Casually Explained: How to Have a Normal Conversation

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David James
David James - 5 hours ago
"Offer Silence"
"Thre-" Nono, No, you got me already no need to oversell.
Sona YT
Sona YT - 8 hours ago
Comic sans
What The
What The - 16 hours ago
Spending time with your mother seems really fun
AegisRick - Day ago
Was that example about Jan SUPPOSED to be about bad timing? Cause it was anything but
Burntbrushes - Day ago
Vroom vroom vs zoom zoom
Jonah Goldstein
Jonah Goldstein - Day ago
Used to get so bored at my food service job that I started saying, “Hi, how can I food you?” to customers and no one ever called me out or even seemed to notice.
The Monarch
The Monarch - Day ago
I finally see your secret... if you always talk sarcastically you can make as many controversial jokes you want and get away with it.
Mark Crumbz
Mark Crumbz - Day ago
I've actually just now realized that whole time and this guy actually to ride the same elevator anymore I think I've been in the wrong like this roasted me so hard he didn't even want.
Over the Line
Over the Line - Day ago
Shhhhh your waking the baby you inconsiderate jangwangeler
Addictivities - 2 days ago
the haruki murakami reference though????
Wesley King
Wesley King - 2 days ago
Don’t worry man. Nobody thinks about you
Ipakox - 2 days ago
3:15 the first real list i’ve seen on this channel

never mind
Andrew Guy
Andrew Guy - 2 days ago
I’m 16 and a good amount of people my age don’t know how to do this because we are phone demons
Kelsey CoCa
Kelsey CoCa - 2 days ago
5:20 omg your mom Jan kills me, what a roller coaster. I love her
unicorn back
unicorn back - 3 days ago
Szymon M
Szymon M - 3 days ago

Okay boomer...
ZigzagGaming - 3 days ago
i love this guy
Narantsatsralt Orgil
Narantsatsralt Orgil - 3 days ago
*Oblivion NPC conversations*
Hot Doggery
Hot Doggery - 3 days ago
In the only way I know how *Fortnite ad pops up*
Роман Бочаров
Jimmy, Happy birthday!
ArisiLitted / squad
ArisiLitted / squad - 4 days ago
How did I just discover this guy today?
Coredus 54
Coredus 54 - 4 days ago
Why does he reference the “nobody thinks about you” conversation so frequently, correct me if I’m wrong.
Trostan - 4 days ago
I’ve found that I way over filter with people I don’t know but when I get to know someone I don’t filter myself enough and end up saying a lot of stupid stuff.
Karl The Slav
Karl The Slav - 5 days ago
I love Jan
Jarred Gilbert
Jarred Gilbert - 5 days ago
Some actual good advise I got from this video
1 Noone is thinking about you so stop worrying
2 have strong opinions
3 amuse yourself
3 Classic Jan
*sad noises*
*sad noises* - 6 days ago
Whenever some random person strikes up a convo with me, anxiety shrieks.
Ryan - 6 days ago
Normal doesn’t exist
Itai Eiron
Itai Eiron - 6 days ago
You have made me realize I do not filter myself enough. I will continue doing so until it will be accepted then.
Aurinkomakkara - 6 days ago
move to finland, no strangers talkin here
Alex Silver
Alex Silver - 8 days ago
All my freaking neighbours are Forester type Guys. F hate 'em ! 😆
StarMichaelAOZGW nothing
"You from our school? I'm also from our school!"
Joshua K.N
Joshua K.N - 8 days ago
1:18 So is no one gonna talk about how it says "HOW TO WIN FRIENDS" buts it's amazon?
Umbrace Titan
Umbrace Titan - 8 days ago
A general rule that helps me socialize is that people don't care about you as much as you think.
Addi Korn
Addi Korn - 9 days ago
2:43 when she asks you wich gpu u have
DontCare lol
DontCare lol - 9 days ago
Just Thanks for the twitch prime
Bobbi Joel
Bobbi Joel - 9 days ago
It still surprises me when ppl call their mom by their name
Claw's The Law
Claw's The Law - 10 days ago
Claw's The Law
Claw's The Law - 10 days ago
Jayzygrl - 10 days ago
0:31 looks like the virgin walk to me
Tommaso Piccoli
Tommaso Piccoli - 10 days ago
We want more video about Cycling
Phfish - 11 days ago
poor thing must have been vaxinated
hahaha lol so good
TFW - 11 days ago
Remember about people but not too much
Have strong opinions but don’t share at wrong time
Amuse yourself
Kyle Jensen
Kyle Jensen - 11 days ago
I've actually just now realized that whole time and this guy actually to ride the same elevator anymore I think I've been in the wrong like this roasted me so hard he didn't even want
TLD Scorp
TLD Scorp - 7 days ago
Eldridge Coutinho
Eldridge Coutinho - 11 days ago
When you say" hey how's it going" at the same time
Leonheart - 12 days ago
I Feel Terrible
I Feel Terrible - 12 days ago
You should use a dark background
Kassimoe - 12 days ago
This is hilarious!! I am dying!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️
Virus-Eiiz - 12 days ago
Me: *sees video title*
*Immediately clicks because of my shit social skills*
Hendrik Seils
Hendrik Seils - 12 days ago
Holy shit that like to dislike ratio is insane
Vinicius Marra
Vinicius Marra - 13 days ago
yo get a new bike NERD
NUMBANINE Epicymaboo
NUMBANINE Epicymaboo - 13 days ago
I like your hair

Me too
don - 14 days ago
This tutorial is too hard
Bibibutona - 14 days ago
6:36 I thought the box said "LEAD"
The Bystander
The Bystander - 14 days ago
I find it weird he calls his mom by her name, makes me think he is not that close to his mom, or had issues in the past, but I may just be full of shit, I just feel sad he doesn't call her mom
Hannah Walls
Hannah Walls - 14 days ago
despite the random lines and comments, this is actually great advice
Finn the Human
Finn the Human - 15 days ago
Salesman: «Bye»
Me: «Thanks you too!»
Michele'nin Tricepsi
Michele'nin Tricepsi - 15 days ago
Cargo guy: Here is your pack.
Me: Thanks, see you later...
Johnny McAuliffe
Johnny McAuliffe - 16 days ago
“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” —Eleanor Roosevelt
Nohemi Elise
Nohemi Elise - 16 days ago
My friend remembers what type of things we talked about together in class during 2nd grade and I only knew he existed by 7th. Some people remember. And that s c a r e s me.
Gvardiecky - 18 days ago
*Me as asperger*

Wow. Why people never tell me how this shit works. Thanks
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