Joe Rogan Experience #1352 - Sean Carroll

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Sebass - Day ago
1:25:07 you can hear a belly rumble lmao
Denton Fender
Denton Fender - Day ago
Sean has sold me. I'm going to buy his book. I read years ago about Quantum Mechanics, and was intrigued, but didn't think I could understand it without learning high end Mathematics. That would help, but I'm lazy, and Mathematics always frustrated my brain into literally sweating, and feeling sick to my stomach. So I won't go there.
Denton Fender
Denton Fender - Day ago
When the Big Bang occurred, the beginnings of the Universe which was composed of Hydrogen---I remember reading that it did not expand in a perfectly circular three dimensional manner in all directions. That it was an uneven expansion. So an observation, or measurement is not needed for the laws of Physics to occur, only if an observer is attempting to predict an event in Physics----am I correct? The old philosophy question, does a branch that falls from a tree make a sound when it hits the ground if no one is there to observe it?
CJS929 - Day ago
I like to think that I'm the copy, not the original. Somewhere the original version of me is making all the right choices.
marcus szewczyk
marcus szewczyk - 2 days ago
Mr Schrödinger went to pick his cat up from the vets
and the vet said I have good news and bad news
No Body
No Body - 4 days ago
Every one in comment section 🤯
A L - 4 days ago
Take a shot every time he interrupts Joe
A L - Day ago
@four exactly
four - 2 days ago
do this on Joe's podcast with Neil Tyson
JC Esterhuizen
JC Esterhuizen - 5 days ago
Joe Hoffer
Joe Hoffer - 7 days ago
Would there be an alternate universe where we all aligned to focus on science more in the last 500 years and advanced so much that they could reach out or traverse across the multiverse to speak to us?
〈Chopper Gamer〉
〈Chopper Gamer〉 - 10 days ago
I figured out the ranking of joe rogan guests based on their time on the show.
A bit over 1 hour ,youre an important one
1hour 30 minutes, youre an important one but less busy

2 hours,youre suggested by the audience
3 hours,youre afriend
4hourse,youre alex jones
Jacob Pratt
Jacob Pratt - 11 days ago
“I took a class once so I’m an expert too” says most college students
Diego Galvan
Diego Galvan - 12 days ago
Started off good, then was just a bunch of quantum rambling...
Chicken Permission
Chicken Permission - 13 days ago
Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that Joe's headphones are not centered on his head?
Will Marsh
Will Marsh - 13 days ago
Fuckin luv joe mans a beast and a brain #facts
Zachattck 101
Zachattck 101 - 14 days ago
Please ask Deepak Chopra, open your mind
Vikash Bhalla
Vikash Bhalla - 14 days ago
dude is pale af
Pooltergeist1 - 14 days ago
James Woods is waaay smarter than i thought. Damn!
The Re al Mpk
The Re al Mpk - 16 days ago
I'm from Romania and I learned English at a very early age, pre-kindergarden. But I've been watching Joe's podcast for about a decade now and can confidently say that if anyone were to ever need a reason to learn English, this very podcast would be IT.
It's so very worth it.
Thank you, Joe!
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor - 18 days ago
Joe "Is this a quantum fortune cookie?" Rogan
Frank Fring
Frank Fring - 21 day ago
Scientists are their own worst enemy, they are generally terrible at explaining things and it's no wonder that people and the media tend to misunderstand what's happening.
Here Carrol is talking like there actually are many worlds which is bullshit, it's not even a theory, it's philosophic musings at best.and I it's not science.
cian tiernan
cian tiernan - 22 days ago
POV: your looking for the comments about this mans armpits
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan - 23 days ago
There is a very reasonable explanation to the Fermi paradox. The reason why we haven't heard from aliens is because we don't live on an actual planet called Earth. It only APPEARS as though we do.
We live inside a giant, hyper-realistic holodeck.. and this is IRREFUTABLE because of Fine Tuning.
