Tiger Woods shoots five-under par 67 | Round 3 | Hero 2019

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Bruno Hernandez
Bruno Hernandez - 9 months ago
Que cagado esta ese deporte jajaja
Shikaku Nara
Shikaku Nara - 9 months ago
Que deporte más aburrido
Justin Jones
Justin Jones - 9 months ago
The Michael jordan.of golf long live tiger
Vey Narbz
Vey Narbz - 9 months ago
Tiger hasn’t drove the ball this well in over a decade
Isaac Samples
Isaac Samples - 9 months ago
When JT put tiger’s putter up for him 🤣🤴🏻
Wesley Cho
Wesley Cho - 9 months ago
GOAT is back
Christopher James
Christopher James - 9 months ago
Wow .. jus caught the highlights its 2 am I can't wait till 4th round in the morning . Is it televised ? Hope tiger wins .
Lafawnduh 1
Lafawnduh 1 - 9 months ago
Where's the fourth run highlights?
God of Basketball
God of Basketball - 9 months ago
You never let tiger be within a stroke of number one with the last round to play
Anser a
Anser a - 9 months ago
Just a shade and glimpse of the old days!
Willem Parshley
Willem Parshley - 9 months ago
Azinger’s turrable.
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig. - 9 months ago
Tiger Woods still the best golf player ..
Erika Blake
Erika Blake - 9 months ago
His birdies are phenomenal 😃Yea Yes Amazing 5:53☺️he's incredible😁
Thomas Torain
Thomas Torain - 9 months ago
These young guys be on guard,if this guy learn to be patient 3 more Majors will be easy..he stay in shape...
g0neplatinum - 9 months ago
its all about the guy who bet $85k on Tiger to win 2019 Masters that had a 14 to 1 payout.
michael burke
michael burke - 9 months ago
Hole 2 then to hole 11? fFS show all highlights man
Russell Thorburn
Russell Thorburn - 9 months ago
I don't remember ever seeing him hit so many fairways.
Boom Boom Creation
Boom Boom Creation - 9 months ago
Nycc video brilliant...!
Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Airplane - 9 months ago
Nice one T
k block
k block - 9 months ago
imagine Tiger in Mario Cart foo. 🏴
Danny Rand
Danny Rand - 9 months ago
https://youtu.be/4lTYuhGvI7k: This the same guy? idk, it was only 3 years ago.
crashcroft107 - 9 months ago
Can’t stand Notah’s hush voice. Not even sorry for the hate
Corek BleedingHollow
Corek BleedingHollow - 9 months ago
Wow he has his own tournament
Brian Billak
Brian Billak - 9 months ago
How have they played 3 rounds by Friday?
Evan 81
Evan 81 - 9 months ago
I love me some tiger, but please turn your hat around, you donkey.
TheGrouchDnD - 9 months ago
Da boss
Kurt Gembolis
Kurt Gembolis - 9 months ago
That intro was hilarious. Thought he was going to crash the golf cart. This coming from a TW fan.
Goldenstroke Fu
Goldenstroke Fu - 9 months ago
man oh man, tiger is back.
M L - 9 months ago
This is the Tiger of old. Poetry in motion.
Ernesto Martinez
Ernesto Martinez - 9 months ago
This guy Tiger Woods is really good. He has a great future for sure.
Ian Ford
Ian Ford - 9 months ago
I've followed Tiger since he was 15 and I was 13. He is plays the smartest brand of golf he's ever played. This season will be frightening...
adam link
adam link - 9 months ago
I have bet on tigerwoowods to win
Abdel Ferah
Abdel Ferah - 9 months ago
C est un génie !
Simon Bartram
Simon Bartram - 9 months ago
He may not be the longest anymore but he doesn't need to be when you're the best iron player and clutch putter ever. His game has so much harmony in it right now
Mati McKinney
Mati McKinney - 9 months ago
Only Tiger can pull up in a cart like that then walk off
The Truth
The Truth - 9 months ago
He's playing well again
Alan attack
Alan attack - 9 months ago
I love Tiger
Shivansh Saurabh
Shivansh Saurabh - 9 months ago
4:12 Sounds like the Irish Copper from Peaky Blinders S1
MK Wedemeyer
MK Wedemeyer - 9 months ago
always liked Paul, but i remember things he said about J. Gordon when he kept getting
asked about the new guy. ole Rusty was not impressed on the 21st nite of Sept.
tigerbalm - 9 months ago
He's still got it! Go Tiger!
sole agui
sole agui - 9 months ago
Tiger 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👌🏼
Saad Sajidul
Saad Sajidul - 9 months ago
I know that tomorrow in round 4 tiger will wear his rad t shirt with black pants and black shoes.
