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MYSTIC MOOnSHINE - 2 hours ago
So cute together. Love this video. You guys really should do more videos together.
Alyse Penson
Alyse Penson - 9 hours ago
“I’m not a brazier specialist” lmao 😂😂
Adriana Dominguez
Adriana Dominguez - 19 hours ago
I love this vid so much Jaclyn!!! So good!!!
Elizabeth Trahin
Elizabeth Trahin - Day ago
Ok he is HOT😂
Tara Stewart
Tara Stewart - Day ago
You seem so much happier now, Jaclyn. It's great to see. And you. Are. GLOWING 💖
CindyRose - Day ago
So happy you finally found your lobster. 💕🦞
Ellie B.
Ellie B. - Day ago
Omg!! He graduated in 2012?! He's a baby!
Jennifer L
Jennifer L - Day ago
Brave having your boyfriend on your channel. He’s sweet.
Katie Bortner
Katie Bortner - 2 days ago
I loved this and laughed! Y’all need to do more videos
Cindy Watts
Cindy Watts - 4 days ago
Adorable, REAL couple.
Cory Isbister
Cory Isbister - 5 days ago
When Jaclyn was impersonating Jordan about how he talks to the dogs🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wendy Rucker
Wendy Rucker - 5 days ago
I am a 34DD and I crave rootbeer floats when I’m PMSing too! Lol
Plastic Martyr
Plastic Martyr - 6 days ago
fabulous, love ya girl
Bileigh - 6 days ago
You guys should open a gourmet drive-through one day! ;D
M̤̈Ë̤Ë̤Z̤̈ C̤̈Ḧ̤Ë̤Ë̤S̤̈Ë̤
This a legit question that I’ve been thinking about. Her body looks great. Legs look nice and body looks good. What I have a question about is her face. It’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect, I’m just wondering why her face seems so much bigger than it should be for her body. Like her body is small and her face is huge?
Queen of Shovels
Queen of Shovels - 8 days ago
Great chemistry! 🥰
QueenMaiko - 8 days ago
This man makes you SHINE! You deserve it ⭐ 💜
Abby - 8 days ago
I never comment on vids but- you guys are beautiful together and I can tell he adores you!!!!!
J T - 9 days ago
seriously the CUTEST COUPLE on YT!
biba 28
biba 28 - 10 days ago
The background was so much i was searching for u two the whole entire time. My eyes been o.O
Kelly-Ann Duke
Kelly-Ann Duke - 10 days ago
Them laughing about how 17 is a late bloomer is offensive af!
Cynthia Fisher
Cynthia Fisher - 10 days ago
“How come I don’t have any ‘BUGS’??”.....Jaclyn
Cynthia Fisher
Cynthia Fisher - 10 days ago
LOL!! You guys are hysterical!!
Ediana Ventrice
Ediana Ventrice - 10 days ago
They literally have the same personality. XD He is Jaclyn but in a male body.
S - 11 days ago
too cute!! wishing you continued success and happiness.
Christina G
Christina G - 11 days ago
This video makes me so happy! I'm so glad you've found happiness, Jac!
Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez - 11 days ago
Dang girl you look like a pig
The King Omar
The King Omar - 11 days ago
al H
al H - 12 days ago
he is gay!!
Jacqueline Rivera
Jacqueline Rivera - 13 days ago
Dying for this background AND for y'all's entire relationship
Cee Jay
Cee Jay - 15 days ago
I stil love her no matter what!!
You guys can say whatever you want about her but she’s awesome!!! Let her do YouTube her way!!!
JulieSimplyLove - 15 days ago
I just love your personality Jaclyn
Hoa Huynh
Hoa Huynh - 16 days ago
OMG I was born in Clearwater and not in a hospital too!!!! Hahaha
Sprint user here too. 🙋🏻‍♀️😂😂
Krystina Lavinia
Krystina Lavinia - 16 days ago
This is amazing, would love to see more from you both. Your are so sweet and genuine with each other. This was so fun!
J V - 16 days ago
I’m loving the background!!! Giving me the fun 80’s vibe
col hammond
col hammond - 16 days ago
Your boyfriend is so nice .
Ana’s Adventures
Ana’s Adventures - 16 days ago
I love couples with a huge sense of humor 😂💕
Karla & Jay
Karla & Jay - 17 days ago
Holy shit I didn’t even know I knew all these things about Jaclyn!!!! I was answering them way before Jordan 😱😂😂😍😍
Zahra’s Channel
Zahra’s Channel - 17 days ago
You guys look so cute together 😍
kiki - 17 days ago
Y'all are literally perfect together!!!❤️❤️ Also 19:23 is me with my bf!😂
Vanessa Alonso
Vanessa Alonso - 18 days ago
This makes me so happy 😭😭😭
Danielle Vasquez
Danielle Vasquez - 18 days ago
He is so sweet and kind: he also has a very nice voice and talks very well. I love both of you guys!
