A Fireside Chat with JonTron (Updates, Funny Stories, and YouTube)

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JonTronShow - 4 months ago
Thanks for chatting with me, everyone!! Sign up and comment here and tell me the best deal you got through Swagbucks!
Demarcus Keene
Demarcus Keene - Month ago
Karma 1233
Karma 1233 - Month ago
Swagbucks is a scam.
Pweefy Pweef
Pweefy Pweef - Month ago
you know, I'm surprised that with how limited youtube is, that someone, or a group of people, doesn't matter, doesn't just make a rival company that does the same exact thing as youtube, only much less restraints and more successful. they could potentially run youtube out of business, which honestly is what they deserve at this point..
Alfonso s
Alfonso s - Month ago
Pornhub premium
MiiaBournewold - 2 months ago
I'm just happy that your well ,and i hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays. keep up the good work
ochaco uraraka
ochaco uraraka - 2 days ago
Sam Bittner
Sam Bittner - 3 days ago
Who else had a starring contest with Jon at the end
Michael Woollard
Michael Woollard - 4 days ago
I would but there aren't gift cards for drugs :)
Nicolas Flamel
Nicolas Flamel - 7 days ago
JonTron, please play Star Citizen.
Daniella Allen
Daniella Allen - 7 days ago
10:07 "I hate this" well who the fuq cares what you think, you're just a unshaved loser next to a virtual fire place.
11:43 "That's how corrupt the system it is" Nah, pretty sure if you steal even something that is 5 seconds that wasn't your content to begin in the firs place, it"s should be justified they should take legal action against your video and claim at as their own since you just thought. "Oh, it's fine to steal 5 sec content from someone else" You're just a man-child.
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - 7 days ago
tragedy + time = comedy
Felep Channel
Felep Channel - 7 days ago
waffle mafia
waffle mafia - 7 days ago
honestly i think him reacting to movies and ads and stuff is were he makes the best jokes
Chris Bam
Chris Bam - 7 days ago
i dont mind the wait between uploads
i understand that original content with high production value, takes time
its evident, that the people who work on these videos really push themselves to make something special
take as long as you like
DarianDarkElf 77
DarianDarkElf 77 - 8 days ago
dnvdk - 9 days ago
ha.... my birthday... that day i was stoned drinking beer in front of a very nice waterfall in the middle of nowhere surrounded by ancient trees... what a day!
The Everything Show With Mr.Content
FlexTape III: Weird Flex But Ok
Loot Noot
Loot Noot - 10 days ago
That violence rule must really suck for gaming channels
Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra
Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! 😂
Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra
I just arrived to this channel.... and I like it! Amazing content!
mr Speed
mr Speed - 12 days ago
fucking amen but on a better note youtube corprates suck my balls im going to twitch
Vadim Gorev
Vadim Gorev - 13 days ago
3:45 сижу смеюсь)))))))
Communist Conte
Communist Conte - 14 days ago
Yeah not going to lie John I noticed you cursing less... not saying it's a bad thing but you know oh well long-lived the old JonTron
Kaleb Locke
Kaleb Locke - 14 days ago
Appearently, as of Nov. 6th, they are changing the terms of service and community guidelines on December 10th.
007kingifrit - 14 days ago
youtube is too important to be owned by a private company, seize it
connor will
connor will - 16 days ago
omg he's uplodeing
Quinn Haverkamp
Quinn Haverkamp - 17 days ago
“I had like only 90,000 followers”
bone jaw
bone jaw - 18 days ago
my favorite thing about jon is the bald spots on his eyebrows
Noam Nederby Jessen
Noam Nederby Jessen - 20 days ago
Youtube: Jontron's critizising us. Demonitize him
Jess Theory
Jess Theory - 23 days ago
Wondering who would thumbsdown this..like why??
Techy Boi
Techy Boi - 23 days ago
jontron makes things happen magically (ie the Notre dame thing) confirmed???