Craytos McFarfegnewton
Craytos McFarfegnewton - 9 months ago
After watching this round, I went to the golf range. I haven't played in so long!
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder - 9 months ago
He plays golf tournaments like I eat meals in a day.
TomokoMurakami - 9 months ago
He’s never made a putt he didn’t make
TomokoMurakami - 9 months ago
@Ratbacon True
Ratbacon - 9 months ago
Well, he's not wrong.
J Dub
J Dub - 9 months ago
His swing is looking good, such good rythm!
Seldom Vendetta
Seldom Vendetta - 9 months ago
I'm proud of tiger
Myong Pak
Myong Pak - 9 months ago
Only Tiger make me watch PGA.
BigRigsOverTheRoadRacing 2
Atta boy PGA tour. This is a much better highlight video than those of the past. Keep these videos coming. The more highlights the better
emjfotografi - 9 months ago
He's swinging more free and easy than maybe ever.
TonySnake - 9 months ago
3:57 Tiger hands his putter to JT & he puts on his head cover haha.
MikeyJoJo6385 - 9 months ago
Wow a long highlights video by PGA? Is everything ok??
Mac Xavier
Mac Xavier - 9 months ago
If Tiger ties or breaks the majors record, is he the GOAT? Or is he already the GOAT? Let's talk about it.
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah - 9 months ago
@Mac Xavier well you are correct
Mac Xavier
Mac Xavier - 9 months ago
I haven't even really looked into the stats much; I don't really know a whole lot about golf. I just go off the eye test, and everything I've seen from his career so far tells me that he's the most dominant golfer to ever touch a club.
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah - 9 months ago
@Mac Xavier no doubt...I already believe he is also. His wins per tournaments played is impeccable
Mac Xavier
Mac Xavier - 9 months ago
I changed the question up a bit. Personally, I think he's the GOAT already, based on what he's done with this comeback. But tying or breaking the majors record would solidify it, I agree.
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah - 9 months ago
That would be a given...it's already a debate now.
Rip Roarin'
Rip Roarin' - 9 months ago
He looks damn good, nice full and smooth swing.
GT GolfCO - 9 months ago
Love feherty ...but does he need a glass of water or something?
Mike Lesesne
Mike Lesesne - 9 months ago
Tiger looks good.🏌️‍♂️
Tina Smith
Tina Smith - 9 months ago
Leroy Rodgers
Leroy Rodgers - 9 months ago
Tiger's swing is in the best place I have seen since 2000 and his putter is hot. Watch out.
Mike Lesesne
Mike Lesesne - 9 months ago
Your gf is hot!
DoubleOhTheG - 9 months ago
I hope Tiger wins tomorrow. He needs every ranking point he can get in order to get on that Olympic team
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor - 9 months ago
I hope so too, but I won't be too disappointed if he doesn't because he is juggling so many balls this week and next!
Chase McBride
Chase McBride - 9 months ago
Tiger Rolling in with the backwards hat into the clubhouse, GOAT status
Michael Geers
Michael Geers - 9 months ago
Who gives this a thumbs down? Haters!
jabba da hutt
jabba da hutt - 9 months ago
108 cheetah
halim fusianto
halim fusianto - 9 months ago
Old version terminator , "I'll be back!"
Steven Hensley
Steven Hensley - 9 months ago
He inspired the competition he faces today.
ipmala - 9 months ago
*GO GET 'EM..... TIGER !!*
Courtney Hallcy
Courtney Hallcy - 9 months ago
Tiger is really swinging the driver so easy. He looks incredibly effortless
Yam Man
Yam Man - 9 months ago
It seems Tigers got em licked again... I wonder who she is...
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor - 9 months ago
Let's not go there Yam!😃😃😃😃
kris singh
kris singh - 9 months ago
Go Tiger, number 83 lets hear what the bais people and Jack's supporters have to say, GO WIN TIGER MAN, WE ARE ROOTING 4 YOU
hankakah - 9 months ago
Doesn't it seem like now everything is right in the Golf World? To me, it's not a tournament win, if Tiger isn't in the field. It's like a bye week.
