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allystar morrigan
allystar morrigan - 5 days ago
Flavored ooblek
Grace Keller
Grace Keller - 15 days ago
I don't know why, but I just had this random horrifying fear of my whole body sinking into a giant tub of oobleck and me not being able to get out and suffocating. Fun nighttime thoughts :)
just a rock
just a rock - 21 day ago
What if you made it with carbonated water instead of normal water?
Bella Violet
Bella Violet - 22 days ago
Could you make oblek glass by deep frying it and somehow retaining its shape
Matt Bleasdale
Matt Bleasdale - 24 days ago
try freeze drying it
Skate Ehling
Skate Ehling - 25 days ago
you should try putting ooblek in the freeze dryer
Sapphire Flame
Sapphire Flame - 26 days ago
Can you eat or make edible dry ice
mobbs616 - 27 days ago
might as well start making videos of people cleaning up these messes lol
i ate all your pancakes and waddled away
i want to taste this i really like fried stuff
Connor McFarlane
Connor McFarlane - Month ago
What about ooblek in a freezer dryer?
Veloci Fero
Veloci Fero - Month ago
Now I want mint ice cream
Tyrone king
Tyrone king - Month ago
C. 😤🥺⚗️⚗️⚗️⚗️⚗️⚗️
darkstqrs - Month ago
Oblek vs hydraulic press
Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen - Month ago
Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen - Month ago
or stuff other than water
Leo Hutchinson
Leo Hutchinson - Month ago
Deep fry orbeez
Jacob Ganzel
Jacob Ganzel - Month ago
That drive way need to get a retirement party. It's been through enough🤣😂
Melanie Buckley
Melanie Buckley - 2 months ago
Soft oobleck, hard oobleck, little bowl of goo. Frozen oobleck, deep fried oobleck, what more can Nate do?
Lillie Nguyen
Lillie Nguyen - 2 months ago
Why does nate sound like a mad scientist at 9:23??
John Wall
John Wall - 2 months ago
Your intro makes me excited
James Verhoff
James Verhoff - 2 months ago
Oddly, this behavior is akin to what happens to rocks, only at a much faster scale. It's called the brittle/ductile transition zone: You can apply a given force at a given rate and the rock (or oobleck) oozes; apply that force faster and it shatters. All solids have a given brittle/ductile transition zone, and you can do really fun things if you can figure out where that is. I once turned a Styrofoam sandwich box inside out without breaking it, and have shattered Silly Putty by dropping it down a four-story stairwell (the dean of my Geology Department in college suggested it, and we were bored one evening). What sets non-Neutonian fluids apart from regular fluids is that fluids don't usually have this; you can't shatter water. Intuitively, we assume that this transition zone is inherent to solids.
MrRedIsNormal - 2 months ago
im so addicted to watching these
Bridget Darby
Bridget Darby - 2 months ago
So the easiest way to clean up oobleck is to put dry ice on it
Bridget Darby
Bridget Darby - 2 months ago
Remind me of Goosebumps
Abigail Buratti
Abigail Buratti - 2 months ago
Can you freeze oobleck
RD - 08VD - Glenhaven Sr PS (1173)
Put sodium into ooblek
Henrik McHockey
Henrik McHockey - 3 months ago
What if you put dry ice in a vacuum chamber
Lee Southall
Lee Southall - 3 months ago
I was not expecting that when nate dropped it!
Lee Southall
Lee Southall - 3 months ago
Mate could you please put some in a blender???
payton sessions
payton sessions - 3 months ago
Please do some experiments on Disappearing Ink that kids play with
Alright Bandit
Alright Bandit - 3 months ago
“Gentle force” music stops...”...SOFT OOBLECK”
Imy Rose
Imy Rose - 3 months ago
I’m not surprised he ate it 😂
capcaunita - 3 months ago
Deep fry wood
capcaunita - 3 months ago
Tkor 2016 we're making a foundry
Tkor 2019 he eats she lites things on fire
ShapeyMcShapeface - 3 months ago
Put ooblek under a hydraulic press
Matt From Wii Sports
Matt From Wii Sports - 3 months ago
Ooh you should try and microwave oobleck and see what happens :O
Micaiah Yen
Micaiah Yen - 3 months ago
dropping the oobleck was sooo cool as it was turn ito liquidwhen it was dropping and when it hit the ground it hardened and shattered.
Master Person
Master Person - 3 months ago
I keep my *virginity* when stress is put on me
Hillbilly Outdoors
Hillbilly Outdoors - 3 months ago
4:59 what the heck
Will Snyder
Will Snyder - 3 months ago

