WE GOT MARRIED! **Cody & Zoe's Official Wedding Video**

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the Sister's
the Sister's - Hour ago
2019: Zoe: I didn't mean to cheat Cody: I hate her so much! :(
2020: we got married! Cody + Zoe = Cody
HONEY AND JOSH - 3 hours ago
lovely wedding
john ferreira
john ferreira - 3 hours ago
This is s fake
Valentina Christopher
Valentina Christopher - 3 hours ago
Guys you know this is only for 24 hours
Rachel Lin
Rachel Lin - 4 hours ago
why didnt we get invited doe
kaylee hutch
kaylee hutch - 4 hours ago
that’s one ugly ass wedding
Tomya Razz
Tomya Razz - 4 hours ago
How beautiful 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
rathsamee manychan
rathsamee manychan - 5 hours ago
Yay bby
HaleyPlays MSP xD
HaleyPlays MSP xD - 6 hours ago
Wait d-did u say kobe 😖😖😫😢😢😭😭😢😢🥺🥺🥺
I am Not Important
I am Not Important - 7 hours ago
Me:*Being all Excited*
Cody: "fOr 24 hOurS"

Me: -_- really bitch
Winner Kinduelo
Winner Kinduelo - 8 hours ago
Cody will get your back and never leave you
SimplyPastelSunset -
SimplyPastelSunset - - 8 hours ago
As soon as he said 24 hour I was sad xd
JozieGacha Studios
JozieGacha Studios - 8 hours ago
Wait a minute-
Parents for 24 hours
Proposing to my girlfriend
Married to my Girlfriend for 24 hours
......u guys telling us something or what?
Jess - 9 hours ago
this has to be fake.
alice maria
alice maria - 10 hours ago
When you want to be dani Cohn and mikey tua to get clout 😂😂
issabrat - 10 hours ago
I watch on tiktok
Zaniya Abbs life
Zaniya Abbs life - 10 hours ago
Wtf I missed a lot I’m so happy for you guys
Shay S
Shay S - 11 hours ago
I thought this was real 😭
1u11aby. - 14 hours ago
this reminds me of when kids did "weddings" at recess with their "boyfriends/girlfriends" and i never got invited but they usually invited a large crowd of ppl and I'd just stand there and watch i remember in 3rd grade this girl forced this boy to "marry" her but he denied and then all the "guests" and the "bride" chased the boy it was entertaining to watch xD
Jessica Vally
Jessica Vally - 15 hours ago
Oh wait. He literally said it’s only for 24 hours. Ya it’s fake
Jessica Vally
Jessica Vally - 15 hours ago
Jessica Vally
Jessica Vally - 15 hours ago
This wedding video is only 10 mins! This is so fake!
Abigail Spychala
Abigail Spychala - 17 hours ago
8 moths it will be real
Emily Barrett
Emily Barrett - 19 hours ago
Mackenzie Maraugha
Mackenzie Maraugha - 20 hours ago
How old are u guys
Zahli Piuselli
Zahli Piuselli - 21 hour ago
Who else cried ? ❤️🥺
Darlene Kuedituka
Darlene Kuedituka - 22 hours ago
isn't ya'll young?
Chloe Kelly
Chloe Kelly - Day ago
Danielle Cohan’s wedding was more real than this and hers wasn’t even real
Daniela Castillo
Daniela Castillo - Day ago
This made me cryed and I am not lying!
deja armadore
deja armadore - Day ago
Her green wig had me dead😂
Luca Salazar
Luca Salazar - Day ago
Zoey and Cody I'm Soo happy for you guys ❤️ can you please follow me on tik tok but I'm Soo happy for you guys so much and you guys made me cry 😭
Ashley Rowland
Ashley Rowland - Day ago
Is dis real? Are they rlly married
Edith Lopez
Edith Lopez - Day ago
He ligit said 24 hours
Royale Vibes!
Royale Vibes! - Day ago
Is it just me, or did u cry too?
Lena Ibrahim
Lena Ibrahim - Day ago
The kids in my school getting “married” at recess and they thank that it is real and the they get divorced 1 day later by writing “divorce” on a paper:
Anyone else? No just my school?
Jit Mukhiya
Jit Mukhiya - Day ago
Zoe and Cody wish you luck I love you guys so much.
Tatiana hi as always
Watch them when get older be like we got a divorce we just weren’t ready for a marriage yet
Kya Not Kaya
Kya Not Kaya - Day ago
Wtf did I just watch-
Kali Ebben
Kali Ebben - Day ago
Wait so Zoe's last name is now Zoe Orlove
Crystal Hoyorsabal
Crystal Hoyorsabal - Day ago
This almost made me cry 😢 i wish it was a real wedding
Alicia Larrick
Alicia Larrick - Day ago
24 hours?😂
Kaylee Plays
Kaylee Plays - Day ago
I hope they never ever break up
Heidi Hernandez
Heidi Hernandez - Day ago
Wait I’m confuse how do you only have her for 24 hours does this make sense though did you marry her
Heidi Hernandez
Heidi Hernandez - Day ago
I got a girlfriend
Denaliy Garcia
Denaliy Garcia - Day ago
Bru she cheated on you😒😕
Nena Chavez
Nena Chavez - Day ago
Who thinks there perfect for each other
Potato's Life
Potato's Life - Day ago
Replica of Danielle Cohn’s fake marriage
VULTURE FN - Day ago
I was like wait 24 hours
hi there
hi there - Day ago
girl in green hair ruined it
I love you guys so much this made me cry
Adopt me Queen
Adopt me Queen - Day ago
😭😆 am happy
Ur Mum
Ur Mum - Day ago
Gacha Tarliah The Cookie lover!
I cried!!! #Zody 💚❤️
Panda moon Roblox
Panda moon Roblox - Day ago
Please follow me on tik tok it’s flop.zlp
Emily - Day ago
wait so are they getting divorced in 24hours ?
Pastel Gacha¡Hooman!
They look so nervous and cute!
M Mesenchuk
M Mesenchuk - Day ago
Wow this is beautiful I almost cried
Ya like Jazzz
Ya like Jazzz - 2 days ago
My finger be clicking fast
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