Because of Fine Tuning it is statistically billions of times more likely that our universe is NOT the first one to produce super intelligent life but it has already happened and that intelligent life has created a holodeck, inputted the constants for our universe and created our environment inside the holodeck, so realistic that it fools evolution and we arrive some 3 billion years later.
That is why everything outside of our conscious perception is a wave and not a particle as revealed by the double slit experiment. As Einstein alluded to, it does actually only exist when we behold it.
Therfore aliens don't exist.. or they might exist but on another level of this holodeck structure and they evolved the same way we did.
This universe is still real but it is not the main reality. It is a sub-reality of the main reality.
Sean and the entire scientific community would have to agree with this theory otherwise they should be considered fools 😲😲😲
Conn Shawnery
Conn Shawnery - 26 days ago
How complete an understanding we can have of things might be relative to our ability to increase the aptitude of our objective view. Sure someone conceived the smart phone, engineers schematicised it and tech workers built them but it took centuries for certain individuals to develop the necessary knowledge and means to realize it. Yet still to actually gain an understanding of how nature operates, we just accept that it is and it may never be in the cards for us to know. If a seed is planted in soil and a flower grows we just accept that this is the reasonable outcome and never question its existence as a result. The parameters of our limits may be deterred by our species based isolation. What I'm trying to say is the relative lens we see the world through as Carroll explains when he describes the 'Epistemic Approach' to quantum mechanics may seem like a cop out but it is like making a truce with the universe and accepting these limitations as the best understanding we can come to.
Adina B
Adina B - 27 days ago
Who is the physicist from Romania he is talking about at 59:10? I'm also from Romania and I'm so curious to see her. :D
Brittany Rosofsky
Brittany Rosofsky - 27 days ago
Totally going to his podcast!
Jem Adamson
Jem Adamson - 28 days ago
It's kind of like a many worlds liquid.
Peter purpl3grape studios
You're assuming I can balance my check book
The GTE Channel
The GTE Channel - 29 days ago
I disagree, quantum mechanics is visible on a large scale. Look at the North Korean football team. They played games during the World Cup which we think they lost, but in North Korea they said they won.... so clearly science is wrong as the big yelling lady on the state news looks very trustworthy.
Caren Burgermeister
Caren Burgermeister - 29 days ago
This guy could be Michael McKean's baby brother.
Brian Miller
Brian Miller - 29 days ago
At 25:00 Where Joe refuses to listen because the bowl he smoked right before airtime demands he go down the rabbit hole Carroll warns him not to.
Carroll - "You should not behave any differently in this world because of the notion that there are many worlds being constantly created."
Joe "Yeah, but do you think of each choice you make possibly changing everything about the world you exist in?"
I knew from this moment that Joe may have skimmed Sean's book, but did not read it all OR that he read may have read it all, but was either too stoned or is not intelligent enough to understand it. To his credit he says, "That's where my brain broke." But I think it's more a case that the temptation to contemplate the idea that every decision we make splits out spacetimelines just too attractively trippy for an old stoner to resist.
YouToo,buddy - 29 days ago
Time to restore my faith in humanity...*reads JRE comments.* Good to go.
AJ Kukawinski
AJ Kukawinski - Month ago
Fantastic! Bring him on every time he does a new book please!
Matt Crittela
Matt Crittela - Month ago
Sean looks and sounds like a character off the Simpson's
Kiefer Holton
Kiefer Holton - Month ago
The Mandela Effect
sou t.
sou t. - Month ago
1:15 Joe you should look up algebraic geometry and think again what you said.
YOTI POST - Month ago
Sean - Month ago
I started following this guy on twitter, thinking I would see stuff related to physics. All of his tweets were political crap.
