Working Weird Craigslist Jobs to Earn $965 for New York City Rent

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Large Foot
Large Foot - 18 hours ago
0:54 bless you in 2019
get tf away from me in 2020
Jonathan Murillo
Jonathan Murillo - Day ago
Woah. this video is from last year and he says at 5:00, sarcastically of course, "I wanna live in a dictatorship with a media blackout." Well bud, funny foreshadowing.
Tyler - 2 days ago
You need Dave Ramsey
Mat Fiz
Mat Fiz - 2 days ago
kinda looks like eminem
Hellmark Channel
Hellmark Channel - 4 days ago
$965 for 3 bedrooms isn't bad...
AdventureVenture - 5 days ago
So funny that you had to play a dude with his privates cut off, lol...
TechShock - 5 days ago
My rent for a 4 bedroom 3 Bathroom two story house in Texas is 1010 dollars 🥰
ojoaoefixe - 5 days ago
$100 dollars for those photos? Yikes.
Andrea Camp
Andrea Camp - 6 days ago
Did anyone else started laughing when Taji came up? I just came from watching one star reviews lol
michael Persaud
michael Persaud - 7 days ago
He looks like the ancient one lol
The Horror Network
The Horror Network - 7 days ago
TIL a 3 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn costs less than a 1 bedroom apartment in my smaller city in Canada. Wow.
Cecily Matthews
Cecily Matthews - 7 days ago
Hassan Shahzad
Hassan Shahzad - 8 days ago
Sounds like Odd jobs Gin to me
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans - 9 days ago
He was so embarrassed about the role playing but you can tell that he enjoyed it 💀😂
Ghojan M
Ghojan M - 9 days ago
100 buck for "cleaning" a grill?... americans really out here giving away money
Boujee Wipes
Boujee Wipes - 9 days ago
“Need help moving your furniture? No problem! Snake wrangling? I’ll give it my best shot!”
Lol the way he said that made me lol
J. Gonzalez
J. Gonzalez - 10 days ago
He looks like a bald Harry styles but without the style
Jada Set
Jada Set - 10 days ago
I need a friend like him
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith - 10 days ago
He looked upset when he looked at that grill tho🤣‼️
965$ !? For an apt in NYC? No fukin way point me to the right direction
NoOne Special
NoOne Special - 11 days ago
Wonder how this guy is doing now since there are no more odd jobs in NYC.
Axle Chastain
Axle Chastain - 11 days ago
I'm glad I live in kcmo. I make on average 1300 a month off side gigs while I'm not working my full time job
Isabella Torres
Isabella Torres - 11 days ago
Love this video!!!!!!!!
Renni - 13 days ago
This still seems like a fun way to get out, have new experiences and meet new people.

Deez - 13 days ago
If you were willing to do physical labor you would of made enough.
JOCKER - 13 days ago
He should find a smaller place, that's the easy way!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mark M
Mark M - 13 days ago
$965 for NYC rent, my left nut. Maybe $965 as a roomie's share in a hallway closet. Maybe.
Lets get to 1mill without vids
He was pretty good at acting though
Maria Franco
Maria Franco - 14 days ago
Lol “snake wrangling”
Skint furby
Skint furby - 14 days ago
the guy looks like judge rinder
Ashlee Barnett
Ashlee Barnett - 14 days ago

