making and eating my first ever crunchwrap

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Alicia - 23 minutes ago
Despite how the aesthetics looks, the food actually looks so appetizing, I started craving a crunchwrap... and I JUST finished eating dinner. I also appreciate the vegan and gluten-free recipes ! So hard to find chef's that commit to those kinds of preferences.
Graciousfat2fit - 12 hours ago
Build crunch wrap, use smaller tostada, heat in pan laid flat then wrap closed.
adriann k
adriann k - Day ago
“so you’re gonna take six slices”
*_adds 12 slices of jalapeños_*

*_two shots of vodka_*
heaterbelle - Day ago
Ok but... WTF is he using for the ground beef? He never says!
Alison Claire
Alison Claire - 3 hours ago
Beyond Meat is a plant-based protein that tastes a lot like meat and has a similar texture. He's used it in recipes before.
Todomo - Day ago
omg i’m binging these videos but every time i watch them i crave the food he’s making so i’ve just been eating nonstop all day
Lydia Stewart
Lydia Stewart - 2 days ago
this video should be named "Virgo screaming"
Rebecca E. Webber
Rebecca E. Webber - 2 days ago
Those are my feelings exactly every time I use the Bob's Baking Soda. Like seriously. Man's a genius.
talia alyssa
talia alyssa - 2 days ago
the first thing i heard when i clicked on this video was julien’s breathing
Lulu The Empress
Lulu The Empress - 3 days ago
It’s 1am and I want Taco Bell now
-- - 6 days ago
They're not allowed to read our phones to the class, Teens say some explicit stuff now a days
Katelynn Engle
Katelynn Engle - 6 days ago
Julien I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but I use the same tortillas. They hold together better if you steam them on a grease splatter guard over a frying pan with water in it. Then put a whole second tortilla on the top like you did before but whole. They hold together long enough for you to fry them in place and you can get the shape.
missjocy92 - 7 days ago
Try to do it flat like a quesadilla
missjocy92 - 7 days ago
Any tortilla is going to break apart if you try to fold it cold ... you have to heat it up first. Then fold it.
littleowleyes - 9 days ago
Wait.... will you share that nacho cheese recipe please?
Katrina Haas
Katrina Haas - 9 days ago
What’s the recipe written PLSSSSS
sydney merryman
sydney merryman - 9 days ago
me: I can’t eat that because I have celiac
julien: shows us how to make amazing food gluten free & not shitty like most gf food I’ve tried
me: .......
me: I can’t cook
Meechee From hell
Meechee From hell - 11 days ago
Aww he is cute eating it at the end. You made me so hungry.
nicole s
nicole s - 11 days ago
Julien's vegan gluten free cookbook. Thoughts?
Kristi B
Kristi B - 14 days ago
If you warm the tortillas first, they'll hold their shape better when you go to form them.
MadelineAmy - 14 days ago
I love and really appreciate these videos! I'm a celiac and my boyfriend is a vegan so it's so fun to watch and try to cook together for both of us. Much better than trying to follow a paper recipe!
Praxton-de-Nouveau - 14 days ago
Bob's Red Mill velcro closure! You're absolutely right! Preach!
Sara Wismer
Sara Wismer - 14 days ago
Why are you cutting with a wooden spoon!?!?!?! You have good knives
Heinz Seriously Good Mayonaise
It aint called ares kitchen for nothing fam.
Blonde Baby
Blonde Baby - 14 days ago
You should try and learn how to make tamales!!!!! That would be so dope to see haha
Becca Shron
Becca Shron - 16 days ago
He said crunch wrap 22 times. So if you were following his instructions about taking shots have fun on your trip to the hospital 😂
TY VISION - 16 days ago
Bruh I watched this video when it came out and the next day I ate a crunch wrap supreme for the first time! And now I'm addicted! Thx
Morgan Ouren
Morgan Ouren - 23 days ago
I celebrated watching this video for the first time by going to Taco Bell and getting my first Crunchwrap Supreme to try it along with you
kathra - 24 days ago
Don mind me beech just bingeing juleeoo’s cooking vids an disassociating from reality BBeeeee
Alexandra Pickett
Alexandra Pickett - 27 days ago
I love these honest videos. Surprising this is helping me with my anxiety. Thank you for being real! 🙏🏻
Sapphire Maple Hayden
Sapphire Maple Hayden - 27 days ago
The first 10 secs keeps reminding me of jnj memes
Camden_the_Pitbull 07
Camden_the_Pitbull 07 - 28 days ago
I was excited and instead of saying " Yay, Chef Julien " I said, loudly, " Yay, Chef Julan " (With a voice crack) ;-;
firegal1993 - Month ago
where did you get the tostada's? I'm probably gonna have to make them myself cause I live in Canada and we don't have tostada's here at all
Victoria Varnedoe
Victoria Varnedoe - Month ago
Does anyone know what that yellow seasoning was that he used in the cheese sauce? Or know where I can find the recipe?
lisah126 - Month ago
You could go to taco bell and get a crunch wrap supreme and ask them to put it in a bowl without the wrap. Then put it in your own wrap or with chips or whatever.
chance swain
chance swain - Month ago
Melli M
Melli M - Month ago
Melli M
Melli M - Month ago
those see-through cabinets are so useless....only 20% of it is usable
Mad Davis
Mad Davis - Month ago
If you wanted to make this again, try using multiple tortillas. Form three in a triangle pattern put the fillings in the middle top with and extra tortilla and fold it in on itself. Thanks for the recipe much love to j+j and your fur family :)
Anne-Sophiie Des Chênes
why isn’t there a compilation of julien saying crunchwraps
Louchana Fiore'
Louchana Fiore' - Month ago
"Fuck the potatoes!" :')
Alex Tapia
Alex Tapia - Month ago
No one :