Jordan Marques
Jordan Marques - Month ago
Ur eyes maybe deceive u when measuring quantum mechanics
Jeet Trivedi
Jeet Trivedi - Month ago
Vedran Zdešić
Vedran Zdešić - Month ago
I agree with all that and I am excited to see the progress in this field in the future, but there is no difference between so called woo woo and regular science or even religion. All of them have 'strange' assumptions from the point of regular experience. Don't call woo woo all what is not according to the mainstream science. You are in the woo woo field only if you don't question current state. Otherwise, approaches are and should be different, and they are all valid. Final conclusion will be the same on the end. Masters don't discuss fundamental truth, they agree.
Mikey Robins
Mikey Robins - Month ago
I listened to every word of this podcast, and understood more than I thought I might. Now it’s over, I realise that I’m non the wiser.
Hate when Joe keeps just saying the same thing over and over. "The idea that there are an infinite number of you making these choices." Yes, you said that already. What else do you want him to say about it?
dave c
dave c - Month ago
1.3K flat earthers were here. Byeeeeee
Mike Flix
Mike Flix - Month ago
Progress is held back by politics and corporations or government owning inventions and patents and not exploiting them, but instead hiding or suppressing them to zero.
Suzy Siviter
Suzy Siviter - Month ago
The double-slit experiment always fascinated me, the only solution is that the electron has awareness. Then I read Kabbalistic teachings that said the 'Aur' is in everything-that is a ray that gives everything energy-that connects everything, then you have the solution to the problem. The main question then is, how can we detect this dense field that shines thru everything in the universe.
legendhero 45
legendhero 45 - Month ago
Thank you for the video! All of you friends are super awesome! Oh, moments with this video are sad.
IceeCold - Month ago
Somebody get this man a show
Adam Bradford-West
Adam Bradford-West - Month ago
Joe Typing into Universe Splitter who he should interview next
Dominique Taylor
Dominique Taylor - Month ago
I think physics is a means to understand the world around us, but spirituality is the description of what it all means. Both are true, but describe two different things. Instead of disparaging one another, the two fields should work in unison.
Dylan Pritchard
Dylan Pritchard - Month ago
Joe asked the same question multiple times and I still don’t think the guy understood the question. They really are thinking on different levels lol
arnoldo escalante
arnoldo escalante - Month ago
"its a clockwork universe" 1:00:04
Jor-Els Alexandria
Jor-Els Alexandria - Month ago
19:53 oh fuck
William Garcia
William Garcia - Month ago
Lmao Joe concentrating while talking is hilarious
Dan - Month ago
So my thinking is... forgetting the sun, forgetting everything other than the earth, what's the entire pattern of use moving through the universe? I try and think of it all in my head but I just can't imagine it fully, but I think it would be something like a helix, spinning in a helix spinning in another helix?
Aren Taylor
Aren Taylor - Month ago
Every time I hear about something crazy Joe’s had an interview on it for a year already
ayoo mon
ayoo mon - Month ago
This feels like deja vu
alison philpotts
alison philpotts - Month ago
thank you joe rogan, for all the interesting guests you interviewed, for your open mind...this podcast make me feel smarter, and chew gum for my oral biome...thank you
John - Month ago
This absolutely blew my mind.. How can anyone understand this??? I mean, an hour and a half and Joe didn't ask Sean if he'd tried DMT!!!!
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez - Month ago
1:23:19 Joe te quiero mucho, gracias
Miami Body Cast
Miami Body Cast - Month ago
Joe, please bring on Matt O’Dowd from PBS space time!
proppapoppa - Month ago
“Spooky action at a distance” warms my heart and soul
Miss J
Miss J - Month ago
It seems like all it really says is that reality is conscious and our consciousness and reality effect one another as waves rather than simple cause and effect from and to specific points. We are waves of a sea of energy. It would be nice if we could just stop trying to destroy one another.
Miss J
Miss J - Month ago
The world would be an entirely better place if people put the time, work and effort in and had an open mind. Period.
Doesn't just apply to understanding Quantum Mechanics.
