Eating the ENTIRE Movie Theater MENU!! **25,000 CALORIES**

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 13 days ago
Who would actually eat this whole thing?? We needed some help ..
Arinators_ Fam
Arinators_ Fam - 5 days ago
FaZe Rug Ice cream
Sacha Drake
Sacha Drake - 7 days ago
I would definitely
Jesus Mendez
Jesus Mendez - 9 days ago
I would definitely like to help I love to eat
Anthony De Anda
Anthony De Anda - 12 days ago
Papa Rug, No offense. Much repect i subbed to the whole family
Duh itz Olivia
Duh itz Olivia - 12 days ago
Brian, you put $485 on the screen instead of $458
Dominick Locklear
Dominick Locklear - 12 minutes ago
I’m eating sharp white cheddar cheez-it grooves
August Viboonvoradech
August Viboonvoradech - 24 minutes ago
Matt Stonie has joined the chat
Angel Navarrete
Angel Navarrete - Hour ago
Maleah Santos
Maleah Santos - Hour ago
I’m eating a oatmeal raisin cookie from subway 🥰🥰
The Crowell Crew
The Crowell Crew - 2 hours ago
I eat lots too but not as much as marco

Edit:I am eating Mac and cheese
Mason Cruz
Mason Cruz - 2 hours ago
Mason Cruz
Mason Cruz - 2 hours ago
Excel - 2 hours ago
Idk why I'm watching this after I just got my wisdom teeth out. I'm so jealous right now
Trevor Quinn
Trevor Quinn - 2 hours ago
Kaleb Jones
Kaleb Jones - 2 hours ago
dustin martin
dustin martin - 2 hours ago
few hundred
Gory 69
Gory 69 - 3 hours ago
I’m eating gold

