Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game 3 Highlights | May 19, 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Qipao - Month ago
great video great thumbnail too bro 👍
Topolab - Month ago
Looking back, this was the toughest game the Raptors played in the playoffs.
GunslingerRob23 - 2 months ago
9:09 THAT DUNK. Kawhi just goes up.
Ricky Wei
Ricky Wei - 2 months ago
Looking back, this game determined the championship.
LESTI FISA - 2 months ago
The hardest won game
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot - 2 months ago
We'll remember this game as the lost chance for the Milwaukee Bucks to win a championship. Amazing how thin the line can be.
Yasupport Gaming
Yasupport Gaming - 2 months ago
Did you Spot the superfan of toronto guys in this game? He's so fun to watch. Hahaha
B G.G - 2 months ago
Leonard is the greatest. He will try his hardest in the finals. He is ready for those home and away games. He competes his heart out.
Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton - 2 months ago
Lol dis is random but them refs be lookin funny amd serious af wen call dem blockin fouls lol shit be funny af its like a reverse pelvic thrust or sum shit😂😂😂
Nikolaos Panopoulos
Nikolaos Panopoulos - 2 months ago
mirotic,ilyasova,Lopez very slow players they can not put pressure or blocking the opposite players
YD.X - 3 months ago
1:07 "Gimme a three! C'mon, you're killing me."
Mitz Rabang
Mitz Rabang - 3 months ago
I just came to see superfan lol
pushpendra singh chundawat
0:56 Raptors Superfan.
Polar Shrimp
Polar Shrimp - 3 months ago
Super fan at 0:24
Yung Toe
Yung Toe - 3 months ago
9:42 was a fat foul
Khalid Holmes
Khalid Holmes - 3 months ago
U might as well just put the Raptors claw on a Nike and call em Kawhis
Jay George
Jay George - 3 months ago
Even if he loses in 7 he's already a legend in Toronto
Ball Believer
Ball Believer - 3 months ago
Giannas is a different BREED!!
Gunkanjima - 3 months ago
So your favorite rappers are getting spray tans now? #Drake
Dee Dee's House The Oakland Winfrey
frank Vallejo
frank Vallejo - 3 months ago
Damn that crossover by Kawhi looked legit like it broke multiple ankles.
Gekkouga - 3 months ago
2:39 when you realize Giannis wears 34 because he takes 3-4 steps
Lads Vlog
Lads Vlog - 3 months ago
khawi feel the hurt of injuries few yrs. check he's face is hurting by the jump 9:10
SpicyCatArt - 3 months ago
Great to see Raptor get back one game! Go go go Leonard!
Classic Dufferin
Classic Dufferin - 3 months ago
KiLL4037 - 3 months ago
Im not an NBA fan but i'm starting to like it now go Raptors #WeTheNorth
Alex zeus
Alex zeus - 3 months ago
Still bucks 2019
Nelson Perez
Nelson Perez - 3 months ago
Lets forget Kings James, this is the best game seeing in a long time.
Richard G
Richard G - 3 months ago
I'm rooting for Raptors but it will be hard to beat the team everyone else wants to win, if you catch my drift.
dutch old
dutch old - 3 months ago
fucking refs were horrible..they don't want a canadian team in the finals but they'll let them almost get there cause of the money
Asports Gaming
Asports Gaming - 3 months ago
You want to earn money playing. ((Watch my channel☝))
ˁDerTM Otto
ˁDerTM Otto - 3 months ago
3:48 shaqtin a fool
Mox Me
Mox Me - 3 months ago
The Raptors need to be thanking the Refs getting all the calls, they still needed double OT.
Mathew Pete - Work
Mathew Pete - Work - 2 months ago
then game 456 happened
Leonard scored like 5-6 touchdowns. Baltimore Ravens in the house. Ooops wrong video
Jaylin Burney
Jaylin Burney - 3 months ago a team....he a beast
Substance - 3 months ago
Lopez hitting shots like that is a MF to deal with.
Ika Radia
Ika Radia - 3 months ago
Very nice game
Go raptors!
Skeletor - 3 months ago
Raptors had a hell of a stamina during those two OT'S. Bucks weren't even trying at that point.
สุเทพ ตระบัดสัตย์
Kl i love to watching he play
AloneSlotHits - 3 months ago
Battle it out meanwhile the warriors resting and waiting
Trev - 3 months ago
Are the Vancouver Grizzlies still playing?
beri2k6 - 3 months ago
Like - Raptors
Comment - Bucks
Berkay Bekar
Berkay Bekar - 3 months ago
Congrats Raptors, from Fenerbahçe
Blake Wilson
Blake Wilson - 3 months ago
warriors fans, who do you wanna face?
