Meek Mill - Going Bad feat. Drake [Official Audio]

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Sid Attam
Sid Attam - 45 minutes ago
I showed this to my teacher

Now I’m in detention
Sid Attam
Sid Attam - 46 minutes ago
Drake’s best song this year no cap even if it wasn’t a solo
Jug Mane Tay
Jug Mane Tay - Hour ago
Did Meek Say "Drizzy Back To Back Was Scary ?? ........Cuz I Agree
Burrowslawnboys terps
Hardest song in 2018
Shaun Don
Shaun Don - Hour ago
Back home smokin legal!!!!🌳🌳
Bigd Addy
Bigd Addy - Hour ago
bitch i grauduated call me big fish
denis caisin
denis caisin - Hour ago
I feel like Lil Wayne could of had a 🔥🔥 verse on this!
Naomi Williamson
Naomi Williamson - 2 hours ago
Vaughn Alexander
Vaughn Alexander - 2 hours ago
Meek, how we gonna have winter with all this heat you dropping? Play on Pimp
Isaiah T00
Isaiah T00 - 2 hours ago
$isaiaht023 cashapp
Anything helps god bless🤑
Isaiah T00
Isaiah T00 - 2 hours ago
$isaiaht023 cashapp
Anything helps god bless🤑
Isaiah T00
Isaiah T00 - 2 hours ago
$isaiaht023 cashapp
Donate 69 anything🤑
John McGregor
John McGregor - 2 hours ago
Las I knew dude was ending your career, now he fixing it?
TheTitanZX - 2 hours ago
Nikeairon24 - 3 hours ago
Ppl actually like this shit??
Just played this in the car...., dam that beat 😘
Marcus Gillie
Marcus Gillie - 4 hours ago
Drake was jealous of meek having Nicki.....see look now he cool wit him
Johnathon Birch
Johnathon Birch - 4 hours ago
Radiant Williams
Radiant Williams - 4 hours ago
They gotta make an album together
El KHALIFA - 4 hours ago
Who’s flow drake ripping of in this?
I’m trynna expand my library
Amine Los Angeles
Amine Los Angeles - 4 hours ago
Salah talaa
Salah talaa - 4 hours ago change your life today
Te Dogg
Te Dogg - 4 hours ago
Back home smoking legal dog.
Ben Frank
Ben Frank - 4 hours ago
Swear I hear em sayin weezy outta there in the background 🤔
Lucas Thompson
Lucas Thompson - 5 hours ago
Rasheeda Simmons
Rasheeda Simmons - 5 hours ago
Rachale Lee
Rachale Lee - 5 hours ago
This song makes me wanna slap my boss and tell him pay me before I work
Moaz Abdulhak
Moaz Abdulhak - 5 hours ago
Daaaamn it's No.6 on billboard hot 100 🔥🔥🔥
Diego El Fuego
Diego El Fuego - 5 hours ago
I am a 14 year old rapper and if just one person could support my song it would be amazing. I am sorry for posting this but it seems like the only way to get big nowadays. Have a great day! Here is my song link!
Grand Hustle
Grand Hustle - 5 hours ago
Who else waiting on the video???
Deon Lucas
Deon Lucas - 5 hours ago
I got Lory Harvey on my wish list, that's the only thing I want for Christmas
Bryan Muniz
Bryan Muniz - 5 hours ago
Damn this song about to be heard by the whole population we at 6.5 mil only 500k left less go guys
PaulDogBaby - 5 hours ago
Obviously this is an OLD song, that they've decided to add to this Project
O manual do jogador
O manual do jogador - 5 hours ago
Radiant Williams
Radiant Williams - 6 hours ago
Put Weezy on the remix
Jordi Castells
Jordi Castells - 6 hours ago
I think its more like Drake-Going bad ft. Meek mill
Garett Gettle
Garett Gettle - 6 hours ago
Jafar Al-Saadi
Jafar Al-Saadi - 6 hours ago
This song make me wanna eat water
Jafar Al-Saadi
Jafar Al-Saadi - 6 hours ago
This song make me wanna become a street rat
Jafar Al-Saadi
Jafar Al-Saadi - 6 hours ago
I showed this to my parrot