Zombert 997
Zombert 997 - 23 days ago
My drunk grandpa and 4 am
Mstcartman - 24 days ago
Big thing I've learned is never make any kind of artist do something they don't want, it just won't be as good
haku - 24 days ago
Just found out that isn’t a real fire I’m dissapointed
NATESOR - 24 days ago
"Only 90,000 followers". Ok jon.
Horatiu Cioloboc
Horatiu Cioloboc - 25 days ago
Papa furanku.....
Man-Person - 25 days ago
0:39 he almost knocked the screen over
4:35 something got destroyed
Abdulla Bradley
Abdulla Bradley - 26 days ago
No Swagbucks but I theres no way that u posted 2 day
Stickman Stickian
Stickman Stickian - 27 days ago
Tragedy + Comedy = ti- *Extreme maths as jeopardy theme plays*
Kogan Dunn
Kogan Dunn - 27 days ago
“Stop with the upload comments”
*takes another month to make a video*
Bradan Thomas
Bradan Thomas - 27 days ago
JonTron create the next YouTube
Lewis M
Lewis M - 27 days ago
the background music is "Soul and Mind" by E's Jammy Jams
Nour Imam
Nour Imam - 28 days ago
What on earth is 'sexual fluid'
Butt Munchly
Butt Munchly - 28 days ago
When you realize leaving game grumps was a good idea
StorM - 28 days ago
Make video game video
Gerard Macorvick
Gerard Macorvick - 29 days ago
Where is tron ? Jon
The Nexus Point
The Nexus Point - 29 days ago
more of this
Lucas Jones
Lucas Jones - 29 days ago
Took me way to long to realize that was a TV and not an actual fire
Swagmaste 318
Swagmaste 318 - 29 days ago
Any other people watching in 2019
Swagmaste 318
Swagmaste 318 - 29 days ago
Push for demobilization change
Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Allen - 29 days ago
Simon - Month ago
More chest hair please
Jacob Reeves
Jacob Reeves - Month ago
You're scaring the shit out of that squirrel lol
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely - Month ago
I watched the newest videos that are up before watching this, and the one's before it. I love the direction the channel has gone. I have watched the Goop video at least 3 or 4 times now, and I don't usually rewatch vids. Loved the newest Ghost stories one. Love the OJ workout, the buying Dumb things Online. Johnny New English, Dan Aykroyd's Crystal skull vodka. I think you get my point lol. All are amazing. Please keep making the vids you want to make. They are hilarious. Can't wait for next vid. :) P.S. I really LOVE when you do reviews on crappy or weird movies. Please do more of those ;D
Stone Animations
Stone Animations - Month ago
Wtf happened to chok
Crazy Dog Mom
Crazy Dog Mom - Month ago
I’m a new follower and I LOVE all your recent stuff!
Levente King
Levente King - Month ago
Jontron uploads: has fame
Ethan Franco
Ethan Franco - Month ago
Just because u said not to I’m gonna say it

Omg your uploading again
banana wafer
banana wafer - Month ago
Garphield, jon, jontron, grandpa, hair there all the same
Guitar Guide
Guitar Guide - Month ago
Dunkin’ Donuts coffee or Starbucks coffee
Oda Swifteye
Oda Swifteye - Month ago
Jontron typically trends with the algorithm so either Jontron has a winning formula or someone in Youtube watches his back.
Lissie Lamb
Lissie Lamb - Month ago
Bodes well I didn't know about this video till October
Ayurai - Month ago
Some time already Google has been making some pretty stupid decisions, not just with youtube... I feel like a Titanic vibe where they are think "God himself could not sink this ship!"
AncientSlugThrower - Month ago
So tell me if this would work. Release a funny parody cover of a song. Collect views and then on a second account you own, file a copyright cllaim against your creation. Collect the click revenue and indemnify yourself against a stranger taking your revenue.
Jay Ritz
Jay Ritz - Month ago
i would hate to work for a boss that randomly uses predatory tactics against his employees when ever he or she simply wants some spending money. youtube should be sued for unfair business practices.
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