Warriors Win Game 5 Despite Losing KD to Injury | NBA on TNT

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Atxgirl09 - Year ago
Warriors won’t win a game - FALSE
Warriors can’t beat the Rockets - FALSE
Warriors don’t have any depth - FALSE
Warriors can’t win against the Trailblazers - False
I love you Chuck but you are the president of the Anti Warriors Club
Alvaro Fraire
Alvaro Fraire - Year ago
Charles Barkley is like Paul Pierce a trash analyst πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ricardo Ulloa
Ricardo Ulloa - Year ago
St. Pleasants finest right there
kuro chan
kuro chan - Year ago
Chuck stop talking how many times you said warriors cant win your embarasing your self for 5 years now. Only Champion knows champion kenny and shaq knows
AKAI MPC - Year ago
Never underestimate the heart of champions, Chuck
Enteng Mangrobang
Enteng Mangrobang - Year ago
Charles look: 🀣
greyfortitude18 - Year ago
Well there you go charles. Game 6 away win. Down goes houston.. Man, quit disrespecting teams and jusy do your job.
PRIS - Year ago
I'm really dissappointed in Chuck. They are gonna win the chip with or without KD. They have a system. The NBA changed the way they play because of the Warriors smfh
vinifari 2300
vinifari 2300 - Year ago
So what you gotta say Charles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
joseph roy tamboon
joseph roy tamboon - Year ago
What again Chuck?
Rolando Arco
Rolando Arco - Year ago
Oh well, can’t wait for Chuck to come back on the air and eat his words. He said the Warriors could not win without KD
Miguel Bento
Miguel Bento - Year ago
Incredible how little Charles knows about basketball.
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez - Year ago
That's why he has no rings
Yav Tomar
Yav Tomar - Year ago
I seriously don't know how Barkley had a job. WaRrIoRs hAd No ChAnCe. And now everyone had disappeared. Like u don't even wanna talk about the game.
jeromemr757 - Year ago
charles you never won a ring
jeromemr757 - Year ago
barkley was wrong!!! 11:33 follow ritzy.va on instagram
Matt Liu
Matt Liu - Year ago
just come back here to like every comment that roast Sir Barkley
Strapping Young Chad
How about that game 6? Impressive and pathetic all at once :/
bkn91 - Year ago
Chucks game predictions are as accurate as shaqs free throws
PortuguesePirate99 - Year ago
Did chuck say they aint winning without KD? huh that didnt age well did it
hamishe - Year ago
Referees did a nice job making sure GS won.
calvin wong
calvin wong - Year ago
i know this is in hindsight of GSW beating Hou in game 6 but man Chuck was wrong on so many points. lol
Gerald Anthony Rosales
How is it CHUCK? GSW just WON the series? EAT YOUR WORDS CHUCK!!! hahaha...
Brandon Whelan
Brandon Whelan - Year ago
What a lazy illogical prediction.. it’s like chuck completely forgot who the warriors were 3 seasons ago. Lol how can a guy that watches the amount of basketball that he does just brush off the warriors like they are nothing? Haha. Blind
mangwana808toof - Year ago
Chuck eat your words
ricardoantonio banderas
Last year they say if CP3 had played in games 6 or 7, Rockets probably win, now what? No KD and they didn’t still win. 🀣🀣🀣
songdc - Year ago
Hahahahahah, Chuck we win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even without KD!!!!
Max Chang
Max Chang - Year ago
10:48 Barkley - The Western Mysterious Power
Childish Gennady
Childish Gennady - Year ago
Well, this didn't age well lol
niawest - Year ago
I just came back after game 6 to hear the false prophet Sir Barkley predict the Warriors loss. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
String Lord
String Lord - Year ago
β€œWarriors can’t win without KD” He talkin about the warriors in Oklahoma πŸ˜‚
Steph Curry
Steph Curry - Year ago
Same thangπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Israel Turner
Israel Turner - Year ago
Me too 🀣🀣🀣
Randz Ong
Randz Ong - Year ago
soooooo.....they just beat the rockets without KD hahaha #typicalchuck
arun kumar
arun kumar - Year ago
Warriors 2 : Barkley 0
ricardoantonio banderas
Barkley, you are so wrong. 🀣🀣🀣
Quintshun Dockery
Quintshun Dockery - Year ago
Elm xC
Silky Slim
Silky Slim - Year ago
This playoffs let them play stop with the fouls
YAH First fruits
YAH First fruits - Year ago
Gsw dont need kd. Kd need gsw
Anthem - Year ago
Are people forgetting Steph Curry is a back to back mvp winner? This dude is the best point guard in the NBA. Idk if the Warriors can beat Giannos without KD but they can beat the rockets in one game, no doubt
TuFF NuGGets
TuFF NuGGets - Year ago
Anyone notice these games have been neck and neck scores but with KD sitting out that's easily the warriors missing a whole 30 pts, and that will make a difference πŸš€in 7
TuFF NuGGets
TuFF NuGGets - Year ago
niawest - Year ago
my condolences 😡
ArrowHeart - Year ago
Marco - Year ago
We just gonna ignore klay was out of bounds on that last play okay...
bigmac5066 - Year ago
There’s absolutely no way Golden States Warriors can beat the Rockets without KD. I’ll bet anything that game 6 is going to be a blowout. No doubt. Charles Barkley is right about that.
ArrowHeart - Year ago
Michel Amoakon
Michel Amoakon - Year ago
🀣🀣🀣 !
