CELTICS vs GRIZZLIES | Grant Williams Leads All Scorers With 21 | MGM Resorts NBA Summer League

SuperRip7 - 11 months ago
Boston scored a lot of points.
Elijah Campbell
Elijah Campbell - 11 months ago
I’m a Kentucky fan so I really don’t care about Grant Williams or what he does
_H_ - 11 months ago
So grant Williams hits four 3s and we don't see one until 7:24 of the video? Title of video: "Grant Williams leads all scorers with ((whatever))" and it's his first offensive highlight 7minutes in? Think I'll stick with Ximo/house of highlights etc
XKINGKRISX Gaming - 11 months ago
Just wondering why tacko wouldn’t do jump ball
MonoPython - 11 months ago
Carson Edwards should start
Kelvin Fadojutimi
Kelvin Fadojutimi - 11 months ago
They are having fun with it.....smh
Yougotit Boss
Yougotit Boss - 11 months ago
Who is this grant Williams guy? Brad Stevens likes him
Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer
Karuka Earnings A two time SEC player of the year, helped Tennessee improve in the last 2 years.
BnaBreaker - 11 months ago
I'm a Grizzlies fan, and even I will say that although I'm rooting for him to change, Grayson better cut that douchey fake tough guy entitled Duke bullshit out like RIGHT NOW, because Memphis ain't about that at all. Be more like Tony Allen and less like Grayson Allen.
WinLike24 - 11 months ago
why isn't tacko fall tipping the ball?
Pistons 4 Life
Pistons 4 Life - 11 months ago
Probably because it’s unfair lmfaooo
Doofy - 11 months ago
Celtics are unstoppable now.
Doofy - 11 months ago
@Agonza Nope celtics are going to the superbowl.
Agonza - 11 months ago
@Meme Hey captain obvious pretty sure he means they're unstoppable in summer league only mkay lol
Meme - 11 months ago
It’s summer league. Let’s see what Robert Williams looks like when he has to guard Embiid.
Darren Harris Sports fan packs
I’m at 90 subs can we get to 100 I’ll sub back if you sub to me
REDBEARD SPORTS - 11 months ago
Celtics have a nice Summer league team. Deion Waters is that his name?
NF Deceive
NF Deceive - 11 months ago
The Search For Cause Tremont
Vic young
Vic young - 11 months ago
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Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers - 11 months ago
Struss,williams, pink shoes guy new kyrie.....
WVU STEELERS CELTICS - 11 months ago
Matthew Rogers Type like a normal adult human being you uneducated fuck.
Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers - 11 months ago
@WVU STEELERS CELTICS awwwww so sry steels yeah she said no rapeleesberger
WVU STEELERS CELTICS - 11 months ago
Matthew Rogers “Pink shoes guy” ??? You mean Tremont Waters....not that hard.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 11 months ago
The Boston Celtics Summer League team could best the Knicks real team.
Maahir Nathani
Maahir Nathani - 11 months ago
Grant representing UT!!
J3._.4x JE FAM
J3._.4x JE FAM - 11 months ago
Subscribe to famingwithautumn
Cathy Chandler
Cathy Chandler - 11 months ago
Calebe Rodrigues
Calebe Rodrigues - 11 months ago
First one
Savage Chances
Savage Chances - 11 months ago
The Celtics 😬😬😮
lilbray Aka47_yea
lilbray Aka47_yea - 11 months ago
DamienGotJuice - 11 months ago
lilbray Aka47_yea. NO ONE CARE NIGGA
John Thicc
John Thicc - 11 months ago
Here for tacko fall
Deniz Yildirmaz
Deniz Yildirmaz - 11 months ago
Grant is a big body
Dodger fan 2.9
Dodger fan 2.9 - 11 months ago
Roney Neptali
Roney Neptali - 11 months ago
First comment
Viewz From These Streets
Viewz From These Streets - 11 months ago
And here's your prize=💩 Who gives 2 shits?
Caden Alvis
Caden Alvis - 11 months ago
Grant is a beast
Caden Alvis
Caden Alvis - 11 months ago
Noa constrictor thanks
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