Is there ANY reason to buy Intel? - TalkLinked #3

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Carlos González
Carlos González - 4 hours ago
fatso its getting a fucking dungeon master on click bait
mudhound0530 - 4 days ago
Anthony FTW
Travis Web
Travis Web - 5 days ago
Anthony is currently under investigation for owning and distributing child pornography!!!!
Gagi - 6 days ago
Mayank Rangari
Mayank Rangari - 6 days ago
1:55 "woah, you heard it here first", one of those things that makes Riley, perfect, for tech news !!!!!
Mockingjason - 7 days ago
Draco Rodriguez
Draco Rodriguez - 7 days ago
*Can you just put a best/worst list to people that doesn't care about watching the whole Youtube show*
SugarCubeDealer - 7 days ago
Antony needs his own show, or more single screen time
Jay Rodriguez
Jay Rodriguez - 7 days ago
Iy really feel sorry for anthony i pity him because his life is very with all that knowledge no hardship lmao 😂 keep rocking you the goat anthony!
Branden Jarvie
Branden Jarvie - 7 days ago
Glasses guy seems jealous of Anthony for some reason
Paul Bro
Paul Bro - 8 days ago
We get it! Linus bought a shit load of AMD shares!
DANKY JOE - 8 days ago
Intel optane
Justin Chaves
Justin Chaves - 8 days ago
Anthonism: The habit of going to work more on weekends.
Novi Palmer-Bain
Novi Palmer-Bain - 8 days ago good vid
D4nte85 - 9 days ago
der8auer is german for either "the builder" or "the farmer" context tells me its the first one
Adam Keino
Adam Keino - 10 days ago
Anthony speaks softly while this other dude in glasses is just shouting, so I keep on adjusting my audio. Please balance the speakers out, give Anthony his own softer speaking, mellow thing to do.
young dangerious
young dangerious - 10 days ago
time for a big switch from Intel to AMD. pain to stick with Intel for decades we are free
my name is my name
my name is my name - 11 days ago
now in NOVEMBER, ther is even less reason seeing the massive discounts for ryzen Zen+, a r7 2700X is going for £165 on amazing, thats half price, 2600(X) and 2700 also got massive discounts
DrRandom - 11 days ago
yes because my friends will bully me if I get Ryzen
You Tube
You Tube - 11 days ago
Im sorry but that is toooooo fat..... Respect your meat vehicle bro.
Subham Dey
Subham Dey - 11 days ago
Plizz giveaway me one graphics card plizz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😢 plizzzz linus plizzz
Cody Summerford
Cody Summerford - 12 days ago
I'm building a PC for the first time and I need an answer. Is a 2060 worth it over the 5700 xt? The only difference I see is Ray tracing but I haven't seen any showcase in current titles where it's "good" and it destroys fps. Will we see more Ray tracing games before next gen consoles or should I just buy a 5700, save for a year than buy the next rtx release?
Bigfoot is Just Really Shy
The more of these LTT videos and channels I watch, the more I realize that Anthony is clearly one of the most valuable and "tech literate" people in the whole organization.
kikoorange8 - 15 days ago
This was a great video really enjoyed it 👍
nikolygtx - 15 days ago
I did last upgrade i got 4570 for 60$ and upgraded ram to 12gb, next complete PC will be amd ,no reason to get intel if u gonna buy new pc
Duh Doy
Duh Doy - 17 days ago
Tldr; no as of the posting of this video and as of this comment posting
0p3nURiZ - 18 days ago
If Intel was smart they would open up the bios on older 1151 socket boards to support the new processors. I am interested in upgrading from my 7th gen, but don't want the added expense of replacing my top tier Z270 mobo. At this point if I'm going to replace the mobo to upgrade.. I'm going to go Ryzen as it's a no brainer for anyone looking for the best bang for the buck at this point. Pretty stupid of Intel to to try and corner their market like this considering they are getting crushed by AMD at the moment with no foreseeable solution in sight.. With 10nm being abandoned, and 7nm tech still a few years out at minimum.. they are going to have a really hard time just catching up.. let alone surpassing the performance of the AMD chips..
Anthony G
Anthony G - 19 days ago
95% of comments: about anthony
5% of comments: about the video
Alvin Walters
Alvin Walters - 21 day ago
Yes. Because AMD is 🗑
Toshiaki Ou
Toshiaki Ou - 21 day ago
Editor, please check the audio volume level before upload. Anthony is much lower than the other guy.
