Must Start and Avoid - Running Back - 2019 Fantasy Football (Week 3)

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Marc Rover
Marc Rover - Month ago
Your model says KC wins by 2? Throw it away and start over. Your model isn't giving Mahomes enough influence on the spread. Ellie QBs are worth 5-7 points on the spread, and honestly, Mahomes might be worth 9. (With the current roster. )
Deon C.
Deon C. - Month ago
J. Connor or Deebo Samuel....I'm caught between the 2. I don't really trust Connor because he's obviously banged up. Plus the 9ers run defense is pretty stingy however....their LBers are small which the Steelers O-Line is pretty beefy. The Steelers DB's are laxed enough to where D Samuel could go off.....let me know peeps! And HURRY!
Junior Tekodo
Junior Tekodo - Month ago
This might sound ridiculous but should I have le’veon or David Montgomery in my flex
Xavier - Month ago
Damien Williams is out and McCoy is gonna be limited today. Darwin Thompson or Raheem Mostert?
Junior Tekodo
Junior Tekodo - Month ago
Xavier Brizuela Darwin
Mervin Gonzalez
Mervin Gonzalez - Month ago
Chill Fam
Chill Fam - Month ago
Larry fitz or joe mixon?
Sports & Stuff
Sports & Stuff - Month ago
Josh Jacobs, Peyton barber or duke johnson for rb2
The Crypto Monkey
The Crypto Monkey - Month ago
K. Johnson, D. Freeman, or J. Conner as RB2 & flex? PPR
Cosmic Debris777
Cosmic Debris777 - Month ago
Mark Ingram with Saints again ??
Abiogenesis Zero Proof
Note: Singletary is out for week 3; Conner is fine and good to go.
Oliver McDonnell
Oliver McDonnell - Month ago
Nice video good advice thank you
Nick Lievre
Nick Lievre - Month ago
Darwin Thompson or tony pollard. Or justin Jackson. I have Williams and singletary out. Dropped drake
Jonathan Ngo
Jonathan Ngo - Month ago
14:02 lol, I think you meant L. Murray instead of Mark Ingram II..
Nathan Blake
Nathan Blake - Month ago
James connor or leveon bell? Who should I start
jacusiw1 - Month ago
Watch and see when Mostert goes off.
R S - Month ago
Wtf ingram doesn't play for the saints..
Dustin Javens
Dustin Javens - Month ago
Standard points
Emmanuel Sanders or Tyrell Williams??
Peter Rodriguez III
Peter Rodriguez III - Month ago
Trade Emanuel sanders for josh Gordon?
Or trade him for Chris Godwin?
Peter Rodriguez III
Peter Rodriguez III - Month ago
Or keep him 🤔
jordan tasca
jordan tasca - Month ago
mixon, woods, or hardman in my flex PPR league.... i dont really have other options for mixon
Brian M
Brian M - Month ago
Flex play for Sunday: Mixon, Hardman or Miles Sanders?
Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee - Month ago
My RB’s this week are Ekeler, Michel and Montgomery
Tj Read
Tj Read - Month ago
Would u start David Montgomery over Allen Robinson vs the Redskins?
Super Manny21
Super Manny21 - Month ago
Bell will connect with big ben, DeMarco Murray takes Zeke's job and Joe Montana Takes the Niners to the superbowl once again ahahahahahaha
Luke B
Luke B - Month ago
Should I start Justin Jackson or Malcom Brown
Stevan Smith
Stevan Smith - Month ago
Latavius Murray is who you mean't
Stevan Smith
Stevan Smith - Month ago
Mark Ingram isn't there lol
pbrink224 - Month ago
Can only play 2! Conner Carson & brieda. Lmk what you think! Thanks!
Dirt Therapy
Dirt Therapy - Month ago
Flex Miles Sanders vs. Lions or Carlos Hyde vs. Chargers?
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - Month ago
Montgomery or mak for flex??
michael amaro
michael amaro - Month ago
Leveon Bell at NE or Golladay at PHilly (.2 ppr)
Chris Koshinski
Chris Koshinski - Month ago
Darwin or mmcoy!!!!?????
David Cunningham
David Cunningham - Month ago
Marlon Mack or Sony Michel?
Adrien Tompert
Adrien Tompert - Month ago
Peyton barber, Tyler Boyd, or John Ross at the flex non ppr
Oliver McDonnell
Oliver McDonnell - Month ago
Either Barber or Boyd... I think the buccs will do food again the crappy Giants and I'm thinking this is boyds week
C shu
C shu - Month ago
Kamara, Mixon, Carson, Michel. Pick 2.
Oliver McDonnell
Oliver McDonnell - Month ago
KAMARA ANS CARSON maybe Michel at rb 2
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - Month ago
Freeman needs to take over that backfield already.
