Samsung Galaxy Fold release delayed over screens breaking

Meh - 2 months ago
What do you call security guards working outside Samsung shops?

Guardians of the Galaxy.
Jason Plunkett
Jason Plunkett - 2 months ago
Elephant In The Room
Elephant In The Room - 2 months ago
this is like the curved tv, just gimmicky, and dosnt make sense why yould you make a product that will break and wear out?
monty monty
monty monty - 2 months ago
If it folds in two it should be half price.
Her Fragrance Dior
Her Fragrance Dior - 2 months ago
2,000 dollar beta phone wow
Christian oof
Christian oof - 2 months ago
It's the first mass produced folding phone.
marco pollo
marco pollo - 2 months ago
Im very upset,I was going to get it on realease date,smh.
marco pollo
marco pollo - 2 months ago
Broken Hearted But far from Broke,lol.
Lion Sin Escanor
Lion Sin Escanor - 2 months ago
jay_615 - 2 months ago
So note 7 was a fail and galaxy fold was a fail what next note 10?
Chrismofer - 2 months ago
almost assuredly.
Ryan - 2 months ago
If this worked perfectly, you're still f*&@()$ R-tarded if you justify spending $1900 on a cell phone.
Jon Baird
Jon Baird - 2 months ago
Trump forgot to blame this on immigrants and democrats.
ENDtheFED2012 - 2 months ago
Oh you didn't hear? The democrats are now blaming this too on Russian collusion with Trump. How's that nothing burger tasting chump?
Razil Weird
Razil Weird - 2 months ago
I tried folding my phone and it broke. Who could imagine that?
j wizz
j wizz - 2 months ago
hahaha Apple is still the best Android brokeboys hold this L
David Holcomb
David Holcomb - 2 months ago
Mu.. Russia!
The View From The South
The View From The South - 2 months ago
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble - 2 months ago
Nah really? Who would of thunk?
Chris - 2 months ago
The fold is not a gimmick; folding screen technology is absolutely ground breaking. The implications that it has for the way use our devices should not be overlooked. This phone was marked at $2000 for a reason, the device was meant for tech enthusiasts that wanted to be the first to use it. It was never meant to be a mass consumer product.
Rick James
Rick James - 2 months ago
Why does anyone need a folding screen???
Julian Birch
Julian Birch - 2 months ago
If you like having the screen size of a tablet but want the portability of a cell phone without having to buy two different devices, this might be good choice once it's gone through a few iterations. Leave the first gen bugs to tech enthusiasts and rich folks, though.
Ricky Nuggets
Ricky Nuggets - 2 months ago
It's NEW!!!!! But seriously, nobody needs a screen that folds.
IMPERIAL N1KWVP - 2 months ago
Hahahahha never again will i buy another phone brand...iphone till the end🤟🏻
ericq2004 - 2 months ago
iPhone is crap is lags really bad I used to have an iPhone xr it was really bad
ericq2004 - 2 months ago
You just stupid it's first generation And the Samsung note series beats apple so easy
Christian oof
Christian oof - 2 months ago
@IMPERIAL N1KWVP What is this 2012? Apple has not made a new technology that can change the mobile bussiness since 2007. No other company is mass producing a folding phone. In the fall when the ifold comes out and has issues people will say ," haha looser, apple made the folding phone first! Your trash camera quality!" Apple users jesus christ, they still think a 828p resolution screen on a xr is better than a 1080p or 1440p screen. You guys need to learn how to google search specs before you make some stupid comments.
Kolt L
Kolt L - 2 months ago
@IMPERIAL N1KWVP yeah you're talking non-sense now, not surprised coming from an apple supporter. What you described is what Apple and others are already doing, it's nothing new. an iPhone won't last you 10 years because after 3 or 4, you stop getting updates and it slows down, so I hope what you said about that is sarcasm which it has to be at this point. every company, including apple, make newer phones with not not that much significant improvement from the last gen and people keep buying. this latest Samsung galaxy phone happens to be very similar than the new iPhone with more features lmao
IMPERIAL N1KWVP - 2 months ago
Haha they keep producing people keep buying the useless crap so they buy new while an iphone last you 10 years dont feel bad mr samsung fan
keanu kyong
keanu kyong - 2 months ago
Who paid CBS news for this Infomercial? Can media STOP calling themselves news already.
Soulafein82 - 2 months ago
Princess AM
Princess AM - 2 months ago
Apple and android phone is nice for me . Folding phone cool but easy damage and expensive hahahahha
Ronnie Baker
Ronnie Baker - 2 months ago
It will be on sale at Walmart for $199.00 in 6 months.
Ronnie Baker
Ronnie Baker - 2 months ago
The Galaxy 3 and 4 were great phones but they are getting progressively worse
Christian oof
Christian oof - 2 months ago
"The galaxy 3".....s3?J3?A3?Note 3? But really, the s3 and s4 were un-optimized garbage compared to the s10
Ger -
Ger - - 2 months ago
meme youyou
meme youyou - 2 months ago
It should be renamed to Galaxy Fail
Carlyn Prato
Carlyn Prato - 2 months ago
Samsung forgot how to make flip phones?
Carlyn Prato
Carlyn Prato - 2 months ago
Oh really? Didn’t know. Wasn’t around for flip phones at 35 years old. 😂 Sarcasm isn’t your thing is it? 🙄
Kolt L
Kolt L - 2 months ago
Entirely different than a flip phone but ok
Darkknight - 2 months ago
Oh come on!
I like = 1 rage
Hayden Williams
Hayden Williams - 2 months ago
Every Samsung I've had has got a broken screen. One from just sneezing on it.
Hayden Williams
Hayden Williams - 2 months ago
@Christian oof thanos sneezes
Christian oof
Christian oof - 2 months ago
Yeah Hayden, that sounds like you have thor sneezes.
Kolt L
Kolt L - 2 months ago
The screens are quite reliable for me and it really takes a lot to get a broken screen but ok
nathan 3130
nathan 3130 - 2 months ago
did you know that Samsung gives apple the screens for the x seires. js
lissa leggs
lissa leggs - 2 months ago
Is there an app that simulates slamming the phone down on somebody like old days..
Jaxon Minyard
Jaxon Minyard - 2 months ago
i wonder how phone cases for this phone would turn out
FamicuS - 2 months ago
MKBHD shows the one that comes with the phone in his unboxing video.
Thomas - 2 months ago
apple cant even make a properly working keyboard on their new macbooks