ET Gaming
ET Gaming - 22 days ago
99% of the comments - ANTHONY
1% of the comments - intel and amd war
Shawn Elliott
Shawn Elliott - 23 days ago
5700 runs hot? shocker. The last AMD card I had was an Asus Strix R9 390 and even with the 3 fans, it stayed between 88-92c in games and It was in a HAF X case getting direct airflow lol. Unsurprisingly that card barely lasted a year.
Buddy - 24 days ago
Well worth a watch, thanks guys. No toenails please. Just take a break Anthony.
G POWER DRAGON - 24 days ago
Before l watch video AMD sucks at openGL on some games it's the only option
Immortal - 25 days ago
I'd have preffered this in audio-only-format.
Adriel - 28 days ago
Is there ANY reason to buy Intel?
It gives you more FPS in games and has higher single core performance (remember MMOs don't use multiple cores efficiently IF AT ALL, so single core performance and single core clock speed is king here).
WhyAMiStillAlive1234 - 29 days ago
Anyone else hate it when people complain how hard they’ve worked?
Un Tip Oarecare
Un Tip Oarecare - 29 days ago
Intel - faster gaming, better oc and cheaper if you count the motherboard
Ryzen - faster multitasking
MrManiac3 - 29 days ago
Sign my toenail
Jeff T
Jeff T - 29 days ago
Audio production.
Joel Rosas Avilés
Joel Rosas Avilés - Month ago
No hay tarjeta para 4k 2080 ti es para pueda proba el 4k pero no es una tarjeta dedicada para 4k,para que juego sea 100% dedicada tiene ser como crash bantiogo y crash no está full gráficas le falta un poco
Joel Rosas Avilés
Joel Rosas Avilés - Month ago
Las mejor tarjeta para 1080p super 2080
TheEmperorBear - Month ago
Der Bauer = the Farmer
Maaz Aftab
Maaz Aftab - Month ago
I am "SUPER" OCD on Camera Setting and Decorations, Everything is like corrected with Laser light to be Precise.
The center table is really centered and the camera is also very much centered that the edges of the sofa's are exactly the same distance from the end of the screen.
Augustine Delgado
Augustine Delgado - Month ago
The only reason to get an intel based system would be for a skylake cpu capable of 4k UHD Bluray (i5 6400 through i7 6700k) playback (thanks SGX) and that's basically it.
Veature_iTech Guy
Veature_iTech Guy - Month ago
AMD on top, now, buy Via Will conquer them all.
Veature_iTech Guy
Veature_iTech Guy - Month ago
How does OSX handle Ryzen muli Chicklet cpu's.
Veature_iTech Guy
Veature_iTech Guy - Month ago
Intel is in the Apple trash can. Where both over priced items belong.
ruben florentin
ruben florentin - Month ago
Anthony is the best!
morten dybdal
morten dybdal - Month ago
intel is just better ... amd is better for workstations ... but for gaming intel is still king anyone that says somthing diffrent just lie ... just watch and hear what steve over at gamers nexus says ... not this 2 idiots
Youda00008 - Month ago
"Except YOU!" lmao
Dubu Dubu
Dubu Dubu - Month ago
Nathan Cebulsky
Nathan Cebulsky - Month ago
How many channels do these guys have?
nin1ten1do - Month ago
finaly.. BRO CUT linus-down AND grow as crazy YOU ARE THE geek AND MASTER OF KNOWLEDGE .. NOT LINUS.. Don't let him slowing you! BTW i wholůe life go cros INTELxNvidia.. i was never sorry but i must admit compare when time was about X3100or GT520 vs amd 1300 was.. dam'n dats time i was love AMD..
Phoenix Workimation
Phoenix Workimation - Month ago
amd is like that one kid that gets better after a few months to years from a sickness
SindarTheWise - Month ago
Well, I'd still take 9700k over any AMD, but that's just me, I guess... Single core performance is still kinda important. Like - how many cores can You really use? 4 max?
Alekss Belskis
Alekss Belskis - Month ago
"Linus tech tips parent company nvidia" Linus Sebastian
RainbowFoxSilo - Month ago
IMA BUY A I5 6600K
Dirty Yasuo
Dirty Yasuo - Month ago
Please don't take this as mean because I love you Anthony, but he looks like the kid that eats the cake in Matilda
Atom [Holden]
Atom [Holden] - Month ago
Anyhony is on the channel wayy too much, linus where are you?
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