Julien : fuck the potatoes
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - Month ago
i wouldn't have tried making vegan nacho cheese before watching this video, but i tried it and it's really, really good. i'm not a vegan myself, but i was a pescatarian before health reasons got me back to eating meat. i realized that, even eating meat now, this sort of thing can be very easily used to mix into your regular recipes to cut down on fats and dairy, and replace a good portion of cheese with produce. thanks Julien, your great energy and humor delivery in your videos really inspire me to change my eating habits and be healthier.
MeiTama17 - Month ago
gfJules flour is amazing. try making a tortilla with that then doing this. I love making crepes with her flour
Erica Lasley
Erica Lasley - Month ago
So I only know this because I had an interview with this company and they told me directly, but Portco Packaging in Woodland Washington makes the packaging for Bob's Red Mill. Not that you can like influence other companies to use them but hey maybe you'll make something that needs packaging someday and this info will become useful rather than anecdotal
Silvia Corona
Silvia Corona - Month ago
Next time If you warm up the tortillas a little before Assembling helps
bethanybower - Month ago
Could you make your own gluten free tortillas?
Autumn Officer
Autumn Officer - Month ago
i desperately want the full nacho cheese recipe since he didn't name all the ingredients/measurements, help?
Cami Cushing
Cami Cushing - Month ago
Autumn Officer I found it for you! happy cooking! 🥰🌮🧀
ivy tsui
ivy tsui - Month ago
I enjoy these food videos because I get to learn new recipes es dope💖
Maya Beal
Maya Beal - Month ago
why are his videos so calming
KrustyKid Films
KrustyKid Films - Month ago
Oml the amount of times i've heard julien say "You know we had to do it to 'em" is HILARIOUS
Sarah Jo
Sarah Jo - Month ago
And if it helps, even making crunchwraps with flour tortillas are a struggle. It wants to fall apart and all the ingredients want to come out. You basically start cooking it open side down and pray the cheese melts enough to seal everything together.
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