Casually Explained: Finding The One

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John Evander
John Evander - 5 days ago
Was I the only one who got the “e” joke? That was gold to me HAHAHAHAH
Youtuber - 9 days ago
Érico Schmitt
Érico Schmitt - 11 days ago
I like this formula. Looks better than my reality.
Karl Knueppel
Karl Knueppel - 14 days ago
Showing my calc professor how it’s done
Yoseph Alabdulwahab
Yoseph Alabdulwahab - 15 days ago
This was all gold!
konstipower yt
konstipower yt - 16 days ago
Way too accurate
Radu Cristescu
Radu Cristescu - 16 days ago
So once you’ve met 100 or so people you might as well give up and go cry yourself to sleep. So I’ve actually met... 5 people so far? Maybe 10? 90 to go.
Eric Talaska
Eric Talaska - 17 days ago
It doesn't work that way. Single guy: Go to Philippines or Thailand and instantly hook up with sweetheart far better than any American woman.
• .paige. •
• .paige. • - 17 days ago
this video is full of comedy gold
Hozay - 18 days ago
Were we just rejected?
Nipponchuuyou3 - 19 days ago
Lol the Nope formula 😭🤣🤣
A A - 20 days ago
So according to your tiny brain we can only find English speaking girls in the traditional English speaking countries huh? Very faulty calculation according to me bro
Champagne Campaign
Champagne Campaign - 21 day ago
Gabriele Avila
Gabriele Avila - 21 day ago
WHY havent I herd of him earlier ? This Guy is fire !
Chris Tanner
Chris Tanner - 22 days ago
The percentage "p" is calculated on a global scale; so, it's not appropriate to use it with the # of people you encounter "e", as the people you likely encounter are way more likely to be similar to your interests than an average, global scale. For example, you're probably living in an area that attracts a certain lifestyle (moreso than a random place in a different continent), and your social circle further impacts your local "p". Thus, you should probably condition "p" by your local "l", leading to "P(p|l)". Further, you neglected to look at the social symmetry "ss" of the women being attracted to you, too (not just laughing at your jokes). So, your final, new equation that approximates the likelihood of finding 'the one' is h=o(p|l)ess
bread god
bread god - 22 days ago
“If you’re fine with anybody, you can remove the P.”
Mehak Verma
Mehak Verma - 22 days ago
But then once you find that one, unfortunately they wont like you back
Beth 98
Beth 98 - 22 days ago
0:02 It looks like he's holding a pizza cutter
Papa Bless
Papa Bless - 22 days ago
Ok why this being recommended to me an hour after I got freindzoned by some girl I’m trying to fuck
Sydney Medina
Sydney Medina - 22 days ago
akdljaa;sdjja H= O E
Tpug master With Toast and Silas
It’s P not H
Rijan Dhakal
Rijan Dhakal - 24 days ago
purplebug21 - 24 days ago
shout out to mom and dad omg
purplebug21 - 24 days ago
lmaoooo the o variable joke was so good 😂 so witty
Vikeing Blade
Vikeing Blade - 24 days ago
I was gonna make an e joke then he did
Watisenla Walling
Watisenla Walling - 24 days ago
ntecleo - 24 days ago
i am a math student and i laughed so hard at the eulers number joke XD
Swedeninthahood - 24 days ago
Brilliant!! Ive meet to many girls that came out of the H.O.E formula :)
Isaac L-L
Isaac L-L - 24 days ago
I kinda hoped you’d be like:
So I thought of an equation, and it looks like this: 0
Kevins Emmanuel
Kevins Emmanuel - 25 days ago
"How is that possible?"
Miriam Inverardi
Miriam Inverardi - 25 days ago
Hey, I'm from Italy, but I speak English, does that count?
Abhijeet Chaudhari
Abhijeet Chaudhari - 25 days ago
Snigdha Chatterjee
Snigdha Chatterjee - 25 days ago
Casually explained: "wouldn't be the first time I've broken up a marriage"
Me: "oh??"
Casually explained: "shout out to mom and dad"
Me: "oh.. 10/10 joke"
Snigdha Chatterjee
Snigdha Chatterjee - 25 days ago
Casually explained: "wouldn't be the first time I've broken up a marriage"
Me: "oh??"
Casually explained: "shout out to mom and dad"
Me: "oh.. 10/10 joke"
Savage Dude
Savage Dude - 26 days ago
Mathematicians: e^πi=-1 is the most beautiful equation known to man.
Casually Explained: H=ope
Laura Houghton
Laura Houghton - 26 days ago
Julie MyDuyen
Julie MyDuyen - 26 days ago
Definitely not 2.7 people per day. I haven’t get out of my house for a week 😂
Asger Stig Abildgaard
Asger Stig Abildgaard - 27 days ago
I think that the best argument supporting God's existence is that he hates me.
Tastic 8734
Tastic 8734 - 24 days ago
Jason L
Jason L - 27 days ago
This guy is brilliant
Failed Hivemind
Failed Hivemind - 29 days ago
Never look and you'll never fail. Even emptyheads like me can utilize this strategy. I did and it worked.
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