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Afolake Jaiyesimi
Afolake Jaiyesimi - 13 hours ago
The fact that these guys are soooooooo gassed over this game is sending me
zyr on
zyr on - 17 hours ago
This is unfair Tobi has Jesus on his side
Megarelly - 21 hour ago
Simen should of never won against vik
ᖴree Ꮓ
ᖴree Ꮓ - Day ago
I believed in tobi! gg
Caitlin Ryan
Caitlin Ryan - Day ago
Everytime I watch this I’m always just watching JJ vibin 😂
S - 2 days ago
quarantine rewatch ish
Bob Ross’s Dad
Bob Ross’s Dad - 2 days ago
Should have eyes closed, easy to see which way they’re pointing or where their head is going
ItzNathz - 3 days ago
9:24 look at josh
Uday duggal
Uday duggal - 4 days ago
I would like to see tobi and harry's match
Lets see how he gets in harry's mind
Ertiza Jowdat
Ertiza Jowdat - 6 days ago
9:24 cheeky assist from josh
Curren Kong
Curren Kong - 6 days ago
15:22 Ethan man 😂
H P - 7 days ago
10:00 exactly Simon can see Vik
ツTheRRocketツ - 7 days ago
why am i so entertained?
Adam Jack
Adam Jack - 8 days ago
Jake Kirsch
Jake Kirsch - 8 days ago
In the last round wherever Tobi looked, Simon looked on the next one
alystair - 9 days ago
5:30 everyone hugging josh BAHAHA
Gbus-Ogbozor Ikenna Chinesom
This game is dope
Muhammad Abdullah Qutab Shahi
I think they just ram out of ideas 🤣
nicola gibson
nicola gibson - 12 days ago
5:16 did him dirty
X2J - 13 days ago
Ayrton Ricardo
Ayrton Ricardo - 13 days ago
5:15 Best
Laura B
Laura B - 14 days ago
Wait so they literally played Cham Cham Cham
Kasie.Riley - 14 days ago
I’m exhausted watching Vikk, he’s bouncing round like a hyperactive child.
lakai_path - 15 days ago
idk why i just watched 7 guys look in different directions for 15 minutes but i did
Allochtoontje -69
Allochtoontje -69 - 15 days ago
Simon: *scores a point*
Harry: *scores a point right after Simon*
JJ: “The comeback!”
Falah Asim
Falah Asim - 16 days ago
The fact is Simon copied everyone’s moves
Adrian Mutunga
Adrian Mutunga - 17 days ago
Anyone see the ghost at 1:23? Lol
j0Sh_ Ds0uZa
j0Sh_ Ds0uZa - 17 days ago
is Josh 6"0 bruh
XxHaxs Lol
XxHaxs Lol - 18 days ago
This is a game most New Zealand people will know, we called it Shadow Boxing. Instead of pointing we do punches
Toxic Fusion
Toxic Fusion - 18 days ago
Vikk was getting way too hyped
IV AREBI - 19 days ago
Ethan at 15:22 🤣
Raneem Alqahtani
Raneem Alqahtani - 20 days ago
This is SOOOOOO tense 😂😭
OnlineGamer330 - 20 days ago
Cant Simon just play normally?
