WE GOT MARRIED! **Cody & Zoe's Official Wedding Video**

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Makeup by Nala
Makeup by Nala - Hour ago
Okay but, this was actually so cute..
Hola Como esta
Hola Como esta - 5 days ago
Wait did they divorce then
Vivo phone
Vivo phone - 10 hours ago
Just for 24 hour
Tropical Zoe
Tropical Zoe - 8 days ago
Anyone else watching after the break up and about to cry
Txunamy Dihawa
Txunamy Dihawa - 12 days ago
She's nineteen
Madixx Tilden
Madixx Tilden - 12 days ago
Let’s hope zoey did chance
colton quinn
colton quinn - 22 days ago
Aya Alnuami
Aya Alnuami - 24 days ago
Ohhhhh zody ohhhhh
Aya Alnuami
Aya Alnuami - 24 days ago
When he said 24h I was like😩
Itz Hxrper
Itz Hxrper - 25 days ago
don't be shy, delete this video its not accurate.
damira omerovic
damira omerovic - 25 days ago
Why did u lie u said you were gonna be by her side but u did not u abuse her and u don’t actually love her what a hater ur just jealous that she’s has more love then u
Edits and me
Edits and me - 25 days ago
This didnt age well to say the least
Younis Hawa
Younis Hawa - 26 days ago
Me watching this when the broked up
Kimbery Gonzalez
Kimbery Gonzalez - 29 days ago
It’s 24 hours I actually thought it was real😪
AprilOreoQueen UwU
AprilOreoQueen UwU - Month ago
I saw the green haired girl on tik tol
Hector YT
Hector YT - Month ago
This reminds me of me getting "married" at school lol
HeyImRoy - Month ago
Ok abusive
octavia faye
octavia faye - Month ago
this makes me so sad now :(((
Shawana Marshall
Shawana Marshall - Month ago
Jasmine The Gacha You tuber
Yayyy Zoe married Cody!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
jubileepancake - Month ago
I’m dying from cuteness
بتول خضير
بتول خضير - Month ago
بتول خضير
بتول خضير - Month ago
mishal !
mishal ! - Month ago
Who's here after there break up
Sofia Harris
Sofia Harris - Month ago
Ok who’s here after they broke up 😂
Ines Matine
Ines Matine - Month ago
And anywYs im never gonna watch
Ines Matine
Ines Matine - Month ago
Jenny Ngo
Jenny Ngo - Month ago
This was when Cody was a normal guy but now he’s a clown a very abuser person that is a rat :)
Charityyy - Month ago
This did not age well..
Jadelyn Mosebach
Jadelyn Mosebach - Month ago
I love you too much
Emi - Month ago
They both so ugly
Hayatii Jaber
Hayatii Jaber - Month ago
I can’t stop laughing 😂
Kornelia Pluta
Kornelia Pluta - Month ago
OMG this was so cute
Ruby Chavez
Ruby Chavez - 2 months ago
Why did you touch her like that that's why I think your a abuser and that's why you brock up whit her and she was happier whit her ex that died
Ruby Chavez
Ruby Chavez - 2 months ago
@White Obama because he abused zoe and on tik tok there's a video
White Obama
White Obama - 2 months ago
Sakiyah Johnson
Sakiyah Johnson - 2 months ago
IS IT TRUE?what there saying about you?!!
frank mosquera
frank mosquera - 2 months ago
You know tiktok follow me my acc is yasmine_amberly pleaseeee
Makaila Barber
Makaila Barber - 2 months ago
I think I'm gonna cry😭😭😂😂💖
Taylor Fiore
Taylor Fiore - 2 months ago
Anyone hare after the breakup
Sky The Potato
Sky The Potato - 2 months ago
I’m dying now bc they broke up Lmaoo
ThA MaD kILpAtRiCk KiDz
ThA MaD kILpAtRiCk KiDz - 2 months ago
makayla Wilson
makayla Wilson - 2 months ago
Sadly it is not true
mariya todorova
mariya todorova - 2 months ago
awkward now 😬😬
choon cheng Lau
choon cheng Lau - 2 months ago
Is this real
Kawaii Hatesmyself
Kawaii Hatesmyself - 2 months ago
Alexthegamer Girl
Alexthegamer Girl - 2 months ago
Who’s here when they broke up forever ———————>
auxoria - 2 months ago
whos watching this after they broke up
like if u are :b
Lexany Garcia
Lexany Garcia - 2 months ago
om i cant ok welli wanna cry and my sis b day tomorrow itsmy baby steped sis i wishshe was my real sis but im mit cry tomorrow for herb day bc ghes going to be 1
Julia Piwonska
Julia Piwonska - 2 months ago
Why did he say 24 hours in the video and on the title official wedding
Maryann M
Maryann M - 2 months ago
racquel sandy
racquel sandy - 2 months ago
imfrom 2020 u guys are broken up 😑😐
racquel sandy
racquel sandy - 2 months ago
Angle Gonzalez
Angle Gonzalez - 2 months ago
I miss you guys so much I love you hope your safe... ♥️♥️
Haris Mujanovic
Haris Mujanovic - 2 months ago
Wtf is this ur like 12
Lelenvu Glosses
Lelenvu Glosses - 2 months ago
If you loved her you would have never hit her
Jovanni Flores
Jovanni Flores - 2 months ago
Oh so you married her and now you abuse her you’re a fucking bitch
Jovanni Flores
Jovanni Flores - 2 months ago
And if you say code is not a fucking bitch then you’re wrong because he is and Zoe says that Charlie is a bitch well guess what Honey you a bitch
Amelia Lupinska
Amelia Lupinska - 2 months ago
It’s so cute
reina dbouk
reina dbouk - 2 months ago
Gab Tha pillow
Gab Tha pillow - 2 months ago
How can u marry someone who cheated. And apparently u hit her. Like u both are not good for each other ur not good for anyone u guys are psychopaths! Also the thing u said about her being differ got me laughing bc she is like every white girl...