Shaun4rm TTG
Shaun4rm TTG - Year ago
bigmac5066 πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
PJE Turner
PJE Turner - Year ago
Steph needs to bench ayesha
XpertOwl - Year ago
Its so funny when Shaq tries to luck and act smart lol :DDD
Tree Brown
Tree Brown - Year ago
I want to see this panel do the Blazin buffalo wild wing challenge.
andrew miller
andrew miller - Year ago
Bruh. Draymond, klay, steph, Livingston, looney, iggy, not good enough to be the warriors? Like they have in the past?!?! Warriors won a championship, made it to another finals, had the best regular season ever all without KD. That’s practically a dynasty on their own. KD just guaranteed it.
Hard Ball
Hard Ball - Year ago
Charles Barkley don't have any clue about how good the Warriors are without KD he is going to be highly irrational when Warriors win this series and the Championship.
WhosYourDaddyNow - Year ago
11:21 - 'That was like 5 years ago, people act as if it was 2 years ago.' Actually it was 3 years ago Chuck...
Jean Arcayena
Jean Arcayena - Year ago
Go Warriors dubs!
Jean Arcayena
Jean Arcayena - Year ago
Barkley is always a warriors hater!
volcanic python
volcanic python - Year ago
Greymond green πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
BRADY_ BUNCH - Year ago
I'll be back with 5'inches of soles on my Nike AIR PEDICS next SeasonπŸ€
Max V World Media
Max V World Media - Year ago
They need KD
Biz .680
Biz .680 - Year ago
0:54 Shaq you didnt have to diss Chuck πŸ˜‚
Walter Brown
Walter Brown - Year ago
The Golden State Warriors Won. 73 Games With Out KD ! IF The Rockets do not win on Friday They Are DONE ! With Out KD The Greek Magic Johnson Will give The BUCKS The NBA TITLE !
M2B mluvAndgrace
M2B mluvAndgrace - Year ago
Man ,I hope Chuck continues being wrong about the Warriors!
LoadedPotato - Year ago
Only time will tell. Next game will be a really interesting game. Let's not all turn into a bunch of Paul "The Truth" Pierces.
Chris A
Chris A - Year ago
Cp3 trash
Cracaphat - Year ago
Harden and Chris Paul aren't ready for Prime Time.The playoffs are about pressure and they clearly don't want it.I mean, it woulda been easier to win that game and force the Warriors to decide whether to rush KD back or not.Instead they can sit him freely knowing he can get extra rest. Better breakup the Rockets or trade Paul's ghastly,no-one wants contract, if they lose the series to GS.
Mr UV - Year ago
Oh ye with little faith. MVP Curry never left, just got held back.
PJE Turner
PJE Turner - Year ago
@Mr UV yeah he snapped that 2nd half
Mr UV - Year ago
PJE Turner HAHA surprise MF
PJE Turner
PJE Turner - Year ago
Mr UV as long as Ayesha is in his life..he will never be MVP curry again
Mr UV - Year ago
The Warriors are winning this series.
Blazed Bob
Blazed Bob - Year ago
*You really never watched the movie "A Christmas Story" Chuck?!*
T Rock
T Rock - Year ago
That look like an Achilles injury
SpArkle hy
SpArkle hy - Year ago
Barkley just don't like Curry
Mikeman Jordan
Mikeman Jordan - Year ago
They didnt win 72 is was 73 idiot. Listen,like I say this fool cant even make sense. They beat a team with major injuries
WarniWarni - Year ago
Warriors loose some DEFENSIVE depth without Kevin Durant.
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie - Year ago
KD was injured πŸ€•? What sneakers πŸ‘Ÿ did he wear? 🧦
Eddie Rodriguez
Eddie Rodriguez - Year ago
mcidiotmc - Year ago
Playoffs have been super. Anybody miss lebron?
Bodymore Dummy
Bodymore Dummy - Year ago
Media the Warriors don’t need KD ... KD gets hurt they do need KD make up y’all minds
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - Year ago
#27 on trending street
patrick espinile
patrick espinile - Year ago
2015/2016 warriors vs 2019 rockets
Rizky Rival
Rizky Rival - Year ago
GSW now is KD sentris.. its foul of Kerr.. GSW must be a the origin GSW.. flashback starting
.. imagine πŸ€”
Adil Kamal
Adil Kamal - Year ago
Kinda surreal, the number 1 seed that's up 3-2 loses a star late in game 5 before going on the road to the other team. Exactly the same scenario for GSW this year as it was for rockets last year.
brewer921 - Year ago
It was three years ago, Chuck.
Ronal Nunez
Ronal Nunez - Year ago
I was old looking like chuck πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Adil Kamal
Adil Kamal - Year ago
Horrible to see a prime KD injured, good thing is rockets get to end the "what ifs" in the next 2 games
Emu TV
Emu TV - Year ago
still got warriors sadly
Emu TV
Emu TV - Year ago
chuck doesnt think the warriors can win, cause he does have a ring- shaq, 2019
Alene Miller
Alene Miller - Year ago
I hope my man K.D. be better by Finals
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams - Year ago
Funny how when the rockets actually have valid reasons to be upset with the referees they don’t even mention it.. they missed klay being out of bounds and the foul of Livingston falling on Gordon
Charles Rivers
Charles Rivers - Year ago
And they need curry get hurt if Houston has any chance,
Uzo Nwokolo
Uzo Nwokolo - Year ago
Draymond's wish has come true, I wish them the best going forward
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