Darren Byrne
Darren Byrne - 9 months ago
Got this man at 25/1 on day one 😏 feeling good going into Sunday
timothy moncrieff
timothy moncrieff - 9 months ago
Darren Byrne in the bank
Striker 333
Striker 333 - 9 months ago
Good to see the 2nd best player of all time doing so well again.

Jack, of course.
@Chabali Chabali tiger is the GOAT. Over 100 wins if you include the european tour. INSANE
Chabali Chabali
Chabali Chabali - 9 months ago
@Jamie Brown Mine is a fact yours an opinion
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown - 9 months ago
Chabali Chabali not quite sure what’s so pathetic about having an opinion... then again maybe keep yours to yourself ;)
Chabali Chabali
Chabali Chabali - 9 months ago
The fact that u feel the need to say that is pathetic...we all know who the GOAT is and you know it too How manu majors did Tiger play vs Jack?
PhotoGeorge - 9 months ago
Most won't believe this when I say it but the quality of Tiger's golf swing is the best it's ever been in his career. All those flaws he used to have but he overcame with just pure athletic ability I don't see those now. And this is after major back surgery and knee surgery multiple times.... This is hard to believe.
GullyBop - 9 months ago
Oh yeah....he is playing precision golf....precise swing and precise results. The Greatest Ever!!!
ptschafer - 9 months ago
I agree, his swing looks more refined, complete, and controlled than ever.
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith - 9 months ago
If he keeps hitting it like he did at Zozo and he's doing in the Bahamas, he's gonna win a number of events in 2020. He's the tournament host this week, is captain of the Presidents Cup next week and is playing next week yet with all that going on he's dialed it in the last two days. Doesn't bode very well for the rest of the players on tour.
Oviblin - 9 months ago
Another win... goat
Max Caysey
Max Caysey - 9 months ago
Btw... if Tiger Wins this week, would that count as number 83?
M - 9 months ago
No because it's not an official tournament.
Vegan Carnivore
Vegan Carnivore - 9 months ago
No, he's won 5 of them and none of them counted. They do however contribute to world golf rankings.
Mpho Mmopi
Mpho Mmopi - 9 months ago
Yes it does
Max Caysey
Max Caysey - 9 months ago
@Kondwani Nyangulu Thanks... didn't think so...
Kondwani Nyangulu
Kondwani Nyangulu - 9 months ago
Max Caysey no it wouldn’t
Max Caysey
Max Caysey - 9 months ago
That drive at hole 15 was 364 yards. Not bad for someone who doesn't hit it far any more!
Jaden Philander
Jaden Philander - 9 months ago
@Max Caysey I remember Jack said the said thing in an interview about tiger and this was when tiger was number 1. He said that yes there are pro golfers that can putt better, chip better, drive better, hit longer than tiger can but can they do it when they have to do it? When tiger was leading the field in driving distance in the early 2000-2005 he said at a clinic that in college he hit the ball way further than he did at the time but he told the press that a PGA tour pro should only hit their furthest shot 300 hundred yards maximum unless they have to pound it when they need to.
Max Caysey
Max Caysey - 9 months ago
@Jaden Philander Right? He got one up to ball speed 180 mph either in the first or second round...
Jaden Philander
Jaden Philander - 9 months ago
At times he can really hit it quite far when he has to...
Patrick McKenzie
Patrick McKenzie - 9 months ago
Tiger swings his metal driver’s and irons like me he consistently out drives me by 10 yards on the fairways definitely something I’m working on. When we play on my private course he usually wins by 2 to 5 strokes I just enjoyed playing with him whether I win or not.
11macman11 - 9 months ago
TheCeddyboy - 9 months ago
His swing is as good as it's ever been!
Brant Barker
Brant Barker - 9 months ago
Fehrity is a hater
Manny O
Manny O - 9 months ago
I firmly believe that if he keeps this up< he will inspire the next generation of future golfers to pick up the game, I'm one of those that started playing when he first broke out in the 90's.
coachcashmoney - 9 months ago
4:29 was just so amazing!
Zachary Madden
Zachary Madden - 9 months ago
Rounds since the latest knee procedure: 64, 64, 66, 67, 72, 66, 67
Mikey T
Mikey T - 9 months ago
@Karter F I meant this season. Thought that was obvious but I can see why it wasn't lol.
Karter F
Karter F - 9 months ago
Mikey T you seriously think that after his last 14 months, he’s going to win only 2 more tournaments in his entire career?
