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Quirin Diefenbeck
Quirin Diefenbeck - Month ago
we need a battlecry: remove taunt from a minion, but not a silence a minion!
Dennys Dietrich
Dennys Dietrich - Month ago
Murlocs are way toooo Strong... thats Just disgusting to See that so Many Good rounds Are Loosing to murlocs -.-
Dennys Dietrich
Dennys Dietrich - Month ago
@SecludedMemory its so easy to get the best murloc comb... like every second game is the first a murloc player..
SecludedMemory - Month ago
Murlocs are probably the most balanced tribe of any of them. The only way they can dominate late game is with the highest tier minions, and you need a combination of smartly timed upgrades and lucky rolls to get to that point.
LordChameleon - Month ago
It's funny, I've said before they should add Zephrys to T6 and when you buy him you discover a card you should be looking for based on your team. Like Megasaur, Brrgurgle if you have a bunch of Murlocs, Mama bear, Ghastcoiler, or Maexxna if you have Beasts, etc.
László Szatmári
László Szatmári - Month ago
I love your vids, but it is so fucking annoying that you keep flickin around with the cursor. What the fuck is wrong with you? I get PTSD just from watching it.
P L - Month ago
Jebaited into thinking he actually stood a chance against Exodia
SammyJStubbs - Month ago
At 1:43 that made me wince.
LittleRedBeast7 - Month ago
That was really courageous from you!! And logic I guess, cause I don't think you would have won if you sticked to that plan. But yeah! Great initiative
ForzaE2 - Month ago
I found myself calling him noobs a couple times in this video and it is shocking to me. Because I know he is a good player and I like to watch him. It is a funny video though. I hope you will get lucky next time Savjz.
hivesteel - Month ago
Ethan Black
Ethan Black - Month ago
I comment to help statistics
Tremblay343 - Month ago
With the addition of bagurgle I think murlocs are strong enough without megasaur. It's sucks all the fun out when you meet the player who got brann and megasaur and you know there's almost no chance of beating them. introducing a minion that deals with divine shields would be nice, but then it kind of makes everyone nefarian.
Matthew Czarnecki
Matthew Czarnecki - Month ago
Clickbait...I thought u beat poison murlocs as Tirion, great game tho! Only Savjz can inspire hope like that.
Yamaguchi Gumi
Yamaguchi Gumi - Month ago
Damn bro why am I watching u before sleep every night I dont even play battlegrounds 😂
Sabin Ozera
Sabin Ozera - Month ago
I have always said Divine Shield-Poison Murlocs break this mode. This video proves it.
The Creator
The Creator - Month ago
@woody2602892819 Patches has a better chance of making it to late game with Murlocs. That doesn't mean Murloc mid game isn't still extremely weak. If patches gets unlucky he dies like the rest of them.
woody2602892819 - Month ago
The Creator Depends on What hero you are. Patches can easily rock murlocs, due to the 50hp start.
The Creator
The Creator - Month ago
Murlocs get knocked out mid game pretty frequently before they have a chance to grab a megasaur. They are the ultimate late game but it comes at a cost of passable early game but a very weak mid game where most people get knocked out.
woody2602892819 - Month ago
MakinUsernamesSuck True, i mean you can beat poisonous mourlocs with a sick Deathrattle build, or really insane demon build. But insane luck is required. I also experience that often Murloc players get knocked out in the mid-game due to the fact it’s hard to pull of.. Tough one
MakinUsernamesSuck - Month ago
@woody2602892819 the issue is no builds have something as good as megasaur. I'd hate to see it removed, maybe just add more to demons, beast, and mechs to even the playing field.
Kiran Amuthan
Kiran Amuthan - Month ago
that guy had fuckin nuts murloc, i can refresh 10 ties at tavern 6 and not find more than 2 warleaders
Ed - Month ago
For all your YouTube revenue... you're not doing it live ...
Raviel - Month ago
23:18 Replay your miracle

Hum...yeah.. "miracle"
Thomas van cool
Thomas van cool - Month ago
I love your streams and plays savjz 🤣👍
Nostalgia - Month ago
Get out my game ? 😂
Nostalgia - Month ago
Thats the weak guy in early dude 😂😂
Harrar Swiftfang
Harrar Swiftfang - Month ago
Maybe with a golden baron, a bomb would have been better than cleave. Or even 2 bombs? Would rip the shields off the murloc
woody2602892819 - Month ago
With the amount of health his murlocs had, there wasn’t an answer.. RIP
Max Payne
Max Payne - Month ago
KingHeenok KingHeenok
KingHeenok KingHeenok - Month ago
Haha the final fight. Fail all the way!
ducktape000 - Month ago
Lol stood up for big finale and got slapped around
steven w
steven w - Month ago
idk what he was hoping for? x)
Josh - Month ago
18:28 Lmao 😂 just get kangor 4head, 2 kangors
Luagabeidl - Month ago
Why is he hiding the timer?
goku - Month ago
also boomer apm
Juri - Month ago
@Victor Matas Mendoza Mentioned it myself as well on a previous video. He is either uploading old content, which is no surprise, or he just does it anyway.
Victor Matas Mendoza
Victor Matas Mendoza - Month ago
@gwonbusH wasnt it fixed?
gwonbusH - Month ago
When your game ends, it says "Recruit" instead of "Combat" during battle in which you die. This provides spoilers when it's not a 1v1, because you know you die before the animations for it hit.
Menny Castro
Menny Castro - Month ago
Menny Castro
Menny Castro - Month ago
KEKW we’re doing it live chat KEKW
SgtImrak93 - Month ago
Skipperino Kripperino
Skipperino Kripperino - Month ago
0:00 Skipperino savjzerino
ForzaE2 - Month ago
Haha! You have no power here.
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