රන ආකාරය. ඒ නිසා, වාහන වේගය: මිලියන 2 ක්
MrLB123 - 14 days ago
Can we get a part 2?
Thourt Entertainment
Thourt Entertainment - 15 days ago
Fully thought this was about the ancient one from Dr strange..
Bloody Gronk
Bloody Gronk - 16 days ago
How is that rent so damm cheap? In Sydney, the best you can do for a studio apartment is 350 a week and those are the crappy ones.
xDEVIANTx - 17 days ago
How TF is his rent so cheap??
geyser head !!!!
geyser head !!!! - 18 days ago
Anyone can do a job and get paid in the USA . lucky people .
Amor Vitae
Amor Vitae - 18 days ago
Bro i pay 1600 in greenacres fl 🥺
407 Kidd
407 Kidd - 19 days ago
How is no one talking about this dudes rent? 3 bedrooms in NYC for less than a grand?
Tobias Holenstein
Tobias Holenstein - 21 day ago
This video was awesome. I respect the hustle and love the goldfish.
Michael Oludare
Michael Oludare - 22 days ago
part 2
Shane Fredericks
Shane Fredericks - 25 days ago
I bet you can make your rent in a week begging on the streets or subway..
radnukespeoplesminds - 26 days ago
Lol try making rent post corona
GTAtoZ kingkong0581
GTAtoZ kingkong0581 - 26 days ago
Just sell drugs 😅
Higor Ghunter • 64 years ago
How much XP did he earn by the way?
Higor Ghunter • 64 years ago
Plot twist: the money was actually for child support
Higor Ghunter • 64 years ago
Selling Meth To Earn $1500 for my New York Rent
Kimoka Records
Kimoka Records - 28 days ago
Why does he talk in a monotone kinda voice
Lobster Butter
Lobster Butter - 29 days ago
The other vice dude does 1 star reviews lol
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye - 29 days ago
He looks like the bald lady from dr strange
Bubbles - 29 days ago
5:43 that's a big owie
Dan Cussen
Dan Cussen - Month ago
Holy shit rent in New your is 1000 a month is that his own place? I Live in cork, Ireland and used to pay 1500 a month for my house. I lived with 2 people so it was only 500 really but still it would be cheaper to live in New York?!?
D Rodriguez
D Rodriguez - Month ago
Giovanni Tovar
Giovanni Tovar - Month ago
New York is cheaper than LA
Tone K
Tone K - Month ago
Yes man was based on this man. Kudos to his adventurous unpretentious and positive spirit.
lost hope generation
lost hope generation - Month ago
You’d pay almost 1500€ for an apartment like this in Munich.
Ad the bad
Ad the bad - Month ago
ha ha great show :)
Nico Bellic
Nico Bellic - Month ago
Won't do GOT and newspaper rest is ok for me. Plus anything car related and try to live in a less place where they don't charge $1000
AlphaZeno - Month ago
Only that much for a 3 bedroom appt!?
Boy I wish
a person
a person - Month ago
People are paying you a lot of money for menial shit they could do in an hour...
LM SORENSON - Month ago
As a Photographer... Just saying... That first job should have been like $400 ... And that's what you could charge in Utah. 😬NYC
Stoned Venger
Stoned Venger - Month ago
Real Lord Varys @6:37?
Don - Month ago
Did he shave your head with a woman’s razor or hasn’t he shaved before...lmao
Prince of Prussia
Prince of Prussia - Month ago
I want him to follow me around for a day, and narrate my life.
S A D Z A C SeSH - Month ago
Dude if you really needed money you could’ve just made another Home Alone
lucas cline
lucas cline - Month ago
I thought rent was expensive in New York i pay 1k for a bedroom in Oregon.
Cognac Muzik
Cognac Muzik - Month ago
Something About This Dude Is Annoying
Cheesemont - Month ago
I like the video but the music sucks so bad
Ken Rivas
Ken Rivas - Month ago
Too much white but it is into all vice actually
Bruce Cole
Bruce Cole - Month ago
Snake wrangling was sooo funny!
Manuel Velardez
Manuel Velardez - Month ago
dude, my respects for the 150$ thats the cringiest money ever
Gio - Month ago
I pay 2500 for my 3 bedroom in Newark, 3 train stops away from NY lol
Keys879 - Month ago
You live in a 3bd apartment in Brooklyn for less than $1,000?
Denver the average price for a 1Bd is $1,000.
What has the World come to...
Jeff Doe
Jeff Doe - Month ago
Shoulda wrangled some snakes
Mr. Reddit Man
Mr. Reddit Man - Month ago
*Snake Rangling* ... Really now...
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Blaze of Glory
Blaze of Glory - Month ago
Thats minus the food, transportation, and any other vital expenses, if you’re lucky.
Gustavo Gomez
Gustavo Gomez - Month ago
You coulda flew out West and worked in the fields for a week and paid for your flight and your rent. Give it a shot bro!
Linebackeronehunna Ant
lol a nice bedroom for a rack.
mo on
mo on - Month ago
3 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn for $965??? Yo, where the fuck do I sign up? Is he related to the landlord or something?
Jeff Hallatt
Jeff Hallatt - Month ago
I actually watched this😱
I feel so taken advantage of...
Not so much as a drink.
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