Jabree Chesson
Jabree Chesson - 3 hours ago
Nicholas Rodriguez
Nicholas Rodriguez - 3 hours ago
Don’t u guys miss benji
Like this if u miss benji
Korde Ross
Korde Ross - 3 hours ago
Vincent Dooley
Vincent Dooley - 3 hours ago
I’m literally eating like a whole bag of. Dumb dumb pops rn
Fortnite DRE2096
Fortnite DRE2096 - 3 hours ago
I am eating my emotions
Joangel Perez
Joangel Perez - 4 hours ago
I was eating home made cookies
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming - 4 hours ago
im eatin pb
Mason LMG
Mason LMG - 4 hours ago
Am Eating Candy😄😄😄😄😄😄
Wyatt Haynes Baseball
Wyatt Haynes Baseball - 4 hours ago
Nutty butty
Jedi_Jamison - 5 hours ago
Blake Green
Blake Green - 5 hours ago
I always eat when I watch your videos
Fire j Plays
Fire j Plays - 5 hours ago
I eating greet faze rug entertainment
Hannah D
Hannah D - 6 hours ago
I’m eating chocolate ice cream!!!
Nagato Uzu_Og
Nagato Uzu_Og - 6 hours ago
1:13 edeting mistake
RYD CRAZY - 6 hours ago
Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez - 6 hours ago
Deon Happy Vlog
Deon Happy Vlog - 7 hours ago
782$ and I think faze rug lol I'm probably watching it
Palmer Paz
Palmer Paz - 7 hours ago
Chipotle chips
Mrtakeyogirl10 - 7 hours ago
Im eating A Rug Get It Ha
taylor crawfishh
taylor crawfishh - 7 hours ago
This is the biggest flex of all
Anthony Gallegos
Anthony Gallegos - 8 hours ago
I am eating my girlfriend
Malone Stone
Malone Stone - 8 hours ago
A sausage McMuffin with bacon and I’m also eating everything at McDonald’s
vTrixKill 2017
vTrixKill 2017 - 8 hours ago
I’m eating Marco’s Pizza
Rosa Ayala Espinosa
Rosa Ayala Espinosa - 8 hours ago
I’m eating pizza
Eli Brody
Eli Brody - 8 hours ago
368 dollars
Alessandro Granata
Alessandro Granata - 8 hours ago
Adonis Jovenal
Adonis Jovenal - 8 hours ago
I am eating a snowcone
0 0
0 0 - 8 hours ago
I'm eating chips
Andy Mempin
Andy Mempin - 8 hours ago
Watching this video makes me hungry like if it made you hungry 😋
Spefyy - 9 hours ago
Hot cheetos
Flu Fu
Flu Fu - 9 hours ago
I'm eating ass
Noah Chambers
Noah Chambers - 9 hours ago
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake - 9 hours ago
Omg... I'm 14 and I'm heavier than faze rug. IM SHOOK
Sad Posts
Sad Posts - 6 hours ago
Im probably heavier then you and I’m 14 too
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Sanchez - 10 hours ago
I'm eating frybread
Owl 27
Owl 27 - 10 hours ago
Chips and chesse
Jose-miguel Sanchez
Jose-miguel Sanchez - 10 hours ago
I am a dog
Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda - 10 hours ago
Eating pizza
Daime Garcia
Daime Garcia - 11 hours ago
Nothing I’m literally gonna be hungry bc I’m seeing u guys freakin EATING IM SO MADDD🤬🤬
Daime Garcia
Daime Garcia - 11 hours ago
I’m eating pizza I was so hungry so hungry
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz - 11 hours ago
I'm eating candy 😂
ŠtêmFîšhmâtê Daniel L3g3ndsp1k3
Y’all missed 4:26 he said 458 and y’all put 485
Domino Masters
Domino Masters - 11 hours ago
I always eat food while watching you, I never use to and I was eating ripples chocolate
Fatmir Sejdija
Fatmir Sejdija - 11 hours ago
Juicy Patty
Juicy Patty - 11 hours ago
Mini sandwich cremes
Domino Masters
Domino Masters - 11 hours ago
4:24 it says 485
XdHann4n09 Gamer
XdHann4n09 Gamer - 11 hours ago
I’m eating your mom
yzboost OwO
yzboost OwO - 11 hours ago
*fatass challenge*
Girly Girl
Girly Girl - 11 hours ago
He said 458 but wrote down for 485🤣
Tre Thomas
Tre Thomas - 11 hours ago
It’s cause he had his shoes on at the end 😂
Tre Thomas
Tre Thomas - 12 hours ago
Hot fries 😂
Jaxxton Cox
Jaxxton Cox - 12 hours ago
Jaxxton Cox
Jaxxton Cox - 12 hours ago
Furious Pankake
Furious Pankake - 12 hours ago
I’m eating dick
Sage Cray
Sage Cray - 12 hours ago
Marley Santamaria
Marley Santamaria - 12 hours ago
Chips and salsa
JONJIM 562 - 12 hours ago
I an eating salty pretzels and a hot dog with chips
pop corn
Mason - 12 hours ago
Kinda late on the vid but im eating nachos while watching this. Love the vids keep it up
z00m team
z00m team - 12 hours ago
Me and my cousin are eating McDonald’s
Miley Escalante
Miley Escalante - 13 hours ago
I’m eating snacks.
XxGhostWarriorxX !
XxGhostWarriorxX ! - 13 hours ago
Dude I almost threw up watching
Bionic PepperZ
Bionic PepperZ - 13 hours ago
Bionic PepperZ
Bionic PepperZ - 13 hours ago
I’m not
Future Mystic
Future Mystic - 13 hours ago
isa mtz
isa mtz - 13 hours ago
Zdmboom - 13 hours ago
A Jolly Rancher
Dana Castañeda
Dana Castañeda - 13 hours ago
Isaiah Prieto
Isaiah Prieto - 14 hours ago
Me i do
Wacky Wallaby
Wacky Wallaby - 14 hours ago
lit kid rapps
lit kid rapps - 14 hours ago
Graham crackers
Kaylie Gil
Kaylie Gil - 14 hours ago
I’m eating ice cream in the morning🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣
Priyank Parmar
Priyank Parmar - 14 hours ago
Chicken lolipops nd sprite😄😅
Chloe Hehehe
Chloe Hehehe - 14 hours ago
I’m eating pizza
Spikes Bernice
Spikes Bernice - 14 hours ago
Chicken enchiladas
Maribel Hernandez
Maribel Hernandez - 14 hours ago
buger king
Kaidan poitras
Kaidan poitras - 14 hours ago
Hanin Bukhari
Hanin Bukhari - 15 hours ago
A sandwich
Anthony And Aiden Vlogs YT
KENNYCCB - 15 hours ago
I wouldn't do this since I hate popcorn
N1 Springz
N1 Springz - 15 hours ago
I’m eating dolma
TwistedPho x
TwistedPho x - 15 hours ago
Rug weighs 113 pounds i weigh 100 pounds and im 11
Anthony B
Anthony B - 15 hours ago
Chicken nuggets ;-;
PROArchie BTW - 16 hours ago
NashNation4 Yt
NashNation4 Yt - 16 hours ago
Marco already won
Growtopia Noob
Growtopia Noob - 16 hours ago
Blaze_News _
Blaze_News _ - 16 hours ago
I’m eating cheddar pretzels
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