Karl Marx
Karl Marx - 18 days ago
New subscriber! Hilarious video ..loved how genuine, comfortable and open you are. You have a beautiful soul
Annie U
Annie U - 18 days ago
Her face
Melinda C
Melinda C - 19 days ago
Wow he’s a keeper!! I’m 44 and impressed. Very kind and genuine.
Heather Cramer
Heather Cramer - 19 days ago
That was super cute girl!!! Keep up that confidence 😇😘
Cee Jay
Cee Jay - 19 days ago
She cuts him off a lot when they talk
Hannah Palmer
Hannah Palmer - 19 days ago
https://vm.tiktok.com/cqQS9r/ 🤣🤣
Boss Lady K
Boss Lady K - 20 days ago
I just rewatched this because I needed a laugh❤
How could you not have fallen for this man?! You two have this great energy, your laughs are contagious
Marla Sturgill
Marla Sturgill - 20 days ago
Jacklyn you have Amazing boyfriend he is too sweet!!!! I see why you want to marry him and have babies with him!!!!
Tamara Anderson
Tamara Anderson - 20 days ago
Omg Jaclyn is a whole ass vibe!! 🙌
Alexsis Carrington
Alexsis Carrington - 20 days ago
R.I.P to my eardrums 🤦🏽‍♀️
kryst light
kryst light - 20 days ago
So cute
so53190 - 20 days ago
Can I just say I am SO impressed that he understands the concept of being self aware and realizing that nothing productive will come from anger? AND he has the restraint to take a break and later come back to the discussion? Keep him. one more time: keep him. I used to get called "weak" for that but its actually strength and discipline.
MaKe Up 2020 LoZaNo
MaKe Up 2020 LoZaNo - 20 days ago
Is it just me or is someone behind the scene giving them hints lol 😂
andradekim2 - 20 days ago
Jaclyn, you have a great personality. U guys make a nice couple.🥳✨
Destinie Willis
Destinie Willis - 20 days ago
My first job was the same!!!
Zara Rabbani Rashid
Zara Rabbani Rashid - 21 day ago
Jordan is actually so in the moment!
Anne Manalang
Anne Manalang - 21 day ago
Happy that you’re happy Jaclyn 💖
Jovy Cortez
Jovy Cortez - 21 day ago
coolest background ever!
Jenna Glaser
Jenna Glaser - 21 day ago
This was so cute! I love your guys style 🤍
Bailey - 21 day ago
"ew what do you have" HAHAHA
Megan - 21 day ago
But what’s his sign. 🤔
Cass O
Cass O - 21 day ago
omg i’m so happy for you i’ve been a sub since the beginning and you deserve this relationship you really seem so happy 😭❤️ you guys work so well together wow!! love you sm queen
Rylee - 21 day ago
I love this video and I love what a great person Jordan is
Idallis Anessa
Idallis Anessa - 21 day ago
to be fair, if she shops at victorias secret we’re all technically 34DD’s😂
Jasmine Alexandra
Jasmine Alexandra - 21 day ago
This? Is Jaclyn hill? The one who’s supposed to be a stylist and guru? She’s so trashy and unprofessional, don’t get how she got to be so famous!
Shan Luann
Shan Luann - 22 days ago
Omg I love you two so much. So refreshing! 🥰
Crystal deleon
Crystal deleon - 22 days ago
Jordan is a beautiful human. Good inside and out. 💓 happy for you!
audrasupernova - 22 days ago
I love that she got her gay boyfriend to do a video with her.
Mayberry Mom
Mayberry Mom - 22 days ago
He reminds me of current day Brandon from teen mom OG. I like that.
Veglissa - 22 days ago
The dog accents had me ROLLING!!
Carissa Morrissette
Carissa Morrissette - 23 days ago
Girl I didn’t go to high school either. I dropped out like a dummie after failing 8th grade for my attendance. Ugh. I look back and regret it so much!
Beatriz Arredondo
Beatriz Arredondo - 22 days ago
She was home schooled you should try getting your GED
Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson - 23 days ago
I loved this video!!!
Alayna Garnett
Alayna Garnett - 23 days ago
The backdrop is gorgeous, love you and Jordan together and how happy he makes you. I always get so excited when you post a new video. You are one of my absolute favorites on YouTube, always have been and always will be. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Keep on keeping on, girl. ♡
Chelsea Kilikidis
Chelsea Kilikidis - 23 days ago
Please don’t buy handbags made of exotic animals like a Himalayan crocodile, they are killed just for their skin it’s totally unethical and wrong :( I know you love animals Jaclyn, please think of them too 💖
A Pooni
A Pooni - 23 days ago
Love the orange heels!
Joanne T
Joanne T - 24 days ago
34 DD?!! YEAH RIGHT! Maybe C or D
Marlene Marquez
Marlene Marquez - 24 days ago
I love you girl
Caron's Closers Club
Caron's Closers Club - 24 days ago
I need to know more about your shirt, Jaclyn!! 💜💜💜 are those tassels diy??
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