Blueface - “Murder Rate” feat. Polo G (Official Music Video - WSHH Exclusive)

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Tenesha Byrd
Tenesha Byrd - 45 minutes ago
Song Is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍
julius Jackson
julius Jackson - Hour ago
real guns really wasnit meant for this vid nerf guns fit the video
TaeWRLD 2k
TaeWRLD 2k - Hour ago
Polo so versatile he can be melodic and he can rap rap
kiyahh Love
kiyahh Love - 2 hours ago
This hard 💙✔️
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 3 hours ago
Thanks for sharing! ??????
Cesco Kappa
Cesco Kappa - 4 hours ago
polo still hungry🎶
BlackBoi Gaming
BlackBoi Gaming - 5 hours ago
they snap tbh
Roscoe Singletary
Roscoe Singletary - 6 hours ago
Y can’t i download the song on audiomack it don’t een show
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 3 hours ago
Blueface on beat is actually pretty good.
Kelz Russell
Kelz Russell - 6 hours ago
Polo G lowkey snapped ion even listen to shorty 😦
Anomaly ́s ass
Anomaly ́s ass - 6 hours ago
It´s nerf or nothin
Maine Currin
Maine Currin - 6 hours ago
Polo carried
madu GG
madu GG - 7 hours ago
tank esti sa intepenesc aicea
azkeeh - 8 hours ago
suge 808 fire
ザ Zeek 根暗
ザ Zeek 根暗 - 10 hours ago
fuckin fire
Lozenger Hendo- Boi
Lozenger Hendo- Boi - 12 hours ago
I wish polo rapped likes this more
takeanightrip - 15 hours ago
would have been better if it was Cole Bennett
ToxicZector - 15 hours ago
unpopular opinion: worldstar ruined this song with the shitty video, would've been better with lyrical lemonade, or just blueface himself like he did with carne asada
zNxghtmare YT
zNxghtmare YT - 16 hours ago
Hilson Jesus
Hilson Jesus - 16 hours ago
Yo put the playback speed 1.25x and blue face ain’t offbeat anymore
Bumpy - 16 hours ago
Blueface offbeat as always😭 (Joke)
The ClownsterYT
The ClownsterYT - 16 hours ago
30 seconds in alr added to the playlist
MasterXX 2.0
MasterXX 2.0 - 17 hours ago
Brian Haska
Brian Haska - 17 hours ago
Blueface on beat is actually pretty good.
Zach - 17 hours ago
They lowkey flow hella good together
Ashlynn Burton
Ashlynn Burton - 17 hours ago
Lord Poe
Lord Poe - 17 hours ago
First 1k to like will be become a successful person.
Sheldon Chase
Sheldon Chase - 17 hours ago
Don't tell me yall did not hear the audio that was put for 3 months now
Young Kron
Young Kron - 18 hours ago
Never thought he would fall off
FishingForCharlie _
FishingForCharlie _ - 18 hours ago
The only reason this got to 1M views cuz polo carried the track
Sad Sonic
Sad Sonic - 18 hours ago

