Why is This Candy Impossible to Finish?

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Minty Kawaii
Minty Kawaii - 40 minutes ago
I've had a sour pickle ball, its not that sour. Its only sour when you chew on it.
Stevethebeast150 Beast
I found this randomly anyway I could eat it fully I love sour stuff
Konur Celik
Konur Celik - 2 hours ago
Me: *buys sour pickle balls*
Mom: Did you do the dishes?
Greave S
Greave S - 3 hours ago
I love sour stuff
*you have made my mouth water*
BLUEBERRY BOO - 5 hours ago
Who else thought it was weed
mxxn -
mxxn - - 5 hours ago
Well, give me my $300.
dom glorioso
dom glorioso - 7 hours ago
This was random as hell but f it I'm subbed now 😂😂😂😂
jayden johnn
jayden johnn - 7 hours ago
girls at my school eat the whole package in 5 minutes they are good tho
generalpsychnah - 7 hours ago
If you give me that shit i bet i can eat the whole bag, should pay me
Twickz - 8 hours ago
Why was this in my recommended
VVSNeutral - 8 hours ago
When he ate it he made it seem so sour I could taste how sour it is
AtomicTTV - 10 hours ago
I found this from Danny gonziez
random something
random something - 10 hours ago
I will eat it
Lily Vuong
Lily Vuong - 11 hours ago
This is like Asian sour plums!
SnowStorm - Roblox
SnowStorm - Roblox - 11 hours ago
Keliyu - 11 hours ago
I can feel the sourness in my mouth even though I’m not even eating it
Roberto Nunez
Roberto Nunez - 12 hours ago
My mouth is wattery af rn
Justjonny101 Reacts
Justjonny101 Reacts - 12 hours ago
I ate theses
FearlessInTX2 - 12 hours ago
This dude really say a scorpion dipped in chocolate I'm done..
ImBiGMeme69 - 13 hours ago
"So Hard" quote of the day😂
iiroseboomer - 13 hours ago
I can taste it lol
Dave - 13 hours ago
These people must really not need money I’d do it for $300
Phillip Kutenha
Phillip Kutenha - 13 hours ago
I tried one and it was so sour
Mario Maldonado
Mario Maldonado - 14 hours ago
I be snacking on those throught the dY
Hallucinogenichusky - 14 hours ago
I wonder if they make more on thr yt channel than the store
Gucci mane In 2006
Gucci mane In 2006 - 15 hours ago
If you send me the pack I’ll eat every single one of them for 500 dollars
Animal Lover1007
Animal Lover1007 - 15 hours ago
*My 7th grade friend swallowing this tiny devil bitch whole*
Rdxum DB
Rdxum DB - 15 hours ago
Ok I’ll just eat it whole
Bulk Bogan
Bulk Bogan - 16 hours ago
I just ordered some lol I guess I'll see what the hype is all about!
cuber NYC
cuber NYC - 16 hours ago
century eggs are so good
Roblox Dan
Roblox Dan - 17 hours ago
4 people finished it and u saying why its impossible for it to be finished?
thewolflord Steve
thewolflord Steve - 17 hours ago
I would do it
Roblox Dan
Roblox Dan - 17 hours ago
"i gotta go shopping" *goes to his own basement*
Jeramiah kirby
Jeramiah kirby - 17 hours ago
I get these all the time from the ice cream truck tho
WindGast - 17 hours ago
Why is Ben soooo annoying??
Kievan Hartup
Kievan Hartup - 18 hours ago
Well I didn’t want to watch this, but I needed a video to watch while I eat my ice cream
Ash Black
Ash Black - 18 hours ago
There could be lead in that thing that makes it sour.
