Moneybagg Yo - Said Sum (Official Music Video)

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Guns & Grub
Guns & Grub - 39 minutes ago
Kimberly Anderson
Kimberly Anderson - 2 hours ago
Tms Clutxh
Tms Clutxh - 2 hours ago
Who came here because of tik tok
Hero Scott
Hero Scott - 4 hours ago
He did say something
Combat Gaming Flamez
Combat Gaming Flamez - 6 hours ago
Put one airpod in, and then put full volume and bruh yo AirPod has the beat bass of all time💯😈
edwin valadez
edwin valadez - 6 hours ago
Adam Levitzki
Adam Levitzki - 9 hours ago
lol she said “Lil speaker”
Kayugen - 9 hours ago
Recee312 Cupz
Recee312 Cupz - 10 hours ago
Only came here cause Ari. 😜 This slaps hard tho. She upgraded twice. Cuff
Meanwhile her grill crooked
•Smore Gatcha•
•Smore Gatcha• - 11 hours ago
Anyone else Love that part when she say I barely can’t Herm TURN IT UP DIN!
Dagen Thompson
Dagen Thompson - 11 hours ago
MIEKAWAYNE - 11 hours ago
Beyoncé would eat that remix 🥵🤸🏾‍♀️
Juancarlos Cervantes
Juancarlos Cervantes - 11 hours ago
Banger after banger
Tamonte Dailey
Tamonte Dailey - 11 hours ago
Run it up run it up run it up !!! Moneybag
Kaliyah -Roblox
Kaliyah -Roblox - 12 hours ago
This song a vibe!
Janiya Fowler
Janiya Fowler - 14 hours ago
I really hope he's playing the s*** out of that violin that would be a whole nother fan base
edylc one
edylc one - 10 hours ago
Someone said he played violin in school.
Pretty Luxury
Pretty Luxury - 14 hours ago
✨✨Manifesting in the lyrics okayyyy
Triggered - 15 hours ago
Best music video if 2020!
Pauline Parker
Pauline Parker - 15 hours ago
My Dads have all the cars in the world
Pauline Parker
Pauline Parker - 15 hours ago
Alexandria Miller
Alexandria Miller - 15 hours ago
dis dude da truth
Skullcandy - 17 hours ago
Anyone else hear that at 1:04 covid 19?
Wavy The Don
Wavy The Don - 18 hours ago
Should’ve let Lil Baby Feature this
Tj - 21 hour ago
Floaty84 - 21 hour ago
Remix on the way..💪🔥
Im bout to hyl/hit your line.
Scott Wolf
Scott Wolf - 22 hours ago
These beats nasty af
Carlitos Brigante
Carlitos Brigante - 22 hours ago
"What he need do take care of them kids " is exactly what all you Bum ass baby mommas say
Mlibo - 22 hours ago
Damn the visuals are too much 🔥🐐
Robert Jackson Jr
Robert Jackson Jr - Day ago
Was this nigga just playing a violin🤔
Kiannathebaddie - Day ago
People who didn’t come from can like this😎😎
Marcus Walton
Marcus Walton - Day ago
Who is the girl that said Lil speaker
edylc one
edylc one - 19 hours ago
I think her IG is celebrate_pinky
I thought someone who don't like this song said something !✍💃🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rudy G Wildboy
Rudy G Wildboy - Day ago
Velly Money
Velly Money - Day ago
Who came from the dog video 😂
Celeste Grace Faith
0:04 is that bag in the background ???? :D AhhHhhhHh
ThaKyd Prophet
ThaKyd Prophet - Day ago
.75 speed 👌🏽 Thank me later 💪🏽
Jessie Brown
Jessie Brown - Day ago
Bigg Bagg going in.... shout out bro 2 your success
Alex Amamoo
Alex Amamoo - Day ago
Dis nigga 2 Hard On Boss
Fooryy Teewty
Fooryy Teewty - Day ago
sami nasra
sami nasra - Day ago
Akira Linux
Akira Linux - Day ago
Ask money bagg anything: Why do you suck?
Glenn Abbott
Glenn Abbott - Day ago
Anybody could do this mix gibberish with a what ever beat is on your beat master 10000 and push clean up. And it’s all done. All lyrics edited to fit the beat there voices put in tune to the background music and it dosnt even have to rhyme have the time. This is shit.
Glenn Abbott
Glenn Abbott - Day ago
Do kids really listen to this. Dam kids today are getting ripped off on there music.
Benjamin Crosby
Benjamin Crosby - 12 hours ago
Stfu Glenn
lovekk always
lovekk always - Day ago
lil speaker I can’t hear em 😭 that shit was funny
FR4NC15 GAMING - Day ago
Why the beat sound like “Broke in a minute” By Tory Lanez🤔
Its XombX
Its XombX - 14 hours ago
Alphonzo Williams
Alphonzo Williams - Day ago
That’s how the Memphis females talk in the beginning?
Robert Gutierrez
Robert Gutierrez - Day ago
Girls that act like in the beginning remind me of annoying ass little kids that can't speak lmao
rian - Day ago
Pamela Watson
Pamela Watson - Day ago
Who All stopped the video to read the comments
Leticia Gallardo
Leticia Gallardo - Day ago
He’s chars bro 69 is better
Klaryssa Gallardo
Klaryssa Gallardo - Day ago
playboii ___
playboii ___ - Day ago
0:24 all the tiktokers
Kimora Center
Kimora Center - Day ago
Chuck Davis
Chuck Davis - Day ago
Om ojno I ok I'm lmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and lmm look
Jesse King
Jesse King - 2 days ago
He so damn ugly yeah I said sum 😂
J Gray
J Gray - Day ago
😂😂😂😂right but so are u 😭😭😭😭awwwww
Avantae Vance
Avantae Vance - 2 days ago
He voice go nuts
Ashtrey 805
Ashtrey 805 - 2 days ago
💰 Da 💩. No 🧢
1Tz Ma1
1Tz Ma1 - 2 days ago
When tiktok steal all the fire songs, like I dont want it to get band but if they keep stealing our songs ima wish for it to get band
Quanaire Paige
Quanaire Paige - 2 days ago
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