No Connection
Sad Sonic
Sad Sonic - 18 hours ago
I done lost 8K at the telly, was gone off the Xannies, I took about three now
Out in Malibu cappin' off X and I crashed the i8, I just hope I don't relapse
That lil' nigga ain't livin' what he rap
When we pop out, bitch, you know that we strapped
Let off clips on your block, let the heat clap
Not gon' turn on the news for a recap
Ayy, damn, foenem got the jakes hot in the hood again
My lil' shawty done tied up his hood again
Let him pick out his pipe and he took a SIG
Say he want some new in his 'Wood again
Leave a nigga somewhere that he shouldn't have been
Told 'em go fuck with they block and spazz
I don't wanna hear what you could've did
Fifty (fifty) shots (graow)
Many men in a minivan (many men)
Blueface, baby (yeah, aight)
Polo, G-Wagon (2020)
Keep it…
Blaze Xappy
Blaze Xappy - 19 hours ago
Polo g put blue face on his back
StarSlamz - 19 hours ago
My future daughter on facetime wit her crush:
Me: 1:22
Playrunna KushAli
Playrunna KushAli - 19 hours ago
Ain't gone lie polo g brought out the best in blueface on this
NIAL_ 8 - 20 hours ago
When blueface cant get his guns
Blueface :Kid where is your nerf guns
AB 21
AB 21 - 20 hours ago
This song is fire!
Hypxcomments - 20 hours ago
Polo g look like chief keef
Some One
Some One - 21 hour ago
polo carrrrriiiiiieeeeed but at least this is the best of blueface
Young Royal
Young Royal - 21 hour ago
Da baby would of rip this
MAR - 22 hours ago
Polo g killed it. Who blueface?
huter 2624
huter 2624 - 22 hours ago
Their roaring the nerf flight
Junior Castro
Junior Castro - 22 hours ago
Polo saved this sng
Jack Paulin
Jack Paulin - 22 hours ago
static_ axtr0
static_ axtr0 - 23 hours ago
Bluface got big boy carried
Rohan Kanhai
Rohan Kanhai - 23 hours ago
He finally on beat this time
Kenyon Wright
Kenyon Wright - 23 hours ago
I had doubts about this but thennnnn polo g went hard😤🔥💯
Ean P
Ean P - 23 hours ago
Im just saying polo in this vid kinda lookin like kief😳
Job Perez
Job Perez - 23 hours ago
Low key lit / idc how you look at this song it’s a song at the end
Randeey Music
Randeey Music - 23 hours ago
Did blueface say “now he dead now I’m dick in his pumpkin” ??????
Bryan Espinosa
Bryan Espinosa - Day ago
This a different type of polo
Shaq Woods
Shaq Woods - Day ago
Wait so bleuface can rap😳
AJ Nixon
AJ Nixon - Day ago
Shoulda been “Polo G ft Blueface”
4N7H0N9 C
4N7H0N9 C - Day ago
The first on beat blueface song I heard
A U G U S T - Day ago
Why do polo g make every song he on better??!
quianna mccoy
quianna mccoy - Day ago
Blueface or polo g can you do a song with my cousin lildropgo go on instagram
don Fuller
don Fuller - Day ago
Do I see blue face on beat what’s going on here😯
RAINY_ acidzz
RAINY_ acidzz - Day ago
Polo lookin like chief keef
mawg why
mawg why - Day ago
Jaxson Easter
Jaxson Easter - Day ago
Blueface wasn’t off beat this time and his verse was better than polos respect ✊
Lil Willie
Lil Willie - Day ago
This song was on blueface album no one heard so yall sayin this new 🙄 homies got me hyped like "you hear that new polo??" 🤣
Ching - Day ago
Yeah for sure they murdered someone with a nerfgun

OutCast - Day ago
This beat is perfect for blueface ❌ 🧢
Christian Joubert
Christian Joubert - Day ago
They killed this👀
frøstyøwl - Day ago
I love this song how does this not have more views
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera - Day ago
Da baby beat 👶 🔥
Raf 0
Raf 0 - Day ago
Many Mans in a mini van 😂😂
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith - Day ago
Polo g: fool you better actually rap don’t be sayin no dumb shit
Blueface: say no moe
bigz dinero
bigz dinero - Day ago
This song make me wanna go spin a block with a nerf gun 😭
Aydin Webster
Aydin Webster - Day ago
This song go hard
Brandon Tinotenda Nyanzara
Polo G-wagon😅
MF - Day ago
Never thought I would see Polo G with a nerf gun
Mandy Lindsey
Mandy Lindsey - Day ago
U blind then
Khalil Foyé
Khalil Foyé - Day ago
Whoever produced this did a terrible job 🤦🏽‍♂️
zilraty - Day ago
Polo g wagan
Jayson Banks
Jayson Banks - Day ago
Blue face the one to do a drive by with nerf guns for fun
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Day ago
Polo G's verse made me kick my parents out of their house
Ihyisha Thomas
Ihyisha Thomas - Day ago
Polo murdered this shit!!!
Giannhs Xar
Giannhs Xar - Day ago
I would love to see more of this type of flow from polo
Sosa2K - Day ago
Shit hard🔥
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Day ago
Nah for real 💯
lil mono
lil mono - Day ago
It's polo g's track now
NotLab - Day ago
Anybody gonna talk bout how fire the song is?
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