Mikey T
Mikey T - 9 months ago
Yup, this could get wild. His body always seems to break down though. But if it doesn't, he's winning at least 1 major and 2 more tourneys (not counting the Zozo)
June Smith
June Smith - 9 months ago
joel simms
joel simms - 9 months ago
If you notice he's not swinging hard. He is swinging in tempo and within himself. When he screws up is when he is trying to hit the ball to hard. It's been a problem for years.
ThatsaWrap - 9 months ago
Tiger can still drive the ball about 310 without swinging hard, as he can make up the deficit with his iron play.
Guess My Name
Guess My Name - 9 months ago
Alright EA, time to put out PGA Tour Tiger Woods 2020! 😀🐯
Johnny Waffles
Johnny Waffles - 9 months ago
After that last atrocity of a golf game they made, they aren't going to be making a another one anytime soon
GT GolfCO - 9 months ago
Yeah..masters edition
Courtney Hallcy
Courtney Hallcy - 9 months ago
Jeff White man id buy that so fast
Ethan Dudash
Ethan Dudash - 9 months ago
Wow yesss!! Make this comment #1 ppl!!!!
raoul duke
raoul duke - 9 months ago
dude is looking real good right now! 4:13 haha
Joe O' Reilly
Joe O' Reilly - 9 months ago
'He puts computer's in kids hands' ??? You can tell tiger is back when you hear the commentator say stuff like that. Tiger is a Tiger. He is not the most likeable personality but he is a great golfer. Separate the two.
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah - 9 months ago
His personality has completely changed. He is much more personable now and smiles more. He used to he all business. He still wants to win ever time he plays but he goes about it in a much looser way.
Gregory Chan
Gregory Chan - 9 months ago
joe veliz
joe veliz - 9 months ago
Watching the GOAT!!!!!!!
XcAlPaInT - 9 months ago
Should have waited, wanna see if those security guards ID Tiger
Johnny Waffles
Johnny Waffles - 9 months ago
Nobody in the United states is gonna ID tiger woods
SteadyROK - 9 months ago
Talk about "dialed in!?"
isambo400 - 9 months ago
Show Reeds round!
초짜프로_젊은 은퇴
역시 멋지다~스윙도 멋지고
K&A Studios
K&A Studios - 9 months ago
Man, that driver swing is looking as solid as its ever been. Also thank you @PGA TOUR for starting to put together some better highlight videos. 6min is a helluva lot better than 3.
Fred Landoy
Fred Landoy - 9 months ago
Taylor W.
Taylor W. - 9 months ago
‘He never made a putt he couldn’t make.’

Andrew Andrus
Andrew Andrus - 9 months ago
no one ever has lol
Jonny Sevent
Jonny Sevent - 9 months ago
It's 'he never MET a putt he couldn't make'.
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor - 9 months ago
Give Zinger a break!😃😃😃😃😃😃
google Google
google Google - 9 months ago
Hes bustun the nut again
Thanks for Trump CNN, MSNBC and Hillary
Will this count toward Snead’s record?
J024 - 9 months ago
It a world ranking tournament i think, but it wont count as a PGA win.
Iain McNaught
Iain McNaught - 9 months ago
An Olympics win would be a footnote in his career in all honesty.
OG DANNY - 9 months ago
Nope, but it will give him world ranking points which is huge since he is trying to qualify for the Olympics.
Frederick Jacobson
Frederick Jacobson - 9 months ago
No. It is not an official event.
Bad Bogey
Bad Bogey - 9 months ago
Yes it will. But technically speaking if Tiger is graded on the same scale as Snead’s wins then Tiger already has over 100.
mo williams
mo williams - 9 months ago
Unbelievable, I'm so excited to watch Tiger Woods play ⛳ again, he got everything working so smooth again, he will be #1 if he can stay healthy!
mo williams
mo williams - 9 months ago
@Jaden Philander we know he's the 🐐, but I would love to see him at #1 again!
mo williams
mo williams - 9 months ago
@Mpho Mmopi well,if he stays healthy he will play more, he's ranked 7th now.
Jaden Philander
Jaden Philander - 9 months ago
@Mpho Mmopi it does not matter if he becomes no.1 or not. He is the GOAT period. To get 82 wins... I know he didn't break jacks record but by the time tiger started playing in majors courses started playing longer, harder and greens were faster and there was way more ACTUAL competition than jack ever had in his life.
Mpho Mmopi
Mpho Mmopi - 9 months ago
mo williams he don’t play enough to be no.1.
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