‘‘It’s a dinosaur now
matt b
matt b - 6 hours ago
Thats the only thing I want for 🌲🌲🌲🌲
Grace Hibler
Grace Hibler - 6 hours ago
80 racks in my amirissss
Hamza Khalid
Hamza Khalid - 6 hours ago
Only real Drake fans know what's coming in the future.
Markus Vine
Markus Vine - 6 hours ago
Goat shit
Tavion Thomas-Adams
Tavion Thomas-Adams - 6 hours ago
I like Drake part best and when he said DAWWWWG fire🔥🔥🔥💯
Deffen Lee
Deffen Lee - 7 hours ago
Benzema :D
LO Confidential
LO Confidential - 7 hours ago
DM for beats! @lottoyouafool 💿💥📈🤭
Chanandler Bong
Chanandler Bong - 7 hours ago
Sabrina Tavares
Sabrina Tavares - 7 hours ago
no Nicki=no beef
Eq TV - 7 hours ago
I need more than 3mins🔊💯⛽️💪🏾 #repeat🔂
Caeden Webster
Caeden Webster - 7 hours ago
slaps harder than black NFL players to women
Love Story
Love Story - 8 hours ago
meek mill copy artist check it out
Maynor Ramirez
Maynor Ramirez - 8 hours ago
This shit goes 👍🏽
Tony Hemetona
Tony Hemetona - 8 hours ago
Solo Curt
Solo Curt - 8 hours ago
If you reading this I hope you succeed in all you do 💯👌
Solo Curt
Solo Curt - 8 hours ago
Fwm subscribe to a real nigga 💯💯
cedrick wilson
cedrick wilson - 8 hours ago
give dis a 👍 if u thnk dis shit 🔥🔥🔥
Hani Abdullah
Hani Abdullah - 8 hours ago
Let me teach you something while I’m studying so you don’t waste your time just listening. Drake said foreign shit running on diesel dawg. Diesel emits less pollution than gas so that is good to the environment. Also diesel is cheaper and safer than gas. it needs a very high temperature to burn unlike gas that catches fire easily.
Jermaine Parker
Jermaine Parker - 8 hours ago
“Bring the clip back back empty “ 🔥🔥
july jayla
july jayla - 8 hours ago
My cousin is justus.w
Patron Clips
Patron Clips - 9 hours ago
made my cat listen to this, now he a lion
Benji Kash
Benji Kash - 9 hours ago
Bout time 💪💯
UCHIHA1TACHI11 - 9 hours ago
Too much fire the instrumental is on point
thepongestlenis - 9 hours ago
ex girls bringing the boys together for the greater gooood this is a BANGER
Brayden Eliot
Brayden Eliot - 10 hours ago
Back home smoking legal. 😎
Raf P
Raf P - 10 hours ago
this is the 2nd song Drake features and has such an amazing intro but he gets fucked up in the rest of the song like Sicko Mode
80sanimeman - 10 hours ago
it’s still fuck drake but this bump I’m sorry
Andrew Cairns
Andrew Cairns - 10 hours ago
who are the 2k+ idiots who disliked this song?? I want names from you fucks
AnShawn Sanders
AnShawn Sanders - 10 hours ago
Get on it bfo it's play'd out!
Jasmine Hunt
Jasmine Hunt - 10 hours ago
JG - 10 hours ago
My mom wrote Drake's verse 😂
Tarvos Trigaranos
Tarvos Trigaranos - 11 hours ago
Can't wait for the official video to drop!
Lil Guac
Lil Guac - 11 hours ago
Everybody back now
aron rosas
aron rosas - 11 hours ago
This is epic
Samie zarrabi
Samie zarrabi - 12 hours ago
Whoever disliked this is not straight
Arjun Nair
Arjun Nair - 12 hours ago
I got more slaps than the Beatles
DayFaDay Bouye
DayFaDay Bouye - 12 hours ago
That Drake ending tho
FutHead Underdog
FutHead Underdog - 12 hours ago
Helped by a singing nigga
Jimmy Anglade
Jimmy Anglade - 12 hours ago
She say oh you "Rich Rich"
Luciano - 12 hours ago
damn boi issa lit !
Sug「ARMY」oongi - 12 hours ago
meek mill part
Alizz - 12 hours ago
The music vid for this Is going too be weird
Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather - 12 hours ago
that first beat drop makes me wanna run thru the house slapping included
Brian Charles
Brian Charles - 12 hours ago
Dominic Stengel
Dominic Stengel - 13 hours ago
relation ship is worst than teenage girls
danthegoat13 - 13 hours ago
Does drake still smoke?
Abe Froman
Abe Froman - 13 hours ago
Glad old Drake is back this shit slaps
12hven - 13 hours ago
wassup homies would you pls check out my first song i just produced it and would find it very cool if you could check it out =)
Kairi420 - 14 hours ago
This song is WACk.
Ricky Styles
Ricky Styles - 14 hours ago
Man this shit is trash omfg y'all tripping these dudes are nothing but shells of there former selves
Newbicus Games
Newbicus Games - 14 hours ago
I thought KingBach made this song...
Tubbi Pac
Tubbi Pac - 14 hours ago
Jesus Duran
Jesus Duran - 14 hours ago
Why you come at me with so much heat like that?
kejuan skanes
kejuan skanes - 14 hours ago
Meek definitely had the better verse. Not even close
조성범 - 15 hours ago
Landon Dematti
Landon Dematti - 15 hours ago
Good god!👀🙌🔥
Italo baugarten
Italo baugarten - 16 hours ago
Alex Van Pee
Alex Van Pee - 16 hours ago
This is about to blow up. Biggest song by New Years
_Diamond_ _Winston
_Diamond_ _Winston - 16 hours ago
Just when I thought DC5 was bout to drop Meek came out with championships 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bored asf MTTM
Bored asf MTTM - 16 hours ago
*Drake - Going Bad feat.Meek Mill
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