Tenzin Yougyal
Tenzin Yougyal - 3 months ago
my Golden State Warriors whoever we are facing Toronto or Milwaukee Bucks is going to be easy Cakewalk the championship
Patrick Boire
Patrick Boire - 3 months ago
If the bucks yes they do not defend the 3 but Toronto can give them a fight.
Tenzin Yougyal
Tenzin Yougyal - 3 months ago
my Golden State Warriors just swept Portland last night while the Claw is struggling against Milwaukee Bucks my my Golden State Warriors don't have Andre Iguodala no Kevin Durant no Boogie cousin and my Golden State Warriors still beat the Portland Blazer and swept them in their home court
Nolan Booker
Nolan Booker - 3 months ago
Norm ahead of VV. Fred turns the ball over too often and it cost the Raptors - blowing away what ever lead when he enters the game.
bebe sanjay
bebe sanjay - 3 months ago
NO MY - 3 months ago
Siakam missing freethrow is holy sheets
AftershockPS3 - 3 months ago
Gsw will ....
Allen Gigika
Allen Gigika - 3 months ago
Bucks in 6.
Hilman MT
Hilman MT - 3 months ago
That crowd is everything 💯💯💯
Mark Fernandez
Mark Fernandez - 3 months ago
shoutout to george hill ! very consistent ! starter or off the bench
Anon521 - 3 months ago
Giannis about to rip raps and their bitch mascot drake a new asshole
kungpowchicken78 - 3 months ago
looks like Giannis was someones bitch last night! dude got posterized
Essam Fetalino
Essam Fetalino - 3 months ago
If Giannis Is A Greek Freak

Kawhi Is A Velociraptor
jo samblaseno quinain
jo samblaseno quinain - 3 months ago
I love you khawi go go go for the win
johncitizen76 - 3 months ago
Drake was incredible 🗣🤦🏾‍♂️
JEFF SPENCER - 3 months ago
1:26 No such thing as travelling these days.
Daily Beauty Massage
Daily Beauty Massage - 3 months ago
Guys....I love this and I need you, ha ha😍😍😍😍😍😍😍✨✨✨✨
Leon Schuurman
Leon Schuurman - 3 months ago
The East has had some fantastic series so far this year. This game again was a joy to watch. Hope Leonard is ok for the rest of the series.
Lou Ders
Lou Ders - 3 months ago
Green and VV went a combined 2 for 20 and the Raptors still won.
nonoy - 3 months ago
Kahwi is a beast. But 2 OT to dispose the Bucks in your homecourt and without Giannis in the 2nd OT, spells trouble for Toronto. I hope I'm wrong.
faruk yiğit
faruk yiğit - 3 months ago
Where is Greek in second overtime ?
Gabriel Mamuad
Gabriel Mamuad - 2 months ago
Fouled out
Dijey Jazy
Dijey Jazy - 3 months ago
Flyest Jatt
Flyest Jatt - 3 months ago
Anyone else feel like they should give Lin vanvleets minutes?
Sensei Joshu
Sensei Joshu - 3 months ago
8:32 Good to see George Hill making both free throws this time around
StokedVibes - 3 months ago
Toronto should initiate Linsanity
Weh Ca
Weh Ca - 3 months ago
Raptors, please win the series. I like the voices of your fans cheering on you. XD
eugene cho
eugene cho - 3 months ago
LOL drake at the end telling the players to go to the lockers
Crispy Jimmy
Crispy Jimmy - 3 months ago
This game was insane
leo pratama
leo pratama - 3 months ago
Siakam&kawhi vs Milwaukee
Sleeping On A Sunday
Sleeping On A Sunday - 3 months ago
Lets go Raptors ! who here's from Canada ?
Miko Mido
Miko Mido - 3 months ago
All this pain and suffering, just to be destroyed by the Warriors
kungpowchicken78 - 3 months ago
GSW fans have no humility. Bucks or Raptors are top dogs in east. Although odds are stacked against them I don't think the word 'destroy' is an accurate. We'll give you a run for your money.
Merrick Li
Merrick Li - 3 months ago
Josue Gnzls
Josue Gnzls - 3 months ago
I'm going to two hopefully you win the wrs
Kawhi, Gasol, Siakam, and Powell. Those four really won it for Toronto!!!
Bob Doodle
Bob Doodle - 3 months ago
Did you all see the grimace on the face of Kawhi, after the dunk?, I think he hurt himself with that dunk.
Kacey Cox
Kacey Cox - 3 months ago
Jin - 3 months ago
It's Leonard VS MBucks
Dilsher Randhawa
Dilsher Randhawa - 3 months ago
Fuck Toronto
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