how do you expect samsung to make a perfectly working folding phone?
Julian Birch
Julian Birch - 2 months ago
@Clickbate Exposure Well, and the fact that the screens would shatter if you looked at it funny. But yeah, FOLDING SMART GLASS is a pretty cool innovation. Samsun just has to refine it a bit before it's ready for the public.
Clickbate Exposure
Clickbate Exposure - 2 months ago
@Kolt L I think a lot of people didnt like the first ever iphone, saying that the touchscreen was not as good as buttons or something like that. Now every phone past 2011 is mostly touchscreen. I totally agree with you.
Kolt L
Kolt L - 2 months ago
people don't get it's a gen 1 beta product and use it to trash the Galaxy flagships which is ironic
Clickbate Exposure
Clickbate Exposure - 2 months ago
I mean it's pretty obvious. It's because it's being made by Samsung.
J. B.
J. B. - 2 months ago
Here we go again.........
That Guy
That Guy - 2 months ago
*Picard face palm*
You mean folding a phone isn't a great idea? WHOUDA THUNK IT?
Julian Birch
Julian Birch - 2 months ago
Pretty sure someone said that about the horseless carriage.
paris mcginnis
paris mcginnis - 2 months ago
Someone trying to use a text meme on USa-video comments..... FAIL 👎
Noah N
Noah N - 2 months ago
I wasted my money for this thing.
Kolt L
Kolt L - 2 months ago
don't you get a refund or something? obviously they will give you a new one lmao
Ger -
Ger - - 2 months ago
Wyatt B
Wyatt B - 2 months ago
Noah N don’t waste money on a $2000 plastic screen.
working2Bselfsufficient - 2 months ago
Good it sucks and is overpriced. Wait till the tech is ready or waste your doll hairs.
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes - 2 months ago
Where is the rest of the video?
.23👎🏽 Low Quality
macro deth
macro deth - 2 months ago
Didn't they test it on millennials? Our kids lose or break their phones every month.
Tonyy T0ne
Tonyy T0ne - 2 months ago
macro deth millennials are well into their 20s/30s by now. Gen Z are our kids
Intel - 2 months ago
These phones aren't for kids like iPhones are.
Jole Sad
Jole Sad - 2 months ago
Hahahha Samsung poor tech as usual
Jole Sad
Jole Sad - 2 months ago
@Kolt L not even close to p30 pro meh
Kolt L
Kolt L - 2 months ago
yeah, my s10+ has better screen, battery, camera. poor me
Intel - 2 months ago
Also I'd like to mention Samsung developed this tech over the course of 8 years unlike any other company . Every other company with it simply used Samsung as a precedent on a "I'll copy but slightly change" manner. Not maroons to be the only manufacturer of foldable tech. (If you still don't believe me, look up into who Huawei goes to for their screens)
Intel - 2 months ago
@David P Huawei is just adapted to what Samsung already has made, and with that formed their own product. But if this product is prone to failure...huawei has something to fix as well.
David P
David P - 2 months ago
@Intel Well gosh, I would hope so given that no one has gone mainstream with a foldable screen and issues are bound to show up. Sure Huawei has their own device coming in a few months, but given their not so stellar reputation for making reliable phones, they are sure to hit a few bumps on the road as well.
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil - 2 months ago
Dang it, Galaxy Fold!
weefs! - 2 months ago
MYNAMEIS - 2 months ago
Samsung fold more like samsung OLD
E92_Bimuhhh - 2 months ago
@paris mcginnis Apple Beats Samsung By A Mile Dont Play Yourself
Kolt L
Kolt L - 2 months ago
Doesn't make sense but whatever
paris mcginnis
paris mcginnis - 2 months ago
Samsung still beats apple in tech from phones to home tech. Hater
Carlos Duque
Carlos Duque - 2 months ago
90s kid 2001
90s kid 2001 - 2 months ago
Haaaaaaa flop
Daniel Sudré
Daniel Sudré - 2 months ago
Apple is better
Kolt L
Kolt L - 2 months ago
Defend your argument then, Android flagships prove otherwise
paris mcginnis
paris mcginnis - 2 months ago
Apple is trash. And I been a fan since the Apple llc 😂
Intel - 2 months ago
Apple is better : has less than half the features . Nice try ;)
India Bharat
India Bharat - 2 months ago
Eagles Fan
Eagles Fan - 2 months ago
Jayson Anderson
Jayson Anderson - 2 months ago
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