El Ghoul
El Ghoul - 18 hours ago
Bruh I used to eat this like it was nothing. These guys are pussies😂
Jared Garbo
Jared Garbo - 19 hours ago
I eat lemons and limes so this is nothing for me
DGAMER 14 - 19 hours ago
Why do I taste the sour through the screen
Probigask - 19 hours ago
Its impossible to eat because you need to suck it... xD
Stupid Lilly
Stupid Lilly - 20 hours ago
Alex Benavides
Alex Benavides - 20 hours ago
I’ve had multiple of these, they’re good
NoSweat - 20 hours ago
5:42 my little sister when she eats broccoli
dear Deer
dear Deer - 20 hours ago
Can I join your work
snipacola - 20 hours ago
when its so sour it’s actually spicy aswell
Smason - 20 hours ago
What store was the first one?
Jon Debids
Jon Debids - 20 hours ago
Here in the Philippines theres “kiamoy”
Ignacio Romero
Ignacio Romero - 21 hour ago
Am I the only one that thinks that the first girl is cute af?
prod . KELVIN X
prod . KELVIN X - 21 hour ago
Thought this was supposed to be a Candy💀😂
AmLI - 21 hour ago
6:28 thats what she said
Heng Kimeng
Heng Kimeng - 22 hours ago
If it sour salt sweet i can eat it
Haiden Taylor
Haiden Taylor - 22 hours ago
I’ll do it🚫🧢 for $300 I could care less what happens
Ra's Al Ghul
Ra's Al Ghul - 22 hours ago
I think they might be ill after that video
Bl8der81 - 22 hours ago
I had these near Corpus Christi Texas, got about halfway through a bag before I said nope
Angelojd9 - 22 hours ago
6:59 When you didn't get your stimulus check so you have to make money by any means necessary. 😂😂
Jackson Welch
Jackson Welch - 22 hours ago
Alright I'll say it.
artistic drawer
artistic drawer - 22 hours ago
These people tuff not even youtubers can finish most of these nasty foods
Frost GM
Frost GM - 23 hours ago
Never seen so much gay ppl in a vid
Galaxy Gamerz
Galaxy Gamerz - 23 hours ago
Am I the only one that eats ginger root raw, and enjoys it 😂
Triiuxx - 23 hours ago
He tuned himself into a pickle ball , funniest thing I've ever seen
Titan Boy
Titan Boy - 23 hours ago
Dude since I was 5 I was eating those and now I'm 11
FciscoDraws - 23 hours ago
they probably were forced to give up. gg
Tamesha Codrington
Tamesha Codrington - 23 hours ago
I love sour candy
Panda Gaming
Panda Gaming - 23 hours ago
That looks like my everyday sour bomb that I eat at my school, that I buy from the tuckshop
yt01101 - Day ago
I have no clue where to buy some of the stuff you got, I'll eat chocolate scorpion
Akos Kaluz
Akos Kaluz - Day ago
I actually like scorpions dipped in chocolate. is that bad? I mean it just tastes like chocolate.
DuckyDev - Day ago
How did I get here from pepos pig?
SylvanSalmon - Day ago
Easy challange
Finger Lickin good
Finger Lickin good - Day ago
ldc if it’s sour or pickle l like candy any way and pickles 😎
KnockedOut1234 - Day ago
Shane Hunter
Shane Hunter - Day ago
Why did I find this in my recommendations 😁
Chrysler Barcarse
Chrysler Barcarse - Day ago
hey guys why do they always do challenges if they im ther team amma say ey im not gonna eat that i dont like that amma quit vat19: ;-;
Jackie & Toni
Jackie & Toni - Day ago
@Jin wang me to
TaeFawn - Day ago
*swallow it*
Serenity Guerrero
Serenity Guerrero - Day ago
I’ve had this before , I got flashbacks when I saw him put it in his mouth
Serenity Guerrero
Serenity Guerrero - Day ago
I just didn’t like the taste lol , that’s why
I love you
I love you - Day ago
how can i literally taste it uh- ok-
BoopBoi - Day ago
Easy $300
CrystalGamerX - Day ago
I would eat it for free
Freakish Flix
Freakish Flix - Day ago
I would eat those as a snack
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