Catherine Baker
Catherine Baker - 21 day ago
I don’t understand what the fuck is happening but I watched😂
Late Night Cooking
Late Night Cooking - 21 day ago
I like the sidemen but in this video there's more autism than there is special help hospitals in the world
Will Chan
Will Chan - 21 day ago
This vid was maddd
3 mill views for a vid about pointing xD
ARES Beerus
ARES Beerus - 25 days ago
At 10:00 it looks like Simon cheated because he probably saw where Vik went before he turned and just pointed the right way
Ikhmal Azizi
Ikhmal Azizi - 25 days ago
Sidemen = running man
Mawo Idris
Mawo Idris - 26 days ago
whos here while in lockdown
zander oneill
zander oneill - 27 days ago
they trick 3.1 million people including myself to watch a group of adults point for 17 minutes
Kyden Brown
Kyden Brown - 26 days ago
It's entertaining tho
Daggerz 2nd channel
Daggerz 2nd channel - 28 days ago
Cheetah Flames
Cheetah Flames - 29 days ago
Did anyone else see Simon at 10:12 point up but was facing right and he moved his hand back oh well
YOO YOO - Month ago
This game is popular on running man
Den Richardson
Den Richardson - Month ago
Anyone else think there were high doing this vid
Dayton Vlogs
Dayton Vlogs - Month ago
How did they make this video sick
scarlet eyes
scarlet eyes - Month ago
and this is how slavery ended ladies and gentlemens
scarlet eyes
scarlet eyes - Month ago
14:29 thats their heights look josh is 6'1 harry and jj are both 5'11
Bestreactionvids - Month ago
3:11 im crying dog its so funny and intense
😎 - Month ago
Wait how do they know to point and look at the same time
ROXIDE - Month ago
NGL better than some of the mail channel videos 😂
ruby thegamer
ruby thegamer - Month ago
Tobi round 1 was psychic
james dankae
james dankae - Month ago
Tobi is a beast
Virgin Turtle
Virgin Turtle - Month ago
0:47 your mum gay lol
1:00 no u
Oliver Stewart
Oliver Stewart - Month ago
Seven year 6s screaming about pointing down for 17 mins strait
Ezioras - Month ago
Tobi is the real master of this game
Bxze - Month ago
When they look the way yu point, it's like yur using the force.
Bxze - Month ago
Sometimes I think what YouTube would be like if the Sidemen never met each other or if they never joined YouTube
Rahil Malhotra
Rahil Malhotra - Month ago
8:48 is funny haha
Meggy Kaiser
Meggy Kaiser - Month ago
I can't get over how they all started bouncing !
Jetsol8 Gaming
Jetsol8 Gaming - Month ago
when u think u have scratched the bottom of the bucket
D1_KDK - Month ago
Has anyone deep tobi technically went ultra instinct
M’s On The Mic
M’s On The Mic - Month ago
I love how Simon n vik are just bopping 😂😂
M’s On The Mic
M’s On The Mic - Month ago
Vik and JJ have the most energy it’s just mad 😂
Wasi Haider
Wasi Haider - Month ago
I like how they all hyped a shit video idea !
RKO Squad
RKO Squad - Month ago
they need to do a part 2
Aagamann - Month ago
this is the most intense video i've ever seen lol
[•NoName•] - Month ago
10:00 idk if simon looked first to the head then point xd
W M - Month ago
3:14 to 3:27 has me dead
Max - Month ago
Watch Vik at 3:14 is he alright?
Hamzah Khalil
Hamzah Khalil - Month ago
What happened to the sidemen house
Max - Month ago
Deji set it on fire because he got kicked out
William Sagapolutele
William Sagapolutele - Month ago
You should play ish
#StayAtHome - Month ago
Did vikk just say that tobi a animal
Yash S V
Yash S V - Month ago
Honestly didn't understand what they were doing at first...but was total fun later on
Ke-mani Maynard
Ke-mani Maynard - Month ago
Tobi was always gonna win
Uhhfhrsuhnzuhe Uhhnfuhsv
This entire video is just people pointing and yelling
Connor Devanny
Connor Devanny - Month ago
This looks the the most fun yet also retarded game I've ever seen
Tom Chris
Tom Chris - Month ago
Please another one, quarantine edition
e22378 - Month ago
Scheldon V.
Scheldon V. - Month ago
Actually here in Florida we made that up it's called shadow fight
Daniel Guillen Gochez
Daniel Guillen Gochez - Month ago
Tobi won against josh
Vik:“HeS aN AniMaL”
Slugma Ball
Slugma Ball - Month ago
Josh: I hear voices in my head

Randy Ortons theme song from the wwe
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