Eating the ENTIRE Movie Theater MENU!! **25,000 CALORIES**

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2 782
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 3 months ago
Who would actually eat this whole thing?? We needed some help ..
Omar Potter
Omar Potter - 23 days ago
Adan Corrilo
Adan Corrilo - 28 days ago
I was close because I was thinking it $300 and it was $347 and I eat a lot so I can help eat all of that
Danielle Pallin
Danielle Pallin - Month ago
btsloverfan funperson
btsloverfan funperson - Month ago
life of bella
life of bella - 2 months ago
I cant eat the hole thing probably my brother could
Brianna Gomez
Brianna Gomez - 4 hours ago
I’m eating ice cream
Alishba Kanwal
Alishba Kanwal - 4 hours ago
Am eating fruits 🥺
Amber Martinez
Amber Martinez - 7 hours ago
About to eat spaghetti
Jameson Brown
Jameson Brown - 9 hours ago
Candy corn
Claire Hinrichs
Claire Hinrichs - 12 hours ago
I'm eating pretzels
BTS LOVE - 13 hours ago
I’m eating noodles 😂😂
Wendy Moreno
Wendy Moreno - 14 hours ago
Wendy Orioles
Alexia Denisee
Alexia Denisee - 15 hours ago
I was eating an egg McMuffin from McDonald’s along with a hashbrown😂
Alexia Denisee
Alexia Denisee - 15 hours ago
I was eating an egg McMuffin from McDonald’s along with a hashbrown😂
Mikel Frederick
Mikel Frederick - 16 hours ago
I am eating tacos
natasha kalsi
natasha kalsi - 17 hours ago
I want sour patch kids wahhh 😂
natasha kalsi
natasha kalsi - 17 hours ago
I am eating Reese’s and Cheetos lol lmao
natasha kalsi
natasha kalsi - 17 hours ago
This is how much weight they gained
natasha kalsi
natasha kalsi - 17 hours ago
This is how many snacks Brian bought
nfjdjd ahdjdjdhd
nfjdjd ahdjdjdhd - Day ago
Silver - Day ago
Ice cream
Aye Yah
Aye Yah - Day ago
I eat while I’m watching if my mom or dad wants me
Maddox Weiner
Maddox Weiner - Day ago
What’s up with the 3 under armor logo
Vlogs By Brynn
Vlogs By Brynn - Day ago
you didn’t even watch a movie lolol
Aiden Dominic
Aiden Dominic - Day ago
Juicing Man17717
Juicing Man17717 - 2 days ago
I’m eating potato chips
ŁT ghost YT
ŁT ghost YT - 2 days ago
Yo I'm eating soup
jakey Baybee
jakey Baybee - 3 days ago
Holy shit dawg u only 113 💀
mari cardenas
mari cardenas - 3 days ago
I am eating a lot of pizza
mari cardenas
mari cardenas - 3 days ago
Total 568 $
Kamlesh Gupta
Kamlesh Gupta - 3 days ago
Alejandra Gonzalez
Alejandra Gonzalez - 3 days ago
I was eating candy UwU
FAZE RUG FAN!! !! - 3 days ago
I’m eating popcorn I have to be quiet I’m at the movies
Mich Aengelo
Mich Aengelo - 3 days ago
I’m eating sorbet
Angel Gonzalez torres
Angel Gonzalez torres - 3 days ago
Gacha JasonUwU
Gacha JasonUwU - 3 days ago
Mac and cheese
Hot pocket
Omar A Antoun
Omar A Antoun - 3 days ago
You said 158 but they put185
Alex Romero
Alex Romero - 4 days ago
i was eating canes
Luis Perez
Luis Perez - 4 days ago
Lol lol lol
Aubry Aquino
Aubry Aquino - 4 days ago
I'm eating funyuns
william gunn
william gunn - 4 days ago
sullivan bryan
sullivan bryan - 4 days ago
When you weigh more than faze rug and your only 11
Farah Youssef
Farah Youssef - 4 days ago
Gold fish period tehe sub to larray if you wanna see them do a calab
DogloverGaming - 4 days ago
if you just drink water you would gain like 5 pounds to be honest
Peyton Gary
Peyton Gary - 4 days ago
Hey Fazrug the price was wrong when you said the price like 458 but on the screen it said 485
Mary Belsky
Mary Belsky - 4 days ago
I’m eating pasta
Three Friends Awesome Style
I’m eating a turkey sandwich .-.
Da Fuq
Da Fuq - 4 days ago
1 of everything in my house ;P XD
Evan Haines
Evan Haines - 4 days ago
If he went to an amc movie theater the total would be way more
Andrew Fulton
Andrew Fulton - 4 days ago
Do another who can gain more weight in 24 hours I love that video
همام القلعة
همام القلعة - 4 days ago
Total is 650Bucks
Benjamin Said
Benjamin Said - 5 days ago
Nnn N
Nnn N - 5 days ago
I’m eating pasta
moosas durban
moosas durban - 6 days ago
This is how many times he said leave a comment
Emily Renteria
Emily Renteria - 6 days ago
Eating croutons right noe
Little Doggie Plue
Little Doggie Plue - 6 days ago
I guessed $1000 and im eating cup if noodles maruchan regualr shrimp
roblox biavcxf
roblox biavcxf - 6 days ago
deep fried oreo
Heshams football channel
i guessed $421.57
LightJam1723718 Xbox One
I'm guessing 347.68
Noah Levin
Noah Levin - 6 days ago
Bro im eating popcorn 🍿and coke
Kristopher Sandlin
Kristopher Sandlin - 7 days ago
Now I’m hungry
Cool Lizards And Stuff
Cool Lizards And Stuff - 7 days ago
I’m eating Swedish fish whil watching
Stitha Pragna
Stitha Pragna - 7 days ago
i am eating veggie nuggets
tina daley
tina daley - 8 days ago
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