Graven Raven
Graven Raven - 3 months ago
you shoulda done it the potato oobleck way so then u made fries......
Splitty - 3 months ago
Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick - 3 months ago
I wonder if oobleck could be used as a vibration dampener device ?? 🙄
I imagine a loose-fitting piston in a cylinder full of the stuff would work... 🙄😏
10,000 subs with no vids
10,000 subs with no vids - 3 months ago
Leo Wande
Leo Wande - 3 months ago
When you bust a nut 9:25
Jayce - 3 months ago
Splash + Shatter = Splatter. Meaning of life. Thank you Dr. Seuss.
Heather Hutchinson
Heather Hutchinson - 3 months ago
He looks so happy now. Imagine how sad he is now
Shortiiee_.a - 3 months ago
@Win Tap King yes cause he did very crazy things 😂
Win Tap King
Win Tap King - 3 months ago
at least his legacy lives on
House of Stupidity
House of Stupidity - 3 months ago
@butteredtoast studios Yes, very said
butteredtoast studios
butteredtoast studios - 3 months ago
Heather Hutchinson You have a point... it’s so said that grant’s gone
fezickthebig - 3 months ago
What happens if you pressurize it instead of sucking the air out?
Jeromey Mascarenhas
Jeromey Mascarenhas - 3 months ago
The deep fryer opened the stach cells and caused the glucose to congeal
Jeromey Mascarenhas
Jeromey Mascarenhas - 3 months ago
Grant's poor workbench...
REAPER - 3 months ago
Is oobe leck edible
Jonathan hill
Jonathan hill - 3 months ago
You described it as melting but is there an actual term for what happens?
MyUnoriginalUsername - 3 months ago
Tiny Potato
Tiny Potato - 3 months ago
I'm Tripiphobic
Nightshade Starstream
Nightshade Starstream - 3 months ago
Lay in a tub of it.. Try splashing in it.
Adi Daringa
Adi Daringa - 3 months ago
Try shooting it
Supergoo 21
Supergoo 21 - 3 months ago
I really want to see the inside view of one of the lego ships in acetone, i think that would look amazingly satisfying
remix ddxd.
remix ddxd. - 3 months ago
Thank me later 1:59

Now you have to leave a

Uno reverse card on my table c;
Jake08_ YT
Jake08_ YT - 3 months ago
Hahahhahaahha thanks
Milly The kitten
Milly The kitten - 3 months ago
Is dry ice edible? OwO
Milly The kitten
Milly The kitten - Month ago
VoltisArt - o_o
VoltisArt - Month ago
No. It's cold enough to "burn" you (freeze your water-filled body parts enough that the cells burst and they die, turning into mush when they thaw) and sublimates into a gas when it warms up. Trying to eat it would freezer burn all of your mouth, and if you actually got it down your throat, (which would be damaged too,) it would give you gas that would also be enough to send you to the hospital.
cindy baldan
cindy baldan - 3 months ago
Could you try to make a balloon stuffer with the vacuum chamber
Jesse Sippl
Jesse Sippl - 3 months ago
2 suggestions
Put dry ice in oobleck in a deep fryer in a vacuum chamber and drop it from 35 feet up
Or make oobleck with just corn starch and food coloring, no water.
Oofreme Rawr
Oofreme Rawr - 3 months ago
Oobleck is just a really runny putty
Shamida Davis
Shamida Davis - 3 months ago
What will happen if you put oobleck on a speaker
Tammy Pizza
Tammy Pizza - 4 months ago
Can you use flower instead of corn starch or baking powder
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