Reaction to Jessica Andrade’s slam TKO win vs. Rose Namajunas at UFC 237 | ESPN MMA

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Dr. Saltanat Sadykova
Dr. Saltanat Sadykova - 5 days ago
SaiyanPrideAMV - Month ago
FUCK that bitch connor megwhatever, fucking scaring rose in that bus attack. I hope he fights Tony Ferguson next. You all know what Tony Ferguson would do to mcnuggets
Justin Ainsworth
Justin Ainsworth - 2 months ago
Really gay
Shawn Seal
Shawn Seal - 2 months ago
Haha! I'm Looking The title pic of this video, thinkin, wow, wonder how many call ins they had that night that they had to call Frank Shamrock to join DC and Dom.. oh!! Phil Murphy! Gotcha, makes more sense.. haha!! Doppleganger Click Bait!!!!!! Hahaha
fetty_wap's_left_eye - 2 months ago
I hate these corny ass espn commentators.
Blake Horton
Blake Horton - 2 months ago
This is what people with long reach have to look out for , kinda hate it for rose but she's bad to the bone and much respect to both of them
Alex B
Alex B - 2 months ago
React to this dick
Seth freakin Rollins
Seth freakin Rollins - 2 months ago
So Brock vs DC happening or not??
Leonardo Rodriguez
Leonardo Rodriguez - 2 months ago
Usada has made the Brazilians look mediocre
Nicole Gavriel
Nicole Gavriel - 2 months ago
The thumbnail earned me a second look... thought it was Chris Hemsworth before bodybuilding
Jo Bee
Jo Bee - 2 months ago
Cruz standing on the stage deck other 2 standing on the outer couldn't adjust height difference as funny as that sounds lol Cruz trying really hard to stand tall with them lol
Jo Bee
Jo Bee - 2 months ago
Reminded me of Fedor getting slammed by Randleman ....
Floming - 2 months ago
Jessica tapped when she had rose on her shoulders
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 2 months ago
#25 on trending street
Issac Davis
Issac Davis - 2 months ago
Someone is gonna get killed
ThatJustHappin - 2 months ago
Dude I’m the middle look like a small Thor
jonathan miller
jonathan miller - 2 months ago
Where is Joe Rogan?
James Abarca
James Abarca - 2 months ago
Cormier looks just a little bit taller than cruz
ray8uk - 2 months ago
Thumb Rose got Rag Dollied.
Ultra Class Family Royce Line
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ENOUGH! - 2 months ago
this is so crazy stupididly hilarious. dc and cruz talking like total hardcore mma nerds. but actually they are top ranked fighters 🤣
ZoomeR - 2 months ago
Dc man damn you THICKKKKK boy!!!!
Janelle Haines
Janelle Haines - 2 months ago
Why does the guy in the middle look like John cena and Paul walker had a baby
T. U. Tutwater
T. U. Tutwater - 2 months ago
I'm now a fan of Andrade, holy shit that slam
Michigan Wolverine in Austin
I'm no MMA expert, but aren't you supposed to release any submission attempt and play slam defense when you feel yourself being lifted up in the air? I mean, she kept going for her arm and left her head open to be slammed onto the mat.
Richard Sorel
Richard Sorel - 2 months ago
Dominick Cruz and Daniel Cormier are two of the best fighters on the planet and you would never know it unless you follow their fights... how looks can be deceiving!
Shopginhee - 2 months ago
cruz is so full of shit his commentary is nauseating
Martin Akula
Martin Akula - 2 months ago
Andrade reminds of Rocky.
alissanick2018 - 2 months ago
Bull shit WIN !!!!! Wrestling isn’t MMA !!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH UFC!!!! PILE DRIVE ..???!!!! UFC IS NOW WWE!!!!
Faixa Preta
Faixa Preta - 2 months ago
Do you even know what MMA means? if you want to watch only standing fights go watch Kickboxing and Muay Thai ...
sciencestudent88 - 2 months ago
I learned that roids work...again!
Not Serious
Not Serious - 2 months ago
I learned people make up excuses for their fighter losing... again
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 2 months ago
#23 on trending street
John Chizym
John Chizym - 2 months ago
Lol @ DC ever making 205 again.
SAMZIRRA - 2 months ago
Daniel is always smiling.
david smith
david smith - 2 months ago
Nope she cant be slammed here.
Theclaw Yaww
Theclaw Yaww - 2 months ago
Oh my God DC is so thicc now. I doubt he can make 205
beshar beshar
beshar beshar - 2 months ago
Dominic looks like chris hamsworth
Oscar Tucios
Oscar Tucios - 2 months ago
andrade need to be tested by usada she’s so strong asteroids
Blade Sanchez
Blade Sanchez - 2 months ago
Was dominick cruz drunk ?
The Man
The Man - 2 months ago
Don't lie, Cowboy winning by decision then KO Khaboob, would be like 4th of July, Christmas morning and sex all rolled into 1.
Thomas Take Sports Podcast
The guy did a good job but who the heck is Phil Murphy? Lol
George Bush
George Bush - 2 months ago
So all that talking and they don’t even show a replay
William - 2 months ago
I saw Rose's feet twitching and thought she was dead
cheshire cat
cheshire cat - 2 months ago
DC should comment during more fights
Rebecca Red
Rebecca Red - 2 months ago
Why is it 237?
Smellzke 209
Smellzke 209 - 2 months ago
Don’t pay for that shit
Daz Kelly
Daz Kelly - 2 months ago
I wish you wouldn't put the results of the fights in your titles. I'm yet to see UFC 237 as ive been at work, and 5 seconds upon opening Youtube i now know the results of 4 fights, including the main and co main event. SPOILERS.
Free Thinker88
Free Thinker88 - 2 months ago
Aldo, y u no mix in leg kick? 😫
News that matter
News that matter - 2 months ago
Rose is fighting against a steroid junkie! Jessica Andrade looks like shes on steroids from a mile away. I've yet to meet a single femalenufc fighter that's not on steroids. Rose was picked up and slammed down as though she was 3 weight classes to small. Come on
George Costanza
George Costanza - 2 months ago
*"i was wrong"* - dom cruz
Coletivo Extérpretes
Coletivo Extérpretes - 2 months ago
Nada se compara a ouvir o grande Mauro Ranallo!
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