AlexZ PlayZ GameZ
AlexZ PlayZ GameZ - Month ago
Uhh Mark Ingram’s isn’t on the Saints
Jack Arriola
Jack Arriola - Month ago
Kerryon or Montgomery?
CodyKon - Month ago
Joe mixon or Freeman fuck me idk who to play they both did straight trash first 2 weeks
Forever ThaMac
Forever ThaMac - Month ago
J. Allen or Garoppolo 🤔
robin selga
robin selga - Month ago
need to start 1; PPR - D Freeman or D Thomson?!?! 🤔
rahliE05 - Month ago
David Montgomery or Kerryon Johnson?
Mason Snowden
Mason Snowden - Month ago
Y’all think i should go dj Moore or duke Johnson at flex
Taylor Price
Taylor Price - Month ago
Mason Snowden 😂😂😂
Dennis Murphy
Dennis Murphy - Month ago
Arnie Morales
Arnie Morales - Month ago
Sit Le’Veon Bell vs NE and start Hollywood Brown vs KC??!!
Arnie Morales
Arnie Morales - Month ago
rahliE05 solid advice. Thanks.
rahliE05 - Month ago
Arnie Morales I think I’d sit Lockett there.. Call me crazy after the passed few weeks but Penny just came up on the injury report late, that’s never good, and Seattle loves to pound the ball.. Gurley had a nice game against their defense last week, shit Carlos Hyde ran for 80+ yards against them in their first game and he was only in Houston for about 3 days.. I think Seattle’s defense comes up big this week against Bridgewater and they pound the ball with Carson.. He’s gonna be playing on fire not wanting to lose his lead role
Arnie Morales
Arnie Morales - Month ago
rahliE05 nice. I do about sitting Chris Carson or Lockett in favor of Hollywood? Also have Evans starting
rahliE05 - Month ago
Idk if I’d bench L Bell though, he is their entire offense right now.. I don’t agree that they’re gonna rest him or anything like that, pretty much throwing in the towel on this game.. He’ll be good for plenty of receptions in the very least
rahliE05 - Month ago
I’d definitely start Hollywood, that shouldn’t even be in question.. KC’s secondary isn’t good and it’s gonna be a shootout, he’ll have plenty of targets and long balls being thrown his way
Randall Tromp
Randall Tromp - Month ago
I'm in a PPR league and need 2 RB, 1 WR and a flex...Kerryon, Montgomery, Carson, Allen Robinson, and DJ Moore.
Neel Mukherjee
Neel Mukherjee - Month ago
Aaron Jones or Tyler Boyd at flex?
Oliver McDonnell
Oliver McDonnell - Month ago
Michael Barcus
Michael Barcus - Month ago
I have to choose between Aaron Jones and Tyler Lockett in my flex spot. Every source I've seen suggest that Jones is the play here, but my gut keeps pulling me towards Lockett. Your comments about Jones makes me believe that you are also skeptical of Jones. Anyone else have an opinion on my Jones vs Lockett dilema?
ekunkel17 - Month ago
Michael Barcus I like Lockett’s matchup more tbh, but Jones probably has a higher floor
Red Mansfield
Red Mansfield - Month ago
damn son another banger
Andy8403 - Month ago
Id like to hear some of your dfs opinions. In most leagues people don't have enough rb's for "who to start" to even be an option.
FamousMortimer - Month ago
Chubb vs. Rams
Gore vs. Bengals?
Oliver McDonnell
Oliver McDonnell - Month ago
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko - Month ago
Should I trade away matt breida to get miles sanders?
Nick Ridley
Nick Ridley - Month ago
I have Gore, mack, lindsay, royce freeman, and mostert. start 2 Full ppr
Yao Ming
Yao Ming - Month ago
Nick Ridley Mack and mostert
Jacob Boston
Jacob Boston - Month ago
Deuce McCallister??
Erik DiNardo
Erik DiNardo - Month ago
ppr start Kirk or josh Gordon
Anthony Jacob
Anthony Jacob - Month ago
Do I start mixon or Jacobs this week
Oliver McDonnell
Oliver McDonnell - Month ago
Meh - Month ago
Mostert or Mixon? Can’t believe I have to ask this....🤦‍♂️
zakaria ibrahim
zakaria ibrahim - Month ago
Yao Ming
Yao Ming - Month ago
Meh mostert
Mr1346798 - Month ago
trade marquise brown for mike evans?
Gregory Manley
Gregory Manley - Month ago
Mr1346798 definitely
Patrick Oneal
Patrick Oneal - Month ago
Positive comment for the algorithm
Richard Dewar
Richard Dewar - Month ago
Stop the panic narrative on players like Chris Carson and Aaron Jones. Most teams split carries
Richard Dewar
Richard Dewar - Month ago
The snap percentage doesn't really matter when you're getting 27 touches. Jones is getting the ball
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