago
The Fenty Beauty foundation definitely was your best match, besides the Too Faced one.
Tip: for those of you who get bored watching shopping, skip to 9:14.
Laura Abigail
Laura Abigail - 20 minutes ago
Dior or too faced!!
kit kat
kit kat - 20 minutes ago
Why do all the young youtubers own a Tesla???
QTpie CAT - 20 minutes ago
Liv Nic
Liv Nic - 20 minutes ago
the morphe one that you loved looked so orange. just because they sell your palette does NOT mean you have to love their orange cakey foundation
Patricia Alonso
Patricia Alonso - 20 minutes ago
either fenty or too faced
Ana gabriela Burgos buaiz
Ana gabriela Burgos buaiz - 22 minutes ago
I think Too Faced or Fenty 😻
aafnann - 23 minutes ago
i sometimes forget hes a guy
FARWA HAIDER - 23 minutes ago
Fenty too faced and morphe are the best matches
Michell M.
Michell M. - 24 minutes ago
The fenty beauty one looks really good ! So good that I think it's not rly that much of a concern if it's not blended into the neck .... but regardless, foundation should be worn in different lighting situations and then given a score as to how well it matches the skin
XxSilentSilverxX - 26 minutes ago
23:42 James looks like he joined a tribe xD
Zoe Rutherford
Zoe Rutherford - 27 minutes ago
The Fenty shade looks sooo good
Araceli Pompa
Araceli Pompa - 28 minutes ago
I think you shoes to a twenty four hour with long nails on
Tristen Elaine
Tristen Elaine - 28 minutes ago
Too Faced & Fenty ‼️‼️‼️
torisskincare - 30 minutes ago
Hi James! The redness in your face might be what’s causing the difference between the face and neck shades. Would you ever try a green tint on your face before your makeup? I think that would help you be able to blend any foundation to your neck and chest so you’re not so limited to specific shades because that kinda sucks!!
Ps I think it’s so super cool that you take criticism and turn it into amazing content. That’s a good life skill ♥️
Amanda M
Amanda M - 32 minutes ago
When u got scared with the spray 😂😂😂 that killed me..... and the fart 😂😂😂😂
Blurryface - 34 minutes ago
Stefano Giordano
Stefano Giordano - 34 minutes ago
so sexy
Brittany Anderson
Brittany Anderson - 36 minutes ago
The fenty beauty looked best
B B - 37 minutes ago
James: I know tana uses this so it’s probably gonna be horrible
Me: 😯 sister shook 😂
Kayla Hodson
Kayla Hodson - 39 minutes ago
fenty or two faced for sure
najila castillo-wright
najila castillo-wright - 41 minute ago
fenty and two faced 100%
Melissa sardha
Melissa sardha - 42 minutes ago
I Reaaallly Like The Fenty one😍😍😍😍😍
Zuzanna Cechini
Zuzanna Cechini - 43 minutes ago
too faced
Dannia Mena
Dannia Mena - 45 minutes ago
too faced and fenty are like brooo
olivia heck
olivia heck - 46 minutes ago
dior and fenty
UrZombie Queen
UrZombie Queen - 46 minutes ago
You’re pretty fair skinned with neutral pink undertones. I think the Milk makeup matched OVERALL. Yes your face looked paler compared but you could just use a shade darker powder to darker it. The Fenty looked like a good match too.
OffToNeverLandIAm CatchMeIfIFlyAway
The only problem I have finding the right shade is it not being pale enough 😂😂
Patricia Alonso
Patricia Alonso - 47 minutes ago
i have the too faced in light beige
May Alk
May Alk - 48 minutes ago
The Fenty and too face was the best on your face not gonna lie
Juan Vazquez Orozco
Juan Vazquez Orozco - 48 minutes ago
I think fenty
GalacticVoid - 49 minutes ago
If your foundation doesn’t match....... Honestly I don’t care that much... it’s not that big of a deal.... 🤷🏽‍♂️
Epl0d1n9_Bomb_ 09
Epl0d1n9_Bomb_ 09 - 50 minutes ago
2019 btw
BriBri Bleu
BriBri Bleu - 50 minutes ago
Mia_Best - 50 minutes ago
I think the last foundation the Morphe one was the best one because all the other ones were either too pale on your face and to tan on your body or perfect on your face and way to orange toned on your body but the Morphe one matched perfectly
Oreo The Cutie
Oreo The Cutie - 51 minute ago
I think the Fenty color matched. You could hardly see a difference between the neck, chest and face.

Imma miss tan James 😥
Tiffany Kwan
Tiffany Kwan - 52 minutes ago
i think fenty or makeup forever
Katheryn Casas
Katheryn Casas - 54 minutes ago
The fenty was perfect!!!