Fabio Rock
Fabio Rock - Month ago
I found this interview to be very interesting although i disagree a lot from the way Sean approach the questions risen by Joe. if he had a more philosophical perspective he would even help himself a lot to clear his thoughts and apply this to his scientific analysis to the real world. i observe that hermetic laws has helped a lot to science find applications to quantum realm.
If everything is mental consequently any object or being capable to have consciousness (even if remotely conscious, such as a camera) can interfere as an observer and then change the possibilities in a quantum system. Even a rock is interacting to a quantum system but the limitations of its own existence will set the ways it can be affected by such laws. We as humans can change in a much more complex way the reality as an observer even though most humans are unaware of their power. in short i would really love to have these ways of hermetic approach applied to the very interesting questions made by Joe.
The NJM Way
The NJM Way - Month ago
If you make a bad decision and die do you die in all universes?
Sgt1stclass Bob
Sgt1stclass Bob - Month ago
MRI machines work in this fashion. They surround a person in a magnetic field, causing the atoms to align in the same direction, the machine then creates a model based on what it has observed, unlike x-rays, which send radioactive isotopes through a body, burning the image into a silver nitrate slide. It's insane what we can do with quantum mechanics.
Sgt1stclass Bob
Sgt1stclass Bob - Month ago
Quantum physics makes my brain numb.
He nevee answered you initial question on quantum mechanics, which I feel is essential to understanding this topic. Cheers btw.
ronandjac - Month ago
Great job Joe. asked every question I would have asked.
Dylan Downey
Dylan Downey - Month ago
1:05:10 LMAAAO
Zepp Villasis
Zepp Villasis - Month ago
I was "WTF is an electron??" then I googled it. Electrons are the smallest of the three particles that make up atoms. Ok, wtf is an atom?! Shit!
William S
William S - Month ago
I felt that part when Joe said his brain broke. I really reflected on that whole theory. I understand why it can be possible but cant wrap my mind around the fact HOW. How can two physical universes exist without boundaries? If so whats in the "space' between them? Why CANT you communicate with another universe if it did exist? He said "copies" of a universe, but wouldn't that apply that there was at one point an original?
Partially Examined Kubrick
We don't know the point of origin because the origin of THIS universe is just a conjecture - all cosmo models are unclear how the universe began look it up
I imagine how this guy is explaining his theory like a tree, the tree will grow creating branches then the branches will grow from other branches and so on. This could be explained in the same way as we make choices in life and always changing direction to grow as a human. Maybe the way he talks about particles being unpredictable to measure is because the particle chooses to go in a direction that is more suitable/natural for itself just like how the roots and branches grow for a tree.
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson - Month ago
I really got that at the end there man, good analogy really. Although trees are good analogies for loads of things, neurons, hierarchies, life paths and choices :p offspring "didnt fall far from the tree". I think it is because life has a fractal and highly mathematical nature
Kelvie Carlile
Kelvie Carlile - Month ago
So somewhere right now a version of me completely understands this.
Jeremy Wright
Jeremy Wright - Month ago
That app is literally a waste of money
Joe A
Joe A - 2 months ago
46:30 The Prestige ?
Haunted - 2 months ago
That universe splitter app is cool and all, and i guess puts the many worlds idea into perspective, but what if i just do the opposite of whatever option comes out? Then im not in the universe it determines im in.
Caden Robl
Caden Robl - 2 months ago
Take a hit every time he says quantum mechanics. This is the greatest smoking game of all time
Ion Corbu
Ion Corbu - 2 months ago
What do you guys think... Will we be able to understand higher dimensions? Or, even without fully understanding them, will we be able to use at least one of them? Of course we will be forever stuck in 3d world, but using like some sort of a wormhole, and I'm not saying anything about cosmic travels and stuff, think of a simple data transfer through an other dimension. Well, not really simple, but you've got the point
jaggedbrain - 2 months ago
particles are like people, they always up to something when you got your back turned lol
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