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Hathsh Black
Hathsh Black - 15 hours ago
What happens if you freeze dry oobleck?
Tease Official
Tease Official - Day ago
It’s a lolsquid
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor - Day ago
Can you run across oobleck?
Arlene Lopez
Arlene Lopez - Day ago
Is Ooblek edible?
like if you want to see it
Rebecca Vandenburg
Rebecca Vandenburg - Day ago
Try dropping oobleck into a pool
Natasha Powell
Natasha Powell - 2 days ago
I normally call it yak
C Harman
C Harman - 2 days ago
Freeze dried cow are your can you reconstitute it to you and what will do really want to know❓❓❓❓
BalloonAlpaca 10
BalloonAlpaca 10 - 2 days ago
Great vid Nate
Lolcat - 2 days ago
Vacuum chamber, then frying it? Wow you guys have no ideas, not random at all
Steven Acevedo
Steven Acevedo - 2 days ago
Ooblek vs bullet
Dish Dude
Dish Dude - 3 days ago
Drop oobleck on oobleck and on water
Dish Dude
Dish Dude - 3 days ago
Freeze dry and dehydrate ooblec
B Poor
B Poor - 3 days ago
Can you deep fry makeup? Please and thank you
pattyabo - 3 days ago
You should try making slime with clear glue and shaving cream. It makes a “fluffy” slime
TheNickBrick - 3 days ago
What would happen if you freeze dried oobleck?
What am i doing? WAID
What am i doing? WAID - 3 days ago
DarkDragon MadLion
DarkDragon MadLion - 4 days ago
fried obleck nugget o'w'o
Trevor Patterson
Trevor Patterson - 4 days ago
What happens if you put oobleck in a blender?
Chloe Mantzouranis
Chloe Mantzouranis - 4 days ago
You should see if gum flavors any tipe of drink.
Seth Hayes
Seth Hayes - 4 days ago
Can you put a water balloon in a vacuum chamber
Garrett Bushman
Garrett Bushman - 4 days ago
I want to eat it
Sé Blake
Sé Blake - 4 days ago
Anyone else still waiting to see the dried out spray paint?
Beats By Bass
Beats By Bass - 4 days ago
Hey can you try leaving something in the vacuum chamber for 24 hrs and see how it's changed?
Laya Bell
Laya Bell - 5 days ago
Vacuum chamber dried ice
Nicole Jennings
Nicole Jennings - 5 days ago
Deep fry dry ice
Ava Lynch
Ava Lynch - 5 days ago
i did this for a science fair project once and called it bob the dancing glob 😂
harvard bss
harvard bss - 5 days ago
what about freeze drying oobleck?
Kaidyn LPS
Kaidyn LPS - 5 days ago
8:29 it looks like a green chicken nugget
iris zanni
iris zanni - 5 days ago
I would like to see a pool of it
Alex Redwing
Alex Redwing - 6 days ago
Freeze dry Oobleck!!!
Jesse Sippl
Jesse Sippl - 6 days ago
Please put oobleck in a blender
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson - 6 days ago
Light oobleck on fire freeze dry it and put it in your forge do the same with slime and putty.
NOOBTUBE o - 6 days ago
can you make dryice outof normol ice
Masc Wintle
Masc Wintle - 6 days ago
Looks like a chicken nugget
Peyton Holt
Peyton Holt - 6 days ago
Oobleck is my mood you pay attention to me im fun to play w you dont give me attention i melt and die
Carter Melson
Carter Melson - 6 days ago
6:06 reminds me of the swamp in sly cooper3
ArtSis156 - 6 days ago
5:11 sliding into your dms be like
Jackson Freeman
Jackson Freeman - 6 days ago
Tray Squad
Tray Squad - 6 days ago
You should try putting this in a tire and bust the tire and see will the air stay
timber dawn
timber dawn - 7 days ago
you could still see bit of bouncy balls on the end lol
Ryan Hillam
Ryan Hillam - 7 days ago
the oobleck in the deep fryer locks like a McDonalds chicken nugget

:) :)
dead pool Jeff
dead pool Jeff - 7 days ago
RavenHawkTech - 7 days ago
Can you sweep Ooblek?
Alden Kalbfleisch
Alden Kalbfleisch - 7 days ago
10:31 shatter + splash = splatter
poobare67 - 7 days ago
You should freeze a turkey with liquid nitrogen and drop it from 35 feet up
Zoey Swindle
Zoey Swindle - 7 days ago
Can you make a of slime like a water bed
Sonja Wright
Sonja Wright - 7 days ago
Cornstarch is used in Asian cuisines as an ingredient of batter coating for deep fried foods which is why it solidified in the fryer.
Aaron Bowden
Aaron Bowden - 7 days ago
You should build a glovebox vacuum chamber that will allow you to manipulate objects under vacuum
forstaken #2
forstaken #2 - 8 days ago
I once didn’t know about oobleck but after a school project I brought home corn starch, I just put water in it since there was like nothing left and it made oobleck, it was amazing
Tanya Garza
Tanya Garza - 8 days ago
it's the bog of eternal stench
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