Emilia Kate
Emilia Kate - 2 months ago
Me: he marring ‘iM tHe mOsT FaMoUs PeRsOn On TiKtOk’
Sophia Mercado
Sophia Mercado - 2 months ago
Yes yes you’re getting married finally I’m like a fan
Sophia Mercado
Sophia Mercado - 2 months ago
What you’re getting married how old are you guys
Alina Shah
Alina Shah - 2 months ago
who is here when they broke up
Spook Statik
Spook Statik - 2 months ago
Obama moment
Blossom army Forever
Blossom army Forever - 2 months ago
Who’s watching this after the break up I hate Cody
Grace Morgan
Grace Morgan - 2 months ago
I’m sorry but you abused are you divorced yet
Mixgurlx •
Mixgurlx • - 2 months ago
*this didn’t end up well...*
official gaming girlz
official gaming girlz - 2 months ago
Cody: we r getting married....
Cody : for 24 hours
Hey It’s me
Hey It’s me - 2 months ago
Who’s here after the break up😭
SunflowerDaisy! - 2 months ago
I'm glad you to are over you did her dirty. and you said you wanted it. Hitting and abusing a women doesn't make it seem like you wanted it. and you blame it on her and distract everyone with someone breaking into your house? That's messed up you say it's both of y'alls fault or you didnt do it or you did. MAKE UP YOUR MIND CODY AND TELL THE DANG TRUTH AND APOLOGIZE FOR ONCE!!! ZOE IS A BEAUTIFUL INTELLIGENT SMART GIRL THAT DOESNT NEED BULLSHIT IN HER LIFE!
Sunflwr Safari
Sunflwr Safari - 2 months ago
If only he didnt abuse her.....
Bella Carrasco
Bella Carrasco - 2 months ago
Bruh this intro tho...is this real, like wtf?
Morgan Amburn
Morgan Amburn - 2 months ago
then four months later they break up
mini wolfie :3
mini wolfie :3 - 2 months ago
Now they broke up 😭😢
MADISYNN BENNETT - 2 months ago
_Hxyoon_ Hxyoon_
_Hxyoon_ Hxyoon_ - 2 months ago
I wish this is happening right now but they broke up 🥺
Emily Howe
Emily Howe - 2 months ago
You and Zoe are so cute
Craig Bennett
Craig Bennett - 2 months ago
Yep this hi it’s not happening no more he had a chance but no they had they just had to break up u said u would be by her side but no bc u don’t look after her so stop being rude no her 😭😭😭😭
Scarlettxplaysroblox ‘
Scarlettxplaysroblox ‘ - 2 months ago
Cody don’t act all nice because we all know u abused Zoe and smacked her and that is not right u have gone this far through ur relationship and u messed it all up
Freya Roake
Freya Roake - 2 months ago
Who is here after the break up ...... anyone ?
Ruslena188 Rose
Ruslena188 Rose - 2 months ago
me after they bereak up: wth are.they married
Lillyrobloxmeza Meza
Lillyrobloxmeza Meza - 2 months ago
Lola The girl
Lola The girl - 2 months ago
And now they break up
ღ LaCie Chapman ღ
ღ LaCie Chapman ღ - 2 months ago
I’m not happy with ur marrige U ABUSED ZOE?! What a bad ex- husband u should go to jail for ur actions what u were doing was wrong! 😭🥺
Mella Stan
Mella Stan - 2 months ago
Why 24hours?
Isla Rose
Isla Rose - 2 months ago
Who is here after the break up
Elyxilia - 2 months ago
Who is watching this After they broke up?
Oh just me ok
idk idk
idk idk - 2 months ago
When I watched this my face 😨😳 because they just broke up
Lina TAWFIK - 3 months ago
Why are you abusing Zoe?
Alexa Rocha
Alexa Rocha - 3 months ago
Me watching this today😖👀
XxSavahahxX - 3 months ago
In 2020 june people be like: UR A CHEATER
Evin The Loser
Evin The Loser - 3 months ago
Cody u will forever disgust me 🥰
Alva W
Alva W - 3 months ago
You should never have laid your hands on her.
anna rose
anna rose - 3 months ago
and now they’ve broken up
Katarina Šarić
Katarina Šarić - 3 months ago
I❤ zoe
AVa Yu
AVa Yu - 3 months ago
Who is watching when they broke up (so emotional)😢😢
g9 - 3 months ago
Bladi Davi
Bladi Davi - 3 months ago
This looks fake
Sofia Aleakim
Sofia Aleakim - 3 months ago
it is
•B u n n y•
•B u n n y• - 3 months ago
Ok but you guys broke up so stop lying
Sofia Aleakim
Sofia Aleakim - 3 months ago
who's here after their breakup?
Paul burguillos
Paul burguillos - 3 months ago
zoex laverne
zoex laverne - 3 months ago
Aww🥺💞this made me cry i love them so much🥺❤️
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