Stephanie Almanza
Stephanie Almanza - 54 minutes ago
The fenty and the two face were bomb🤩💘
Slightly Feral
Slightly Feral - 56 minutes ago
Hands down fenty
andi wol
andi wol - 56 minutes ago
I love your video but you know they have a app for this right
Brittany Phelps
Brittany Phelps - 56 minutes ago
Fenty like all the way t is absolutely your complete skin tone it is just on fleek
Meleva Asério
Meleva Asério - 57 minutes ago
You should go find ... Well ... Forget it!
JennaRosieMarie - 58 minutes ago
too faced is the best
Grace Monson
Grace Monson - 58 minutes ago
I love sister James
Megan Keskeys
Megan Keskeys - Hour ago
the fenty was best
Veronica Keveryga
Veronica Keveryga - Hour ago
TWO FACED or FENTY matched the best from what it looks like from my laptop screen xo sister
Caolan Muldoon
Caolan Muldoon - Hour ago
Sub to willne
Troll Hunter x9002 #2
Ivonne Núñez
Ivonne Núñez - Hour ago
You know you’re fluent in English when you can watch James and understand every single word that comes out of his mouth at 50 mph
Iulia MattyLorys
Iulia MattyLorys - Hour ago
Fenty is the best on you 😏
Black Lily
Black Lily - Hour ago
GUnicorn DIY
GUnicorn DIY - Hour ago
The Fenty foundation was definitely the best match for you.
Aesthetic Aegaeon
Aesthetic Aegaeon - Hour ago
*you need to go outside more.*
Leah Mendenhall
Leah Mendenhall - Hour ago
too faced or fenty but i think fenty matched a little better :)
Emo ScreamO xD
Emo ScreamO xD - Hour ago
fenty or born this way
Kamryn Eversole
Kamryn Eversole - Hour ago
12:58 sister did you flip me off. Eh I deserved it🤣
Eliza Garcia-Correa
Eliza Garcia-Correa - Hour ago
i pretty sure the fenty beauty is the best and besides that their opinion all you gotta do is you sister.
Zoey Desmond
Zoey Desmond - Hour ago
The one that blended the most to me was the makeup forever y.325
unicorn friendship
unicorn friendship - Hour ago
honestly he should of blended all the foundations he had on his face anyway for the heck of it then did the individuals next
Gabija - Hour ago
Too Faced for sure
Israel Sandoval
Israel Sandoval - Hour ago
did james sister secretly flip us off on 12:57
Kaleigh Saunders
Kaleigh Saunders - Hour ago
fenty or morphy
Jazzy Fizzle._
Jazzy Fizzle._ - Hour ago
Between Dior and fenty 💕
Nahiara Cruz
Nahiara Cruz - Hour ago
The too faced it's just perfect
Kayla V
Kayla V - Hour ago
Too faced matched the peachy natural skin tone of your face overall good match; makeup forever is a good match and amazing for a sun kissed glow so more of a summery look; and fenty is a well balanced of the in between and really pretty look :) 💕
Chan💕😛💭 - Hour ago
Wow how do you survive in Sephora?? I would assume everyone would swarm you in there
Metamorph Forest
Metamorph Forest - Hour ago
Either fenty or morphe I think. Fenty would be good if you aren't gonna be going crazy on bronzer and contour, and morphe would be good if you want to do a more dramatic contoured look since it appears to be a little bit lighter. But you are for sure not warm undertone on your face and neck, more like cool or maybe even neutral. Pretty much no one's face, neck and chest are the same colour
Now presenting Gia Oltrogge XD
Fenty 170
broth3rs - Hour ago
How are your vids so popular!?
August Sugar
August Sugar - Hour ago
I really like how the MORPHE one and the TOO FACED looked at him.. especially the morphe it looked less warm and more like the rest of his body. Unlike the MILK one that looked a bit grey being a less warm color
Jenny Gardner
Jenny Gardner - Hour ago
I love James sm 😂❤️
Whitney Carr
Whitney Carr - Hour ago
Morphe is the best PERIODT.
Katelyn Johnston
Katelyn Johnston - Hour ago
#5 to me look appsolutly the best on you
Flying unicorn That is fluffy
I think the first one and the fenty were the best
Angel G
Angel G - Hour ago
Omg the Two Faced and Fenty ones are literally made for u 😍
Bonnie Wiland
Bonnie Wiland - Hour ago
*cries in broke*
kiera melburn
kiera melburn - Hour ago
Hannah Phelan
Hannah Phelan - Hour ago
Brooke Earhart
Brooke Earhart - Hour ago
Fenty was my fav
I cute
I cute - Hour ago
FENTY 170 !!!!!
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